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  1. Nope, I don’t expect 4th Rd picks to come in and set the world on fire. If, he was a 2nd Rd pick at year two, different story.
  2. What is your take on F. Gore for HOF consideration? My problem is he was never an All Pro, never led the league in rushing and only Avg. over a 100 YPG in a season once. I believe he will get in at some point, due to the 16,000 yards rushing (3rd all time). I just hope he’s not a first ballet. IMO the last couple years, there have been some questionable choices for the HOF and I’m torn on F. Gore.
  3. Dear Santa, less Delayed Gratification in 2022.
  4. I believe he’s still owed about 3M, so I’m leaning towards not going to happen. Cool idea though, trading a player that isn’t what he was 2 years ago.
  5. Makes you wonder, if the Colts actually limit JT’s carries. He had a ton at Wisconsin.
  6. Glow, is on the last year of his current contract, with an overall PFF grade of 56.
  7. It blows my mind, this topic comes up every year. The NFL isn’t the MLB. There are very few trades, and like you said, the Colts have very little CAP space. Pining for a 5th or 6th Rd pick for Mack, is like….
  8. From the same wife though. That’s impressive.
  9. And a PS WR (Coutee) was elevated to the active roster and played. That tells me, Strachan is not ready.
  10. Indianapolis Cincinnati Philly Tampa Jacksonville Also, been to a couple Pro Bowls in Hawaii.
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