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  1. After 2 preseason games; I've noticed Taylor in a positive way in both games. It looks like I'm in the minority liking Farley more than Odum. I like Tell more than Hairston. Wilson's poor tackling, poor coverage and poor effort is visible. I think Ya Sin starts week 1. EDIT: I really like Khari Willis too. But, what do I know honestly....
  2. One positive is Daniel Munyer (#66) putting together two solid outings at Guard.
  3. I agree with OT... OT, DE, DT, are the top 3 I'm uneasy about. Winning in the trenches is what I see from my own list.
  4. OK, maybe it is a clever coaching subterfuge. Seems like a stretch though.
  5. Perhaps a weakness at OT has created a false positive about Turay? The Buffalo game made me concerned about depth at OT and Edge Rusher, because Clark, Garcia & Barton all played so poorly. J'Marcus Webb was the only one who seemed to win his battles.
  6. Turay? He's looking more and more like a 3-4 OLB, than an edge rusher.
  7. He forced a turnover in the Bills game.
  8. #71 is Obum Gwacham. He only got about maybe 8 snaps late in the game. He looked really good though in those reps. Left me wanting to see more of him.
  9. loved the follow up; Good News: They got the box open. Bad News: It was actually a crayon box, and the Texans are busy eating them
  10. Smart, hungry, talented & hard working. It's very easy to root for him!
  11. If it's something his doctor recommended for his long term health, then a football leagues rules become an inferior consideration.
  12. He's all business. I like that! It ain't about coverage, it's about rushing the passer. I like that! The Colts young players are hungry. They listen and take notes. I like that! Everybody's working hard. I like that! His signing was a win, win, move for our Colts!
  13. On the outside, I'm calm, cool and collected. On the inside, I'm more or less !!!
  14. WTH? Here is the link to his twitter page: https://twitter.com/ParksFrazier
  15. 1.) It's not an either/or option... One without the other is a dead end. 2.) The draft round pattern simply reflects the human body type variances in a population. Essentially there are 10/100 times more elite athletes at 6' 200lbs as there are those at 6'5 260lbs and even less elite athletes at 6'6" 310lbs. Market principles: desirable and rare = more valuable
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