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  1. Stephen Holder doesn’t expect anything soon either. As a lot of people predicted, this was a ‘see how the rehab is going’ type visit.
  2. I taught it was a little interesting that he said that his misses were mostly character related rather than talent. I think most people can guess the players he might be referring to. I think it’s safe to say going forward, first and second round draft picks have to be of high character, non-negotiable.
  3. Ive read those sources. But it would be prudent not to expect a player to be ready to play 8 months after an injury like this.
  4. I think another point that comes into this is the medium term outlook. We probably won’t have a 1st round pick to draft a Tackle next year so I see whoever we sign, will likely be on a 2 year deal. Even though Fischer will be unavailable for a lot of the first year, over two years I think I prefer him as the better talent than Leno.
  5. Yes, I see this as Ballard doing his due diligence and getting the doctors to assess how Eric is getting on with his rehab.
  6. I wouldn't expect Fischer to be signing with anybody for a few weeks/months with his achilles injury. Leno will have a new team probably by the end of the week, or at least next week.
  7. Yeah the LSU game in particular was crazy, and it wasn’t that he was just doubled teamed, LSU deliberately run the football to the opposite side he was lined up on. I think he has terrific upside as a power rusher. Particularly on the interior. On the very, very rare occasions he got a 1v1 on a guard in a passing down, he got straight through on the QB easily. He still has work to do with his hands and play with more consistent leverage, but I think he is dude. No doubt.
  8. I taught he had very good tape versus Florida and Texas A&M. I was only able to get full game videos though, will have to work the arrow buttons to get through the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbrQ2YpA6hc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRCaCoOsfRc
  9. Possibility we could see some FA moves this week.
  10. I suppose we needed a third QB on the roster. And Jacob Eason doesn't deserve to just have the back QB spot just handed to him.
  11. I know man. Another player that surprises me a little that is still available is Qunicy Roche. I know he is tiny, but I was epxecting some 3-4 defense team to take him.
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