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  1. I hope Eddy’s got this guys aim.
  2. He going to be the Colts new secret weapon!
  3. It’s all on Wentz. Hopefully, he returns to 2017 form, but he has regressed the past three seasons. I think he’s definitely in a better position to turn it around and has a far better supporting cast with the OL, RB’s and WR’s. Old man Rivers got the Colts to the playoffs with a lackluster pass rush on defense. I expect the Colts to be no worse on defense in 2021, maybe even little better. So, like I said, the Colts will go as far as Wentz can lead them.
  4. I don’t expect the Colts to play as well as last season. I said it way before the draft and I hope I’m wrong.
  5. I could see the Colts easily starting 1-4 with that schedule. And the Forum would...
  6. The scary thing about this post, is he could end up being correct on a lot of it!
  7. I doubt the FO would pull the plug on Wentz, if the Colts aren’t playing well. And I do think, it’s a real possibility the Colts play worse in 2021. However, they won’t give up on Wentz after just one season. How well the Colts play in 2021, will heavily depend-on Wentz. Are the Colts getting the 2017 version of Wentz is the question. That was four years ago.
  8. Well said, and Ballard recently said the Colts aren’t there yet. He knows and acknowledges the Colts are not serious SB contenders yet. Mr. Irsay seems to be on board and supports Ballard’s philosophy with almost exclusively building through the draft. How patient Irsay is, is anyone’s guess. I think Irsay will remain patient as long as the Colts continue to improve. With that being said, I think @DougDewnailed it, by saying if the team doesn’t get better after each draft, then there’s a problem, because Ballard will not sign big name FA’s.
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