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  1. I like Kelly and unfortunately think the Colts might need to carry 3 QBs this season.
  2. No, I’m done with the Brissett arguments. I was 100% correct and will leave it at that.
  3. What WR moments has Cain had?
  4. I believe he’s being brought in as the short yardage back, which Mack or Hines is not. However, if Foreman stays healthy and motivated, his ceiling could be much higher.
  5. Expect the standard vanilla play calling. However, I’m excited as everyone for some Colts football. Fingers crossed, no injuries!
  6. I miss Manning to Torrance Small. What a combo!
  7. I’m in the minority and bet he ends up on the PUP!
  8. Never thought he’d be a lock for the 53. Cain going to need a solid preseason.
  9. Nobody! It was a clever idea brought by R.P. , who still is holding out hope J.B. is traded.
  10. 100% most likely scenario. Probably, best bet would resign with Colts for 5M per.
  11. Nope! No need to keep rubbing it in, that I was 100% correct on JB.
  12. Well, he hasn’t missed any games yet.
  13. With an emphasis on TE in Reich’s offense. 100% agree
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