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  1. MPStack

    Jim Irsay on Brissett

    He’s done nothing Yet to even be considered for a 1st Rd pick!
  2. Gotta love extortion!
  3. MPStack

    Le'Raven Clark

    Future HOFer!
  4. MPStack

    Baker Mayfield

    Luck was never in the conversation! And I beg to differ on completion percentage. 5% more is significant! That’s why unconventional QB are far and few and their self life isn’t long.
  5. MPStack

    Baker Mayfield

    Pro Bowler is meaningless. Less than a 60% career passer rating and even worse in the playoffs. Most TD passes in a season was 21. Won two career playoff games. I’d say poor for a 1st overall pick. Just my 2 cents.
  6. MPStack

    Baker Mayfield

  7. MPStack

    Baker Mayfield

    Vick’s passer rating was horrible. It’s a passing league and always will be. Drew Brees was drafted a full round behind him and the rest is history!
  8. MPStack

    What's your take on the Ravens QB situation?

    Not a fan of QBs who's best asset is the ability to run. L. Jackson has a huge learning curve. The read option was figured out after two seasons just as the wildcat was. He will have to learn how to play under center and read defenses , while making adjustments at the LOS. I’m skeptical he becomes a franchise signal caller. Reminds a little like V. Young.
  9. MPStack

    Everyone’s a Critic...

    Bottom line is the Colts are a couple years from competing. Ballard didn’t jump the gun and spend ridiculous money on free agents. He stuck to his strategy of building through the draft. The Colts were virtually void of a lot of talent on both sides of the field. He accumulated extra picks and drafted competition. Some of these players won’t pan out and some will. Grade each draft 2-3 years down the road, not after each selection.
  10. MPStack

    What did we just do

    Based off your and mock boards only. I have no problem with either pick. A left and right guard for the next 10 years and a OLB that’s fits the 4-3 scheme.
  11. MPStack

    Who’s our #2

    Landry, Jackson and Sutton in the 2nd.
  12. MPStack

    Who’s our #2

    I’m thinking with the Nelson pick, that RB won’t be in the Colts plans until late if at all. Ballard likes Matt Jones and Nelson is a run blocker first. With that being said, I think he will nab a WR early and focus on the defense.
  13. MPStack

    New Ballard quotes on Brissett

    He`s a decent backup nothing more at the moment. Wishful thinking he gets traded for a 1st rd pick.
  14. MPStack

    CJ Anderson To Be Released

    Sign him, draft Barkley and run the wishbone with Mack!