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  1. Flash7

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    The Choir Boy thing is blown out of proportion, IMO. Ballard did state that he would take certain players into consideration, even if they had issues in the past. It just depended on the situation. For Antonio Brown, you would have to give up draft picks and then pay him his salary, which I think is a package too costly, especially at his age. We'd essentially get the down side of his career. If we could draft Antonio Brown, I'd be all for it, regardless of his diva attitude.
  2. Flash7

    Luck did not play well comments are simply false

    Thanks for a thoughtful post, and it's clear that it took a lot of time and effort. Well done. I am of the camp that thinks Andrew did not play well yesterday. I would like to explain why I feel this way, and I'd like to point out that I did re-watch the game, and I watched certain plays multiple times. My response is in an effort to have conversation and not be adversarial for the sake of having an argument. I'd like to state that the O-line was dominated by the Chiefs. They played their worst pass pro this game, mainly due to the incredible push and rush by the Chiefs (and hands to the face multiple times. League should look into this). Also, the receivers struggled to get separation and had issues with drops. Ebron also had multiple drops and mental lapses. ALL of this led to Luck also playing poorly, and throw in that fact that the defense could not stop the Chiefs offense, it placed an incredible amount of pressure on Luck. But we have seen Luck with a bad O-line, sub-par receivers, and a poor defense and still play at a high level. Yesterday, unfortunately, Luck too was a part of the problem and not a part of the solution (which he normally is). Please see some of my comments above:
  3. Flash7

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    No worries. I even went back and looked at his 2016, 2015, 2014 stats and they were similar. I felt that you were correct, but the stats clearly state otherwise. Overall, Luck is a very good QB. He just had a really bad game this past weekend.
  4. Flash7

    Antonio Brown? Doubt it.

    I feel like there are 2 types of people: 1. People on this forum that want Bell/Brown type of signing. 2. Ballard - and those who understand him.
  5. Flash7

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    Here are the statistical breakdowns, (splits), per ESPN stats. If you scroll down to Air Yards, you'll see that Luck is actually fine throwing behind the LOS and within 1-10 yards of the LOS. http://www.espn.com/nfl/player/splits/_/id/14874/andrew-luck
  6. Regarding Ebron's drops, it was the nature of the drops that led to the exaggeration. Ebron's drops were the kind that hit him directly in both hands, when he was wide open, and he would drop it. Then he would go on to make an insane, contested catch for a TD.
  7. Flash7

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    I agree with this in general. We've seen the tides turn really fast on this forum. It was the degree to which Luck stunk in that playoff game that bothered me. He wasn't just bad, he stunk. He was SO bad. Of course, it wasn't just Luck. It was also the receivers, TE, O-line. All of their sub-par play resulted in a horrible game by Luck. And when Luck didn't have 5 batted balls at the line, and he finally threw a pass, the receivers dropped it or ran horrible routes, or Luck short-hopped 5-yard passes. It was bad all around, and we've seen this before in years past. But the difference was that Luck was able to rise above it and lead comebacks. This week however, he seemed to be part of the problem and not a part of the solution. I don't think it means anything in the long run. Luck is fine. But it was a horrible way to end a fairy tale season, as if we got the alternative version of how this was supposed to end. It was like if Cinderella's evil stepmother cut off her feet and she never got to try on those glass slippers.
  8. The Patriots, an outdoor team, practice outdoors. Shocking. The Colts, an indoor team, practice indoors -- except for when they play an outdoor team. Then they practice outdoors. Nothing to see here folks.
  9. Flash7

    We proved to the league, that we are on the way back!

    I'm very interested in seeing what happens in Free Agency. I have a feeling that although we have a ton of money, we will not be big spenders. We'll bank the money in hopes of signing our own players moving forward.
  10. Flash7

    Will Q Need Off Season Neck Surgery ?

    Sure they did. Agreed.
  11. Flash7

    This year is just like 2013

    Over the last 15 years, only 1 team has been to the Super Bowl more than half of the time: New England. They have 8 Super Bowl appearances in that time span -- by far the most. I think NE goes to the Super Bowl again, as much as I'd hate it.
  12. Flash7


    He said he would like to take a week or two to make a decision whether he will return or not. He admitted that the trajectory of the team is a factor in the decision. He likes where they're headed.
  13. I think we will be called soft if we continue to go spread formation on third-and-short and try to "out finesse" other teams. The Chiefs repeatedly ran up the middle of the Colts defense on 3rd-and-short and on 4th downs, all resulting in first downs. That is how you get the reputation for being a tough team. We had the mentality of a wimpy nerd, trying to outsmart the opponent rather than being physical.
  14. Hmmm....curious why you think that. To me, the Colts might not be in a position to let him go. They are hoping for something from Swoope, Cox, and Ross Travis. None of them have shown anything, really. Doyle is a good TE but no as explosive as Ebron down the field and not enough to feel comfortable letting go of/not re-signing Ebron.