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  1. Get well Howard! We can compare scars and titanium parts!
  2. Link to the original analysis... https://www.sharpfootballanalysis.com/analysis/which-nfl-teams-have-been-most-impacted-by-scheduling-inequalities/
  3. I assumed Lewis was the bigger, faster, stronger version of Jabaal Sheard when he was drafted. (Jabaal Sheard 6-3, 268lb) (Tyquan lewis 6-3, 277lb) Those are big shoes to fill however, because Sheard handled his business over there.
  4. Seriously good! The freshman version of Jacob Eason has pocket awareness, mobility, touch, accuracy, grit, vision, and a whole lot more. Oh, and his receivers catch the ball - what a bonus! If we get this version, we're going to get some mojo going!
  5. Was that supposed to get me fired up? Because it worked!!! GO COLTS!!!!!
  6. A conversation with Jordan Glasgow...
  7. Here's a 3 minute look at him...
  8. The Colts brought Decker in to 'skull' check these picks. He passed that hurdle, so I'm going to go ahead like our odds!
  9. I was at this game! There are a lot of Colts fans in South Florida, and we were all over that stadium!
  10. This move is so good, on so many levels! Chris Ballard
  11. The stats tell me JB is reluctant to let it fly unless his receivers have earned above average separation. It's consistent with what I've observed watching him play, and is in line with his lower INT stats. While not turning it over is extremely admirable, he has to be able to consistently hit tighter windows to be a legit #1.
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