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  1. Sign J. Winston or trade for M. Stafford. Worst case senario, acquire FitzMagic as a stop gap for a season.
  2. Maybe Philly will upgrade with Marvin Lewis.
  3. One of the best members ever on this forum.

  4. Just wanted to add, my thoughts are because the QB situation is kinda in doubt at the moment. I liked what Rivers did this year, but will he be back and let’s face it, that last “Hail Mary” was very telling about his arm. However, I don’t see a lot of options for QB in 2021 other than Rivers. We can speculate trades all day, and FA’s but it’s to early for that.
  5. OT or CB seems like the most realistic options at 21-21 in the 1st Rd. I don’t see a QB or Edge worthy around there.
  6. I would stay away from a bunch of declining players in there 30s. The short contracts are fine, but are they realistic? I don’t think the Colts are close enough yet, to compete for a SB. Signing the likes of Watt and Ertz who are injury prone and older, is something you consider when very close to competing for a SB. I’d also, let Houston walk. The Colts need to lock the young guys up and keep chopping wood in the draft.
  7. A good QB, who’s unfortunately playing for a terrible franchise. I’d love Stafford as the Colts starting QB.
  8. This one is on Frank and Blankenship!
  9. I think Taylor may have finished 3rd in the league rushing after today’s numbers. Impressive season, and hope he gets OROY consideration.
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