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  1. There’s got to be something in the water in Indianapolis. Year in year out. Can’t make this stuff up. Next man up!
  2. First game of season (loss) is never surprising. 14 games left. That’s a lot of football for a team that didn’t make it to the playoffs last year. If, they are 1-3 after the first 4 games, I’d be worried, but I believe the Colts are finding their mojo. Go Colts.
  3. I’ve never been a fan of taking a Safety in the 1st Rd. There kinda of like RBs, being if you select one high, you expect them to be top 5 at their respective position IMO. The Colts had a lot of other needs, but took a Safety who was supposedly a steal in the draft. I’ll minimize the bust statement and just say he’s been a disappointment for a 15th overall pick.
  4. Sorry, I had know idea there were categories of a bust. That’s a new one to me and probably others. Talent-wise, Hooker has not delivered where he was drafted. A rookie 3rd Rd pick (Blackmon) shined today in his placed. Ballard did not pickup his 5th year option. There were rumors he was being shopped before the draft. For where he was drafted, I‘d call Hooker a bust. Sorry
  5. If you draft a Safety in the middle of the 1st Rd, I’d expect that Safety to be a top 5 safety. Hooker is not or was not a top 10 Safety. Translation, he’s a bust IMO.
  6. He’s a great leader! Expensive, but great leader holding a clipboard.
  7. How many years do GMs get to field a playoff team? Answer, 3-4 typically. J. Lynch did it in 3. If, the Colts miss the playoffs 3 out of 4 seasons, you think Ballard’s seat wouldn’t be hot? It damn well should be.
  8. The defense stunk today. However, Ballard has invested a lot in the defense, so it can only get better.
  9. Don’t know why fans are in panic mode “yet.” First month of the season is always full of surprises. Colts historically start slow, and having no preseason didn’t help. If the Colts start off 1-4, that’s when I start worrying about this team and start doubting Ballard as this elite GM everyone says he is.
  10. The argument signing Clowney or not is immaterial in regards to Turay. I just didn’t like Ballard investing high draft picks (2s) for players like Turay and Banogu, who don’t seem like 3 down players. Not to mention Turay’s injury history from college. He’s no going into year 3 on IR.
  11. Turay’s college and NFL resume are identical. Injured every year.
  12. Just saw the replay on FB and news is slow. Would like it deleted?
  13. If, Nick Harper had of broke right instead of left, does he score? I thought he would’ve. Needless to say, I wasn’t right for a week after that game. The best team didn’t make it to the SB.
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