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  1. Douzer

    Ryan Delaire

    Indeed! He's like a madman out there and Basham is fading into the background. He didn't play like this last year or this preseason. There goes my NFL GM job!
  2. Douzer

    Let’s Look at Positives (Week 3)

    Me too, after any loss, I refer to it as the "Forum Meltdown" and just wait it out.
  3. Douzer

    What are you expecting?

    Colts 23 - Eagles 20
  4. For me, this happens when hovering over a thread. Instead of the preview window popping out and displaying the initial post, the loading icon (spinning wheel) displays (hangs). It's quite annoying. Moving my mouse over another thread then returning normally works to overcome the lag and pop out the preview window (in firefox). At work, where I have internet explorer running the issue becomes much more annoying. The loading icon spins away and the mouse freezes in the hover position. Unable to hover over another thread and return, I'm stalled. After some period of time, a message box appears and tells me about a long running script. I have to sneak in from the right and click on the thread before the hover feature engages to navigate the page. This has been an issue for a very long time now.
  5. Douzer

    Will Mack Play Sunday?

    Marlon Mack - 2017 Highlights!
  6. Douzer

    Feel better about our team after TNF.

    Pardon me... The Bengals are the youngest team in the league according to Dan Patrick (Tuesday morning show). Proceed...
  7. Douzer

    NE or Jacksonville??? Who are you rooting for?

    My two favorite teams are: 1.) The Colts 2.) Whoever is playing the Patriots
  8. Douzer

    New Depth Chart

    As i said here /\ Pipkins and Ward probably get called up. Douglas can't play G/C so he's gone. Still need to find a viable G/C
  9. Douzer

    Colts Waive TE Erik Swoope

    I can see someone kicking the tires on Swoope, he has likable attributes. Last week Eberflus put the "Nascar" package in, and it was a regrettable move. The young speed rushers don't have their act together, so it was a sloppy, undisciplined, cluster that played a role in the momentum shift. Working Ridgeway & Ward on the inside, and limiting the urge to go too small in there, is a more sound approach. IMHO of course!
  10. Douzer

    Offensive Tackle play

    Yeah, giant leap in play calling from previous years. Reich got a lot out of a drastically limited play sheet.
  11. That's the noise "fear" makes. AL is already in their heads!
  12. Douzer

    New Depth Chart

    I actually like a lot of what I see. After some additional study, I think they have a few guys on the practice squad that are potential upgrades. They'll know a lot more about them in the next couple of weeks as they practice them in. Lenzy Pipkins (CB), Jihad Ward (DT) & Jamil Douglas (G) if he can play (G/C) are 3 that could possibly come up and address some of the oddities in the 53.
  13. Douzer

    New Depth Chart

  14. Douzer

    New TE

    He is a Tom Rathman guy for sure.
  15. Douzer

    Colts Waiver Claims Thread

    Happy for Ishmael!