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  1. There’s plenty of vent topics as there is. Locked
  2. Sounds very like a former Colts QB, I'd still take that off not being able to consistently make NFL level plays.
  3. No issue with the decision to go for it on 4th down, but curious as to the use of Hines.
  4. Do Jax have an advantage, being used to playing with this level of crowd noise?
  5. How about that from our 3rd back... I do like the depth we've slowly built.
  6. Hi all, Probably won't be around much today as in the middle of packing house for moving tomorrow, but the game is on in the background.
  7. I don’t see why they didn’t just move 53 to 57 in that case. Assuming it’s CBA related?
  8. I can’t see Kelly landing on another roster. Not sure off hand if he is still PS eligible.
  9. Without wishing to detract from his legacy, I do think he did have some benefit of the era he played rugby in, certainly early on his career. Literally a man among boys: What chance does does a 5'8" 85 Kg Tony Underwood have of stopping that beast of a man (6'5" 119Kg!), even when he's stumbling vs sprinting! That said, I do think he was an out of this world athletic/rugby talent. So sad to lose him prematurely. I'd have loved to see if could have had a shot in the NFL. He compared very well, to say, Megatron physically. Roughly same height
  10. Lots.... JJ Watt Frank Gore (even back to when he was a 49er) Ryan Fitzpatrick Mahomes If we're talking former players the likes of Arian Foster, Steven Jackson, Joe Thomas spring to mind.
  11. I've had to remove some posts that had gone way off topic and turned into personal bickering. Let's try and keep this topic just to league matters and keep it civil please. On that note then, correct me if I'm wrong @chad72, you're just waiting on @Valpo2004 to answer?
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