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  1. I saw this pop up in my notifications... I saw that you posted it... and I knew I would not be disappointed. Another classic post @EastStreet GO COLTS!!!
  2. @The Peytonator You’ve been a part of this forum a lot longer than I have, so I’m still getting to know people on here... just wanted to say I like your profile name!
  3. @2006Coltsbestever I think honestly, deep down inside he misses our rivalry too!
  4. Very cool, thanks for posting! Seeing them on that field and their happiness with each other warms my heart, man I love our team! (On an unrelated note, I also thoroughly enjoyed the Colts training camp sing off video that the site played right after Mack’s segment. Both of these videos would be very appropriate in the “Make Me Smile” thread)
  5. @2006Coltsbestever given your name, this comes as no surprise that you were first to comment on this thread... I’m actually surprised you didn’t start it!
  6. Why did I not see this thread when it first started? Oh yeah, that’s right... Coronavirus madness in my school district! I was home with my (at the time) newborn daughter. Tried my best to hold in my screams so as not to startle her, but it wasn’t working! So I made up some flimsy excuse to my husband about the importance of spending daddy-daughter bonding time together.... particularly upstairs, away from me and the big downstairs TV! He fell for it, so I was able to scream my way through the rest of the game! Like @Chrisaaron1023 I was the only Colts fan I knew, so I celebrated alone..
  7. I was watching some of them and then just turned it back for the tail end of our famous AFC Championship game. Still cheering about that interception at the end like it just happened. I could watch that game a million times!
  8. Yep! Can’t wait for the season to get started, and staying healthy throughout to finish strong is key!
  9. Wow! When you look at all the clips edited together like that, it makes it seem like people actually talk about our team a lot great video, thanks for sharing! I’m pumped come on Colts let’s DO THIS!
  10. It would be very frustrating if we tanked, I think we made some pretty good moves/trades for the upcoming season. I was also browsing through our schedule the other day and I felt like we could win a lot of those match ups. Actually looking at the schedule made me feel better about our chances to have a winning record, I was “iffy” at first but now I’m going in with my chest puffed up!
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