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  1. Important to note that he predicts that we cut Eason and Kelly and roll with Rivers and Brissett.
  2. I do, but what have you seen in the pros that make you think he can start and win games? He was pick 253 and has never started a game in 3 seasons. He was probably the hottest he could be coming into his rookie year, fresh off 2 good seasons at Ole Miss. He couldn't beat out Paxton Lynch and Case Keenum in Denver. He came to the Colts and couldn't sniff the field and was placed on the practice squad, where anyone could sign him, and they didn't. I'm just saying, Eason is younger and has way more upside.
  3. It is not a matter of who is nicer. But if you want to look at college career, Kelly got into a sideline argument with his coaches over a fourth-down call in a spring game. Sometime before that game, he told the coaching staff he’d quit football entirely if he weren’t named the starter. But after the spring game blowup, Kelly was kicked off the Clemson roster. Arrested back in Buffalo eight months later after getting kicked out of a local restaurant, later attempting to re-enter the restaurant and then punching a bouncer after refusing to leave the restaurant a second time. According to police reports, Kelly, who had committed to Ole Miss a week before, allegedly threatened to “go to my car and get my AK-47 and spray this place.” In 2016 he rushed onto a high school football field during a brawl. He was restrained by coaches. Lets not forget what he did in Denver. It is not a matter of being a choir boy, but just being smart. Which he has proven in the least bit. Everyone needs to realize there is no way Ballard is gonna hand the franchise over to him. Finally, they have the same amount of starting NFL QB experience... NONE, lol.
  4. Eason is 4 years younger and has none of the off the field issues that Kelly has had.
  5. I have seen alot of stuff on here about who should be kept and who should be cut. I personally think the QB room will Rivers, Brissett, Eason. I know we can save a lot of money with cutting Brissett, but in these uncertain times of COVID-19, I think they will want someone who can and has started before. If Rivers gets hurt. I think Kelly is the odd man out and he gets cut.
  6. they do have rookies. If you look closely you can see Isaiah Rodgers playing in the secondary (#34)
  7. Are you basing Blackmon on his already injured knee. Just curious why he is placed below Taylor. Not that I think Taylor will flame out but RBs have traditionally short careers.
  8. What is funny to me is the one response that I think is very realistic is getting no selections. I think it is very likely that Blackmon takes Hookers spot before the end of the year. Think about it, Hooker is a free agent and Blackmon is kinda supposed to take his place in 2021. Wouldnt you want to see what you have in Blackmon. Could be interesting. I also agree that I hope the answer to best career is Eason. But time will tell.
  9. First, I thought I would have a little fun and see who everyone thinks will have the better career out of the 2020 Draftees. Not better camp. Not better rookie season. BETTER CAREER. Just curious what the fan base it thinking. Second, I thought it would be fun to see what people think is more likely to happen with the draftees.
  10. Listen, I have thought about this over and over since I first saw the tweet of him with the WRs. I have come to conclusion that I love it. I know that it doesn't mean he will be the next franchise QB, but it doesn't mean I can't be impressed by it. He is a 4th round pick and currently the 3rd string QB. Let that sink in. Okay, all of that and he still made a call to get Patmon and Pittman out to throw with to practice. Selfishly, I always wanted JB to do this last year or this summer. To me it shows leadership. There aren't many 3rd string, 4th round QBs that are out throwing with WR, let alone the top pick for their team in the draft. In the end, I think we found a good one. He is obviously putting in the work **disclaimer- as much as he can in the COVID-19 Pandemic environment**
  11. Jeez. Who peed in your Cheerios. Lol. Can we not at least give credit to Eason for getting together with some of the wideouts. It shows something. It shows the effort that everyone has wanted to see. We never saw JB do this and haven’t seen Rivers do it yet.
  12. I love this. If he is picking up the playbook quickly, he should easily unseat Chad Kelly. He could also press JB, maybe. I envision 2021 being Rivers, Eason, in a perfect world. I could also see Eason being the start in 2021 and being backed up by Kelly.
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