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  1. Seems like we put some emphasis on the Senior Bowl when it comes to evaluating talent.
  2. Unless Darnold turns out to be a franchise QB, hard to argue this.
  3. Similar to “workout warrior” pass rushers who have poor 3 cone times but light up the 40.
  4. It was a Nietzche quote about the impossibility of truth. Yes its the off season.
  5. Do players suddenly expire at 30? If they still have production at the right value I couldn't care less about how old they are. A lot of successful teams have mastered the short term "squeeze the last juice out the orange" signings. There are no facts, only interpretations.
  6. He’s completed his transformation to a wide receiver that’s all.
  7. That wasn’t the question. Let’s ask it another way. How much do you think think the Saints would cost to buy?
  8. Out of curiosity how much cash do you think they could put together?
  9. Sorry, I'm not probably really thinking of him "proving" himself, more about if he performs and walks do you at the least get good value for his production. An example to me at the other end of the scale would be Donnie Avery. One year deal, decent enough production (including some clutch catches IIRC) for what he got paid, but not enough that we wanted to match the contract he got. However you could argue we get decent value out for that one year deal. What production would you need to see from Funchess to be happy letting him walk and be happy with paying him that amount for his time I guess is a better way to phrase what I'm getting at.
  10. Go back and read what @Superman and I are saying. It's not an argument about whether the Colts can or will resign him if he performs.
  11. Exactly, it just seems... illogical. Reich wants him and obviously has plan for how to use him, excellent. But if it works out, you're either having to probably overpay to keep him, or you've got to replace what could now be an integral piece of your offense. One that has limited snaps that could have potentially gone towards developing another player who is under a longer term contract. A lot of posters are saying we should go WR early in the draft, do you really want to invest that draft capital and lessen their snaps/targets in favour of a player who might walk on you at the end of the season? If it was a cheaper one year deal I could understand more, but the price tag moves it away from "prove it" IMO.
  12. I did say the rumour is that the player was the one asking for a one year contract ...
  13. Personally I'm big into 1950's Eastern Bloc mime, but that doesn't play so well on a forum.
  14. All of which makes the thing that bugs me the most stand out even more. Not my first choice of FA, and not at that price, but what do I know compared to the FO? But if they're so enamored with him, then why the 1 year deal. I know the rumour is that Funchess was the side asking for it, but it really doesn't look like it can work out in the Colts favour unless he is really bad, and even then as you pointed out, it's still taken money away from spending elsewhere. Basically, if this had been an Ebron type pick up with an Ebron type contract I feel a lot different about it.
  15. Even in a 3-4 that's pretty much what they did with Mathis in the year he racked up the sacks. Always liked Houston, I am surprised that KC didn't want him back at that sort of price, scheme change or not. Even is he's not a prime pass rusher anymore, he's a great piece to have in the rotation.
  16. Fair enough, my mistake. Rosen to the Dolphins all but declares who the Cards are taking at #1. Such a weird way it turned out. New HC, trading up for a QB, then tearing it all down.
  17. What Miami needs and what they do seems to be two very different things. Yet somehow they win 7 games a season so they dumpster never white catches enough that they can rebuild with solid draft capital.
  18. Reported, but not confirmed that I’ve seen yet.. remember Gore. Besides, NO may be open to trading, it would be a Miami type thing to do.
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