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  1. I'm certain that the red zone woes relate to Philip Rivers. I like Rivers, but every QB has a certain style and has certain limitations. Rivers is limited in mobility, and that's even more magnified in the red zone. Riviers' limitations places a limit on what Reich can call in the red zone. Certainly, the coaches have seen this issue with Rivers. For that reason, they have elected on many occasions to bring in JB when close to the goal line. JB offers a different set of abilities that PR does not possess.
  2. In defense of T.Y., in 2012 he was a rookie and behind Wayne and Avery in targets. In 2013 and 2014 he had 82 receptions each year, alongside Wayne (7 games in 2013 and 15 in 2014). Reggie drew a lot of the coverage and T.Y. feasted. Since then, we have all been saying that T.Y. has never had a competent #2 receiver alongside him. You can make an argument that T.Y. has seem more coverage rolled to him (in comparison to M. Harrison and Wayne) since we have never provided T.Y. a complimentary #2 receiver to draw away some coverage. In comparison, M. Harrison had Stokely
  3. You are right, just double checked. Good catch.
  4. Rhodes is an All-Pro this year. He played his way to earn a good contract. Ballard usually doesn’t hand those out. I don’t think Rhodes will be a Colt next year. we’ll need to look for 2 solid CBs for next year.
  5. 1. Under Reich, the Colts made it into the playoffs. He deserves credit for that. 2. Against a very good team (favored to win) Reich brought the team back within 3 points. 3. The decision to go for 2 wasn't great, but overall, it was made up for by the successful 2-pont attempt later in the game. 4. When the plays needed to be made, we went 0-4 passing (including drops). The Colts played a hell of a game. The Bills were slightly better.
  6. It was a tough, hard fought game. The Colts came in ready for a fist fight, and fight they did! We were gifted an opportunity at the end by the refs and we didn't capitalize on it. On to next season.
  7. To me, the review should be about when the time out was called. Looked to me that we got the play off before the time out call.
  8. Nope. Going with the soft zone since it's worked so well all game.
  9. Eberflus.....Don't be weak. Let 'em play. No soft zone.
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