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  1. I’m looking forward to seeing hopefully Rock kick on again, he has played well so far this year.
  2. Yeah I completely agree. I think a MLB who isn't good in run defense and a DB who struggles in coverage were always going to be tough issues to fix. I think nonetheless, we'd like to see more development and improvement each year. I don't think Willis and Okereke really are all that much improved in Year 3 compared to Year 1. Like for example, take Braden Smith. He was almost always a guard in college (a little tackle experience granted) but if he was struggling in 2018 to convert to T in the NFL, I think we'd understand. But maybe.. Braden was exposed to great coaching that allowed him to succeed in the NFL as a T and block the NFLs best DEs (as an aside note, I think firing Dave DeGuglielmo was a terrible decision). I think overall, Ballard's draft picks have developed much better on the offensive side of the ball compared to the defensive side. I think, with the exception of Leonard who was and All-Pro rookie, maybe just Grover Stewart was the only player I can point to that showed continued growth and development each year. I think its a big issue for Ballard, as he decides to build his team almost exclusively thru the draft, he therefore has to be hitting on his 3rd and 4th round picks.
  3. Bobby Okereke's and Khari Willis' performances this year have been most disappointing. All the vibes from this summer was that they were going to emerge this year and be leaders. It kind of makes me wonder a little about the coaching. I mean, when they first entered the league, OK they had issues to fix, but they had a solid base/potential to work off. Ballard needs to be asking these questions to himself, why are they players not developing/taking the next step in their career... why are they regressing. Maybe its just talent, but I think coaching is part of it too.
  4. I think he has really take a step forward this year and shown some leadership when TY went out. He is going to be a good reliable WR for the Colts for years to come. Objective now for Ballard is to find another good WR to play on the opposite side to him.
  5. I taught seeing Lewis and Turay playing well was a huge positive. We really need these two guys to emerge this year. To be honest, the biggest negative for me was Eric Fisher. I know he is just back, but it was that Phillips and Ogbah were beating him with speed, he was getting overpowered too. I'm very worried about the Left Tackle position frankly. Frank Reich's play calling was much better. Hopefully we see more of Big Mo, Taylor/Hines on the field together, etc. We have to be honest with ourselves though, we beat a bad team today that found ways to help us. Two penalites for our first 2 TDs on 3rd downs, a dropped punt, and a fumble by Brissett close to the endzone, that we were going to FG only a terrible facemask call gave us a fresh set of downs... yeah we got alot of external help today. But I'm happy to get that W.
  6. As delighted as I am that the Colts should go on to win this game, make no mistake, Dolphins are shooting themselves. 2 penailties on 3rd down for our 2 TDs and now that. Bad team.
  7. I like the idea of Campbell at Z, but it's just not maximising his talent. His injuries have hampered his development, he has too much work ahead of him with next year the last year on his contract. I think we should just get him back doing what he does best out of the slot.
  8. One player I loved from the 2020 draft was Denzel Mims. It seems he isn't getting on well at all with the Jets, he was a healthy scratch this weekend. He's 6'3, 4.38 40, had all the measurables. He did slip to the back of Round 2 though, so I wonder was there a character issue there that is possibily manifesting itself in the pros.
  9. Were all so frustrated with the oline play, but its impossible for them to improve if almost all the starters are injured and not practising together. Glowinski is the only guy that might be fully fit right now. Looking back to how well they played in 2018, they had continuity and health. Its impossible for the offensive line to improve and make the corrections if they are inside with the medics and not on the field.
  10. I noticed Rock has a good PFF grade of 73.2. He has certainly played alot better this season, which has been one of the few positives this season. Hopefully he can kick on, becasue Rhodes is just on a one year deal, so it wouldn't be ideal having to look for two starting corners next off-season.
  11. I think not re-signing Autry was a mistake imo, that's actually turning into a huge mistake now. It was then further compounded when Autry's replacement we drafted, Dayo, was going to be injured for most of the season. Even still, Ballard knew he was going to be going into the season with inexperienced or injury prone edge defenders. Now, Paye could be out for a bit. It's frustrating, Ballard has spoken about the detrimental impact letting veteran leaders leave can have on a team. I think the run defense in particular has dropped off a cliff since Houston and Autry have left. We could be looking at Muhammad, Lewis, Turay and Banogu now to set the edge for the next game. Not good enough.
  12. I agree stitches. That record last year and the 0-3 this years says it all. I think this team just doesn't have the high level playmakers at the premium positions to compete against playoff calibre teams. The start of this season has to have been a reality check for Ballard.
  13. I think they guys on the PFF podcast this week said that the Colts had the second worst coverage through 2 weeks. It's reflected in those grades above for sure. Obviously the Colts played two excellent QBs this year, but still, if the Colts want to be viewed as contenders, we need to be much better versus the pass. To be honest, I only like Eberflus' defense to a point. Yes he is good at making halftime adjustments, but it just feels like his scheme has limitations from a coverage standpoint. I don't know can he take the defense to the next level and be able to clamp the best QBs. That said, we need more talent in the secondary for sure.
  14. Fully agree. Does Joe Thomas not know that Wentz has taken 21 hits in only 8 quarters of football. And some of those, like the Mone one, were absolutely brutal. I'd be surprised if the team doesn't have even more respect for Wentz this week. Most of all the offensive line.
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