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  1. I think if the Colts are looking to move on with Malik Hooker in the future, they should be looking to at least get some value off him via a draft pick or something
  2. I didnt realise he is just 24 years old. Surely the best is yet to come from him. I'd pick up the 5th year and not have to worry about the position.
  3. I like him more as an athletic strong safety. I think he can be a good cover guy from his time at corner on TE's/big body receivers, but also looks a sure tackler in open field. Not sure about his range as a free safety. But if they want him to be the long term free safety, for the sake of his development there, he has to play FS straight away. He is still learning the position and made a number of mistakes there last season. Either way it's important they have a specific plan for him.
  4. It's worrying after redshirting his first season and half way through the second season with Washington, he was still was having trouble with knowing the playbook properly. Some very poor reads in this game (along with some NFL worthy play). I think he could learn alot from Philip and Jacoby this year on professionalism, preparation, study, work, etc. Other stuff like footwork and moving out of the pocket from pressure can be cleaned up with coaching. Accuracy and touch needs some work. He has quite a bit to go. I can fully understand why Ballard was pouring cold water, straight away, on any franchise QB hype. He has potential though and a great opportunity here. I hope he takes it.
  5. I'd love for us to be able to draft a high end talent at EDGE. It's so hard to get one of those after the first round. OT, CB and move TE are the other positions worth keeping an eye out for. It supposed to be a good TE draft next year.
  6. He was a favorite with PFF as well. They're player comparison is Joe Thuney. Here is PFF's profile on him.
  7. Looks like a Z receiver that can make plays down field for us and in the endzone. I'd say he will battle it our with the likes of Fountain, Dulin, Ismael and others for that 5th WR spot on the roster. But looks that have nice upside as a H/W/S prospect.
  8. Eason needs to improve throwing under pressure for sure, but we have an excellent interior to our oline that will help give him room to step up and throw. This is an great opportunity for Jacob, I hope he takes it.
  9. Yeah he is super explosive. Little light though. But at almost 5'11 he could add more mass. Another long armed DB lol
  10. I think this was the kid that ran a 4.28 and a 4.31 40 at his Pro Day?
  11. Quincy Wilson to the Jets for a 6th. Good trade imo.
  12. Agreed, I taught he came across very well on the interview posted up online by the Colts. Seemed very genuine and grateful for the opportunity.
  13. The thing is, even if he only turns out as good as someone like Jacoby Brissett, that would still give us a solid back up QB. Which wouldn't be bad value for a 4th round pick in some respects.
  14. Pince Tega Wanagho - OT Bryce Hall - CB Troy Pride Jr. - CB Harrison Bryant - TE
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