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  1. I like the plan, but it contains alot of risk in proportion to the certainty you get with a proven arguably top 10 QB in Stafford. You also have to factor in Detroit becoming a critical need team at QB along with the Jets and Jags. Then teams like Falcons, Panthers, 49ers, Pats, Washington will also be interested in taking a QB, all with much better draft capital. The news of Stafford's trade almost certainly means Lance is drafted in the first 10 picks. A 2021 and 2022 1st probably won't do it. Then you take on the risk on Lance working out. Just 1 full season playing
  2. I'm with you as in ideally we'd like to get a QB in the draft, but going the Stafford route is an excellent option too. I'm sure Ballard will have his threshold of what he is willing to give up. Assuming he will have to offer the 2021 first round draft pick, I think the 2021 second route pick will be very hard for him to part with. Maybe the 2022 second route pick as part of the deal, but this year there are some good options at T and DE in the second round that Ballard would like to have the chance to draft. I'd expect us to be able to add more talent with Stafford. It
  3. I've said it in a previous post but I do think getting a veteran FA Left Tackle signed for two years has to be an option to be considered, until we get the QB position resolved long term. I think if we can get in a free agent at LT and DE (Williams/Okung/Villenuava and say Dupree/Hendrickson, etc.) that can save us draft capital to trade up and take our franchise QB. The are some good options in the first and second round for Left Tackles but signing someone like Trent Williams would definitely be something this front office should also be looking at if he were to become availab
  4. The Rivers news today changes Ballard’s Left Tackle strategy imo. I think we could sign a veteran left tackle on a 2 year deal and kick the can down the road to give save us draft capital to draft a QB. I know this wouldn’t be ideal as it’s a deep tackle class, but I genuinely could see Ballard giving up a kings ransom to fix the QB position. Therefore we may not have the draft capital to take a LT in the first two rounds this year. There are some decent LTs that may hit the FA like Williams, Okung and Villanueva, that can hold the left side until say the 2023 draft.
  5. Really like your mock off-season @stitches If your thinking of looking out for other left defensive end prospects, one player I really like is Payton Turner of Houston. 6'6 270, powerful guy, high effort, had 5 sacks in just 6 games for the Cougars (they didn't play many games this year, I think 7 games). Anyway, he will be in Mobile for the Senior Bowl in a few weeks, so he'll be worth keeping an eye out for. Day 2 prospect imo.
  6. Thankfully he didn’t entertain the actual question that was asked, about the option of moving Nelson to LT. He said he has four good starters on the online and some other young players. I think LT will be priority #1 after he (probably) re-signs Rivers.
  7. Rivers - Re-sign for 1 year, at a little less than the $25m we paid this year for his services Brissett - Let go, draft a QB in Round 1 if possible Hilton - Re-sign on a 2 or 3 year deal (2 years guaranteed) Autry - Re-sign on a 2 year deal Houston - Let go, draft or sign a replacement in the FA. Houston was good here in Indy, but he is declining now. Rhodes - Re-sign, similar deal to Hilton Mack - Let go Hooker - Let go, draft a back up to Blackmon in the mid rounds of draft Walker - Let go, draft a back up to Okereke in the mid rounds of the draft
  8. I thought Reich in general prepared and called the right game plan on offense. We were balancing the run and the pass nicely and moving the ball up the field. We had 50 yards more in total offense than the outstanding Bills offense. Its situationally, Reich made some costly errors. The playcalling on the final drive before half time and the challenge were definitely costly. I dunno though, I don't feel comfortable putting all the blame on Reich. It was also players, just didn't execute the plays at crucial stages, Kemoko offsides, Blankenship miss, Rivers overthrow on 4
  9. I think our offseason strategy with depend hugely on whether AC and Rivers return. If both are willing to come back (and we re-sign Rivers) that helps a huge amount. Nonetheless, I'd have them in the top category. For me if a QB becomes attainable, in that Ballard believes can be the long term franchise QB, he has to pull the trigger. No question. Even if it means unfortunately passing on a long term building block LT. Edge rusher, cornerback and a move tight-end after that. I haven't lost all hope on Rock yet, but bringing in competition will be good as well as the fac
  10. I'm almost certain I remember Pittman running a slant route last weekend in the redzone, but the ball was tipped. It was a good play by the Raiders defender for what would have been a TD. I think it was in Q1.
  11. Just thinking about it there, I think TY Hilton emerging could genuinely be huge for us as we head towards the playoffs. Its been years really since we have had a fully healthy TY playing in December and January. When TY is in this form, he elevates the offense to a higher level and gives us the capacity to rack up a big score. It's really encouraging to see the offense heating up as we head towards the business end of the season. Exactly what you want. Our key players are gathering form. I think yesterday was exactly how Frank Reich wants to run an offense. Impose and establish a
  12. I'll go with a wildcard and say Desmond Ridder QB, Cincinnati. I'm a big fan.
  13. I wonder could they look at returning to that SAM role they originally had in mind for him. We may not be re-signing Walker and there could be a starting spot there next year. May not be too late to make that transition with 2 years left on his rookie deal. It would also help Ben if he played special teams like Marsh does.
  14. I kind of feel like cutting Sheldon Day came back to bite a bit today. We don’t have a true healthy 3-tech available right now. Is he available to sign with a team?
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