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  1. Colt Overseas


    Geathers has been excellent the last 2 games after a rocky first game against the Bengals. He has had 22 tackles in his last 2 games with 13 of them solo. He is a good strong safety. Hooker is a little rusty but he will get there. The Redskins game was a complete right off as Smith was never going to test him. Hooker made a good pass break up when tested yesterday.
  2. Colt Overseas

    What we know now after eagles game

    One thing I think we learned is Robert Turbin has an under rated role in this team. Think about those 4 first and goals we had at the end there. Say if we had Turbin lining up to punch it in behind Nelson and Costanzo with Doyle blocking too. I guarantee we score a TD.
  3. Colt Overseas

    Something is wrong with luck.....

    I think everything is sort of interlinked right now: 1. Luck is rusty, especially with his reads. He doesn't have full arm strength. 2. The offensive tackles are injured. 3. Hilton is our only trusted deep ball threat 4. We don't have a high quality RB .. 3. So from there, Reich's play calling won't look to push the ball down the field, as he is afraid his offensive tackles will get beat and Luck doesn't have the arm strength. 4. Our run game isn't strong right now, with our two best running backs and tackles missing I think the sooner we get back Costanzo, Mack and Turbin the better, with Good getting more playing time. I think then, our running game will be more effective and help this spluttering offense. The tackles back will allow Luck for more time in the pocket and maybe we see the Colts stretch the field more. But we need Luck to get better, especially with his reads and ball placement. The good news is that, Jags aside, we are going to be meeting much more inferior defenses from now on.
  4. Colt Overseas

    The Margus Hunt Appreciation Thread

    I know we are all down, but I think this guy deserves a thread of his own. It doesn't seem to matter if we put him at DE or the 3-tech DT, he just makes plays. Turning into one of my favorite players and is one of the main reasons our defense is playing so well. His forced fumble and recovery today. But thinking back, it was when we were backed up on our goal line in the 4th quarter was Hunt's best moment of the game. On first and goal, he jumped the ball and made a sack. One the next play he made a TFL. It saved us a TD in the end. Please sign in below
  5. Colt Overseas

    We played a hell of a game

    Your right. Officials did us no favors today..
  6. Colt Overseas

    We played a hell of a game

    These stats were the reason we lost the game.. Overall the defense gave us numerous chances to win the game and our offense failed numerously in the red zone. I still believe in Frank Reich, but he had some highly questionable calls in the red zone. I hated the toss to Wilkins on 3rd and goal at one stage. The Barnett sack, leaving him one on one with Clark was questionable. Franks got to re-look at his red zone play book. Also AC, Doyle and Mack were big losses. We need a big bodied WR opposite Hilton to make a play. Hilton was the only receiver today that was capable of making a play. Chester Rodgers dropping a pass and the under throw to Ebron were costly.
  7. Colt Overseas

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    Hilarious no lowering-the-head call by the refs back there. The LB hit him square with the crown of his head.
  8. Colt Overseas

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    The Hairston holding penalty one was crucial. 2nd and 28 like. Seems like a week ago that drive was so long. Defense have done everything they could to give the offense a chance to win the game. So let go get it!!!!
  9. Colt Overseas

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    That was such a poor throw by Andrew, it was low and behind Ebron. Sidney Jones would be thanking Luck as Ebron had him beat.
  10. Colt Overseas

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    Good in at RT
  11. Colt Overseas

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    Geathers has been everywhere. Has 10 tackles. A crucial PBU there now.
  12. Colt Overseas

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    Chester should have caught that. Straight through his hands. But much better on offense.
  13. Colt Overseas

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    Other than Hilton, have we got receivers with long speed to get down the field? Maybe that kid Marcus Johnson we got from Seattle. But I'm not sure. But dink and dunking won't win this game either.
  14. Colt Overseas

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    Hunt saved us from conceding a TD there
  15. Colt Overseas

    Colts @ Eagles Game Day Thread

    Denzelle Good time?