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  1. I am actually a little surprised by how lopsided this poll is. Everyone talking about how bad Rivers is I figured people would want him. I stand by what I have always said, if Ballard and Reich feel he is a franchise QB then make the trade. They obviously scouted him that draft year but we had luck, so no beuno. Personally, I am all on board Eason next year. I think he has all the talent has, so far, has shown amazing work ethic.
  2. So everywhere I turn and everywhere that I read has stated that the most logical place for Sam Darnold is the Colts. Everyone is predicting a trade from the Colts. I believe what I have always believed, if Ballard and Reich think he is the Franchise QB, make the trade. But my question is simple... Do you think the Colts will trade for Same Darnold?
  3. Okay so Dak is gone for the year and now Dalton is down after that horrible hit during the Washington game. All the. Ownby’s have is a rookie seventh rounder and Garret Gilbert. So they will be looking for a QB, I believe. The question I have is what would you want from them. Would you want Michael Gallup? Would you try to get a second or third rounder? What would you want? Please be realistic, we aren’t getting Dak nor are we getting a bag of potato chips, lol.
  4. No worries. I will also say that,I believe, is how the Colts wanted it. Split carries with Mack. He just happened to get injured.
  5. I respectfully disagree. Look at my post about Derrick Henry. It took him a few years.
  6. I would say keep improving. I think most of us would agree that the best running back in the NFL is Henry. If you look at his stats it took him three years to really break out. 2016- 490 yards 5TDS 2017- 744 yards 5TDS 2018- 1,059 yards 12TDS 2019- 1,540 yards 16 YDS JT is doing really well and constantly improving. I believe he is a much better pass catcher than Henry all ready. Dude is gonna be a stud. Just let him develop.
  7. I will say this. Everywhere I look from ESPN to Foxsports to espn.com everyone is predicting Darnold to the Colts. Just today Cowherd said that it makes the most sense. They tried to list other teams and really struggled. It is just interesting. Is this everyone guessing or is this a case of...Where's there's smoke, There's Fire. Just food for thought. Everywhere I look. Lol
  8. I really love hearing things like this. I truly believe that he is the future QB1 in 2021 for the Colts. He has shown so much in how he is taking this "redshirt" year. Just imagine, he was the 5 star recruit and the number 1 rated QB per Rivals. Then he became a freshman starter at Georgia and went 8-5. Then he was got hurt and transferred to Washington. Many predicted him as a first round pick. He gets picked in the 4th round. His motivation is high. Look at these tweets from local reporters.
  9. Okay, so I figured that we could start a thread where all the Jacob Eason information could go. That means rumors, information and opinions. I will start with the newest story from Kevin Bowen. It is really insightful and interested.
  10. Another great question is what if the Colts do continue to win... but they do it in spite of Rivers. Like for example, the Colts might be 5-2 after the next 2 games but what if Rivers has a stat line that shows more interceptions than touchdowns. Would you continue to ride him or make a move.
  11. Holy crap. I will say this is almost identical to my Twitter poll. lol.
  12. Okay, so I posed this question on twitter and got decent amount of responses. I tag several local Colts writiers and radio personalities also. So, now I am super curious what this forum thinks.
  13. He gets that reputation because of the QBs he has worked with Philip River- Chargers Peyton Manning- Colts backed up Jim Kelly coached Wentz to what would have been an MVP season prior to being hurt. coached up Foles to a Super Bowl Luck.
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