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  1. I tell you something for free; no T-Rex had a flag flown on it for holding. #stasticalfact
  2. Never news you'd want to see anyone have. Hoping from reading his statement it means it's been caught early and is removable without life changing consequence.
  3. If we end up 10-6 it's not completely over, probably a coin flip. Very much depends on beating the Raiders, and hoping that a few things go the right way. Might well need NE to beat Miami...
  4. If we beat the Texans and Raiders that bumps our playoff chances north of 90% again.
  5. Big time, but I can see at least one other team slipping up one week.
  6. Assuming that results go with current scores we go from 73% to 58%
  7. The world ends every Sunday for some posters. But yeah, the whole season could be chalked off to "it is what it is". Interrupted preseason, players opting out, losing players to COVID, lack of crowds etc etc. It's just a weird season and you'll see some odd outcomes for teams as a result.
  8. If Rivers needs to scramble, the play has gone south. I do wonder why Green isn't in.
  9. Except that's exactly what this post is. Now if only you owned the times, the many many times, you've been plain wrong on something you'd have a bit more respect and creditability.
  10. Still here? You seem to not see the difference between previous weeks when people melt down going behind 7 in the 1st qtr and this... well I can't use terms to describe it that are allowed on the board.
  11. Valid points, but I think it's more the same voices every week calling doom and gloom.
  12. Temp locking as the game is on, please use gameday for reaction posts: Edit - Unlocked again post game.
  13. Please post in Gameday when the game is live as per the rules:
  14. Ahh Greg Toler... another frustrating player. Very capable in bursts.
  15. I think you have to take Rock out, two costly calls gave them that 7.
  16. The P/A kills us every time. I wish we'd use it more on O.
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