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  1. Im also one who subscribes to the theory that sacks don’t tell everything. He also had 8 QB hits on top of his sacks. He generates pressure at a solid rate for a backup guy. Im pretty sure before Autry came here he “only” had 5 sacks the previous year and 10.5 in a four year career as a spot player. Lynch has 18 or so in 5 years. He has the potential to shine w more time like Autry did. Also, he generally gets solid or above average run defense grades. Sets the edge fairly well. Im not saying he’s a world beater. But if he comes in at $5M or less on a short deal then he is well worth being part of the rotation and would be an above average depth signing. Just my opinion.
  2. I am fine w a pass rusher or one of the top safeties with our first or early second rounder. So I put that caveat in. I also lean heavily toward the trench building logic that taking a lineman on either side of the ball early if preferrable if there is one there that justifies the pick. Allllll of that being said, am I the only one that does not understand the logic being made in some cases where folks say something like "There will not be a great pass rusher there at 26" or "There will not be a great pass rusher there at 34" and yet they then talk about the potential and the benefits/accolades of Turay? Everyone does remember that he was the 52nd pick right? Point is that there could be a good pass rusher there at 26 or 34 easily. Just like there could be a good one there down in the 50s where we got Turay last year. And none of this is to take anything away from Turay. He himself might end up being great as he develops and progresses. Just identifying the flawed circular logic on the argument side for or against. It is difficult to argue for Turay and his development while at the same time saying there is not a suitable rusher that will be available at a pick spot that was before we took Turay last year. As long as we come out of this draft with some D-line help we should be good no matter when CB and staff identify the ROI being best.
  3. Bahahaha this is awesome :-) Though I will say this: If I were buying cheap tires and then you said "why the heck are you buying those cheap tires. they suck. buy these instead" I would feel like i had to defend myself and justify it. And then if you kept attacking the tires and my decision it wouldn't feel like the tires being the issue anymore :-) Good thing I don't buy cheap tires :-P
  4. Btw, if it wasn't posted already, it looks like it will be just a one year deal
  5. I do agree with ya here for sure. That said, some of it is warranted. The most important ability is availability. And CG has missed what? 23 of 64 career games? Including missing 22 of 48 in the past 3 years? If he is only on the field 55-65% of the time then he deserves some of the venom. Can't help us if you aren't even playing. I am actually very happy we are bringing him back. I would just like to add another versatile guy that can play both spots as a back-up. Have CG, Hooker, Farley and a 4th guy. Odum might be that guy but I am not sure that he is. I would still love to hedge our bets by seeing if Berry would take a one year deal since he can man either spot and would give us an elite set of 3 S when healthy. And heck, between Geathers and Berry we might get one year out a full-time player w the two of their availabilities combined :-P Doesn't hurt to dream :-)
  6. Agreed. I just thought it was funny and odd that two guys who probably have worked shoulder to shoulder often would go at it like that. Of course it was Wells starting it. Guy is a clown. lol
  7. To this tune, am I the only one laughing at the tiff going on back and forth on twitter right now between Holder and Brad Wells? I don't like Wells at all and he is the most pessimistic beat writer I have ever seen, but it is funny him coming at Holder right now lol
  8. Concur. I will say his strategy is very sound and works well for us. It also is something that I think should make players happy. He is basically making an offer and if they think they can do better he is saying "hey we want you back but if you want to see what's out there, please do what's best for you and your family. go shop around and then come back to us. if it works and we can match then great. if not, at least you did what is best for you and no hard feelings." I would love that of an employer. It doesn't work for everyone (think R.Melvin who seemed angry and then allegedly took less to leave us), but for most people this would be a culture you would embrace and want to be a part of.
  9. I think he has been a pretty reputable source so far So take it for what it is worth.
  10. TomDiggs

    Robert Kraft Charged in Prostitution Probe

    Annnnnd just as I figured and stated earlier, Kraft refuses the deal and calls it a non-starter. He will not admit to anything wrong. That is his way and the only way that he can try to save face and minimize or avoid any league punishment or tarnishing of his legacy. Could have seen this coming from a mile away. He has the money and will fight this until it is not worth the prosecution's time and resources and they drop it and he gets away with whatever he did. Ugh
  11. I saw it written somewhere and it really struck home, but the best comparison I have seen for Metcalf yet is David Boston. Both were big, cut, physical specimens. Boston did have a couple of great years before he fell off the face of the Earth. I have a few concerns already w Metcalf. Poor change of direction and separation skills start it off. His three cone validates what the tape shows there. Also he already has that swagger/attitude that some people love and others hate. I personally hate it. I like the guys that come in and just go to work and keep their mouth shut. But some other people like guys that have an edge. It's all a matter of preference I suppose. Metcalf had two quotes that made me cringe a tiny bit: Asked what his greatest asset is, he said it’s hauling contested passes. “I call them 99-1 balls [instead of 50-50],” Metcalf said. “The one percent that I’m not coming down with is maybe a bad ball by the quarterback.” So right there he is already hypothetically blaming a QB for a ball he doesn't come down with lol Then they even asked about the David Boston comparison: Metcalf, who said he’s given up his favorite strawberry milkshakes for life and doesn’t plan on changing his workout habits, was essentially asked by reporters whether he’ll be the next David Boston – the No. 8-overall pick in 1999 whose career flamed out after five seasons. “They compare me to other big receivers who have been unsuccessful, but they haven’t seen D.K. Metcalf,” Metcalf said. So this raises a bit of a flag in that he hasn't even hit the league yet and instead of saying something like "I'm willing to do whatever it takers to be a success. Modify my workouts as the training staff sees fit", etc. he already says he doesn't plan to change his workout habits. And he did not address anything about the comparison and only said nobody has seen him yet. This is definitely me reading into things too deeply. I realize that. I don't know, something about him just rubs me the wrong way. So far he is a big, fast, strong WR that is a one trick pony from what I can tell. You know who else was a physical specimen who was made of granite and then got so big and strong that he basically couldn't play ball anymore? LaRon Landry. I hope we learned something from that lol. All that being said, I don't even want Metcalf at all. There are a bunch of other WRs I'd rather have both talent-wise and value-wise. So I definitely would not want to trade up for him and give up additional resources to get him. But that is just my humble opinion that is worth nothing in the grand scheme of things :-)
  12. Very interesting that Reggie mentions Ty Williams as if we were "in" on Williams and then he didn't fall in where we wanted to pay him. I wonder if we checked in on Williams first, he priced himself out of our range. We moved on and signed Funchess and then Williams' market never developed and he ended up taking basically close to what Funchess got with us in terms of his one year deal. I say that only because Williams' contract (no matter what it is reported as) is clearly a 1 year $10M deal w essentially an option for the next year at $11M. So Reggie's comment does make me wonder if we offered what we did and Williams wanted more and then in the end had to settle for essentially parameters we may have offered. No way of knowing. For all we know we preferred Funchess. But found that note from Reggie interesting.
  13. I could be wrong and it is small differences, but didn't he make around $4M in Chicago last year? I only ask because with him having visited the Raiders and Seahawks this week before us, I imagine he is either not happy with offers or trying to drum up interest and get the best contract or leverage he can. As such, I imagine it would take at least what he made last year to get him to sign. I would have no problem paying him what Shaq Barrett got in TB (and what he netted last year) to see what he's got. So around 1 year and $4M or so. What I will be super curious about is if we do offer him a contract, what we see in Lynch (outside of talent and potential) that makes him a guy we want to add to the locker room and the "Colture". The two big knocks on him I have seen were related to his PED suspension and then to his conditioning where he let himself get to 300lbs one off-season. Either way, I'd be happy to have him and see what he can do. He definitely profiles as a guy that would likely be the strong side DE where Sheard is. So some depth there would be nice to have.
  14. Now THIS is solid news and the type of signing I would expect of Ballard. A 26 yr old above average edge player who hopefully will come in at a solid contract value and still has upside to outplay what he signs for. Would be a nice signing and smart to bring him in for a visit and kick the tires
  15. TomDiggs

    Colts Corner trade rumours

    100% agree with this. If Andrew Whitworth can get a 3 year $33.5M deal at age 35 two years ago, then 3 years and $40M-$45M is probably the lower end of what AC can command if he wants to field offers. Donovan Smith is much younger at 25 and just got 3 years and $41.25M. If you take that deal as the baseline then you can argue AC should come in around 3 years and $36M or so at around $12M a year w some slight depression due to his advanced age compared to Smith. If you look at the top of the market being around $16.5M with Trent Brown and you average that $16.5M salary with that $12M salary, you'd come in around $14.25M a year. Over 3 years that would be $42.75M. The key is does AC hit the market. If he is re-signed early then I'd expect him closer to Smith's $13M-$14M a year (which Smith extended/signed without ever hitting the market). If he hits the market, he will cash in around the $15M-$16.5M that guys like Solder and Brown got. In my opinion, if Ballard lets him hit FA to set his market because they can't come to common ground before free agency begins, then AC is as good as gone. If Ballard extends him before he hits the market, we will get a solid deal/value on him for probably another 3 years or so.