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  1. Any chance a mod could fix my embed? First time trying it from Twitter like that.
  2. Mod Edit: Embedded the tweet. You just need to paste the link to the tweet and it'll auto-embed.
  3. Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. I didn't know if we had anybody there for a tryout or not. I guess it's a good chance to see what we have with Morton at least. I sure wish the best for Sam though. It's a really sad situation.
  4. I noticed in the photos that Jalen Morton was participating in the Rookie Mini Camp. Does anyone know if we had any other QBs there or if it was just him?
  5. https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1371936528218296320?s=19
  6. Honestly not mad about this trade. If he pans out then he might be worth the 1st next year and if not then we don't lose a whole lot.
  7. I think they're referring to this story: https://www.stampedeblue.com/2021/2/13/22281947/lsu-safety-jacoby-stevens-says-colts-were-among-teams-he-had-a-great-connection-with-at-senior-bowl
  8. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, but a random thought popped into my head the other day and I've been curious about it ever since. I've always just assumed that more or less, most football fans in the state of Indiana were Colts fans, but then I got to thinking about Gary, Indiana and how close they are to Chicago. Is there some kind of even split there or do they lean more one way to either the Bears or the Colts. Again, sorry if this is in the wrong area or if it's just a dumb question in general, but I've been curious about it since I live in Virginia and don't really have an in person view on any of this.
  9. I don't really know much about either of them, but Nelson was drafted as a Cornerback by the Raiders, so the Colts listing him as Safety probably means a position change is coming. https://www.stampedeblue.com/2021/1/5/22216088/colts-sign-s-nick-nelson-te-jordan-thomas-to-reserve-future-contracts
  10. Cox actually had played football before in high school.
  11. I would like things to turn out like this. Mike Adams (Starter) Adams is 100% guaranteed a starting spot I would think. Darius Butler (Starter) This mainly depends on whether or not D'Joun Smith can handle nickel back roles this year. If he can then I would much rather have our rookie gain experience for when Toler is gone and have Butler attempt the move to safety (which would be a good choice imo) Dwight Lowery (Backup) Lowery as a backup in this scenario would allow us to have a plan in case of injury to one of our corners in which butler would go back to corner and Lowery would be our starting safety. Clayton Geathers (Backup) Geathers gets a year to develop and get used to playing at the NFL level. And he also gives options as a backup plan in case Adams or Butler gets hurt (or Lowery depending on injuries to corners). Dewey McDonald (Backup) Dewey is one of my favorite DBs we have and I think he could beat out the other safeties on the roster for a spot on the 53. This gives him another year to develop and potentially be a starter if Mike Adams starts to show his age. Colt Anderson (Cut) Colt Anderson would not beat the other safeties out for a job. Although if injuries hit the safety position, Anderson could earn a spot. And let's not forget about his ability at gunner. Winston Guy (Cut/P. Squad) I'm not sure if Guy has any Practice Squad eligibility left but if he does I could see him beating Robert Smith for a spot there. Robert Smith (Cut/P. Squad) If Guy doesn't have any PS eligibility left then its almost certain that Smith ends up there. Smith was pretty decent at Clemson where he played Strong Safety I believe. And he could compete for a spot in 2016 if Lowery is no longer on the team. I believe that's all the safeties we have right now. So here's what the depth chart would look like. FS: Mike Adams Dwight Lowery Dewey McDonald SS: Darius Butler Clayton Geathers P. Squad Robert Smith/Winston Guy
  12. Dwayne Allen comes back for offseason work a week earlier than expected. http://www.stampedeblue.com/2015/5/13/8600067/dwayne-allen-is-back-with-the-colts
  13. A sad story about one of our new Wide Receivers (Not sure if he signed a contract or is just going to be a tryout in Minicamp) Quan Bray. http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/eye-on-college-football/24790475/video-auburn-wr-quan-brays-late-mother-inspires-him-on-and-off-field
  14. I thought I saw somewhere that he got permission anyway. I may be wrong though.
  15. Freeman wasn't necessarily just trying to get more money. He wanted a longer deal so he could finish out his career in Indy. And all he did was skip Voluntary workouts anyway. Its not that big of a deal.
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