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  1. This move is so good, on so many levels! Chris Ballard
  2. The stats tell me JB is reluctant to let it fly unless his receivers have earned above average separation. It's consistent with what I've observed watching him play, and is in line with his lower INT stats. While not turning it over is extremely admirable, he has to be able to consistently hit tighter windows to be a legit #1.
  3. Reading this thread put me in mind of these 2 things: 1.) Tom Brady could not throw a deep route accurately for his first 3 seasons in the league. He absolutely sucked at it. Up the sideline, down the seam, it didn't matter, he missed no matter how open they were, or how clean a pocket he had. He missed 95% of the deep passes he threw - badly. Some people have forget that, I'm not one of them. 2.) The QB with the lowest average pass completion yardage (6.9 yards per completion) will be playing in the Super Bowl Feb 2nd. Everyone, including me, loves the deep ball, but the 49'ers have shown that you can absolutely dominate in this league with the short passing game. They have a showcase full of Lombardi Trophies to prove it too. Just food for thought...
  4. Yep, and it's no coincidence that arguably the 2 best TE's in football will be playing in the Super Bowl Feb 2. One only has to think back to how much Gronk meant to Brady, Clark meant to Manning, or Clark meant to Montana. Jason Witten, Jimmy Graham, Julius Thomas, Vernon Davis, Heath Miller, Greg Olsen. You know their names because they make big plays.
  5. I have to agree, if Herbert is there, I can't see Ballard passing on that level of talent.
  6. The more things change, the more things stay the same!
  7. I agree with the OP, teams can win various ways in the regular season, but playoff games are won in the trenches - Period. This team is a 1 win or 1 and done squad at best with the current players at the LOS. The interior D-Line needs both NT & UT additions, plus the continued development of the 4 young rushers Lewis, Turay, Banogu & Green. Conversely, Colts fans & media bobbleheads continue to use the words like great and best when describing the O-Line. Those labels overate the group. It's a blind spot that's formed from being so bad, for so long, I suppose. The right side is neither great, nor best, at anything. This team needs a RT, right now, and a impactful upgrade at TE. It seems like many are so focused on hating JB, they've lost sight of the fundamentals. Every other player, at every other position will benefit from quality upgrades at those 4 positions.
  8. I could see Ballard making a move with M. Mack & Q. Wilson. Player for player, or draft capital.
  9. #1 & #2 D- Line (This team remains unremarkable at generating pressure. No one is afraid to throwing it all day against them. It's a patchwork front that been waiting for difference makers) #3 RT (the right side is OK at run blocking, below OK in pass protection. Smith moves to right guard, Glow to guard backup) (NO, the o-line isn't fixed, the right side is bandaged & it shows against good pressure defenses) #4 TE (Need a true run blocker here to compete with the elite D's) #5 DB (The secondary is just not right yet, it needs another play maker)
  10. Vick was not a good pocket passer, so he used his legs a lot. He was a wanna be QB. Jackson is a top shelf pocket passer, he runs for fun. He's a rare double threat. Wilson is a top shelf pocket passer, and also a scrambler, with decent wheels. Fran Tarkenton & Archie Manning were top shelf pocket QB's that scrambled. Bottom Line; If you're not a top shelf pocket passer, you're just a poser QB. Bank on it.
  11. Agreed, and on a side note: IMHO, not 1 of these elite QB's could win a championship with the current Colts roster. This team is not good enough at the line of scrimmage yet. On either side of the ball.
  12. That Brees guys sucks. He just missed a wide open receiver. Cut him now...
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