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    I love my Colts. I am also an avid fan of the Indiana Hoosiers, Chattanooga Mocs, Orlando Magic and Miami Marlins.

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  1. I would trust them. They have had great inside information on the coaching hires throughout the offseason.
  2. Packers Win Titans Win Texans Win Raiders Loss Texans Win Steelers Loss Jaguars Win Finish season 11-5.
  3. I live in Nashville as well and I just don’t listen to sports talk radio the week of the Colts game. It really isn’t all the host on all the shows, it is one particular host, Jared Stillman. He is on in the afternoon with former GM Floyd Reese (who is great). He is constantly calling players crappy and saying they suck. He hates on the Colts all the time. It is exhausting.
  4. I have actually said that I prefer Jamie Newman over the over QBs. Lets be specific, of the QBs that we could realistically draft. I truly believe that we could snag him in the second round or third round. I am just not on the team of trade up in the draft.
  5. Thank you. I never said take Rivers out. I actually never said give Eason snaps. I said have him on the active roster in Gameday and make him the backup so he gets some of the reps during the week.
  6. It is well documented that I supported JB. I still think we should have just rolled with him this year and had Eason as the backup. But that doesn't matter now. The only thing I think about is that having him as the backup his slowing Eason's development a little.
  7. I agree, but not really my point. As purely a fan, you can't say you wouldn't have loved to see Eason just let it rip, one time, lol.
  8. So, I have a reasonable Eason take/question. Is it time to have Eason move up to the backup and have him active on gameday? We are halfway through the season and you know what you have in Brissett. You have to see what you have in Eason, at least in regards to practice reps and maybe some mop up duty. I'm not saying bench Rivers and start Eason. I am saying have Eason active on gameday and have him be the backup, so he can start getting more snaps on practice and in game prep. On a side note, I can't be the only one on the forum that would have loved to see Eason come in at the end of the half and attempt that Hail Mary instead of JB.
  9. I agree but as someone who lives in Tennessee and sees a lot of Titans games and hears a lot of Titans radio, there were a lot of questions about Henry not only his first year, but really all the way until his third year. They actually brought in Dion Lewis to split carries because they were unsure.
  10. Getting back on topic, I recently saw an article that talked about how a shuffling of the WR room could be coming this week because of injuries. We could see DeMichael Harris again or even Patmon this week. So we could start to see if these guys could be permanent fixtures in the WR room.
  11. I couldn't agree more. What they do this offseason will tell us everything.
  12. I understand but your side doesnt hold water when it comes to Mahomes. The guy is generational and the Chiefs knew it, but they sat him for a year to learn. Even if you have a great QB, you don't always have to start him right away. **Disclaimer- I'm not saying Eason is Mahomes**
  13. I've been watching The Herd with Colin Cowherd and he said something about Tua that I feel applies to Eason and the Colts. For those of you don't know the rumor is that the Dolphins are playing Tua because they aren't sold on him and they have the Texans 1st round pick in the draft this year (top 5). Cowherd said that when looking over the previous 3 NFL Drafts and the 1st rounder QBs taken, only a few were proving worth it. The whole list is: Baker Mayfield- Not Sold Sam Darnold- Not Sold Josh Rosen- Not Sold Kyler Murray- Sold Daniel Jones- Not Sold Josh Allen- Sold Dwayne Haskins- Not Sold Joe Burrow- Sold Tua- Not Sold Justin Herbert- Sold Jordan Love- Not Sold That is 4/11 that seem to be sold. Cowherd makes the point that most teams don't want to start their guys this year. He stated that he talked with Telesco (Chargers GM) and was told they really did want to sit Herbert( Because they knew he was gonna be great). He then goes on to Mahomes and stated that everyone in the building new what they had in Mahomes, so there was no rush on playing him. They had Alex Smith and they were winning games. So the thought was let him learn for a year. I say all this to point out that Ballard was in Kansas City when they scouted Mahomes. Then you look at how they have treated Eason. "don't crown him" "he is not the messiah at QB", "We are really happy with Rivers". He is learning and everything coming out is really positive. I think they know they got a steal in the draft and that they know he is gonna be really good. So there is no rush to play him. Win with Rivers now and then make the move after this year to Eason.
  14. I have been very blessed. My family had season tickets for the Titans sonce they came to Tennessee. I attended a lot of Colts vs Titans games in the past. Some of the big ones that I remember are: I got to go there the game in 2003 where Marvin’s grabbed the amazing one handed catch. I was at Peytons first game back in Tennessee. Finally, after my family stopped going to games, our company took over the tickets. I was able to continue to attend the games. I was at the game in 2019 that Jacoby lead the comeback win. FYI, it was the hottest game in the history of Nissan stadium. At one point reach 100+ degrees on the field. Finally the biggest most recent game was in 2018. I got to witness the winner take all, week 17 game and coincidentally enough, one of Lucks final games. Very blessed!!!!
  15. When you look over the current roster and look at the WR room we see alot of potential but not alot of experience (outside of Hilton) TY Hilton Zach Pascal Marcus Johnson DeMichael Harris Paris Campbell Michael Pittman Jr Dezmon Patmon Reece Fountain So the question that I have is who is most likely to step up and be a Quality starter. Exclude Pascal and Hilton (they have already proven that they are quality). The main people that I look at are Marcus Johnson, Demichael Harris, Michael Pittman Jr and Paris Campbell. What are your thoughts?
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