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  1. Andrew pushed his dad to look at Phillip Walker. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/andrew-luck-pushed-his-dad-to-help-ex-teammate-land-in-xfl-and-now-hes-the-star-of-the-league/
  2. Hmmm... I'm two ways about this. Another way of looking at it is Wes Welker is the key to getting into the Superbowl. I think I'd rather have the jinx of consistently making it to the Superbowl, although losing, than the jinx of consistently not being in it.
  3. I was under the impression that at this time last year, after winning two playoff games, we were ready to compete and go all out. And then Ballard did Ballard things during FA. Don't get me wrong, I like his approach in building through the draft, but it's also frustrating because we have to be so patient -- which in some way looks like throwing years away, waiting for the team to develop, and hoping that the rookies actually develop to be good players. That's always a hit-and-miss. And then Luck left and here we are...
  4. ahhhh...I see. Thanks for the update.
  5. Aaron Rodgers video? Sorry, I must be living under a rock.
  6. No doubt he was conceited and annoying before, but within reason -- similar to Deion Sanders. But AB's behavior is completely over the top now. It's only speculation, but the few brain cells he had rattling around in his head early in his career have been further diminished by the hit he took from Burfict and other hits sustained during his career in football.
  7. A. Brown was a good team mate and a great player in his early years....and then this hit from Burfict changed his life for the worse. After this hit, he slowly started changing. He's now completely out of his mind.
  8. Niners were 11-5 in 2012. They were in the SuperBowl in 2013, and their record in 2014 was 8-8. They were not nearly as bad over the last 10 years as you may think.
  9. Didn't we recently have the #3 pick, traded back to #6 and select Nelson?
  10. 1. I usually find that it's better if I don't form an argument with "what ifs". For example, if Mahomes and the Chiefs offense were healthy against the Colts, it's possible we lose that game. Or if Watt stayed healthy, it's possible that the Texans win more games. Or if Tannehill started at the beginning of the season for the Titans, it's possible that they win more games. 2. Turay was often injured in college. He was injured his first year as a pro. He was injured this year. Safe bet not to rely on a guy who's body clearly is not cut out for this sport.
  11. I heard a story that reporters asked for the players to put out their cigars because they could not deal with the smoke in the locker room. The players refused, obviously because they were celebrating. A reporter may have called the cops.
  12. Personally, I think as a GM, it would be easier to inherit a terrible roster than a good one. It's much easier to go from "bad to good" than from "good to great." We have seen Ballard go from bad to good with his roster building over the past few years. Now let's see if he can take the roster from good to great.
  13. Overall, today's kids have it so much easier than kids in the 40's who were shipped off to war, and then came back and resumed their lives; getting married, having kids, raising a family, starting a new career, etc.. so I agree with you there. But there is so much new information out there about the dangers of CTE and its affect on the brain. With new information comes new decisions to be made. I think this will be the norm moving forward, and not due to softness, but due to making informed decisions. Further, with the amount of money NFL players are making these days, it makes financial sense to play for a few years and then pursue other passions while you still have your health. The players in the old days were not afforded this opportunity.
  14. 1. Awesome video! 2. Freeney was a beast, but Mathis was a complete game wrecker! 3. Anyone notice the lack of big run plays? 4. Luck's deep ball accuracy was so much better than I actually remembered it to be, and I thought it was good to begin with. 5. Garcon was the star of the early part of the video. When he made plays, they were big plays.
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