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  1. TomDiggs

    This years FAs

    I know you touched on this later in this thread in your post but you hit the nail on the head when saying he will be overpaid. Free agency is always an overpay. If we had bet on Glow and re-signed him before he played this well for us or even extended him in-season when he showed glimpses of his good play, maybe we could have got him at or below market. Not now. Unless we use some kind of tag on him, we would likely be competing for his services. Our best chance is to try to extend him before he can field offers from other teams. If I were a betting man, I would say that $4-$5M a year number you referenced is way way too low. He graded out as a top-10 OG and even if he is simply paid as a top-20 OG then he should fetch Zach Fulton type money. I think he is going to fall around $7-$8M per year on a contract. We can surely afford it and he fits the profile of a guy Ballard said we would reward for his play. That said, he would almost certainly become our 2nd highest paid lineman behind AC and it would set the tone and the rate for when we have to extend Kelly in 2 years time (assuming we pick up his 5th yr option). I will be very curious to see who we reward and how much we reward them. The only guys I would feel bad if we lost amongst our UFAs are Glowinski, Desir and Vinatieri. Vinatieri simply because he can still play at a high level and kicker is such a crapshoot. Otherwise, my opinion is that just about every other Colt, beyond those three above, that is an UFA has either underperformed, can be replaced with many comparable players on the market, or is on the wrong side of 30. It will be a very fun off-season to watch.
  2. This seems to fall in line w the technique aspects i was referencing earlier in this thread. Seems it is not all personality. It is a coach that can likely teach the small technique adjustments and nuances that it will take to bring this line to the next level. Especially if it is more zone oriented. It sure seemed to be a mix of the two (zone and power) at times this year, but some of our beautifully blocked running plays were some great zone runs. It also fits our RB personnel better as well.
  3. When we hired Reich, I strongly questioned keeping Gugs because he is known to be a historically Power run schemed coach. And most of what I read said Reich preferred a lot more zone type schemes. Especially if we have athletic linemen like we now do. It would not surprise me if attitude, personality and scheme preferences all played a part. It might not just be about "getting his guy" but more-so about getting a guy who can properly coach the nuances and intricacies of the zone scheme that Reich wants to run (if so). There was a really good article i read from a couple years back where it detailed how Gugs coached more narrow stances and playing higher up and how it did not work well with some of his taller linemen and took away some leverage. It talked about how it helped w dealing w stunts but made a lot of his guys lose one on one, etc. It would not surprise me if this is simply a replacing of a decent coach w a guy who can take us to the next level technique-wise in the scheme we want to run. Ballard's comment about the big difficulty being going from "good" to great" rings home here. If we want the line to be "great" and to progress then maybe a move was needed. I am sure some folks will overreact next year if we "take a step back". News flash, unless we let up the fewest sacks in the league again, we are going to step back a bit. Numerically. It is almost inevitable. You cannot get better than #1 in sacks allowed lol, But We can surely get better in nuances of technique and the ability to run the ball more consistently. We showed flashes but consistency wasn't paramount. Hopefully the new coach brings some more tools to add to the toolbox.
  4. TomDiggs

    Pagano to Bears

    Happy for him. He spent how long here preaching "Building the monster" ? I am curious to see what he does with that Chicago D because he is inheriting a monster right away as he walks in. Let's see how he schemes them and what he does w that beastly D. Glad he is getting another gig.
  5. TomDiggs

    The big mess that is the Steelers

    There are some really good articles out there on the impacts. The best one to summarize shows that if traded: - $21.12 million on the salary cap. "This dead money is from a $19 million signing bonus paid to Brown in 2017, plus a $12.96 million salary conversion paid to Brown in 2018 that was intended to help the Steelers with their salary cap. The $19 million was prorated over five years, and the $12.96 million over four years. Both have three years of proration remaining." "If Brown is released, the team will save $1.045 million in cap room. At least $495,000 of that would be offset by whomever takes his place on the roster, so the effective cap savings are nil. In terms of cash, the Steelers would save $15.2 million by releasing Brown in March." So essentially there is no cap savings for the Steelers from a trade perspective. They would save the $15M in cash by not having to pay his salary though. The acquiring team wouldn't be on the hook for any of his guaranteed money. So they would get an amazing deal: "A team that traded for Brown would get him at cap costs of $15.125 million in 2019, $11.3 million in 2020 and $12.5 million in 2021. None of that is guaranteed. The team would get one of the top wide receivers in the NFL at a cost of $12.975 million per year with no guarantees." This article sums it up. Lots of good info.
  6. TomDiggs

    The big mess that is the Steelers

    At the end of the day, as much as people want to bash Tomlin (and he deserves some blame) and Big Ben (he also deserves some blame), I put the majority of the blame on Steelers leadership (i.e. their GM and Owner). People are very quick to forget that who was the one guy who truly backed L.Bell in all his holdout drama?.....Antonio Brown. Brown did not bash Bell. Brown supported Bell and kept supporting him even as other teammates turned on him. The entire Bell saga was a significant mismanagement on the part of Steelers leadership. They basically thought (like many fans did, myself included) that there was no way Bell would sit out half a year or 10 games or an entire season and fore-go all that money. They low-balled Bell contractually (from a guaranteed money standpoint) and then when they did not get him at their low rate offer, they tagged him again despite him claiming the previous year that he would sit out. They called his bluff and they lost (yes, Bell lost too from a financial standpoint. But the Steelers lost a lot more from a team standpoint in my opinion). The entire Bell drama started all this fraying of the team and the locker room. And Brown was one of the few who seemed to side w Bell. That pushed another wedge between him, his teammates and management. Brown (like many star WRs) is already a diva. Add in the Bell drama and the fact that JuJu has stepped up and taken some of Brown's shine away, and it is a recipe for disaster. It still makes almost no sense to trade Brown from a football standpoint in terms of the product on the field. He is still fantastic and the cap charges make it so that trading him essentially saves you no money at all. You would basically be paying the same amount to have him on the field or to not. But the Steelers need to not repeat the 2018 Bell drama with Brown. If he is unhappy, don't call his bluff. You will lose. He will sit out practices, games, etc. He will be disciplined by Tomlin when he quits on the team and it will become another big headache they do not need. And frankly, it is unfair to Tomlin to put him in the position to have to deal w that crap. This all began w the miscalculation on Bell and it either needs to be fixed ASAP or they need to cut their losses and move on. What a mess
  7. Apparently it was GB or bust. Good. Stay in NE.
  8. TomDiggs

    If we were to lose Eberflus....

    Others said it, but while the interest in Kris Richard would not be a lateral move as others clearly stated, Richard is also getting looks for a HC gig. Jumping right from his DB/Passing Game Coordinator role to potentially HC without ever being a Coordinator. So my guess is that he would be highly unlikely to jump ship from Dallas to DC job and would only leave if it were for a HC job. Basically Richard replaced Eberflus in Dallas for all intents and purposes. Richard is focusing on DBs compared to Flus focusing on LBs while there, but both were the passing game coordinators for the D essentially scheming the back 7 of the defense. With there being no cap on coaching salaries, I would bet Dallas could easily bump his pay and make it worth his while to stay there rather than take on a DC role. With Richard already calling plays in Dallas, he doesn't need to go somewhere else to do that either. So while it is an awesome thought, I can't see it. Especially since it would mean us poaching the same guy (coaching position wise) essentially from Dallas in back to back years. I still hope Eberflus stays. I have only heard him connected to Cleveland so far and I am truly hoping that someone else gets that gig with it being one of the two best jobs out there (I'd put Cle and GB at the top).
  9. Agreed for sure. Clark is almost certain to get tagged as others have said. I would argue he is even more likely to be tagged than Lawrence and rightfully so. The guy has amassed 32 sacks over the last 3 seasons and is in his prime at only 25 years old. He is the very definition of a guy you don't let go lol. He would be worth the $15M-$17M a year it would take to sign him. With pass rushers like Oliver Vernon and Justin Houston making $17M a year (yes I know they are OLBs but they are pass rushers nonetheless), I would expect the best pass rushers thiss off-season to command $18M+ a year in deals as they fall under the Mack/Donald level but hover near the Franchise tag/Von Miller level which should but them between $17.5 and $19M I could see a scenario where Flowers hits the market. But I am not sure he is so dynamic that he deserves that $15M+ the way Clark would. In the end, despite all our cap room, I think it is unlikely we break the bank for a pass rusher since we won't overpay for middle of the pack guys and since this draft class is deep. Much more likely we get more home grown talent and that we sign some gems like Autry. Some guys I could see netting nice deals but not breaking the bank include: Romeo Okwara Dante Fowler Aaron Lynch Za'Darius Smith Preston Smith Some of these guys are 3-4 OLBs that have the size to play 4-3 end and could contribute on the line. There are guys like the before mentioned Trey Flowers and even Brandon Graham who would fit nicely too, but I am not sure they will be worth the contracts they fetch. Dee Ford also picked a great year to have a contract year too. In the end I see it more likely that we try to unearth middle tier guys than us going for any big fish. That is even more likely since i doubt any of the big fish pass rushers hit the open market. If they do, there will be many teams with money looking to overpay them. And while we have some of the most money, we are also one of the teams least likely to go out and overpay a guy.
  10. Thanks for the post on this. That T.Y. shirt is fire! As an IT fan and a Colts fan, I might have to grab one of those lol
  11. He sure did He honestly played like one of the best players on the field tonight defensively. With all our cap space we should follow Ballard's mantra and pay the guys who have earned it and show they belong. Moore has one more year left on his contract after this year but Desir is a FA. And heck, Desir played well too on Hopkins tonight for that matter.
  12. TomDiggs

    Leonard and Nelson both named AP All Pro

    That Defensive Rookie of the Year Voting is going to be a bloodbath. Derwin James also made AP All Pro, which is no small feat w all the Safeties with name recognition as well. Well deserved for both guys. And it goes without saying, awesome for Q as well.
  13. I, for one, would be curious to hear more about this organizational structure commentary for learning purposes. It could mean tons of things. It could mean he wanted some personnel say and that our structure said the buck stops w/ Ballard and he did not like it. It could mean some of our scouting department structure and personnel input/say/fits/etc wasn't what he liked. Hell, it could mean we were including more analytics in analysis and decision making and he didn't like that structure of things. Some organizational structures are truly challenging. I live in MD and here with the Orioles, everything always stops with Angelos (the owner) and it has hampered signings, trades, etc in the past where he wouldn't sign off on stuff and the GM and such were hamstrung. I doubt that is the case w/ Irsay, but is that what would be being implied if Irsay was McDaniels' issue? I find it fascinating that the two jobs he is most linked to or said to have interest currently are GB and Cleveland. GB doesn't have a true owner (Board of Directors) and Cleveland has Haslem as an owner (who is not some glowing rockstar owner). GB has a GM that is on the up and up in Gutekunst but they have a weird and unique org structure. Gutenkunst apparently did not inherit Ted Thompson's power to hire and fire coaches. That power was allegedly kept by their President Mark Murphy. So they have a very very complicated org structure compared to us. Cleveland will also be super interesting. They are on the right path. John Dorsey is a smart man and a great GM. He and Ballard are close and that could have a lot to do with Dorsey wanting to interview Eberflus and Sirianni. If nothing more it is even a favor to Ballard to show interest in his guys and give them HC interviewing experience and such. And to keep Dorsey's "Book" (if he has such a book like Ballard does) up to date. All that said, with how close Dorsey and Ballard are, would Dorsey go and feel comfortable chasing and hiring McDaniels after what he did to Ballard and the Colts? I am curious. Clearly Ballard was part of selecting McDaniels initially so he had Ballard's initial endorsement. Would that play into Dorsey's consideration more than Ballard's obvious lack of endorsement of McDaniels after what he pulled? I will find this NFL coaching Hot Stove fun on many levels this year and I am happy we are not having to partake in it on our end unless we have to replace some assistants.
  14. TomDiggs

    Browns have sent request to interview Eberflus

    This was inevitable and quite frankly was essentially Ballard's vision. Get this team to a place where our cut players or practice squad guys are so good that other teams are trying to grab them. Get this team to a place where our coaches are so sought after that teams come calling for them due to their success. This is a good thing. I would hate to lose Flus. But this would also help attract other good candidates when they know they are joining a good team with exposure and an opportunity to showcase and move up the ranks. I hope we get to keep our staff together for at least another year, but if not this is a step forward for the organization and not a step back in my humble opinion.
  15. TomDiggs

    Jets Sign WR Enunwa to 4 Year Extension

    He's a physical WR that can play inside and out and would have been a nice guy to go after. That said, this is a pretty rich contract for a guy who has been hurt quite a bit. Goes to show that salaries should be off the chart this off-season. Would be wise to use our cap space to really lock in some of our future free agents to some long term deals.