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  1. I like it. Big arm, athletic has the ability to improve.
  2. Haha. I still really like Brissett. He is a great person (from all reports), great teammate. As far as Hurts, I have liked him for a while and I really like him to the. And guess what, I'm obviously not the only one. Alot of people are mocking him to the Colts now.
  3. I figured this would lose a lot of people. I have really like Hurts for a while. I know that Ballard scouted him at the peach bowl and he has all the leadership skills you would love. Hopefully he would sit for 2 years.
  4. I really like this. Give Rivers some weapons. You would be looking at the following: QB- Rivers RB- Mack/ Hines WR- Hilton, Pascal, Campbell, Pittman Jr, Fountain TE- Doyle, Comet, Allie-Cox
  5. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2884272-2020-nfl-mock-draft-matt-millers-post-free-agency-predictions#slide33 Holy Crap, I love this draft. I would take that in a heartbeat.
  6. So is it say to assume that Rivers 17 Buckner 99 Rhodes? Day?
  7. So I was curious about this. Is Chad Kelly better than any mid round selection at QB that the Colts could make this year. Basically is he better than James Morgan, Anthony Gordon, Jake Fromm, Jalen Hurts. Not asking if he is the future franchise QB, Just simply are the Colts better rolling with him then drafting a QB later in the draft (3-7 round) Tell me what your thoughts are
  8. Do you think it is possible that the QB room is Rivers, JB and Kelly in 2020. We don't draft anyone obviously, in 2020 draft. Rivers plays well and we bring him back in 2021. So the QB room is Rivers, Kelly and late round draft pick. Then you allow Kelly to develop and work with Rivers and he takes over in 2022, since Rivers will be 40. Just curious your thoughts?
  9. So, with the quarantine and not having a lot to do, I have really been listening to a lot of Colts Podcast and reading a lot of stories. After doing this I am left with 1 Big Question. What are the Colts gonna do about the long term future at QB? Lets examine what is currently happening on the roster. 1. Colts sign Rivers to a 1 year deal. He is 38 and could be amazing or could drop off a cliff. He says he feels he can play a few more years. So lets say he plays 2 more years. 2. Colts Cut Hoyer. 3. It is reported that even though he has a large cap hit, they are gonna keep Brissett this year. Is this so he can be the most expensive backup or is there something else to it. 4. More and more reports are coming out that the Colts may forgo taking a QB at all in 2020 draft. 5. Colts still have Kelly. Okay, so now that we have what is being said and reported about the Colts QB situation, lets dive into what some of the conspiracy theories are. 1. Colts still really like Brissett and might get him to rework his deal and remain as the backup. My issue with this is that if you draft a QB in 2020-2021, you want him to be the backup to Rivers. Heck even if you like Kelly, you want him being the backup. If the Colts truly see no future in JB, then this is a dud of a theory. 2. Colts may just let JB and Kelly walk at the end of 2020 season and look to draft a QB to eventually take over for Rivers. My issue with this is that if Rivers does as well as everyone hopes, you are picking pretty late in the 1st round. Odds are low that you get a great QB in the mid to late 20s. So my overarching question is what is the future of the QB room? Is it still Brissett? Is is Kelly? Is is a someone like a Justin Fields, Kellen Mond or Jamie Newman?
  10. Here is my new post 2 week free agency mock draft. Went offense heavy. Would love your thoughts.
  11. why is everyone saying this is a legit source. He has claimed the colts are looking to sign the following: Delaine Walker Jadeveon Clowney Alshon Jeffery Travis Benjamin Trey Burton Taylor Gabriel
  12. It says in the article that it is confirmed that the Colts meet with him via video chat/ facetime. Thoughts?
  13. What could be taking so long to officially announce the Rivers Signing. It was reported he was getting his physical several days ago. What is the holdup?
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