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  1. There are plenty of teams that need QBs. Four will most likely go in the 1st Rd 2019. Miami is in full tank mode to draft Tua from Alabama next year. If, Brissett was a future starter somewhere, this would be the prime to trade him. Very doubtful IMO.
  2. Yep, the Ben Volin, Seattle offering a 2nd for JB story is where all that 1st and 2nd Rd pick nonsense started. The trade never passed the smell test, but a lot wanted to believe it. JB is a good backup, but he's no starter, which translates to possible comp. pick or resign next off season.
  3. Bengals select Irv Smith, TE Alabama @PureLuck is on the clock
  4. I apologize everyone. Bengals select Drew Lock, QB Missouri @PureLuck
  5. Bengals select Dwayne Haskins, QB Ohio State. @chad72 is up next!
  6. IMO the Jets have some of the best uniforms in the league. Hopefully, they don’t change them. Maybe, I’m just getting old, but some of the new uniforms are World League material. Meaning ugly!
  7. Panthers select Hunter Renfrow, WR, Clemson. @Zoltan is on the clock
  8. Panthers select Marvel Tell, S, USC @danlhart87 is on the clock
  9. Panthers select Maxx Crosby, DE, Eastern Michigan @Zoltan is on the clock
  10. Bucs select Amani Hooker S Iowa @twfish is on the clock
  11. Panthers select Erik McCoy C Texas A&M @Zoltan is on the clock
  12. Bucs select Dre’mont Jones DT Ohio St. @Finball is on the clock
  13. Carolina Panthers select: Andre Dillard, OT Washington St. @w87r is on the clock for the New York Giants pick
  14. In Rd #1 I disagree, but the Saints and Bengals got pretty value in the 2nd drafting Kamara and Mixon.
  15. Im not 100% certain Mack can be relied upon to carry the ball 20x a game for an entire season and stay healthy. Bringing in J. Ajayi for a visit, I’m can only assume that the Colts are looking for a reliable #2, in the event Mack were to go down. When the Colts ground game was working in 2018, the offense was very, very good. Jacobs could bring serious value in the 2nd, possibily like J. Mixon to the Bengals.
  16. The 1 year deal for Geathers, is kind of telling IMO that safety is a high priority in the draft, and loaded at safety. TE is interesting and agree with some posters comments in regards to the possibly of TE in RD #1 for the Colts. Ebron and Doyle on both on the last year of their deals, so I wouldn't be anymore shocked than when Dallas Clark was drafted. RB in the 2nd Rd. The Colts have been sniffing around, so Ballard is somewhat interested in adding another back. Jacobs in the 2nd Rd?? Maybe a possibility. Just my two cents. Excellent thread by the way.
  17. Did anyone really think that Ballard would only trade back to accumulate more picks every draft? At some point you have to move up and fill a position of need.
  18. If Devin Bush is there at 26, I think he'd be a solid selection. A tad short, but he's pretty decent in coverage. Bush will fill the Mike position for the Colts.
  19. 100% Agree 100% Agree again. Any GM would take a 2nd Rd pick for a backup QB on the final year of rookie deal period. It hasn't happened. He's a great locker room guy, but does he give the team an edge backing up Luck? And does JB really fit F. Reich offense??? Other than being a great locker room guy, I don't see anything other than a fringe starter/backup with Brissett. The past 2 weeks basically determined his market is not that high.
  20. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2826436-police-tyreek-hill-involved-in-investigation-into-alleged-battery-at-his-home Not looking good for Hill.
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