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  1. So who's fault is that that. Goff for misreading NE defense getting pressure where there was no pressure except who's blitzing and who's not. At lot of that was looks/disguises and many cases only 4 actually rushed. BB had him on his backfoot all night. All those punts? Again, bad offense or great defense. Except NE made drives netting no scoring but kept Goff on the sidelines (look at time of possession 1st half- it was lopsided) and NE punts because of their drives gave the Rams pathetic field position.
  2. It was old school physical defense on both sides at its best. The edge of your seat who enjoy that is who is going to make the first mistake. The INT by NE near the 5 yd line towards the end was the game changer. I know most want 30 plus points but.... People say Brady and the offense didn't play good. Well they actually did. While the Rams defense was great, NE had some long drives that ended up a punt. At least 3 times under the 10 yard line. That's called field position. As Jimmy Johnson has said there is D,ST, & O and win 2 out of those you generally are going to win. NE won on D & ST and offense at the end to seal the deal.
  3. Thanks- It feels so good not to be hated
  4. Based on pure luck and not all the other misc garbage I would say the Colts getting two 1st rnd QB's that became stars (Manning & Luck) doesn't get much better. Perfect timing.
  5. Oh I'm an old timer--ala ICE BOWL I never pay attention to the optics of analysts, only the actual analysis. I watched some of inside the NFL back in the day. My only point was WRs are good at analyzing a play because they had to know and saw both sides of the ball when they played. Chris Carter, Randy Moss, Jerry Rice, etc.
  6. I wouldn't normally start a post and apologies being late (still freakin' sick:) But congratulations to the colts! I didn't think the colts would make the playoffs. I never said they wouldn't so nothing to eat here:) Chris Collingsworth comments sun night were spot on. I know you guys hate him but great WRs know the game the best on both sides of the ball and he is an excellent analyst. Luck is playing great and if TY can stay healthy I wouldn't rule anything out. Feels weird the colts are in the playoffs but they are Enjoy.
  7. ugh been sick but yes I did see it. He like zig zags to the line calling out commands. They even showed the replay just on that. Very impressive indeed. I stopped watching after KC had 2 score lead. Then I was trying to figure out the 2pt conversion because the score didn't did not jive with it. Oh so they went for the win. Very gutsy. I get a loss may not change SD seed but winning in OT would. Of course that's 50-50 at best. I can just see Andy Reed making that call, NOT
  8. None of the announcers bother me. That's all soap opera stuff. I didn't see the game but after seeing the score glad I didn't miss anything. Ironically two QB's went down over the weekend when the NFL keeps changing the rules to allow more passing which just increases the odds mathematically.
  9. Yes very impressive win for Tenn. I don't even mind the loss as I will always admire good football play. They do rate high in defense so……..
  10. I agree. Bear in mind that 4:30PM games are often a result of the time zone and where played so that's not really prime time. I am sick of this flexing crap. I don't care for Sunday night games It's not that I'm not up but I like to watch movies etc in the evening. We already had mon nite football for years and that was enough. I missed half the Patriot game Thurs because I just don't think football on thurs. The only reason I caught the 2nd half was from the reminder on this forum LOL. I'd rather see the Bills more often on mon night too. They've always had a good defense. It's was unbelievable the excitement of the Bill's fans having mon nite football for the 1st time in 10 years. I almost rooted for them but of course I had to go with NE ;) Now we won't see them for another 10 years
  11. No but a more complete ranking is here including ranking each position at the Oline. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ol
  12. Easy because I don't even wear jerseys at home. It's against my independence. Too bad it rained. I was looking forward to seeing a spitfire fly.
  13. Exactly. It was strange considering its a big city.
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