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  1. The 22 page CK thread was much better. I don’t think this thread is going as planned.
  2. Jimmy Johnson hit on a bunch of those draft choices too.
  3. Honest question. What do you think the Colts record would be without the run game the Colts have now?
  4. The Colts are coming off a playoff year and have more talent and experience than in 2018. If, the Colts fail to make the playoffs this season, it falls on Brissett. Honest question. How long do you wait for Brissett to develop? 2, 3, 5 years?
  5. Yeah, the Falcons are not the Patriots. Their 1-4 record doesn’t inspire or excite me, that if the Colts run game gets shutdown, Brissett will ball out against anyone. Especially the hoody.
  6. BB would stack the box and force Brissett to beat them throwing the football.
  7. At a minimum, draft a developmental QB somewhere. Which smart GMs do about every other year. See how the draft falls, don’t force anything and select BPA. Utilize FA to fill any critical areas not covered in draft. The draft looks extremely deep with QB, WR and CB. Not much else at the moment. With Funchess on a one year deal and Hilton approaching 30, I could see potentially a WR in Rd #1.
  8. Big game Sunday for Colts. Skins at Dolphins.
  9. I hope so, as Hilton’s YPC is 9.7. That’s nowhere near his previous seasons. Now if the Colts are winning ball games, it’s immaterial.
  10. Need about six more of those drives this evening
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