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  1. So, I relistened to the Ballard and Reich at the combine and something really stuck out to me and has made me feel that he really isn't looking at QB or WR early. Ballard said that he did see some good guys in the QB class and that he really liked the depth of the class. That, to me, says he feels he can get a good QB later. He said the same thing about the WR. What he didn't say was that about DL. He stated that he loves the lines and building the lines. Now this could all be a smokescreen but it just feels like he believes he can get good players at both those positions later in the draft. With Reich, it was how he spoke about JB, he has so much respect for him and when asked how he felt JB would respond to all the criticism this year, he stated he would would respond great next year. He went on to talk about leadership and intangibles and how you can coach and improve accuracy and field vision but you can teach a person to command a room. Again this could all be a smokescreen and they take Love at 13, but I just don't see it.
  2. One thing I get lost with is everyone saying, well we will be picking in the 20-25 range next year. If we are doing that we probably won 10+ games and made the playoffs. Wouldn’t that mean JB or CK played and did well. Therefore we might not need a QB.
  3. Is it weird that NFL only flashed to them when Jordan Love had been throwing. also love that Ballard, who is not from Indiana but has professed his love for his adopted state, is rocking a Butler hat.
  4. I agree. But everyone is forgetting he literally has said it is not his job to mentor young QBs. https://chargerswire.usatoday.com/2017/03/26/chargers-philip-rivers-isnt-my-job-to-coddle-a-young-qb/ http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000794994/article/philip-rivers-young-qb-might-sit-for-a-while-behind-me Yeah definitely sounds like a guy who wants to mentor a Jordan Love of Jalen Hurts
  5. I was gonna say that most QBs will he linked to Colts. In regards to Mariota or other underperforming QBs, I’m cool with any. I truly believe Reich can coach up most of not all of them.
  6. Go back and look. I have loved this kid since December. I have had him in almost all of my mocks. Kid is a matchup nightmare.
  7. Although I disagree with you I can see your point. But I wish all fans had your point of view on the bolded part. A lot of times I feel like Colts fans so despise JB that they are hoping he fails instead of hoping he succeeds. Glad you are in the later half.
  8. I can believe alot of what you are saying except the Rivers part. If they bring in a veteran starter, JB is gone.
  9. Its funny, I disagree with alot of this and feel that he has not reached his ceiling yet. But, I would also never say he was the same is Jay Cutler. Cutler was an all pro and was much better. lol
  10. You are right, I am a JB fan. But if you look through my posts there are definitely QBs in the draft that I like (Love, Hurts, Gordon) and I like Carr alot as well. My posts are more about the fact that it seems that alot of Colts fans think anyone would be better and that we have to get rid of JB. Just think it is a little unfair. Everyone telling me to let it play out, should follow your advice and let it play out when it comes to JB possibly being the starter again in 2020.
  11. Sorry your right, Rivers threw the ball 591 times compared to JB throwing it 447 times. That is an additional 144 passes for Rivers.
  12. Rivers Brissett 2019 Chargers 2019 Colts 66.0 completion percentage 60.9 completion percentage 4,615 passing yards 2,942 passing yards 23 touchdowns 18 Touchdowns 20 interceptions 6 Interceptions 88.5 passer rating 88.0 Passer rating 38 years old 27 years old These stats are basically identical. Rivers is not an upgrade. He has also stated that he does not want to mentor anyone. https://chargerswire.usatoday.com/2017/03/26/chargers-philip-rivers-isnt-my-job-to-coddle-a-young-qb/
  13. I wanted to start a thread where everyone could post reports about what players the Colts have interviewed at the combine or otherwise.
  14. the only thing I don't get is why everyone wants a 38 year old QB that turns the ball over alot. Also, are we all forgetting that Rivers has said that he has no interest in grooming his replacement.
  15. I think round 1 is only if we take Love at 13. I think round 2 gets a little interesting. You could do Eason, Fromm, Hurts or Gordon. What are your thoughts.
  16. I fully agree. I think the biggest question is what round we draft a QB? Is it high round or mid round.
  17. I was listening to Stephen Holder and Zak Keefer and they said something that really clicked for me. It was something that Ballard mentioned. In his presser for the combine, when asked about Jacoby and the QB position, he stated, " that this has really taken on a life of its own" and then he went on to defend JB a little, as much as he could. I say all this to repeat what has been said over and over... I truly believe that the front office is okay starting JB next year, if they can't find what they feel is an upgrade. It is important that we understand the difference between what we think is an upgrade (Rivers, Carr, Foles, Love, Hurts, Gordon) and what Ballard and company feel is an upgrade. I think us as fans have twisted the narrative a little and placed all the blame on JB for the previous year and going 7-9. Was he great/good, no, but was it all his fault, no. Even Irsay said that JB is young and that he needs more time to develop. Heck he quoted Peyton and how he was 3-13 his rookie season and then 6-10 in his 4th season. Then you also have Darius Leonard on FS1 talking about how they follow JB and that they can win with him. I say all this to say that I think we have really gone a little crazy on this board and feel that anyone and everyone is an upgrade to JB. I don't think the Colts feel that way and I believe that JB will be the started in 2020. That being said, I don't know who the backup will be. It could be Love, Hurts, Kelly or Hoyer. That is what makes this stuff fun. Just remember, this is a game and we all follow this team because we love them, lets not that overboard and lets enjoy the ride the next few months.
  18. Agreed. Simmons was the first thing I thought of. It this helps him fall to us at 13, then go for it. Also, I would imagine that he is still doing his medical and if anything was major wrong, it would come out.
  19. I wanted to get everyones opinion on this mock draft. I will say that I could have had Jordan Love at 34 but didn't take him. I try to make it realistic and I doubt that he is there at 34. I am very torn about taking him at 13... So here is my draft 13- Javon Kinlaw- IDL- South Carolina Getting that beast of a DT that could really make the defense hum. He seems to check all the boxes as a Ballard guy 34- Jalen Reagor- WR- TCU Small and speedy. Explosive player who, to quote Ballard, can "take the ball and go get a touchdown" Also doesn't hurt that his father is amazing former Colt 44- Julian Okwara- Edge- Notre Dame Shoring up the End position. You can never have enough pass rushers 75- Jalen Hurts- QB- Oklahoma I have really grown to like him. I love his intangibles and during his lone season at OU, he showed the ability to be coached. I really think he could develop into a Franchise QB under Reich. 112- Chase Claypool- WR- Notre Dame Getting the huge, big bodied WR. We know that Ballard loves his ND guys and that he watched several games. This dude is a mismatch nightmare 142- Harrison Bryant- TE- FAU Solid TE that really flashed at the Senior Bowl 173- Myles Bryant- CB- Washington Depth at CB. 191- Kendall Coleman- Edge- Syracuse I don't know much but I know that Mathis is very close with him and his training him right now. 204- James Lynch-IDL IDL depth So what do yall think. Let me know.
  20. This is another reason to love and cheer for him. He is a perfect match with Reich, personality wise. Frank Reich
  21. Irsay won’t have his hand forced. He loved Grigson and Chuck. Everyone said he had to fire them in 2016. What did he do... gave them both extensions. Kept Grigson for another year and Chuck for 2 more. He won’t be pressured by outside noise. Also remember we were going 8-8 during that stretch of time.
  22. I will say that if you look at his instagram, he posted a picture of him vs Chargers(QB needed), the Colts (many say QB needed) and the Bears (many say QB needed). It is a little interesting. I would say that he sees the writing on the walls. If I were him, I would want out of Vegas. They have made it very clear that they don't want him. In regards to the Colts, I would think how public the Raiders have been about this has made his value go down in a trade.
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