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  1. You could've copied and pasted large swaths of that, claimed it was a 2019 scouting assessment of Brissett from a rival AFC scout, and everyone would've believed it.
  2. Done. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Well said. It's unfortunate that Cain was a casualty of the non-existent downfield passing game. I think he has the potential to develop into a deep threat. Reich desperately tried to use him in that capacity earlier in the season. The staff tried to adapt Cain's role, but he's not a possession-type receiver. It's not the end of the world that he's gone, but Ballard initially picked him for a reason.
  3. This is one of the most shocking Brissett stats I've seen this year. I also shared this in the JB thread, but at the request of another poster who thought it would be useful to this conversation, I have also included it here. Not only is it disheartening to see Brissett dead last by such a large margin (as @EastStreet pointed out), you can see that 2 division rivals now have QBs capable of generating explosive passing plays of 20+ yards.
  4. That's how projections and forecasts work though. At a certain point, you have a big enough sample size to where you can comfortably forecast ahead as to what the numbers will be with additional snaps. It's not even really about the traditional stats, either, as Okereke passes the eye test and has a great advanced analytics (PFF) grade of 76.6. Bush has a grade of 59.4. In other words, Okereke has substantially outplayed Bush, despite receiving less snaps, which only makes the OP's point stronger.
  5. 10-6 here we come! (Couldn't resist.) (But, seriously, sign him, we need bodies that know the offense.)
  6. I’m in 100% agreement that WR needs to be addressed because Funchess and Campbell are unknowns due to injuries, and T.Y. has had 2 injury-plagued seasons back-to-back. However, open targets are open targets, and the film/screenshots of Jacoby failing to capitalize on these open targets with clean pockets are piling up. I don’t ever expect Reich or Ballard to criticize Jacoby publicly, but the sample size on Brissett (nearly 2 full seasons as a starter) is pretty conclusive now. Some of the behaviors and tendencies he has exhibited exist independent of the talent at the skill positions. I don’t think that’s unfair to say. That said, there’s definitely merit to your argument that better skill talent provides more opportunities for Brissett to decide on whether to pull the trigger. However, Brissett has also had the benefit of a top 3 running game and extra defenders in the box, which theoretically should make explosive passing play opportunities easier. What intrigues me is the fact that despite the onslaught of injuries, the Colts have kept Chad Kelly on the active roster. 3 QBs on a team with 3 healthy WRs is pretty incredible. Disclaimer: The following is an *extreme* hypothetical and I thought of it only because of how unusual the 3 QBs situation is: I’m not someone that thinks Kelly is the answer. We simply don’t know what we have because he hasn’t played meaningful snaps. That said, I’m wondering if the Colts will audition Kelly at some point, especially if Brissett continues to struggle and the Colts are mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. If they did do that, and *if* Kelly plays at or above Jacoby’s level, the Colts may draft a QB, trade Brissett for capital, roll with Kelly as a starter next year, and let the QB in waiting watch while Hoyer helps mentor him on the sideline.
  7. I agree that they're not 100% conclusive, but interpreting what I can see, it looks like Brissett should be able to hit Wilkins (#20) quickly, in rhythm for a nice gain with YAC on 1st down there. In the second photo, Johnson (#83) is just coming out of his break, and the corner is just now reacting by coming out of his backpedal. In theory, the ball should already be almost to Johnson's chest at this point (if the QB is properly progressing through his reads and getting the ball out on time). Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that JB is even looking his way.
  8. He also destroyed the Texans in the playoffs when it counted. Whole team got worked by the Chiefs on the road.
  9. I don't know if I'd point to that 1 game considering Luck put up a career year last year throwing to a hobbled Hilton, Pascal, Rogers and Inman (who is currently unemployed). Inman didn't do much this year before being released; perhaps it's Luck who made Inman better last year? Luck put up 30+ points on the scoreboard for 30% of his starts. And that's with an abysmal offensive line for the overwhelming majority of his career. Brissett has put up 30+ points in 7% of his starts (2 games, out of 26). I'm not unfairly trying to compare Brissett to Luck, I'm merely pointing out what a franchise-level QB can do for an offense's explosiveness and point totals. I think after Luck's retirement, some of us greatly underestimated what we had in Andrew.
  10. I respectfully disagree. Even though the WR talent isn't great, Reich is scheming guys open and JB is flat-out missing them. Game after game. It's not even a trend now, it's the rule. Hitting a few guys on one drive is the rare exception. And he has a dream pocket to throw from, more often than not. He's just slow processing and delivering in there. A better QB could've put up 30 points against that Titans defense yesterday with how the defense was giving the offense opportunities early in the game.
  11. The defense held Watson to 20 in Houston on a short week, without Turay (better than what the Pats' defense managed tonight). The defense just gave up their first 100-yard rusher of the season today, and the OL's play this year has helped produce the #3 rushing offense in the NFL, despite teams stacking the box to stop the run because no one is scared of Jacoby. Parts of the offense and defense could use a few upgrades and a bit of depth, but the QB position is in dire need of upgrading. Luck led a worse roster last year to the playoffs. A true franchise QB patches a lot of holes. A below-average QB drags the rest of the roster down.
  12. There has to be some nuance. Yes, we want Jacoby to throw downfield more. But we also don't want him to throw wildly into double and triple coverage, either. There's got to be a middle ground.
  13. Totally understand where you're coming from, as the record wouldn't be as bad, but those wins would've been hollow anyway, in my opinion. In some ways, with how the season has turned out, those losses are a blessing (yeah, it felt gross typing that, but I'm trying to be realistic now), as they have helped the Colts' draft positioning a little bit. Because of all of the significant injuries to key players, and Brissett's consistently below average performances, this team was not a playoff team. With Brissett as the starting QB, the Colts have scored fewer than 20 points in 14 games (out of 26 total starts). That's 53.8% of his starts. That's not playoff-caliber QB play. It's also not winning offensive football. On the positive side, I do think that for the vast majority of the season, the defense has played playoff-caliber defense. I am excited about the future of that unit with all of the youth at LB (Walker, Leonard, Bobby O.), Kenny Moore, Willis, Turay, Ben B., and Hooker. Need an interior pass rusher and another CB, though.
  14. The 2020 crop of QBs is pretty good. In no particular order: - Jordan Love (I’m sure you are familiar with him and the Colts’ interest in him) - Justin Herbert - Jake Fromm - Tua T. - Jacob Eason - Nate Stanley
  15. Draft capital/positioning is the most important asset to this franchise at the moment. Stings to type, but it’s true.
  16. Need a QB1, at least 3 WRs (or 2 and 1 TE), and pass rusher in this draft.
  17. This looked like a Pagano-era game in the second half. My soul feels filthy just typing that, but it’s true.
  18. The Colts should have a special competition on Sunday where they allow a fan to come down and play the #3 WR position.
  19. He was scheduled to attend, had a credential (which is why the news made it to social media), but ultimately attended a different game. It's unclear as to whether the Colts had any other scouts there in his place. Regardless, the Colts have been following/scouting Love, and other quarterbacks, this entire season.
  20. To answer your question: Ebron had an ankle scan way back during camp. Frank Reich said the scan wasn't perfectly clean, but still looked very good and everyone agreed there shouldn't be any limitations whatsoever. Per Reich, pretty much the entire season goes by with Ebron not mentioning anything about the ankle. I'll let Frank summarize what happens next: "Then, last week sometime, I don’t know if it flared up at practice or if it was the result of a previous game, but that was the first time that it had flared up to the point where it affected him as far as practice." Ebron's version of the story is not matching up with Reich's. A few weeks ago, Ebron went to Reich's office begging for more targets. Then, a few weeks later, he asks the team to be put on IR, after one of the team's worst passing performances of the season? All this coming at the end of a contract year? Things that make you go "hmmm."
  21. You are very welcome! My strategy was to continue providing useful information to others on the board as I attempted fruitlessly to mollify his concerns and answer the same questions over and over again lol.
  22. Good signing. Another matchup nightmare of a TE.
  23. It's a virtual certainty (99%) that Ballard was at the Utah State game primarily to evaluate Love. Sure, maybe he took note of some guys on Boise State's roster while he was there, but the Colts have been scouting Love all season, and Ballard's presence at one of Love's last games of the season is a pretty dead giveaway. A nice highlight compilation:
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