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  1. shhhh.....QB's don't make HOF based on what team they beat. I realize you think NE is the gold standard Plus SB's alone do not make a HOF. Jim Kelly, Marino, Tarkenton.= zero
  2. -JJ-

    The rivalry is back on

    Yeah. The Colts -NE might be one of the few exceptions. Most rivalries are inter-division. Althought Colts -NE started off inter-division and was a rivalry at that time. I think the Steelers and Browns are too. It doesn't matter who has the better record between them either.
  3. -JJ-

    The rivalry is back on

    100% correct. I believe the Skins and cowboys are a long rivalry. Miami and NE rivalry was 20 years and NE lost 18 times in a row at the old orange bowl. NY-Boston- well that rivalry speaks for itself. The Colts rivalry was mostly based on Manning vs Brady- and fueled by the 2003 playoff "mug" game. Not to mention the 2001 reg season game. You don't make rivalries up- they happen on their own.
  4. -JJ-

    Patriots acquire 23rd pick

  5. -JJ-

    ESPN and Fox fighting to sign Peyton [Merge]

    I agree with you. It would just be interesting to see him breakdown a defense now.
  6. -JJ-

    ESPN and Fox fighting to sign Peyton [Merge]

    I'd like to see him an analyst . Would be very interesting to say the least.
  7. -JJ-

    Tony Dungy's response

    I get what you say. All I was saying is employees have changed their mind to stay for better pay. Football is weird because there is no job security. So Josh got more money as OC than he would have as HC with the Colts and a long term contract. What would you do? I'm in upper construction management and there are similarities to football in that people move around a lot. Even I was making a job change but the new employer needed time to pull the plug ( 6 months). I committed but what if my current employer offered a lot more to stay what should I do? Turned out that didn't happen and I moved to the new employer. If Josh is a snake what is BB. He actually had a press conference with the Jets then jumped to NE. Jaric said Josh is no BB but what water does that hold. Same difference. Now if one wants to call BB a snake also then that's cool but you want to be consistent. Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I did take it in
  8. -JJ-

    Tony Dungy's response

    That's old school. Yeah I miss it too but... I took on large construction projects on a handshake years ago. Employers kept their employees almost forever. Today no longer. Employers are not loyal to their employees so how can you expect employees to be loyal. I've seen employees accept another job for better pay and then say no when the former employer not only matches but exceeds the salary. Happens more often than you might think. Some even do it as a ploy or a bluff.
  9. -JJ-

    Tony Dungy's response

    Cute? Ah you must be referring to my conversation with Jaric. We've known each other for a lot of years and kid each other often. His old avatar was Yoda...hence the reference. All the melodrama aside - good thing in this country is you are allowed to change your mind. Long term contract does bode well to stay with keeping kids in school since coaching can be short lived. But it does not matter- he can do what he wants just as I can.
  10. -JJ-

    Shunning is still a thing!

    Let's take it to the private sector then. People take new positions a lot then changed their mind to stay where they are when offered more. I don't believe in the real world he couldn't get a another coaching job. If you're good then you're good. That's just how it works in real life. But it's moot for a while now. Lots of coaches were bad early in their career and then become good. Time and experience is a great teacher. You should know that master Yoda
  11. -JJ-

    Shunning is still a thing!

    a principal is still a principal. Or you can argue Jets fans were more upset.
  12. -JJ-

    Shunning is still a thing!

    The only burnt bridge is colt fans ( and I get their frustration too). If you have talent you will be hired. You want to talk about a burnt bridge...BB smoldered the Jets. He was actually hired and gave a press conference. How many teams would want BB for a coach...including <cough> the Colts. Such is life.
  13. -JJ-

    Tony Dungy's response

    ahh just private me and tell me how you really feel
  14. -JJ-

    Mcdaniel's agent drops him (merge)

    Who do you think.....
  15. -JJ-

    Tony Dungy's response

    You mean worm hole