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  1. yeah what's up with that
  2. The check for the 1st 5 mil was due to be deposited by NE Monday. He just couldn't leave the phone alone.
  3. "to win". you can still file any suit you want.
  4. Yeah its a civil suit which anyone can do. We'll never know, only the 2 people involved would. But with AB- well its not like lots of good things are on his side.
  5. It was a circus in LA what he did. I don't want him here not because I'm biased of head cases as long as they play football. I just like Phil Dorset (I have faith in him) and Josh Gordon who I think is finally at peace with himself and confident. But I guess they'll (I hope) remain on the field and Brady will spread the ball around (sorry AB-get used to it)
  6. Its a big IF since all teams tamper. Jets did it with Revis. No biggie- we just moved on. also I believe it's 4.5 mil up front for the 1st half of the season. 4.5 the 2nd half. If BB cuts him we eats some money for sure- and we're not loaded with $$ now. But as they say no gamble no reward. You have to be aggressive in this league.
  7. One or two blowouts happen- not that the coach would be tough the next day. As to the other games you mentioned the colts just didn't have the horses (no pun intended) more than a blowout.
  8. As far as I know he's never had a substance abuse. Not surprised NH police would look for something other than the B&E call. They are particularly strict. Of course leading the nation (or were) in opioids doesn't help.
  9. I wouldn't put any stock in blowouts. A loss is a loss.
  10. OO- NH not a good state for that. They will put you in jail if you have a joint in the car.
  11. So who's fault is that that. Goff for misreading NE defense getting pressure where there was no pressure except who's blitzing and who's not. At lot of that was looks/disguises and many cases only 4 actually rushed. BB had him on his backfoot all night. All those punts? Again, bad offense or great defense. Except NE made drives netting no scoring but kept Goff on the sidelines (look at time of possession 1st half- it was lopsided) and NE punts because of their drives gave the Rams pathetic field position.
  12. It was old school physical defense on both sides at its best. The edge of your seat who enjoy that is who is going to make the first mistake. The INT by NE near the 5 yd line towards the end was the game changer. I know most want 30 plus points but.... People say Brady and the offense didn't play good. Well they actually did. While the Rams defense was great, NE had some long drives that ended up a punt. At least 3 times under the 10 yard line. That's called field position. As Jimmy Johnson has said there is D,ST, & O and win 2 out of those you generally are going to win. NE won on D & ST and offense at the end to seal the deal.
  13. Thanks- It feels so good not to be hated
  14. Based on pure luck and not all the other misc garbage I would say the Colts getting two 1st rnd QB's that became stars (Manning & Luck) doesn't get much better. Perfect timing.
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