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  1. The GM has not done enough! A lot a whiffs on high draft selections is adding up!
  2. He has been has been prematurely praised here by many. Only thing is he’s missed the playoffs 2/3 seasons and the 4th looks possible. Most GM’s get about 4 years to turn a franchise around. Ballard has been overrated and should be on the hot seat of the Colts miss the playoffs
  3. I’m not surprised nor find it strange. Every year it seems a low rd pick gets hyped up in camp. However, it doesn’t translate to game day. Dion Cain was the last one, who fooled a lot of folks here, who thought he was going to be awesome. He’s on a PS year 3.
  4. Based off his numbers, it would be hypocritical not to put him in the HOF. See Warren Moon. A first year of eligibility HOFer.
  5. Terrible high Rd investments for non 3 down players. Turay’s injury reads the same from college to NFL.
  6. Anyone who thought Rivers was going to light it up like in his prime, certainly set them up for disappointment. The Colts offensive line and run game (Mack) was far better last season. The WR position is still a mess IMO. The Colts are 3-2 and probably make it to a Wild Card game. However, Rivers is to blame, and I don’t agree.
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