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  1. One of the two was coming back from missing an entire year due to shoulder surgery. No ones gonna mention that? Remember Brissett came in to throw a Hail Mary because Luck couldn’t? Luck played horribly the first 5 games. Then he went on a tear! Let’s see how they stack up at The end of the season.
  2. I used to live in Fremont, about 20 minutes from San Jose (3 hours if you include traffic....lol, joking).
  3. They were my least favorite picks, including Turay.
  4. Browns are playing close and stacking the box. We’ve had success attacking the deep middle. so what do we decide to do? Quick hitch routes, quick ins and outs, right into the teeth of the defense. bad all around.
  5. He would just get injured as a Colt. That’s what our receivers do.
  6. I agree. QB play is not the problem with the Jets. Darnold has potential and is talented. They can definitely use an infusion of talent that a trade down from the #1 spot would provide.
  7. Does anyone know what happened to the girls (sex slaves) that worked at the day spa? Were they convicted of prostitution? Meanwhile, the charges against Kraft are dropped? Money is above the law. Always has been and always will be, I guess.
  8. If the Colts are truly a team destined for the playoffs, then this is a game that they must win. They need to start showing that they can dominate against the teams that they are supposed to.
  9. I do think that other teams watching film will see the day and night differences between the Jaguars approach to our defense and the Vikings approach. It will be clear that quick, short routes will be key. It almost appeared that the Vikings had a set offense and didn't make any adjustments. They just ran their base offense against the Colts.
  10. We have the talent on Defense. Do we have the coaching? If Eberflus goes back to his 8-10 yard cushion, soft zone defense, then it doesn't matter who we have on defense or who we play. We'll get picked apart. I liked what I saw vs the Vikings. He mixed it up. Let's just keep doing that.
  11. What are they going to do with the #1 pick? Draft another quarterback?
  12. Thanks for sharing this article. Here are a few takeaways that I got from it: "In 2018 and 2019—the first two seasons with Eberflus leading the defense—the Colts became the first team in NFL history to allow opposing quarterbacks to complete at least 70 percent of their passes in consecutive seasons." and "One NFL assistant coach commented last season that “the Colts defense is very easy to figure out…simplest defense we play all year by far.”
  13. Two ways to look at this tweet: 1) After the Colts lose to a team that finished under .500, the Colts are 6-1, signaling good coaching by Reich. 2) Under Reich's short tenure as coach for the Colts (2018 & 2019), they have lost to a team that finished below .500 seven times, signaling poor coaching.
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