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  1. Good stuff with the analysis. I read it when it was initially posted. My argument at it's most rudimentary form would be that Rivers has seen ups and downs, while Luck has only seen downs. We've not seen Luck fully healthy, with a good run game, good O-line, and good coaching, while Rivers has had those things. In 2018, we saw Luck come back from a serious shoulder injury. He went 1-5 or 1-6 to start the season? (I forgot exactly) but it illustrates the fact that he was working through his injury that season. Once his shoulder felt better, he went on a tear. It really sucks that when Luck was healthy, the Colts had a horrible O-line, no run game, and sub-par coaching. He took a beating. Finally, Ballard changed things around, but it was too late. We never saw Luck fully healthy, with a good O-line, good run game, and good defense. Maybe just a glimpse in 2018, but never a full season. That's why I think it's fair to project that Luck would surpass Rivers.
  2. The portion in bold describes what Luck has dealt with most of his career. Only recently (2018 season) did he have a good run game, good O-line, and good coaching, but unfortunately it was too late. We never got to see the best that Luck could have become and it would have far surpassed Rivers, IMO.
  3. We'll never know, as this is all just a hypothetical "alternate universe" musing. But per Polian, "That was the decision, it was made" referring to drafting Luck. He specifically stated that he discussed it with Irsay and they were all on board. Per Polian, his plan heading into the 2011 season was to re-sign with the Colts for another 4 years and also have Manning re-sign for another 4 years and the both of them retire afterwards. In the meantime, Polian stated that he would look to find Peyton's successor and had open discussions with Peyton about it. Peyton had to sit out 2011 due to his injury and the Colts had the #1 pick in 2012. Polian would have drafted Luck as Peyton's successor, as he stated. Polian was fired for after the 2011 season and we'll never know how it would have played out, aside from what he' stating he would have done. I agree that the Colts O-line was not good when Luck played, however, the offense that they ran under Arians also did not do Luck and the O-line any favors. I'm sure they would have run a different offense had Peyton remained a Colt.
  4. Polian. He said it in the video at the start of this thread. Had he stayed, that was his intent.
  5. Imagine in an alternative universe: 1. Manning remained a Colt. 2. Colts retain Polian for a few more years (rather than Grigson), and then hire Ballard. 3. Colts select Luck with the #1 pick to back up Manning. 4. Luck learns from Manning and never takes the beating that he took early in his career. 5. Manning retires always and only as a Colt. 6. Luck would be playing today and not retired.
  6. We've all seen what Santa can do with reindeer. But imagine Santa with a unicorn? The possibilities are endless!!!!
  7. Fromm's going to have a hard time trying to explain this one to his team mates.
  8. This is not mine, I read this somewhere else: Saying all lives matter at this time in history is akin to the following: Imagine that you have a beautiful baby daughter that passed away and you are at her funeral. You are grieving, in shock, and trying to hold it all together. You are reciting at the funeral, during your eulogy, how special your daughter was to you and someone takes the microphone and says ALL children are special. Yes, of course they are. But at this moment, it's about your daughter. Your daughter being special does not negate the "specialness" of other children. It's an affirmation that she too, is special. Not that she is the only special child. Similarly, black people are simply saying that their lives matter too, just as all of the other lives do.
  9. Out of curiosity, who were the top 3?
  10. No doubt, Parris Campbell did not have the season we were hoping for last year. Since he wasn't a major part of the offense last year (due to a multitude of injuries) and eventually ended up on IR, it almost feels like he is an additional drafted player this year. With the addition of P. Rivers, Pittman and Taylor, the offense has more firepower and much more potential. Parris Campbell has been quietly forgotten about. I think he will have a break out season and develop into the receiver we were hoping for. He's too talented not to. Now with T.Y., Campbell, and Pittman, we have a formidable receiving corps, not to mention the other guys (Pascal, Fountain, Dulin, TEs and RBs etc.). I'm excited to see what he can do this year.
  11. Just wanted to quote this part of what you wrote. Okay, let’s move along.
  12. Got in just in time before this thread is closed!! Hi everyone. I made it.
  13. Q. Wilson, Z. Banner, T. Lewis are a couple of guys that the coaches have explicitly stated, they needed to practice harder, a.k.a. Work ethic concerns. Ballard is a good GM, but he’s not without blemishes.
  14. As Colts fans, we of all fan bases, after watching Manning’s prolific career, should understand that arm strength is very low on the important traits a QB should have. First and foremost should be the QB’s work ethic, ability to learn, improve, and make split second decisions. Jacoby Brissett has great arm strength but lacks where it really matters. Let’s hope Eason is more than a guy who throws a fast ball.
  15. Not sure why it's so hard for them to grasp this concept.
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