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  1. Just saw the replay on FB and news is slow. Would like it deleted?
  2. If, Nick Harper had of broke right instead of left, does he score? I thought he would’ve. Needless to say, I wasn’t right for a week after that game. The best team didn’t make it to the SB.
  3. Better Tarkenton, then Namath.
  4. Like I said, it’s complicated. And very flawed. When I think of a HOF QB, I think of QBs who significantly separated themselves from their peers. J. Unitas won Championships and revolutionized the QB position during his time. Marino did the same minus the Championships. However, Marino was on a different planet and the 80s slowly starting transforming in a pass first league. QBs like Montana were just clutch performers in the big games, without the huge stats, week in week out. Those are legit HOF QBs. QBs like Namath, I can only shake my head. You’d think by now there would be some model to follow with consistency. Playoff success, being All-Pro, MVP and a lot of that is significantly impacted by player stats. So, to clarify when mentioning W. Moon, he is the last QB to get in (1st yr of eligibility) with not even a Conference Championship appearance, let alone SB. Stats wise, I have zero issues, but first year of eligibility is questionable. What set him apart? And that opens the door for new top 10 All-Time stat QBs like Rivers and Ryan to get in without debate IMO.
  5. Maybe, Eason has been killing on Madden.
  6. Agree to disagree. It’s complicated! However, it’s turning into the Hall of Exceptionally Good.
  7. I’m not saying all those guys should get in, but I’m implying the selection process is still flawed and biased. I don’t think Championship’s are needed to get into the HOF, while others do. I also, don’t think QBs like J. Plunkett or P. Simms with multiple SB wins should be in, and either are in the HOF. And stats unfortunately are a benchmark for getting in the past 25 years!
  8. I here you, but here’s the problem. Look at Warren Moon, and specifically look at his 500 record and 2 playoff wins out of 10-12 games. Never played in a Conference Championship either. The CFL doesn’t count, as he is in the CFL HOF and he was on the NFL All rookie team as QB in 1984. Folks will spin it with Moon anyway they want, but it opened the door for everyone else with stats due to longevity IMO. Not letting the likes of Rivers, Ryan, Palmer and maybe Bledsoe in, who have either identical or superior stats to Moon is hypocritical. Or is this something else?
  9. Like Rivers or not, he will be in the HOF eventually and deservedly so.
  10. I’m probably in the minority, but I prefer a dominant run game versus passing game. Nothing more demoralizing to a defense that can’t stop the run game. I’m excited with our RB situation.
  11. I’m impressed all his kids are with the same woman.
  12. Giants Jets Browns
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