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  1. IMHO: This game, like virtually every football game ever played, was won at the line of scrimmage. Mahomes, the modern prototype, who makes the pre-snap reads, makes all the throws, deliver the ball side-armed, throws off balance, throws the deep ball accurately, etc., could do none of those things behind sub par o-line play. High level talent at QB, TE, WR, RB, - all neutralized by losing at the line of scrimmage. Brady picked Tampa because they could protect him up front and their defense played at a high level. They filled in the skill positions last. Brown & Gronkowski are
  2. Since we're all guessing... I think the Colts sign Fitzpatrick, draft an OT #1, and sign a FA edge rusher. I also think there will be a multi player trade by Ballard. 3 Colts traded away for 1 player and 1 draft pick.
  3. On the Pick: I was confident day 1, because teams like Iowa, Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan & Northwestern had speed in their secondary and JT took it to the house on them anyway - with authority, and an awesome blend of power and speed. On the early 3.7 YPC: There's the obvious rookie thing, and I saw JT avoiding free-lancing and trying hard to run the play as it was drawn up, even when the holes weren't there. Team player... Now: I see better passing, and less defenders in the box. And, when JJ Watt blows up the A gap, JT just ain't having it...
  4. Some people want to undersell Rivers value - others want to oversell it. So here's another stat... The Colts defense outscored the Colts offense in the second half 2 - 0. So, as they say - let's keep it real!
  5. Oven mitts! Get him a custom pair for practice. Tape them on. He'll still be able to use his hands, but he won't be able to hold. No, I'm not kidding...
  6. Blackmon blew that play up by splitting 2 defenders to get to the WR, AND - forced him to fumble!!! Seriously, that was a big time play!!!
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