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  1. If they were communicating via Twitter, no wonder it all broke down on the field..
  2. So you're talking one quarter, from one game against one of the better run defenses in the league.
  3. So would that be Cover 2 or Cover 4 you have an issue with? Coverage doesn't mean the QB has all day to throw, lack of a pass rush/pressure is going to do that regardless of the coverage behind.
  4. Sorry, it was more a general musing about pressure then specific to your post. I knew I'm more likely to get a sensical response from yourself. Interesting stats on Winston, it then begs the question as to why the bad day at the office for the D. Just one of those things?
  5. Not just about using zone 90% of the time but at least dissuading coverage shells, sending different blitzers even if you're only rushing 4 etc etc. As you say, pose questions of the O, don't give them the answers before the test.
  6. Rushing in 2019 compared to 2018 the Colts have: A better Y/A A better 1st down % On average 5 more rushing attempts per game So I'd call bogus on the above, which lends weight to the line not being as much of a problem as people have tried to make out. We're rushing more efficiently, we're rushing more, despite not posing as much of a deep threat. Interestingly to the last point, teams don't really stack the box against us, Mack has only seen 8 in the box on 11% of his snaps. The league high is 40%.. I'll let people guess which RB that is (they do have over 150 rushing attempts).
  7. One thing I'd say in response to this and the OP is that any scheme or coverage will struggle without pressure. Man might be able to buy you some extra time to get home, but you need good DBs. Not the best example, but we had a half decent D with Davis et al in 2014 because we played some good man coverage. I'm sure we were nearly top 10 in sacks, mostly due to coverage sacks as the rush wasn't brilliant (no Mathis for one). As you correctly say though, if there is a breakdown in communication and receivers aren't handed from zone to zone correctly there will be wide open throws available. The most egregious being CB to S handoffs gone wrong.
  8. 1) This isn't an answer to the question, this is a "whataboutism". 2) "Zone" isn't a defense in itself. You're referring, most likely, to the days of Tampa 2. Which has also been used very successfully elsewhere, including by Dungy. Personnel>>>Scheme. So again, please explain why "zone" sucks, and if so why does every NFL team probably use it for at least one snap every game.
  9. Yet 100% of NFL teams will use a form of zone defense at some point or another... including probably the last truly dominant D the league has seen. Please explain why you think "zone" "sucks".
  10. Right about what exactly? You're trying very hard to spin this narrative of being the lone voice of reason but I'm not even sure what you're on about half the time. There's wasn't exactly a massive push back against Simmons on here, and more was about his knee injury than anything. We've been burnt before on taking D-Lineman hoping they recovered from an ACL, so not too surprised that some people had doubts. Besides it's the draft, people will have hits and misses, the professionals certainly do.
  11. While I do think there are questions to be asked about the play calling I also, sadly, think this has some truth to it.
  12. Occam’s razor. But do please keep being doing you, it’s a good salve to watching this season knowing what could have been.
  13. Being honest I was in favour of a trade down at the time. Nelson has proven then idea wrong so far and I couldn’t be happier.
  14. As ever your sensationlism of the hindsight is wonderfully amusing. I think the vast majority of concern pre draft was about his knee injury not his personality.
  15. Does anyone remember when he was close to getting fired before for being too conservative and he all of a sudden went hyper aggressive with his his play calling. Good guy by all accounts, I hope he lands somewhere else soon.
  16. What do you think the QB spy “position” is and it’s responsibilities?
  17. Couldn't agree more on Funchess being more like a TE than WR. Ironic given Ebron is more like a WR than TE... In a league where the question is often "what have you done for more lately", I often find myself instead thinking "what have you ever done?" when it comes to the faith the Funchess would have been a huge plus on O this year. There was a reason he was on a prove it deal.
  18. I didn’t get to see the game live so won’t comment in depth till I get chance to. However my gut feel is we have a FO and coaching staff trying to make the best of the weird situation. It feels unfair to judge Reich when he gets the rug pulled out under him.
  19. What can you say, Whole Foods is not to be sniffed at. We’ve got Morrison’s
  20. If your benchmark is a 42 year old who is on the decline... Besides, some of the issues of Brissett are playmaker agnostic. A open receiver is an open receiver. A line that can give you 6 seconds of protection is a dream for most QBs etc etc. We got more production out the same group last year pretty much.
  21. It's hard to pin the blame on just one player for failing to pick up a blitz as we can never be sure who has responsibility for what once the play is live. But pre-play I feel it's on Kelly/Brissett to identify and adjust the line/playcall. There is something to be said for Reich not calling plays to slow them down (can we get a screen?!). Good O's eat blitzes for breakfast.
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