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  1. Honest question: Where do Brady and the Pats fit in? Super QB and complete team?
  2. Andrew Luck loves football. It was evident the way he played last year. He was joyful when the Colts won, and joyful even when they lost. He was just happy to be playing football again. Recently, the pain/rehab process sucked the joy out of football, and he was back to being unable to play football. But he still loves football, and he loves his (ex)teammates even more so. I read another article that he still watches the Colts games and texts players after each game. I don't think he comes back to the NFL, but I do think he still wants his teammates, coaches, GM, and ownership to know that he deeply cares for the organization. BTW, he's looking kinda jacked!!!
  3. Jack Doyle went undrafted too. As you know, often, good players go undrafted. The draft is not a perfect system. Far from it. Many of us saw the similarities between Hentges and Doyle (as I'm sure you did too, not meaning to belittle you at all). In fact, so did Doyle. https://coltswire.usatoday.com/2019/08/17/indianapolis-colts-jack-doyle-hale-hentges-better-younger-version/ Lastly, Doyle was the fourth TE on the roster in 2013, behind Coby Fleener, Dwayne Allen, and Dominique Jones. He was given time and an opportunity to prove his worth. Similarly, I wish Hentges was given the same amount of time and opportunity, but I understand that his situation is different. We needed to make room for Taylor, and the roster is now much deeper and harder to break into. May of the points that you bring up in opposition to keeping Hentges apply directly to Doyle, and that's why he's such a success story. He beat the odds, simply because he was good enough, but also given a chance to prove himself here. What happens with Hentges elsewhere is now irrelevant. He can go on to be a stud or a dud, but that does not mean he would've been either of those things here had he been given a chance to develop as a Colt.
  4. With Ebron, it's gotten to the point where it's become a 50/50 proposition. It's just as likely that he will drop a pass as it is likely that he will actually catch one.
  5. I was surprised the Colts waived Hentges. He was very similar to Jack Doyle. He could block and was a surprisingly good receiving TE. Last night showed the importance of someone like Jack Doyle, who is always reliable. Sure, you could have high ceiling guys like Ebron, who on occasion make highlight catches, and can do the things Doyle can’t, but it’s the reliability of Doyle that makes the engine run smoothly. I was hoping Hentges could’ve stuck around and developed here. Too bad.
  6. ^^^^^^THIS!!! As soon as they implemented the new rule, I knew that it wouldn't work because the league is asking the refs to openly admit that they made a mistake, and reverse their own call. It just wont happen. Last night's call on T.Y. was a blatant example of their stubbornness to overturn their own bad call. It was obvious to everyone that it was a bad call, yet they kept with it. I really want to know what the statistics are on the pass interference challenges. How many of them have been successfully challenged? I'm guessing very few.
  7. Agreed. Basically, you are asking the refs to admit their mistake in front of a national audience. Usually, they’ll just stick with their bad call regardless.
  8. It's okay if we give up on a game that we're not playing in. It's fine. We're just fans. I'm sure the players will play their hardest, and that's what we expect. Neither our die-hard fandom, or our giving up, will have any bearing on Sunday's game.
  9. The Colts will go out there and give it their best shot! They'll most likely lose, but they'll fight their hearts out. ....And then go into the bye week to get healthy.
  10. It's just a random stat: At least 21 tackles + 1 TFL? What's the logic behind that? Why is that stat indicative of anything?
  11. To be clear, the OP wasn't a "give me instant gratification now" type of post. He wasn't stating that he thought Campbell wasn't good. Of course, it's way too early to judge one way or another. So many have missed the point of the thread, which is --Compared to other rookie receivers, why is Campbell being utilized much less? He has 5 catches for 35 yards and 1 TD. Compared to other rookies: Marquise Brown - 14 catches for 282 yards and 1 TD (Missed preseason with Lis Franc injury) Terry McLauren - 16 catches for 257 yards and 3 TDs. DK Metcalf - 9 catches for 217 yards and 1 TD (missed preseason due to knee injury) Mecole Hardeman - 6 catches for 158 yards and 2 TDs Deebo Samuel - 11 catches for 147 yards and 1TD (missed preseason time with hip injury) AJ Brown - 7 catches for 129 yards and 0 TD (missed preseason due to leg injury) Hunter Renfrow - 9 catches 71 yards, OTD
  12. I wasn't sure if I wanted to quit my previous job. I told the Director that I had thoughts about quitting. She told me to think it over. During the period of time where I was thinking it over, I kept doing my job. I attended meetings, events, and turned in project reports. Once I was sure that I no longer wanted to work their, I informed the director that I had made up my mind and I provided my notice. Would my previous co-workers say, "What was that little demonstration for? Attending meetings and events, and turning in reports?" Of course not. Similarly, Luck had discussions with Ballard and Reich. They told him to think it over, which all parties have attested to. During that period of time, since he was still a member of the Colts, he was gong to do everything previously scheduled for him as part of his rehab -- as if he was working towards getting back on the field, including throwing sessions, warm ups, etc...
  13. The throw to Moncrief in the right corner of the end zone, against the Bengals.
  14. The term "Hater' should just die already.
  15. It depends on how the Jaguars view Chad Kelley. Do they see him as a potential starter, over G. Minshew, until Foles returns? If so, a first and a starting/back up QB would be a reasonable offer. Still, this does not sound like a Ballard type move. And Ramsey is a not a Ballard type of player, so all of this is highly improbable to begin with.
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