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  1. 100% Agree 100% Agree again. Any GM would take a 2nd Rd pick for a backup QB on the final year of rookie deal period. It hasn't happened. He's a great locker room guy, but does he give the team an edge backing up Luck? And does JB really fit F. Reich offense??? Other than being a great locker room guy, I don't see anything other than a fringe starter/backup with Brissett. The past 2 weeks basically determined his market is not that high.
  2. MPStack

    Tyreek Hill being investigated / abuse involving minor Not looking good for Hill.
  3. Wrong thread. You have about 40 trade Brissett threads don't you????? Stop hijacking threads. Geez
  4. MPStack

    Tyreek Hill being investigated / abuse involving minor

    Will KC and the NFL do the right thing? Hmm
  5. MPStack

    2020 Free Agents

    Yeah, I'm not impressed with next years FA class.
  6. MPStack

    Who do you take?

    I thought Ford was strictly a OG?
  7. MPStack

    Who do you take?

    Honestly, I don't care who Ballard takes in the 1st Rd, just as long as he gets a productive player. I'm anxious to see how Ballard fairs drafting in the back half of each Rd, opposed to drafting earlier in each Rd. With a potential lack of activity in FA, he's going to need to nail another draft.
  8. MPStack

    Tannehill to Titans

    He resigned with New Orleans and is better suited as a backup IMO. Miami needs a franchise QB, being in rebuild mode.
  9. MPStack

    Who do you take?

    Devin Bush, followed by a SS and WR in Rd 2.
  10. MPStack

    2020 Free Agents

    Until you factor in the age of a lot of them....
  11. MPStack

    Tannehill to Titans

    Translation: Miami is drafting a QB Rd 1
  12. Absolutely not! Probably not encouraging lol
  13. Desir and Sheard weren't 1st Rd picks. I don't like your comparison here, but won't argue with your thoughts on Dixon. I used to assume years back, guy was a 1st Rd pick, well he must be really good, but that's not always the case.
  14. It's been his thing with Brissett since the beginning of last season.
  15. This quote came from a Packers message board in regards to Dixon after being traded to Washington. The reality is this...No. 21 didn't play football. Period. An unwilling tackler and lacks instincts and intelligence in coverage. Sometimes the Wonderlic doesn't lie....there is a reason he was around late in the 1st round and he proved it weekly. Because he wasn't near contact enough, he wasn't going to get injured so the best way to jettison him was to a team that still thinks he has "name value". He doesn't.....and if someone pays him a nickel to play football after this year, they're out of their minds. The least competitive player the Packers franchise has had in 30 years.