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  1. Genuinely feel terrible for Reece. I was following him on social media, he had a crazy year last year. I think he had a daughter, lost a close member of family, all the time trying to acclimatize to being a pro. Look we all know he found his rookie season tough, he would be the first to admit that, but thats common for alot of rookies. I honestly believe the true character of a person is learning from the tough times in your life and coming back stronger and better. And he truely did that and was playing brilliantly during training camp to the point where he was going to make the 53 with the form he was in, when most of us wrote him off from the start. Honestly it breaks my heart hearing about this. People on social media will know there wasn't a day going by when there was a photo of him during the offseason working out, to being the best he could be. Seeing all the teammates go over to him, they knew, everyone knew, just hard hard he was working. Life is tough man.
  2. I remember Pipkins with us briefly last year. Played versus NE and was constantly chriping with the NE players all game. Ballard cut him straight away the following week. Seems nothing has changed.
  3. Fountain surely can't get cut if he keeps this form up. Can't expect much more from him. Players like Rogers and Pascal are good honest guys but Fountain seems to have that x-factor.
  4. One thing seems to be noticeable is Ballard's draft has really bolstered our LB, CB and S group. Loads of competition in those 3 groups and it's really showing on the practice field.
  5. When do the Colts train with the Browns?
  6. I liked hoe Khari played. Sure there were some mistakes but that totally expected. Overall, I like jow hd always seemed to be around the ball which is what I like to see in a Strong Safety. Hè comes across as a good hard working kid, I think hd will make a good pro in this league. Rock too flashed. Still has work to do in zone but he showed how great he is in man. But Quincy is still CB3 for sure, Rock is still learned, as we would expect. But Im very high on Rock and expect him to be a really good corner in the future. One thing Id like to mention is our LB core. When Ballard took over as GM, imo the LB was probably the weakest group, utterly devoid of talent and unsuitable to play in this system. Now, without using a much draft capital, Ballard has completely built a really good young, exciting LB group. Okereke played very well beside Walker and Speed flashed alot too. I love both these players, they have high upside with their size and ahleticsm. Adams has a good game too. And we know all about AWJ and Leonard. Imo this is one of Ballard's finest achievements in his short career as Colts GM so far.
  7. Khari Willis has impressed me the most so far. Funchess has been good too.
  8. Thanks a mil for your posts Chloe, really apprieciate it! Loving the Funchess signing with every week. He looks set for a career year. This will be great for Hilton to not only have a true WR2 to back him up, but also a WR that compliments his skillset. Funchess seems to really love being here too.
  9. If we don't re-sign Funchess I could see us using one of the two 2nd round picks or our 3rd round pick at WR. But I think DT, DE and OT will be high on the list. Possibly SS too.
  10. I thought Rathman had an excellent first year. I think he has really brought thoughness to Mack's running game. He runs well between the tackles now, instead of usually bouncing to the outside. He has brought his game to the next level. He did a nice job with Hines and Wilkins too, they both settled well at the pro level. Hines is going to be an important piece for this franchise over the next few years. A super talent in his own right.
  11. I think we will sign someone after the preseason games when alot of good players get cut (I think we picked up Muhammad when we cut Simon last year). My point is I think Ballard will have a better idea of the depth and whether Grover is poised to be able to take on full time starter duties at NT if Hunt was to get injured. If they still think he is still only back-up quality, they will need to sign someone.
  12. Most people have Zach Pascal naturally ruled out now that we will have Funchess, Campbell and Cain coming in. But honestly, I could see him beating out Rodgers, Fountain and Johnson for the 5th wide receiver spot due to his versatility. He is by far the best blocking WR on the roster, to the point which Reich was lining him up at Z and had him blocking linebackers when we tried to run to the outside. He was was also our kick returner and can probably be the back up punt returner. He can play both in the slot and on the boundary. He is not as talented as the 3 named above but he could be more useful.
  13. I think this is the coverage safety we were looking for. Hopefully he is good!
  14. The only tape I've seen from him, he played a very solid game versus Michigan. Looks like an ideal fit for our Cover -2 defense, runs a 4.52 which is plenty. Probably lacks some quickness in man coverage. I think we will like him. I saw alot of Amani Hooker before today so for Ballard to draft Willis before him must mean he is a good player too.
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