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  1. ColtsBlueFL

    Skai Moore & Leonard

    As much as we liked those guys, it was David Thornton who Bill Polian truly regretted letting get away. And now, Thornton is back (full circle) with the Colts as Director of Player Engagement. I'm not ready to compare Leonard and Brooks yet, but hope one day I can.
  2. ColtsBlueFL

    [Lombardi] Deon Cain's injury might be season-ending

    The Joker likes it...
  3. ColtsBlueFL

    Colts sign DE Ryan DeLaire and waive S Sharmarko Thomas

    I'm not sure it is coincidental. The D does not play like that against our Offense in padded practice, and they don't get taught that. Reich said so- "That was very disappointing. I'm very disappointed," Colts coach Frank Reich said after the team's 19-17 win. "We don't teach that. That was a good call, that was the appropriate call, he should have been ejected. ... That could have been avoided, should have been avoided, and the referees did the right thing." The team was shown videos made by the NFL and shown to Refs/officials, in meetings of hits with their helmets that will be flagged. Even Mike Vrable made a video for his team (focused, of course, on ILB and OLB/DE play), and then sent it to the NFL, whereby it was distributed to the other 31 teams. Players won't be getting a pass by their own coaches, let alone the Refs / league.
  4. ColtsBlueFL

    Skai Moore & Leonard

    When receivers are covered and a play breaks down, the QB must be taken down. If he breaks contain and runs loose, then most receivers can break away from their defenders quite easily. Many a great play has been accomplished by a good QB 'extending the play' with his feet, then finding the open guy. The idea is to get pressure with 4, as the rest have responsibilities. If you blitz one of them, he (or someone else rushing) better get home to the QB and pressure an early or bad throw, or get a sack. Otherwise the guy the blitzer was to cover is wide open, and the QB will very often find him for a big gain. With 7 defenders back and supposedly keeping things in front of them, an offensive receiver is never suppose to get > 16 yards on a play, especially 3rd down.
  5. ColtsBlueFL

    LT position

    A good portion of the league is looking for a good LT. Teams with them don't 'cut' them. Our pro player director and scouts have looked at all the other teams OT, just in case one with more talent than our backups presently have becomes available. But don't count on it. Someone on the roster will likely have to step up their game at LT if AC gets nicked up.
  6. ColtsBlueFL

    Class Comments From Texans Radio On Luck

    My experience is different. I was at Blake Bortles first game (second half replacement for Chad Henne). The fans were exceptionally nice, even before Blake came in and made the Jags look like they were somewhat NFL caliber. The beauties in the pool could almost make one miss seeing some plays on the field... ;-) I've not met any Titans fans, but from your reports, they could well be the worst fans in the division then.
  7. ColtsBlueFL

    Quincy Wilson = Bust

    I haven't researched Wilson strength/weaknesses. Sometimes i just read what people here post about players (other times I research). I can say with relatively high certainty, Eberflus will not just run a 4-3 Cover 2 zone all the time. There will be Nickel, Big Nickel, Dime etc... sometimes with man, other times zone, and maybe even combo man/zone combo concepts. You will not see this too much in the pre-season, or before guys learn their responsibilities in them, though. Keeping it simple (no thinking, reading) is foremost, so players can just react and play fast.
  8. ColtsBlueFL

    [Lombardi] Deon Cain's injury might be season-ending

    Non contact ACL tears/ruptures are not the exception. Exceptional deceleration on flat feet, IE: where sudden deceleration, landing and pivoting maneuvers are repeatedly performed, can easily cause one, among other situations. Players are bigger, stronger, quicker, faster than ever. But tendons and ligaments are still the same. The forces exerted on them are much higher and thus the increased injury rates. There have been many studies in the mechanics, and it is also found female athletes suffer this (non contact ACL) 2-8 times more than males. I once read where a strength and conditioning expert felt year round weight (lift) training could significantly reduce/prevent the non contact ACL. (Targeting the hips and legs, and particularly the glutes and hamstrings. But not just during pre-season, but an all year program). This coupled with specialized running drills. Supposedly, this person had a dedicated group of athletes during three-year stretch in their athletic department of 21 sports and had zero ACL tears. And when he had years where the training room filled up, they stated it was fall athletes that had 'goofed off' all summer. I feel there is, at minimum, a good amount of truth to their experience, and pro athletes that understand the importance of all year conditioning likely are more immune to non contact soft tissue injury.
  9. ColtsBlueFL

    Colts lead first ejected player...

    Keep his eyes/chin up. Try to get the head off center and shoulder square to the target. A player cannot throw himself head first into a player or his path in the open field anymore. True, but now the Refs have extra leeway to disqualify a player for doing soflagrantly where before players/teams were only penalized.
  10. ColtsBlueFL

    [Lombardi] Deon Cain's injury might be season-ending

    On field ACL tests/diagnosis are quite accurate. However, a team often waits until official MRI results confirm it before making a public statement. But they generally already know what the MRI will show, unfortunately.
  11. ColtsBlueFL

    Are we going to have chat for tonight's preseason game?

    No link, scroll to top of the forum page. You will see a task bar- Admin, Forums, Browse, Activity, Chat, Contests! , More Click Chat. On a mobile iOS device, press and hold on Chat until a context menu appears, tap on Open in New Window. Tap on that window’s Tab.
  12. ColtsBlueFL

    Are we going to have chat for tonight's preseason game?

    I just tested Chat on an iPad Air2 running iOS 11.4.1 and Firefox. Opened up in a new window just fine.
  13. ColtsBlueFL

    2018 Rule Changes.

    It will get called in the open field every time. Enough flags and players adjust. Pre season always get called more, to drill it in. It will stay in the books, because the NFL is adamant about taking the helmet as a weapon completely out of the game- a protection device only. The rule may be adjust/tweaked over time, but it won’t ever be taken off. Believe it. Watch the pulling guard that gets out front of the RB on an outside run up to second level and lowers his head and blows up a DB or LB. He’ll get flagged. I have feeling that in the trenches (until the 3 point stance is eliminated) there will be some leeway, but not too much. Fire off the line head first into your opponent, watch for the flag. I’ve heard Blandino, Riveron, McKay, etc speak on it. They are nearly rabid about taking the human projectile/missile aspect out of the game. And I feel/see they have and will focus all new rules on areas where their studies shows the most concussions and dangerous injuries per play occurs.
  14. ColtsBlueFL

    Time Travel. A look back

    I would not expect our defense to be extensive and exotic (more vanilla), at least at first, because of a major scheme change and a lot of youngsters that have to learn the playbook. This defense has to be fast, and a read and react scheme (like last years old 3-4), an excessively large play book, and youngsters having to ‘think’ on the field about play responsibility and execution reduces their play speed andeffectiveness significantly. Eberflus will get them to a level that allows them to play fast, and not get beat deep, then add more complexity over time.
  15. ColtsBlueFL

    Cap space for 2019

    As for above ^^^ ... I'm not sure what years are in the 4 year aggregate. The CBA rules was for 2011, but there was no floor in 2011 and 2012. The 89% started in 2013. I'll update if/when I find out.