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  1. Reich can do so much with Big Q 'eligible' !!
  2. They were easily top 10 coming in to the game (and some other teams only had 5 games) Colts were 10-1 when Mack got >15 carries. He got 18 today. Now 11-1 JB did carry the team Q 1-3 with his arm though. Both teams D's stiffened Q4
  3. OL is bad in pass pro today. Pressure is causing issues.
  4. IF OL can just give JB7 a bit of time, their secondary is routed
  5. OL needs to step up. they've had 2 bad series in a row,
  6. Running out of bound doesn't stop the clock until less than 5 minutes remain in 4th quarter.
  7. D stepped up big! More Colts points please...
  8. cmp / att yards Avg TD Int Sack Rtg Jacoby Brissett 16 / 23 226 9.8 3 0 1-5 140.6
  9. Big Q lined up as a FB, too! Went out in pattern!!
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