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  1. Recap of the story: He joined the Colts as an UDFA. He was placed on the practice squad and was picked up off of our practice squad by Washington. He was later waived by Washington. He rejoined the Colts and was placed on the practice squad. The Minnesota Vikings picked him up off of our practice squad. He played with Minnesota and then decided to retire. During this whole back-and-forth between teams, he interned at a company called Zebra Technologies. With a baby on the way and not enough job security in the NFL, he opted to retire and focus on his
  2. He retired from football last year, only after two years as a pro. Here's the story on it. https://www.wctrib.com/sports/football/6967009-Hale-Hentges-24-takes-road-less-traveled-leaving-Vikings-to-start-family-business-career
  3. My favorite is Andrew Luck. All-time Colt (Not named Manning or Unitas): Marvin Harrison.
  4. Hey csmopar. Understood. The portion you may be replying to, (is me quoting directly from the OP to explain to Superman what the thread was about). Explaining that it's not a "complaint" thread, rather an evaluation of our current situation in comparison with other top AFC teams, (which of course is subject to change over time). The views stated in the OP may not necessarily reflect my own. My thoughts are a little higher on this page, or the second to last post on page 2, just in case you'd like to reference it.
  5. "By most accounts for the upcoming 2021 season through FA and the draft teams like the Chiefs, Bills, Steelers, Ravens and Titans have been aggressive and have gotten even better on paper by adding some playmakers at the SKILL positions and by addressing set needs. While young ultra talented teams like the Browns and Dolphins are closing fast." In short, other AFC teams (who were already very good) have gotten better on paper. Have we done enough to close the gap or is the gap widening?
  6. Making an edit to show Ellinger as a 6th round pick this year.
  7. Thanks for the clarification on Ellinger being a 6th round pick. As for his ability to be a scout team QB, I think you can find that type of guy rather easily through FA (both for competition with Eason and scout team mobile QB), especially once teams reduce the roster to 53. It was my least favorite Colts draft pick this year.
  8. The premise of this thread is "Are the Colts falling behind?" If we step back and look at what has happened in our division over the last 10 years, you will see that the Colts have been competitive in the AFC South, but not dominant. The Jaguars have won the division 1 time, Titans just recently in 2020, and the Texans 6 times, while the Colts have won the division 2 times, (none under Ballard). Of course, there are circumstances that have contributed to this (Luck's retirement, subsequently leading to a year with Jacoby at QB and then Rivers). But, we have performed below our own
  9. Ballard is taking the time to build the team the right way. As a fan, this makes me angry...LOL. Seriously, it does, because I want to see results NOW. I am a fan (fanatic) and I want my team to win NOW. Sure, I can sit back and enjoy the ride, but I don't want to go through the ups and downs. I just want to enjoy the highs. Ballard is doing it the right way, which is brilliant. Kudos to him for keeping with his vision, and not giving in.
  10. We keep looking at the remaining "known" players, (like Clowney) and think Ballard will sign him. He won't. He'll sign someone like Matt Hughes. Heard of him? Neither have I because I just made him up. But Ballard knows who he is and that's who he will sign -- someone that we least expect. Someone like Rochelle or Tevi. Never heard of these guys until recently.
  11. This is no different than how Ballard operated through FA when he had Luck, Philip Rivers, and now Wentz. He simply will not overpay for a player, and thus, the inaction in the early period of FA. There will be players added. Just wait till the dust settles. Ballard does not go after big named FA, rather ascending players who are a good fit for what we do specifically.
  12. Yeah, that sounds about right. Ballard doing Ballard things.
  13. Agreed that Ballard gave him an opportunity. Autry came in and worked hard and proved himself. And when the time came to get paid, Ballard didn't match Tennessee's offer. Ballard stuck to his plan -- good for him. Autry got paid -- good for him.
  14. It's possible that he will not be, but he does have to be re-signed first for us to find out. He was our #1 receiver this past year as shown by having the most receptions and yards by our WRs, and that was with P. Rivers at QB who likes to spread out the ball, and take deep shots sparingly. I expect that if T.Y. is re-signed and has a chance to play with Wentz, he will continue to be our #1 receiver. But time will tell.
  15. Actually, I mostly agree with your take -- that T.Y. is a #1 for the Colts but he wouldn't necessarily be for other teams (also shown by him remaining unsigned through FA thus far). It doesn't mean that T.Y. hasn't produced as a Colt and worked his tail off to become our #1 though. I'm still very much a fan of T.Y. However, the argument that you made that I addressed was lacking. That's all. The three WRs I mentioned are most likely in the category of "True #1 WR" but may not make it into the HOF, showing that there is a category that you had not considered.
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