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  1. The check for the 1st 5 mil was due to be deposited by NE Monday. He just couldn't leave the phone alone.
  2. "to win". you can still file any suit you want.
  3. Yeah its a civil suit which anyone can do. We'll never know, only the 2 people involved would. But with AB- well its not like lots of good things are on his side.
  4. It was a circus in LA what he did. I don't want him here not because I'm biased of head cases as long as they play football. I just like Phil Dorset (I have faith in him) and Josh Gordon who I think is finally at peace with himself and confident. But I guess they'll (I hope) remain on the field and Brady will spread the ball around (sorry AB-get used to it)
  5. Its a big IF since all teams tamper. Jets did it with Revis. No biggie- we just moved on. also I believe it's 4.5 mil up front for the 1st half of the season. 4.5 the 2nd half. If BB cuts him we eats some money for sure- and we're not loaded with $$ now. But as they say no gamble no reward. You have to be aggressive in this league.
  6. -JJ-

    No Blowouts!

    One or two blowouts happen- not that the coach would be tough the next day. As to the other games you mentioned the colts just didn't have the horses (no pun intended) more than a blowout.
  7. As far as I know he's never had a substance abuse. Not surprised NH police would look for something other than the B&E call. They are particularly strict. Of course leading the nation (or were) in opioids doesn't help.
  8. -JJ-

    No Blowouts!

    I wouldn't put any stock in blowouts. A loss is a loss.
  9. OO- NH not a good state for that. They will put you in jail if you have a joint in the car.
  10. Hey, JJ! Great to see ya here!

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