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  1. I'm glad Pryor is getting some love. I've been paying particular attention in him during these games and in pass blocking anyway, he's playing better than Smith did. He can plant himself quickly to handle a power move, yet nimble enough to follow a speed rusher. He has that knack of swallowing up a rusher. Based on his sampling size, which is small, I think he's earned the right to start. If he keeps this up, maybe try Smith at LT.
  2. cbear


    They should keep him and draft a replacement. He only counts 1 million next year.
  3. cbear


    Angry, frustrated, but most of all, I feel so bad for Parris. The guy seems like a great kid. Humble, smart. He talked to Keefer about entering a dark place with his prior injuries. I can only imagine how he feels now. I pray for him.
  4. Of course we'll wait and see, but right now, I have no problem with losing a number 1 based on the earlier returns. Wentz is playing better than I though he would be and actually amazingly well given the injuries. He's also clearly a leader (sans the vax issue). A number 1 pick for a guy who could lead this team for another 5 plus years? I'll take it.
  5. OK, having stepped back from the abiss, I actually have more confidence this team can turn it around than before this game. Frank was playing chess out there. Sure you can second guess a couple calls, but nothing that you couldn't do in any other game. O and D were flying around out there and looked kind of like last year's. Just bad luck with the injuries. Of course if we lose to Houston next week, I take it all back.
  6. HA! I know your not a troll, so I should have suspected something was up. Well done....and needed!! It was a gut wrenching loss, but at the same time, I have some optimism about this team now.
  7. I had to replay it to make sure. When I first watched the play, I remember thinking that guy has some nice moves. Believe he did a swim move and beat the tackle. They also lined up Turay as the 3 tech guy on that play I believe.
  8. Fisher played well as did Q of course. Kelly, Glow, Davenport were terrible. Kelly didn't get any push and whiffed on several plays. Glow played against Donald a bunch, but still. Pryor looked decent. I don't have a problem with four runs from the 1 yard line. How many times in the past have we complained about getting fancy when we need a yard? I would have taken the fg, but if I went for it, I would have pounded it on 4th as well. I still would like to see all 5 olinemen playing for a couple games before we start making crazy statements. Last year, I believe the starting line played almost every game together. That left side was solid. Q was even back to scanning the line to see who to help as Fisher didn't need any. And with a healthy Smith back, maybe Glow starts paying attention to his own assignment. We didn't play well consistently against a very good team but it was a winnable game down to the wire. Assuming Wentz isn't hurt badly, I still think we'll be OK. 15 games to go.
  9. I knew that big contract would be used against him eventually, but surprised it took only one game!
  10. They've earned the benefit of the doubt. By my count, they only had 2 full practices as a unit with the injuries and covid.
  11. What does holding guys accountable publicly mean and for what purpose? To make fans feel better? To make him feel better by venting to the world? Maybe he was so angry at that point, he knew he had to cool down a bit first before saying something Holder could further whine about and the media and fans make a bigger stink about. How about we give him a day or so to speak to his team and coaches and do some self reflection before talking to the media. Not as exciting maybe for media and fans but so what? Behind closed doors is where the talking that counts happens.
  12. He had several players open and even seemed to look at Hines. Not sure why he held the ball. Too much confidence in his oline and took a quick peak into the end zone? I'd like to hear what he was thinking. That was the one egregious play he had. Other than that, he played fairly well.
  13. I think a lot of it is trying not to get your hopes up. I'll wait till the first game is over before I start playing down our team! Lol.
  14. If this team is as good as we think (especially the D), it should be close throughout, regardless of injuries. If one team should win convincingly, it should be the Colts.
  15. HA! I may be slow, but...hmmmm....can't think of anything to really add on there....
  16. So I think I got it. When we Co vett a contract year into a signing bonus, though the player gets all that money now, you can amortize it for the remainder of the contract. So you save cap space now, but it hurts you later. So ideally, you really don't want to do a lot of this restructuring because you are pushing a lot of money down the line.
  17. I guess that brings me back to my original question. Why not give a bigger signing bonus initially rather than wait till later (like with Kelly).
  18. So a signing bonus would all count in the first year?
  19. Remember the days we were so flush with cash and some wanted cb to go out and sign every FA available? The fact that we resigned our own to big contracts and are still under the cap further shows cb's acumen.
  20. Can someone explain why at the initial signing wouldn't you put more money into a signing bonus instead of waiting till later? Is there some rule prohibiting that?
  21. I would have concerns if he's injury prone, but I don't think that's the case with Hines?
  22. Is anyone tweeting on Colts practices now like in training camp? Can't find any info on how anyone is doing, looking, etc. Thanks.
  23. Ha! So much for Hundley! Can we can we start signing guys?
  24. Still no real surprises IMO. Personally, I'd keep Williams over Brown. I think Hundley stays. I would keep 3 QBs until Wentz gets vaxed. Maybe even after that.
  25. He not? Well that throws off my plan. ...
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