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  1. This has always, always been the likely case. McCoy refused a pay cut off of his $13M figure. That always meant his starting point was going to be around that number because that is where he valued himself in refusing the cut. I also think most teams (and maybe us as well) were always going to want to come in around $8-$10M. So it also does not surprise me to hear the $11M figure cited since it is probably to hopefully help bring that number up from contenders that are probably offering in the 8-10 range. We basically paid Hankins $10.5M for one year when he was here. I always thought that left a slightly bitter taste in management's mouth and it was unlikely we would approach that $10M a year figure in these McCoy discussions. If the reports are true then the Colts interest was exactly what many figured: We called and asked "hey what are you looking for?" We heard the number and said "oh ok thanks" and we moved on. Now if he comes down, then maybe we play. But if he comes down then he probably falls right in the range of what the Browns/Ravens etc are also offering. And since he visited those teams, had good visits, they showed a good amount of interest beyond a simple phone call, etc then he likely goes to one of them. I wish McCoy well and hope he gets as close to that $13M as he can. But it sure seems like he will not get anywhere close w the Colts and it has always been unlikely that he would anyhow.
  2. The only reason I doubt this logic is that there was a good report out of Cleveland from a reliable reporter that he has one offer of $11M for one year but it’s from a team that isn’t as much of a contender and as such he’s considering other teams and seeing what they’re willing to give. Same source says the offer in Cleveland would be under $10M so he isn’t just seeing his number and signing. If that were true he’d have signed for that $11M on the dotted line as soon as he got it (unless he’s looking for more than $11M which would be rough). He’s smartly shopping around. Trying to find the best mix of team (contender if we believe him wanting to go to a contender) and money so it’ll come down to which “good” team makes him the best offer as such I can see his agent shopping him and playing off the offers. Hell a good agent should do that so again, we may already be out or we may be right in the thick of things behind the scenes he does have ties to a coach on the ravens as well. And has allegedly had them on his short list too. So that Tuesday visit next week will be a key one. Im not optimistic for us but I’m still hopeful that we at least engaged w his agent and have an idea of where things are at continuously
  3. I never ever worry about cap space for teams at this point. They can restructure or make any moves they want to fit a guy under the cap. Especially in a multi year deal. So so really just about anyone can truly “afford” McCoy. The Ravens have issues but are a historically well coached and great defensive team. Makes sense for defenders to want to go there. I still want McCoy. But unless there’s rumors of a visit to Indy then I’m not getting any hopes up for all we know we reached out to his agent and kicked the tires. We though we’d offer $7-$9M. We heard $10+ and we said good luck and he started to take his visits. Im not saying that’s how it went down. But that could easily be the case and we could already be out. Or or we could be waiting to see what he gets offered and swoop in later to match or beat it. Who knows. I just always thought ought it was an unlikely marriage w the colts once so many teams got involved or expressed interest.
  4. Could totally be agent-speak, but if McCoy is legit getting offers in the $11M range and has interest from up to 10 teams then the Colts are even less likely to get into a bidding war and land him. I think we we wanted him if he came at a decent value. At this point he’s gonna get market value or above.
  5. Agreed! That said Cleveland has like $30M or soo too I believe. so I can easily see them making an offer that we need to beat. And I just don’t think it’s in Ballard’s dna yet to do that. And definitely not for a 31 yr old 3-tech where he seems to have a lot of faith in Autry/Lewis/Ward. I would do it but that’s why I’m not leading this team lol.
  6. With Suh getting a contract that maxes out at $10M, the market is set the Browns, Ravens, Pats, heck anyone can really afford to give him a one year $10M deal. My guess is he ends up w the Browns, Ravens or Pats. All contenders in the AFC who if rather not see him with. If im Cleveland, I don’t let him out of town.
  7. I would love to get McCoy. I just think that our fans need to prepare as if it is not gonna happen. Not because we do not want him or he is not a fit or anything like that. Mainly because he is going to have a lot of suitors. At the end of the day, the Colts will have to win a bidding war for him if they want him. There will likely be even more. Typically we do not go that bidding war route. We will make an offer and if it's good enough and he takes it then cool. But my guess is he will shop offers around. He did not want to take a pay cut from his $13M figured before he got cut. So I feel like $10-$13M is probably the sweet spot. I'd offer it for one year, but someone might be willing to go multiple years or more for one year. So we have to hope that our offer is better than others or at least as good. We have the cap room to do it. Question is will we? I am happy w how we stand without him. I'd be even happier with him. I am just not confident that we get it done. I hope I am wrong.
  8. On paper the Browns have the look of a team that could win 10-12 games. They have not played together and it is only a paper exercise until they prove it. That being said, Baker Mayfield looks like the real deal. Their OL is solid. If the right side of the line holds up they will be above average there. They have crazy offensive skill position firepower. Beckham, Landry, Callaway, Njoku, Chubb, Hunt, Duke Johnson. Their offense could be scary if the gel. Defensively they look pretty well stacked too. A D-Line featuring Myles Garrett, Sheldon Richardson and Olivier Vernon could be great if they all perform up to their capabilities. Kirksey and Schobert are solid LBs. And their secondary is talented as heck. Ward, Greedy, Burnett and Randall make for a nice group. Again, they have yet to play together so it is all projection. But there is talent all across the board on this team. Combine that with the Ravens rebuilding on the fly and the Steelers playing without Bell and Brown for an entire season and the Bengals being the Bengals and all of the sudden you have a team that could go something like 4-2 or 5-1 in their division. If they can split with the Steelers and the Ravens, they could easily reach 10 wins Potential wins: Ravens, Steelers, Bengals (2), Jets, 49ers, Broncos, Bills, Dolphins, Cardinals Potential losses: Ravens, Steelers, Patriots, Seahawks, Titans, Rams I feel like 8 wins is their floor and 12 wins is their ceiling. They will be fun to watch this year.
  9. Some context to how big of a loss he would be:
  10. Big hit to the division rival Jags They also cut Blair Brown as well. Times are changing there for sure.
  11. Their offensive weapons looks darn good. That being said, they had Johnson, Kirk and Fitz last year and looked like a train wreck. So yes they swapped out offensive philosophies and QBs, but at the end of the day they did not do much to fix up that dreadful OL So it might look a lot like Seattle did for awhile where Murray runs for his life like Wilson did lol
  12. There are some alternatives I may prefer but I have to say this one is tough. Only because basically it appears the focus on CB's draft was on speed (in general) and on the secondary. This alternative version focused more-so on speeding and athletic DTs for the DL (and not the speedy edge rusher types like Banogu) and on bigger WRs and not the shifty guy we got in Campbell. And it did not address the secondary at all. Not even one player there. So I have to say I'd probably be more inclined to prefer what we actually did. Definitely good names in the alternative. Just did not seem to fit what the staff appeared to be going for this year based on how things shook out. I will be very curious to see if Banogu and that 2nd rounder from the Redskins next year ends up looking better than M.Sweat. But otherwise, I think we did a solid job as is.
  13. I also think most of these sites that grade our picks are grading on a few factors that will always seem to lower our grade: 1) They all will weigh in what their perceived value of a guy is. If they had him as a 3rd rounder and we took him in the 2nd round then we get dinged. They don't factor in that Ballard might want to make sure he gets his guy so he takes him a bit higher. Nor do they factor in that maybe we don't pick till the end of a round. So they grade him as a 3rd and we don't pick until the end of the 3rd. The guy might go early to mid third. So when we take him at the end of the 2nd to get him, we get dinged for it. But it is smart in my book. 2) They rarely ever truly consider scheme fit. They will say "they took Willis when A.Hooker was out there" or "They took Ya-Sin when they could have taken Greedy". They don't consider that the guy we take is a better fit than the other guy they had ranked higher. I see this a ton in the secondary. Where they wanna ding us for not take a solid FS type when we never would w us having Hooker. We had a stronger need for a box guy. Or they talk about Ya-Sin's man press skills and say "if you're gonna play some man then you should take Greedy". They don't consider all facets like that we play zone w man principles and that you absolutely must be a sure tackler. 3) They often will look at players we passed when we made a pick or move and evaluate as if we could have had him and do not consider that we purposefully and willingly passed because we clearly did not value that guy. I saw this a few times this weekend. Stuff like The Colts traded out of pick 26, when they could have stayed there and taken Montez Sweat, an edge rusher that they needed. Or, The Colts traded out of pick 46 and passed up Greedy Williams who they could have used. They do not consider all the downstream effects of the moves or that we willingly bypassed those players for a reason. Either way, I liked this draft for us. Some guys I wasn't as knowledgeable about as others. But so far I like what I am hearing. I do wonder what the LB picks mean for us. We invested some decent capital in LBs when we have recently only been keeping 2 on the field most of the time. I imagine that may not bode well for Walker long term. But I also think it gives us a lot of options in nickel and dime packages that we did not have before this weekend.
  14. By the way, the Rams just traded out w the Falcons and for moving down 14 spots they got a 3rd this year and had to give a 6th back And the Seahawks got a 4th and 5th for moving down 7 spots. I like the Colts move even more w the Redskins future 2 when you see what it cost others to move up here. The Colts did well to get what they got.
  15. I'll also add that this year was a tough year for teams wanting to trade back. There was not a lot of people looking to move up. They were not paying big prices. A second and a future 3rd to move up ten spots and into the top ten? Two fourth rounders to move up 9 spots to 21? I actually think Ballard got great value to get a prime future 2nd rounder for moving down 20 spots when his pick was at 26 and not some premium top-10 pick
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