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    Raised in Indy, moved to Atlanta (thank god I picked up football in Indianapolis!) 


    Moved to France and have been back and forth since 2014. 

  1. Totally, he just hit 30 in June so I don't see him speeding up with age. That said, the Colts (until the disaster that was Week 12), the Colts must have some kind of magic potion *wink* because other than Marlon Mack and 3 key players against @ the Titans, the team was relatively healthy! Especially when you look at the rest of the NFL.. I lived in Westfield Indiana and theres not much to do honestly, still love Indy no doubt about it, but not much to do for a football player other than PT in his farm-sized Indiana mansion so they probably had an advantage in that sense
  2. I agree with most of your points, Reich has used JB as Mister "QB Sneak" at the goal line or for a 4'n'short. Honestly he is a liability, from time to time he'll scramble for a 1st down but that doesn't justify keeping him on and especially depriving the Eason from getting time. Why not put him in in garbage time to see how he handles getting hit by J.J Watt? (ASSUMING there will be garbage time with a Colts W of course!) Maybe it's a HAH F YOU PATRIOTS or a "Ok Jacoby, tell us everything that comes out of the Hoodies mouth". It's getting ridiculous, Ballard picked a
  3. Especially Quentin Nelson, that kid is the nicest most soft-spoken 300+ pound OT I know of!
  4. Buckners presence alone on the field is a weapon. Phil just can't throw in J.J Watt's directions or it's going to be a rough game..
  5. I think it all depends on Injuries and Covid. Even with a subpar team, we can fieldgoal our yway to Victory against the Texans. Just have to hope the Browns can keep it up and the Raiders don't get a magic chip on their shoulder. RIP to our running game if AC is out for good. Hines can't fly over 11 players by himself! Can't believe Mack went down Week 1...
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