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  1. As long as he gets away from anyone who would break his phone and start a physical assault on him, hell go on to have a really good career. They have a child so he'll have to navigate those landmines carefully, but he can get away from this type of abuse with a good support structure around him. Hope he remains a Colt!
  2. Rare teams give up on average of 13-15 points per game Great teams give up on average16-18 points per game Good teams give up on average19-21 points per game Mediocre teams give up on average 22-24 points per game Bad teams give up on average 25 or more points per game The 2023 Colts gave up an average of 24.4 point per game. (Mile high view using 'Points Against' which doesn't account for each time the defense was on the sideline and could only watch as Special Teams or the Offense give up points or premium field position). 2023 Top 4 in Points Against: Ravens 16.5, Chiefs 17.3, 49'ers 17.8, Bills 18.2 Moves must be made.
  3. Those Colts teams were an outlier, a unique record setting regular season offense. An exception to the rule or norm. I'll just note here the top 4 defenses this year (points against) are playing this weekend - Baltimore, San Francisco, Buffalo, & Kansas City. Lots of regular season wins in this group.
  4. Ah - provocateur. You must be speaking of the team that consistently lost in the playoffs when they faced the gambit of playoff level defenses. Each time tossing a HOF QB, multiple great receivers, a world class TE, and quality RB's to the curb. Much like the two top offenses this year - Dallas & Miami - one and done.
  5. From my armchair, the teams that are always "in it" have defensive identities that attack offenses. It's only the more rare offenses that can withstand relentless pressure without making key, game changing mistakes. As such, the defense first teams simply win more regular season games. In the most recent history, the Colts were a 4-3 with edge rushers but small tackles, then they became middle of the pack 3-4, then they converted back a an undersized 4-3. now they're a soft zone 4-3. Not what one would describe as a franchise with a well established and feared defensive identity. But that's my 2 cents...
  6. Douzer


    Edge Rusher #1.
  7. I agree with this, ideally the #2 QB should have very similar player attributes to the #1. Evolution of the QB room is coming in some form, one would think.
  8. Feeling pressure. It what makes all QB's miss what's there. Some require more pressure than others. Knowing what to do - and - actually doing it under fire, is the NFL game. But, If you don't know the play concepts and common defensive schemes, you're toast.
  9. Minshew struggles with accuracy - that's been painfully visible all year. He left 1,000 yards on the field between missed throws and missed reads. He's a mid-level veteran #2 who knows the Steichen offense. So, he's good for a rookie HC, rookie QB, game planning & emergencies. I can see that being the case for another year. There does need to be competition for that #2 spot though, which should swing the focus to Ehlinger.
  10. The first officer on the scene discovered the woman upstairs in a bedroom crying in pain. The woman told police that after breaking Ogletree’s phone and attempting to hit him during an argument, he “lifted her to about his shoulder height and body slammed her onto the ground.” She claimed Ogletree then told her, “They will never believe you,” after she said she needed an ambulance. The woman was later placed in a cervical collar by on-scene medics and transported to a hospital for further evaluation of her injuries. Ogletree’s young son was in the home when the incident occurred, according to the affidavit (according to James Boyd of The Athletic, which obtained a probable cause affidavit). I'm confused. How does a perpetrator admit to destruction of property & both felony assault charges in an official affidavit and yet the person attacked gets charged and arrested? Also, whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? I mean, did this occur in Iran, N. Korea or the USA?
  11. Yeah, I for one, am fired up about Shane and this teams future!
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