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  1. The kid is still playing well, even if those stats are not the best indicator. 4 TFLs through 4 games is very good for a SS, with that being said. Hopefully we will see him pop up more in the PDef/INT stat line too. He comes across as a intelligent, hard working guy with leadership qualities. He will be a good player for us in the future, Ballard got good value in him in the 4th round.
  2. Really, we need a both a 1-tech and DE. Think we are ok at LB. Hard to evaluate the corners when we play so much soft zone and so little pass rush. I think if Eberflus backed his defense more and played more aggressive, we'd see improvements.
  3. We have a mad injury list now. We are missing our two best defensive players as well. Good thing Ballard has built a good deep roster for weekends like this. I still back us to win. We have an oline that can dominate up front. Need JB to keep playing well and our young receivers to step up though. Im looking forward to this game regardless.
  4. I think the preseason injury set him back. People forget how important the preseason is for rookies, especially hybrid/developmental players that need to practise being a convential player and learning how to play in the pros. It was the same for Turay last year. Im still backing Campbell to be great. Now that the pass offense opened up last Sunday, I expect the recievers to get going.
  5. Although PFF grades should be taken with a grain of salt, for them to grade AW as the worst performing LB in the league is quite.. surprising. I know himself and Leonard have not been at their best, but I must admit, I didnt notice Walker playing really terrible (according to PFF). He is also a locker room leader. What are people's taughts of AW? Should we be considering starting Okereke?
  6. Yeah were much better prepared this year. When Leonard and Walker got injured, we were always in trouble. Ballard sought to it in the draft. Im actually looking forward to seeing what we have in Speed and Okereke.
  7. One things guys please remember. Reich, Ballard and Vinateri are all good, intelligent, realistic men. They will make the decision for what is best for the team. I have confidence in them.
  8. Had a beauty of a throw to Ebron, which got ruled incomplete. Ebron should have maintained control of it for the TD, that was another reason we lost the game. In fairness to Jacoby, he held up his end of the deal today. This loss was definitely not on him.
  9. The loss is on Vinnie at the end of the day. I'm sure he knows it. I think father time has caught up with him. I think at his age, he is finding it hard to shake of those naging injuries. However, it doesn't excuse the fact that the run D was terrible. Jabaal Sheard is a massive loss. Could also do with a natural dominant NT. Some shocking attempts at tackles today, particularly from the DBs. Also Leonard, needs to do better job of getting of his blocks.
  10. He has a strong arm too. He actually plays alot of up tempo offense at Utah State which would definitely be a plus for Reich. I can see why the were murmurs that Ballard likes him. He was a bit erratic last night, but did flash too. Could be a decent bet for the Colts to take him in Round 1, probably without the need to use draft capital to trade up.
  11. Feels like were light on back-ups on the oline. To be honest, Haeg is the only back-up lineman I would trust. The oline play this offseason was generally poor though it did improve each week. Run blocking was very poor.
  12. Is there an argument that Hogan is a better WR than Rogers or Pascal? Doesn't have the special teams value granted.
  13. Man, I'd sit Campbell now.. I've seen enough. I'm sold.
  14. EJ Speed looks an excellent prospect. He has flashed consistently throughout the preseason. Great athlete too.
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