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  1. Colt Overseas

    Colts extend RG Mark Glowinski [Merge]

    Great deal and solid value! Good that Ballard got this done soon and early before the FA starts. I think Glow has made the right decision for himself. He improved here in Indy and still needs to improve alot more esp in pass pro. But he is a solid starting G, which dont grow on trees. That said, I dont think Ballard will or should stop constantly investing in our oline though. Depth and competition is key.
  2. Colt Overseas

    Ballard admits they pursued FAs last year

    Also worth noting that Ballard double downed on his intention to upgrade the talent on the defensive line, with particular emphasis on getting a 'dominant, dominant edge rusher... we gotta find him'. He did say that it includes that upgrading across the dline, but there is no secret now that Ballard's top priority right now is getting an elite talent at edge rusher. At the start of the interview, he talked about how he has been debating whether he think Braden Smith should go back to RG or stay at RT. He told Dakich that with more technique work and fundamentals he can grow further as a RT, suggesting he is the long term answer. I like how he places a lot of importance of have 10 good, functional offensive linemen, that depth is important.
  3. I wouldnt be surprised if yoir right, and Glowinski gets a contract in that range. That would have him earning a little less than what Zach Fulton got (4y/28m). Fulton was a utility lineman who, played a good bit but his play was too average to lockdown a starting spot. FWIW I do think the contract you estimate is about right for Glow, I just think inflation will get him around $7m/year. And he is the only starting calibre G on the market under 30, so he will get plenty of interest.
  4. I think Glowinsku will want more than 3y/15m contract. Kind of like what the Jags did by inflating the WR market with Moncrief, so did the Bucs signing Ryan Jenson to 4 years 42 million, 22 million gaurenteed. And Glowinski might be better. I think Glow has a legit chance of make at least something like 4 years 34 million, but not here in Indy.
  5. Colt Overseas

    If they're available...

    Jachai Polite is my favorite prospect of the above mentioned but I cant see him even slipping past Green Bay in the mid teens. He reminds me of Dwight Freeney, explosive athlete with elite dip and bend. I really love the idea of picking Jerry Tillery if he falls to the second. Huge size and violent hands. I think he will make and excellent interior rusher at the next level.
  6. Colt Overseas

    Inman on the herd

    I heard another interview with him on JMV. Dontrelle comes across as a very impressive individual. I think he is a very intelligent person, brings good experience and is a good locker room presence. And in terms of talent, for me only TY is better than him at WR for the Colts. I would resign him, wont cost much, would be a reliable back up (when hopefully Ballard brings in more talent at the position group).
  7. Colt Overseas

    This years FAs

    He is hoping to return to football activities next March. He returned too early from a MCL that put him out for the year. Yeah he was Second team All-Pro in 2017. Very good player. Worth noting the Panthers haven't talked to him yet and they are very tight against the cap.
  8. Colt Overseas

    This years FAs

    I forgot that, I actually meant the Panthers RT Williams who went on IR.
  9. Colt Overseas

    This years FAs

    I would prefer paying extra for Darryl Williams over Mark Glowinski if he hit the FA.
  10. Very surprised Byron Murphy is not in his Top 32. I think he is the best zone corner in draft. Good size, atleticism, ball skills.
  11. Colt Overseas

    Ballard press conference

    One interesting thing I found to note was when Kevin Bowen described how last year Chris Ballard admitted that the oline was the most 'deficient' on the roster, Bowen asked in 2019 was there a group that sttod out that needs the most work. Chris Ballard, while stating no groups played terribly, he was very quick and adamant that the pass rush has to be a cornerstone of their play and that the dline play has to jump out and travel into the post season. He also slightly down played the importance in investing alot into the wide reciever position, identifying coaching as most important. Nothing new here obviously from Ballard, but still I think this is a good idea as to where most of the draft capital and cap space will be going towards.
  12. Colt Overseas

    The 'bar' is now 10-6

    We will still need to keep making steps forward. Remember we got to 10-6 with one of the easiest schedules. I think next year we have road games against KC, LAC and NO. But I think we will push on and win the AFCS next year. Most of the players on this roster are in the league 3 years or less and should naturally improve. I believe we are already best team in the division despite being the youngest. And I expect Ballard to continue to bring in more talent.
  13. Colt Overseas

    Hooker OUT

    Agreed, I'm sure the Eberflus has prepared during the week if they did lose Hooker. If truth be told, Hooker has been on the injury report every week, surely there has been a contingency plan in place the last few weeks.
  14. Colt Overseas


    Ballard's ability to find talent is amazing. Both Moore and Desir were released by other teams. Heck of a game by both players today. And Quincy did well at CB3 too!
  15. The flag on Hooker's hit that led to Geathers' INT was bogus though.