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  1. Look in on the background in this shot from 2015- Top level starts at A, sometimes I see a B (no A rated). Goes down in rating vertically. Amount in each section varies, but are in preferential order. There are more (different layout) boards around the room too. Now this was a Grigson board from 2015. Others may label theirs different, add color (for flags, etc.) but they all let you see top players left on the list in every position, and those that stick out above the rest as the names peel off. The name that sticks out above the others is BPA and must be taken even if that selection doesn't fulfill a 'hole' in the roster with 'that pick'. If players left are (very near) equal in grade, then they go toward position of perceived need.
  2. The scouts from every team is there, up until the weekend before the draft. Then I hear most teams send the Area Scouts home... at least for a few days. The GM, HC, and Director(s) {Scouting/Personnel} tweak the board at that time and setup up possible trade deals. It may be, in many cases I hear that when the scouts return, they won't get in to see the {updated} board(s) until draft day itself. The bulk of the heavy lifting is. The big kahuna's can then tweak it right up until the draft itself.
  3. Yes, I said as much earlier in this thread... "So Jon Gruden, Mike Mayock and possibly their Scouting director are sending the area scouts home for a little R&R and is not anything new. Jon did it in the 2000's with the Bucs, he's doing it again with the Raiders."
  4. I think the board they truly use is kept secret from cameras.. I'm confidant that one used was for clarification with simplification.
  5. This is a product (at least in part) of the Pro scouting team... under the direction/edicts of Chris Ballard. From numerous meetings we are never privy to. But CB has always preached 'special attributes in a player getting a good look.'. From there, does the tape show the attributes negate/overcome cited deficiencies, etc...
  6. And illustrates how different teams only have 170 guys on their draft board and stiil not come up short of picks on draft day. Every team has their own criteria of who 'fits, and who doesn't. They can be quite varied.
  7. Yes, as scouting director, this I know and mentioned it earlier. He was Bucs GM from 2009 - 2013 as well. But, did they do this ritual even before (with Dungy) Jon Gruden got there, or was it when he replaced Tony? I know Rich McKay, Bruce Allen, and Mark Dominik all continued it through at least 2013 though, even after Gruden was let go.
  8. I agreed and said a shakeup may occur, but they really are not needed much right now. Maybe they are getting 2 birds with one stone though, but those scouts would be being shooed out onto airplanes and sent home for a few days, even if there is no major scouting shakeup after the draft. BTW, wasn't 2002 Jon Gruden's first year as HC with Tampa when they did this same thing? I wonder if they had a scouting change afterwards there too. Nevertheless, the tradition continued all the way through Dominik's term as GM there.
  9. That shakeup could very well be happening down the road. But it has little to nothing to do with sending the scouts home for a few days here before the draft. Their work is essentially done. The GM, HC, and Scouting Director are calling other teams and setting up those trade up/trade down possibilities we heard Ballard discuss in the Colts little snippet, prepare for all scenarios, discuss them. Not just internal either. Discuss general (non specific) situations with other teams too.
  10. Bull doody. I believe this is an article to raise issues where there really are none. How Do I Know? Not more than 2 hours ago at 12:05 pm on 4/19/2019, I heard Mark Dominik explain what goes on at this juncture before the draft. I'll try to quote him- "This is a big time. You are trying to send your area scouts out the door, fly them home, give them a few days to regroup, rethink and come back with any other questions. Now what you're doing (GM) is sitting with your head coach, your (Scouting) director and you are on the phone... A Lot!" So in 2002, he was Scouting director for Tampa Bay. Who was the Head Coach of the Bucs that season? Jon Gruden. Who was the GM (Dominik didn't get Bucs GM job until 2013 I believe), Rich McKay. So Jon Gruden, Mike Mayock and possibly their Scouting director are sending the area scouts home for a little R&R and is not anything new. Jon did it in the 2000's with the Bucs, he's doing it again with the Raiders. Nothing to see IMHO. And if anybody has Sirius XM, listen to the beginning of the Blitz show from earlier today on NFL Radio, SiriusXM channel 88. You'll hear him lay this out how they did/do it. And he wasn't even referring to the Raiders. I heard him in the car, did not see the thread about Raiders sending theirs home until I got home.
  11. Remember, not every team has the same 170 players either. I heard it is routine for teams to ha ve only 130 - 190 on the board, and never had run out of players to choose from when their time came.
  12. And they get info to realize that 10 teams have 'a guy' rated at 10 different (sometime wildely different) places on their boards, and that confuses them as well. The Colts videos just give a little hint of all the factor that go into board stacking : Psych assessment, medical exams, character evaluations, etc... All teams do this. Some are just more thorough, less biased, and do it better. I like to think we are at the forefront here at this time with this group.
  13. Teams only need look to how Colts handled Luck, and the Redskins handled Cousins. If your guy is 'the' guy, then get it done. If he's not, get his protege on the roster ASAP. Then let the elder QB go in a respectful manner as soon as reasonable. Seahawks got it done. Redskins/Cousins method appears to work out bad (it seems) for everyone.
  14. Exactly. And listening to P. Kirwan and C. Landry, what is going on now is tweaking/finalizing the 'stacking'. They are still getting information in, and that may or may not move a guy up or down a small amount. But know that there are no 'rocketing' up or down the board by a round or two at this point unless a major scandal or medical issue acutely arises at the last minute. Even then, it might not be that much. Laremy Tunsil fell out of one of the top pick slots to #13. That's major just because of the steep slope of round 1 players talent/value. A top player suffering major season cancelling injury might drop 1/2 to full round. By and large, most moves are minute though.
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