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  1. I agree but I’m starting to think it’s inevitable. Guard market is a little younger and cheaper in free agency. So we go that way or draft a guy that can start day 1. I would draft if him regardless of LT plans
  2. Get Quinn in the 3rd if possible put him at left Guard move Q to left tackle....I don’t care if he was D3. Closest think to Q I’ve seen
  3. Teams that can win under adversity are true contenders...bring on the titans
  4. Hire Mike Singletary....I don't know exactly why i feel this way, but something about him makes me think he could right the ship.
  5. fleener has a lot of potential he really does...hence why he got the deal but he hasn't produced nore do i think he ever will. He doesn't run great routes, drops to many balls, and can't block
  6. agreed...the position is expendable when you got guys like doyle doing a better job making league minimum
  7. Fleener is not that good and got overpaid. I'm sure hes a great guy and all but hes not that good. Allen also overpaid but has more upside if he can return to rookie year form.
  8. Anyone notice which teams are active? Not the true contenders. Its the same teams that are active players in free agency every year. I hate the pats but i would say they figured out how to build in the offseason and its not by dropping millions on players looking for a payday.
  9. Ok yes we sucked last night, yes we sucked last week, but have a funny feeling we will be just fine. I don't agree with all the moves that have been made, but i am seeing the big picture. Did anyone pay attention to the run d early last night? Anderson and Perry are both making big plays already and are the future. The offensive line needs work and time to gel but it will come. People on here have said its the worst of the luck era but by years end it will be the best. I'm glad to hear what chuck said last night. It shows his frustration and how much he cares, and i think that is what the play
  10. Love this move. Kinda has the feel of the vontae davis trade. Hes young and has size, athleticism and attitude. That my friends is what we need great pick up.
  11. Honestly i feel we should role with what we got. We have a lot of youth up front on the d-line and in years past youth is what gets it done. There are always exceptions but for the most part DTs in a 4-3 and DE/DT/NT in a 3-4 don't produce much beyond year 5,6,7. It's Inevitable because its a very rigorous position. Its not always about experience, but its who wants it most and who has the physical tools to get it done and ill take youth all day. Perry and Anderson will show all of us that in weeks to come.
  12. I think Werner is still playing out of position. He needs to gain a few pounds and play DE and if he doesn't progress there then move on.
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