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  1. Understood. My previous post to this one stated that if you want to improve the receiving corp immediately, you bring in Inman. If you want to develop your young guys, you leave him out.
  2. When Inman played with the Colts last year, he quickly became our #2 receiver, behind T.Y. I would see the receivers as: 1. T.Y. 2. Funchess 3. Inman 4. Campbell 5. Cain
  3. If you want to improve the receiver position right now, you bring Inman. If you hope the young guys can develop, you leave him out and give the young guys a chance.
  4. A scheduled phone conference or an impromptu phone conference? A scheduled one is business as usual, but an impromptu one would have me a little worried.
  5. Agreed, it is a cause for concern. It’s an unfortunate situation, especially right before the beginning of the season. But it as things stand right now, Luck wanting to get his body right is the correct approach, IMO.
  6. Why do you think Luck is having mental issues? You've repeated this several times. It's not in his head. Luck played through shoulder pain in 2015 and 2016, which led him to miss all of 2017. Playing through pain led to the shoulder pain getting worse. So, like any normal person, he learned from his mistake. Applying what he learned, he does not want to play through pain and take the chance of a strained calf/ankle becoming worse. He's simply applying principles that he'e learned as a professional football player. It's not a mental issue to learn something and apply it later. I have not heard any reports of this being related to snow boarding. None, aside from so much miss-information on this forum about this issue. A calf strain can take a lot of time to heal, especially in a sport where you are consistently performing dynamic moves. The Colts were upfront about the calf injury. It was disclosed very early on. Then Luck had a set back. Had Luck not had a set back, it would have been exactly as they said, a mild calf strain.
  7. To the portion in bold: Exactly! Now yo can worry about what may happen come week 1 (which you are); -Or- You can understand that this is not an ideal situation, but Luck is taking the proper steps. He's making sure he gets his body right in order to be the best QB he can be for this team. This is not an ideal situation heading into the start of this season, that's understood, but given the options, this is clearly the best approach.
  8. So you would rather that Luck practice at camp during the preseason, knowing that he has the calf/ankle issue?
  9. 1. Reich mentioned a minor calf injury. At the time, it was most likely more than a minor calf injury, given that the calf/ankle was scanned for muscle tears. Per Luck, there were no tears and it did not look like it could lead to an Achilles tear. Perhaps, that's why Reich mentioned it was minor, because it was a soft tissue injury without any tears. 2. Luck was rehabbing the calf/ankle and it was improving, and that's why there did not seem to be much worry from the coaching staff. They noted it was a "minor" issue. 3. Luck had a set back and the pain resurfaced. The situation has now become more dire, simply because of the lack of time to fully heal before week 1. 4. Just 2-3 days ago, Luck said that he is still feeling a little pain, but less than before. It's improving and he feels like he will be ready for Week 1. A) Overall, I don't think the FO/coaches lied. The situation changed due to a set back. B) Luck has been in front of media talking about this. I don't think he needs to be in front of media every day talking about it. We just have to be patient. C) Given the situation, what would you like for Luck to do? Practice at camp and take a chance at the calf/ankle get worse, leading him to miss actual games in the season? Clearly, the right thing to do is take care of the issue, get Luck's body ready for the season, despite missing out on valuable practice time.
  10. Preseason - meaning the entire camp, games, etc...
  11. According to Luck --who really should be the main source of information on this -- stated that he had felt pain in his left ankle/calf after a preseason practice and was worried that it would get worse if he continued practicing. He decided that it would be better to let it fully heal. It must have been fairly severe since he mentioned that he had it scanned to see if there were any muscle tears, swelling, or if it could lead to an Achilles tear. Based on his last interview, just two or three days ago, he said that the pain is still there, but it's progressing and the pain is getting less, which has given him some relief. He thinks he'll be ready for the season opener, which to me means we will not see him at all during the preseason.
  12. Luck stated that he learned from his past experience, which is something smart people tend to do. Pesky, I know. 1. He learned not to rush back from injuries. I imagine that he did rush back, you would be the first person to point blame at him. 2. He has to make a cost/benefit analysis. There is a cost to missing out on time with his receivers (teammates) and it has to be evaluated against making sure his body is right. He knows that he cannot be effective if his body is not right. So, for Luck, it makes more sense to skip out on meaningless preseason games and take the time and proper steps to let his body heal. Luck is a smart and calculated. You make him out to be some mental case.
  13. Hey Scott, Just a few thoughts: 1). 7 out of 11 actual starting first team players were not suited up last night, which may explain the 3-and-outs, and the horrible offensive performance. 2). You are a knowledgeable poster, and you already know this, but the pre-season is for evaluating players. It can be difficult to evaluate them with so many 3-and-outs, but it's really up to the players to execute the vanilla plays, and they didn't. They could not get the run game going at all. 3. The vanilla play calling had a lot to do (IMO) with Reich wanting to establish the run game. That seems to be a main focus, and it's a work-in-progress. However, it was the exact opposite with the Bills who threw the ball nearly every play with Josh Allen, because that was their team's focus -- give their young QB live looks against another defense. 4. To those who are saying you don't want to tip your hand in the preseason with plays that you would use in the regular season, I think this ranks really low as a rationale. As you mentioned, the Colts could use plays that are already on tape from last year. Other teams already have 16+ game tapes to review our plays under Reich. I'm sure they're not dying to watch what we do in the pre-season. The greater reason (IMO) is that during the preseason you have so many new players (draftees, undrafted players, FA's) that you have to start with the basic plays. That's all they've learned so far. They will build on their knowledge as the preseason wears on, and they will add to their playbook.
  14. Emphasis on being a top-5 rushing team an all.... but it it backfired.
  15. Walker would have trouble starting in the CFL, so... the other guy.
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