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  1. Colt Overseas

    Midseason draft needs

    I think we take two defensive linemen with our first three picks. Both interior and defensive end. I think defensive end is a need if Lewis develops more as a 3-tech (though he has started more as a d-end the last 2 weeks). Also I think this season is Hunt and one of Sheard/Autry's last year here, as Ballard will look to transition the defensive line to a young group. Similar to oline, he is building inside out. Turay isn't a 3 down d-end yet. The other 2nd round pick and 3rd round pick (maybe 2 3rds if we trade JB) I think will be spent on a WR and 2 defensive backs. Free agency will be oline and linebacker depth. Pick ups at CB and WR i think too. Im hoping for a high quality starting FA, but I think not.
  2. Colt Overseas

    Hooker downgraded

    Hooker's health is still quite concerning. Yes, this is only his second game out but he seemly is always on the injury report. It looks like he has been carrying nagging injuries all season. Hip injuries are no joke, I hope he can get through this. I think he is having a solid season, but I feel these injuries are restraining him from playing to his best. Would love for the guy just to have a full preseason and then regular season healthy. Think we would see him at his very best. I rate him very highly, he can be one of the best free safeties in the league.
  3. I like Renfrow but I don't see him a being a big part of a Frank Reich offense. Also, Ballard favors receivers with size. But he is a good player for sure, so I'm sure he will be on Ballard's board.
  4. Colt Overseas

    BigQ Was Mic'ed Up - Night. Made. I love the exchange he has with Yannick Ngakoue after Nelson flushes him out of the play. He just stares him straight down. The guy has a attitude but its all under control. Also, as is well noted already, but I love the way he makes the effort to pick his teammate up at the end of the play. A great player and a great guy.
  5. Colt Overseas

    Kenny Moore II

    I'm on the Kenny Moore II train too. Love his attitude. I think he will be a really solid slot corner for us long term. We really need better boundary corners though.
  6. Colt Overseas

    Colts O-Line is now the Bully....

    It has truly been remarkable how far the oline has come on. The are alot of factors involved, with the playcalling being one of them, but that shouldnt take away from the fact that the guys up front have done a stellar job this year. I think the Quenton Nelson pick, was so much more than just a plug in left guard. He has brought a standard, a nastiness and an attitude to this group that has rubbed off on everyone. And he is a great teammate. Guys like Big Q are invalauble for setting the right culture presently and for future Colts offensive linemen.
  7. Colt Overseas

    Lewis Activated

    Looking forward to seeing him play. However, my expectations of him are tempered. He has been hyped up quite a bit, especially by Stephen Holder, when all we know is that he mostly graded out as a 3rd round pick in college for reasons. I would be happy if he can flash like Turay has, anything more is a bonus. That said, from watching his tape, he looked very good at getting penetration from the 3tech. He is probably further down the line than Turay as a technicaian. Turay has better size and is a better athlete. Either way, Ballard 2018 draft class has definitely been a success.
  8. Colt Overseas

    A Secret about our 4-3 Defense....

    I think Kenny Moore is doing a great job in the slot. I think it's upgrades at outside corner and strong safety is where we need. My dream would be to get Landon Collins, but that's a verrrry long shot. Maybe a trade with the Raiders for Karl Joseph might be another option. I think Walker has been reasonably solid despite a poor game last weekend.
  9. Colt Overseas

    Brian Baldinger Analysis on Quenton Nelson

    I want my gf to love me as much as Baldy loves watching Big Q!
  10. Colt Overseas

    Brian Baldinger Analysis on Quenton Nelson

    Baldy's become a big fan of our oline
  11. Colt Overseas

    Colts @ Raiders Game Day Thread

    Now.. can we get 1 stop, just 1 little stop from the defense. Please. Its not too much to ask for.
  12. Colt Overseas

    Did Inman play?

    He sure was playing. No less than 42 snaps (64%). More than Hilton. He had no catches. But it would be unfair to judge him as he is only off the street. I think they like his size to block on run plays.
  13. Colt Overseas

    Colts Vs. Bills Game Day Thread

    He have improved for sure, I guess I mean more of a heavier +220 back.
  14. Colt Overseas

    Colts Vs. Bills Game Day Thread

    Mack is legit. If we can find a quality between the tackles RB to go with him, we would be set.