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  1. I'm bored too EastStreet, so here are some of my answers: Bored Bye Week Burning Questions 1. Will the WR musical chairs ever stop, or is chemistry overrated? Yes, I think we will settle into a Pittman X, TY slot and MJ Z starting WR core, which I think can be quite good actually. Pascal to feature too obviously. Injuries permitting (touch wood). Rivers to improve timing with TY 2. Is Reich over-rotating pass catchers, or just trying to find lightening in a bottle? It seems that way to me, but haven't been watching games back 3. When Pittman comes back, should Johnson take ov
  2. Even though we should be beat Cincinnati by more, I though there was a couple of good positives to take from the game. Johnson was the big one for me. I think our offence looks much more dangerous having a true deep threat that can stretch the field. He also should have had a TD on an overthrown deep ball by Rivers in the 4th quarter. I think a TY - Pittman - Johnson starting WRs can be very good. I also though Harris played well and can add a different dimension to our offense. I think Rivers too can take a lot out of the game too. Played well, got the ball out quickly
  3. He is really quite a remarkable player considering this is what, just his 20th start ever at FS between college and the pros. That along with an ACL tear in the middle leaving him with no training camp to prepare for the pros. Some players just have it man. He is a special talent, no doubt.
  4. I wouldn't mind Leonard, AC and Houston sitting this one out. They are 3 big losses obviously, but we should really be beating the Bengals nonetheless. Let those guys get an extended break to heal up over the bye week, the schedule gets rough real quick in November. I'd like to have a look at Banogu, Lewis, Speed, etc. too
  5. I'd bring back Walker and Stewart too, I think they have played well this year.
  6. Unfortunately this is very true. Although I don't think we are too bad at WR or CB because we have some decent young players in those positions (Moore, Ya-Sin, Campbell, Pittman) who are/should be good starters. Probably need more investment there, but certainly long term we are in desperate need for good young players at LT and DE on this roster. I think if a situation occurs like what happened with Houston or Kansas where a QB becomes available in the draft between the 10th and 15th overall pick, I think Ballard will have no problem giving up both the 2021 and 2022 1st round draf
  7. Our pass offense is a little better than last year but not anywhere near the level we want it to be. Reality is we have a below average QB and a banged up WR core. We are one injury away (TY) and our pass offense will be in dire straits. Rivers doesn't look like he has the arm strength to throw outside the numbers effectively either.
  8. The defense gave up 23 points against a good offense. Got 2 turnovers. Only conceded 3 points in the second half, and that was at the death. Look they played poorly in the first half, but as a whole, they are a good unit. Are they elite? Probably not, but we have a good defense. I think we need to add an extra pass rusher to complement Buckner and Houston. We missed Turay's pass rush today. Very badly. Muhammad showed it was speed rushers that would beat those tackles. Houston and Autry are more power guys.
  9. Those 2 PBUs he had in the second half when he made those hits, you’d never see Hooker step up and hit with that sort of ferocity. I guarantee Hooker wouldn’t have made those plays. He is already better in my opinion. I love his playing style. He looks like a gem of a find by Chris Ballard.
  10. Yeah offense played poorly, defense outstanding. We are lacking a few playmakers in the skill positions, especially now that we are down Mack, Pittman and Campbell. TY is getting better but he clearly isn't the TY we knew from 2013 to 2018. You can see Reich trying to get Burton involved, it will take him a couple of games to get up to speed. Rivers is who he is. I think we are going to need the defense to keep playing well to win. Our offense is just average now.
  11. Ed Dobbs is watching Trey Lance tonight. Is Trey Lance to new Jordan Love for this forum?
  12. I think some of our depth payers have stepped up in the last two weeks and given us nice production. MAC, Wilkins, Carrie and Wilson have had good moments. Stallworth has been solid rotating in for Big Grover too. The Bears will be a big test for our offense, now that we are essentially down 3 starting skill position players. We will need more players to step up (Fountain, Dulin, possibly Patmon) I expect our defense to play well against the Bears O.
  13. Nice. Great to see MAC step up to the plate when needed too.
  14. Hopefully Pittman can make a reasonable impact this year. The Parris Campbell injury really hurt, he was top snap count leader Week 1, played very well and looked like a key component to our offense this year. Hypothetically per Week 1, if TY did get injured, a WR core of Pittman (X), Parris (slot) and Pascal (Z) would have been serviceable imo.
  15. I feel like another under rated part of Mo's game is his ability after catch. He an enormous human being for a DB to bring down when he gets running and makes alot of yards after contact. He is developing into a nice weapon.
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