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  1. Flash7

    Colts Offense Not Sexy Right Now But...

    Agreed, it's not the end-all be-all stat. Aside from your win-loss record, there probably isn't an end-all be-all stat. I guess we do find it more important, but not worries. To the portion in bold: Your statement is akin to saying "I'd rather have a RB with a lower YPC and the win, than a RB with a high YPC than a loss. You have provided a false dichotomy. It's the win that's the most important factor in your statement. Given the option, everyone would prefer a RB with a higher YPC, as they should with the QB (offense overall) and the YPA. Would you rather have a QB with a low YPA and a loss, or a QB with a high YPA and a win? This statement is also unfair, But it's more probable to occur than the statement you provided. BTW -You don't have to respond. I just found the argument in bold not compelling is all. I'm sure we can keep going back and forth, but I'm fine here; however, please feel free to have the last say if you'd like.
  2. Flash7

    Colts Offense Not Sexy Right Now But...

    I think that we are not far apart in our assessments. As you stated, "Once Luck has time in Reich's scheme I think we'll see this YPA stat jump up just like Brady's." We are in full agreement here, and is basically the crux of the argument. Currently, Luck is not meeting the 'Brady standard' is all that we are saying. We are in agreement that Luck's 5.9 YPA will improve as the season progresses, the O-line health improves, and the team gains familiarity with the offense. Please kindly allow me to address a few of your other statements: (numbered and bolded) 1) A quarter back throwing for 400 yards increases the odds of winning. Does it ALWAYS translate to a win? No, of course not, but you should always strive to better your odds of winning, right? 2) In your given scenario, the QB had a 10 YPA and still lost the game. In that same instance, would it help to have a 5.9 YPA? No, right? You'd still prefer the 10 YPA because it gives you a better chance at winning. In this instance, it didn't translate to a win, but overall in the long run a 10 YPA will translate to more wins. Here's to hoping for improvement in all phases. I like the direction we're headed in. Go Colts!
  3. Flash7

    Colts Offense Not Sexy Right Now But...

    Not to be argumentative, just trying to clarify things a bit. The YPA is an important stat. To illustrate its importance, let's do a quick mental exercise. 1. Imagine a QB throwing for 1.0 YPA. Would this provide better odds for success? 2. And now imagine a QB throwing for 10 YPA. Would this provide better odds for success? Based on those two questions, you can see that there is a spectrum for where YPA ca translate into success, with 1 being very poor odds and 10 being great odds for success. Most successful QBs land 6.5 and above. Good QBs (like Brady) usually land 7.0 and above. The graphic that I've inserted is from ESPN.com. Brady's career YPA is 7.5. Luck's YPA in this new sstem is currently at 5.9, so it's is completely reasonable to think that if we want to have a successful offense like Brady and the Patriots have had over the last decade, Luck and the Colts need to improve in this area.
  4. Flash7

    Colts Offense Not Sexy Right Now But...

    I’ve mentioned repeatedly that we are an efficient offense, have I not? Why isn’t that enough? What you mentioned, 39 completions, being #1 in 3rd down conversions is very efficient. I’ve conceded that. But that’s not enough I guess. We HAVE to think this is a sexy offense too? My whole thing about this thread in general is that it was started with good intentions . It’s not a sexy offense, but it’s effective. But no, you can’t have even the tiniest perceived slight against the Colts. IT IS a sexy offense, end of story, people —never mind that there are other teams setting multiple NFL records, THIS IS SEXY. NCF, I see your point of view. In fact, I even mentioned that for the Colts it’s sexy. It’s sexy to see Luck get the ball out of his hands quickly and efficiently. I also said overall, comparing the Colts to the other NFL teams, they’re not sexy. Do you really think that over the past 2 weeks, it’s been the Colts with the sexiest passing offense? Its good for the Colts and Luck. It’ll lead to wins and greater health for Luck in the long run. I like the new offense, but it’s not sexy, it’s smart, effective, efficient.
  5. Flash7

    Colts Offense Not Sexy Right Now But...

    Well, we’re getting into semantics of what sexy is and what flashy is, etc. I get it, we’re all Colts fans here and of course we’d like to believe that we have the sexiest passing offense. But we don’t. Not even close. It’s been two weeks. And in those two weeks we’ve been efficienient, but not sexy. Get rid of the players names and team logos and just ask yourself, What is sexier? Throwing for 4 TDS and 3 INTs with a 87 passer rating, or throwing for 10 TDs and 0 INTs and a 143 passer rating? Anybody choosing the first one is performing some immense mental gymnastics to get it to fit a narrative. It’s simple...we have an efficient offense. It’s not sexy, it’s not flashy, it’s just efficient.
  6. Flash7

    Colts Offense Not Sexy Right Now But...

    Oh, in that case, I’m pretty sexy too, when comparing myself.... to myself. /sarcasm
  7. Flash7

    Colts Offense Not Sexy Right Now But...

    Yes and no. As a Colts fan who has seen Luck hold onto the ball and continuously throw deep while taking a beating, these short quick passes are sexy. Overall though, not sexy. So far, the stars of the first two weeks have been Mahomes and surprisingly, FitsMagic . Mahomes has been throwing bombs, lasers, and has been incredibly efficient. Overall, that is sexy — a QB throwing 6 TDS, to only 5 incompletions this week. And FitzMagic? He’s the bearded bomber and playing out of his mind.
  8. Flash7

    Unrest in Steel City?

    Oh great...the Patriots are gonna get AB too? Hahaha.... just kidding. But if AB were to be traded....
  9. Flash7

    Colts Offense Not Sexy Right Now But...

    I’m pretty sure the point of the thread is to state that the offense isn’t sexy right now, but still effective. Here’s to hoping that it becomes more sexy, and even more effective.
  10. Flash7

    Colts Offense Not Sexy Right Now But...

    Regarding the bolded: 1) I think that people aren't advocating for 20 yard chunk plays and then stalling out, rather, they're advocating for the Chiefs just did. Sustained drives as well as deep passes that result in points. Mahomes - 23 0f 28, 326yds and 6 TDs (4 the week before). This is exciting and efficient at the same time (only 5 incompletions). Keep in mind this is addressing what people want, not what is sustainable. 2) Those that you've mentioned are not the only options. Of course everyone would rather go to the playoffs, despite throwing for 5.9 ypp/avg as opposed to staying home and missing the playoffs, as indicated in your scenario. But, theoretically you can also go to the playoffs with a highly efficient, downfield passing attack that puts up a lot of points, and a great rushing attack. I would much rather have that than the 5.9 ypa/avg. and the playoffs, if we're just going to randomly come up with scenarios for how and why we're in the playoffs.
  11. Flash7

    Luck QB sneak ???

    Agreed. There's very little impact (players running at full speed to make contact) on QB sneaks because no one has a running start. There's a lot of pushing and bodies on top of the QB. I don't think this is enough to cause injury.
  12. Flash7

    Carson Wentz Cleared for Eagles vs Colts

    Coming into this week's game against Washington, I thought that it would help having Eberflus as the DC, because he had experience facing Washington regularly, while he was with Dallas. I think the same applies this week, too.
  13. If Josh Gordon could turn his life around, he would have done it by now. Cleveland has given him every opportunity to do so. We want a #1 receiver. Josh Gordon isn’t that guy. Josh Gordon is the guy with all the talent in the world and a greater love for his substance of preference.
  14. Flash7

    Castonzo and Autry Out vs Redskins

    Woah, easy with the name calling....lol.
  15. Flash7

    Feel better about our team after TNF.

    I am looking forward to a better defense and would love for the young guys to grow and develop. I think that we are on our way, but I am still cautious. For example, TJ Greene had the size, speed and talent you'd want in a defensive player, but sometimes young guys do not develop and meet their potential. This happens often. The NFL is littered with physical specimens that never meet their potential, and that's my worry. We can wait for some of these guys to develop and they may never (but I understand that we have to give them every opportunity to grow and learn). To the statement in bold: I think if we had started Brisett, in place of Luck like last year, we wouldn't have converted 65% of our third downs. The defense would have been fully exposed and would be undoubtedly worse than last year's defense.