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  1. Seattle will be just fine. They were set to have around $90M in cap space in 2020 before the Wilson contract. The biggest question now looks as to whether they sign Clark long term so they can Franchise tag Wagner. Before Wilson's signing, they were in a world of hurt since this would have been the last year on Wilson, Wagner and Clark. Now they can wait a year on Clark if they want and see how he does this year. It might come down to Wagner or Clark if both guys play out their final year and play well. Or they re-sign one to a long term deal and tag the other. I don't think Clark is getting moved and don't think he ever was going to either. As much as I like Wagner, he will be 30 when trying for his next contract next off-season. Makes sense for the Seahawks to do with Clark what Dallas just did w Lawrence. Tag him. Make him play on the tag and prove his worth yet again. If he drops another 10-12 sack campaign (as he should) then he gets his $20M+ deal like Lawrence did next off-season. Wilson's signing (in my opinion) actually makes it less likely that Seattle has to move Clark. They would have been in purely 1 year rental mode of Clark if Wilson didn't sign an extension. Now that he has, they could always tag Clark again next year if need be. They do not have to feel pressed to move him unless they get a deal they cannot refuse.
  2. The truth of the matter is that IF (which I will believe it when I see it) Seattle was ever going to trade Russell Wilson or let him get away, it gives them even more of a reason to not move Clark. Right now their hands are tied with Clark because they cannot tag him next year since they would be too busy tagging Russell Wilson if they could not get a long term extension done with Wilson. If Wilson were out of the picture, they could easily tag Clark again next year. And then it would basically be the same stare-down that Dallas just had with D.Lawrence. Speaking of which, I am pretty sure Clark posted something recognizing Lawrence's deal. So best believed, Clark is going to want $20M+ annually on a new deal with over $60M guaranteed. To have to shell out that kind of money AND throw bigtime draft compensation at Seattle to get him makes very little sense and is highly unlikely. If Wilson is not moved and Seattle has to tag him and Clark is a FA next off-season, then I could maybe see the Colts making a move for him then when he wouldn't cost draft capital. That said, if Clark ever hit the open market, he would break the bank with tons of suitors. And when that time came, The Colts would set "our price" and not go beyond it and would almost assuredly be out-bid by some other desperate team that significantly overpaid. So while I would adore getting Clark, I think this is a bit of a dream and not reality. Best bet has been and always will be to draft someone and develop them and hope they become the next Clark-type guy Just my two cents.
  3. Sorry fellas. Was going off some local Cleveland articles citing his grade and performance as the 2017 season ended. Back in January 2018. Not sure what their discrepancy is. Either way still solid. Basically his 2017 was Geathers’ 2018. I’ll take that out of a backup let alone a 4th S. https://clesportstalk.com/browns-roster-analysis-safety/2/ https://waitingfornextyear.com/2018/01/final-2017-cleveland-browns-report-card-safety/
  4. A few things on Kindred: 1) He was pretty damn good in 2017. He didn't play well last year and got hammered for it. But his 2017 season was great. I think he had a PFF Grade of 82.0 then for those that like to hammer home on PFF 2) His contract was set to be $720K this year based on his 4th round drafting. Why is everyone continuously reporting his $2M figure? Because he played well enough in 2017 and enough snaps in 2018 to bump his salary up to $2.025M through the proven performance escalator system. 3) We paid Chris Milton $1.5M for his contributions as depth and special teams. Kindred is the same type of player at the S position. He can contribute on both coverage units and he is a very solid backup S who can play in the box. And he costs slightly more than Milton. And less than Geathers and Farley. 4) We are paying him as a 4th Safety and special teams contributor and we are paying him around 50th-60th best S money. Sure he makes around what Adrian Phillips got which some of our board wanted. But he also comes in around the cost of guys like Chris Banjo, Blake Countess, Jordan Lucas, etc 5) He has a decent amount of starting experience. Which will prove valuable if/when our S position takes a hit health-wise and he is thrown into the fire 6) He is still only 25 years old. He is a solid guy to get and evaluate and see if he earns a follow on contract. He is the quintessential low risk grab. He's a one year deal w a chance to be a diamond in the rough or be gone if not needed. Since his contract is only salary with Cleveland eating the rest of his pro-rated signing bonus, I don't even know if he would hurt us cap-wise if he is cut before the season and doesn't make the final 53. Even if he does count there it will be small potatoes. I like the move personally.
  5. My pleasure. Glad you enjoyed. And I don't think I have heard Matt Light talk about him. I will definitely need to try to find that. :-)
  6. My favorite Colt and my fave player was and remains Dwight Freeney. So I thought this clip was pretty dang cool. Joe Thomas is one of the best LTs I have seen. I'd put him up there w the likes of Munoz, Ogden, Pace and Walter Jones in terms of the best I have seen in my lifetime (caveat- I'm 38 so I haven't seen some of the old school Tackles play first hand). In retirement, Thomas has provided some nice analysis and commentary and this vid is his discussion on Freeney. For those Freeney fans, it is a nice watch.
  7. Agreed. But I don't like it. Unless you allow a coach to challenge a missed call where a QB gets hit low or hit in the head that is missed. Or challenge a missed horse collar. Or a missed cut back block that is now illegal. Or a million other player safety issues. All I am saying is if they are just allowing missed PI calls to be challenged thats cool. But I don't think it should cascade to them then looking at other infractions on the same play in question while reviewing the missed PI call if so. Because to my knowledge (and I could be wrong), the only non-call that is part of this new rule is PI. So I hope they legit stick to the concept that "the only thing that was not called and can be reviewed and then called is PI" We shall see.
  8. I am all for the idea of challenging a PI call to overrule it if you think it was called in jest. It is a judgment call but heck, let them review it and see how it goes. I am not a big fan of the concept of challenging that a play should be a penalty when it was not called. Yes I know the Rams-Saints game is etched in everyone's mind. So I get it. But I hate the idea that all these times that you see a WR get up in a critical situation asking for a flag and getting no call, we can start seeing flags thrown saying "we should have gotten that call". Even so, I'm cool to deal w it for a year to see how it goes. What I hope is the case though is I hope for non-calls you have to say "I want to challenge that that play should have been defensive pass interference" and that when it goes under review the officials are "only" ruling on that. Not saying "oh well it wasn't PI but it was holding". or in the Saints-Rams game saying "hmm I won't call PI but I will call a personal foul for helmet to helmet". In my humble opinion if you're going to open yourself up to ruling that non-calls should be calls then it should be specific to whatever one call you are trying to get implemented and not the scope of all calls available for a penalty on that one play in question. I also ask this genuinely....is the end game here just PI? Or does this open a can of worms down the line where it expands to holding. Every big run you could have a challenge that there is holding and chances are holding could be called on any play as it is. Will be fun to see how this plays out this season.
  9. Truthfully, I personally believe the whole axiom of wanting/needing a strong running game to set up play action and help RPO is a little dated. I am an offensive lineman by trade and we freaking adored running the ball compared to having to pass protect. It was just in our nature. So sure, we would love a punishing, successful running game. That said, I wanted (when I played) and want for our team now a successful running game for reasons other than RPO and play action and opening up the passing game. I want a solid running game to control the game. To control the clock. To shorten games. To keep our defense fresh. To play keep away. To get a lead and then bleed the clock and hold that lead. To wear a defense down physically and mentally over the course of four quarters. I find all of those reasons more sound and important philosophically than spitting out the dated "RPO" or "play action" or "help our passing game" stuff. I am a self proclaimed data nerd at heart. I love next gen stats. I love analytics. I'm an engineer and totally wish I had known someone who knew someone to break into the NFL and have an "in" to crunch numbers and help a team in that way. It's fun as hell. All that said, the one thing anyone who is being honest with you can tell you is this: You can find statistics that support almost any narrative. Most times you can debate and build a case for both sides of an argument with relative ease. At the end of the day, when I watch a game I don't say "damn i wish we could run the ball better because we would pass so much better if we could." Our passing game is already solid and that is without some weapons that Luck will have more at his disposal this year. But I have certainly watched games and said "Damn. I wish we could run the ball so we aren't going 3 and out and taking no time off the clock" or "Damn I wish we could run the ball here and extend drives and put ourselves in more manageable situations so our defense can stay on the sidelines and get a breather" Those to me are the bigger picture here. So while Reich may be preaching wanting to run, run, run and to have a better running game, I actually agree. Just not for the reasons cited.
  10. This has always been the likely outcome. Kraft is never going to admit wrong-doing here. He said he is sorry to have hurt or disappointed people. But he is not admitting to any illegal activity and as such this is his way of saying "I did something some people may consider immoral. And I am sorry that I did that and it hurt them with the standard they hold me to. But it is not illegal so take me to court and I will fight it and prove I am innocent". In this day of media where you are really guilty until proven innocent in the court of public opinion, this was always the likely outcome. They motioned to suppress the video so that it doesn't leak and tarnish his reputation even more. After all, the league and the public really start to get up in arms over stuff when they see it. If you don't see it it is just words and is not "real". (hence the domestic violence or violence against women incidents blowing up mainly when there is footage of it). The defense has also called into question the legality of the way the videos/surveillance, was acquired. Questioning the validity of the human trafficking claim since they claim there is no evidence of that happening here and thus it was simply a sting operation geared at capturing people doing one thing under the guise of trying to catch something else that was not happening at all. In the end, Kraft and his defense will likely make this a bigger headache and more drama than it is worth for the prosecutors. If that happens they will likely drop it and he will come away clean (legally). And if he is found innocent or his case is dropped publicly, it will further embolden his claim that he did nothing illegal or truly wrong. And the public scorn will fade in short order when that happens. Oh to be rich and have the resources to spin the narrative in your favor :-)
  11. agreed on that based on Rosenhaus' comments though, it looks like Ajayi most likely cannot pass a physical right now If he is not going to be ready until just before the season kicks off, then a team would need to sign him in good faith and let him rehab and get ready for the year. sounds like that is not exactly what we are hoping to do and that the lines of communication are open in the event he doesn't find something else out there. if he is still talking to the Eagles, chances are that is where he ultimately ends up. but the draft can change that and so can some training camp/preseason injuries obviously.
  12. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-colts-ink-justin-houston-immediately-improve-pass-rush Nice article detailing what Justin Houston still has left in the tank and how well he has fared as a DE in KC on the times when he has played w his hand in the dirt (spoiler: He has performed exceptionally well). Another place that credits this signing as being one of the best of free agency so far.
  13. Smith's deal was solid. Especially compared to Flowers and Z.Smith. That said P.Smith basically got $27.5M for two years compared to Houston's $24M. Plus if Smith is cut after two years then he has $8M in dead cap space compared to his $12M salary. So it's only saving $4M to cut him in year 3. Which isn't likely then. So it is basically Smith at 3 years and $39.5M vs Houston at 2 years and $24M When I think of it like that I prefer Houston. Smith played w his hand down in a 4-3 in college but his entire pro career has also been as a 3-4 OLB as well. At the end of the day, both are good signings. I expected it to cost more $ and more years on Houston which is where I would have preferred the Smith deal. But if I knew Houston would sign to such a short term deal at this reduced cost then I would have preferred Houston personally. I was wrong on Houston's market. I figured w Brandon Graham getting 3 years and $40M with $27M guaranteed at age 31, that Houston would command a similar investment. Glad I was wrong. Also, stealing this from CR91's post: So not entirely worried about Houston not having his hand in the dirt either.
  14. Agreed. All I am saying is the value of going younger with Smith is locking him up longer. And if I have to pay him $52M to get the value benefit over Hosuton then I would rather not. As is, Smith's contract is essentially 2 years and $27.5M before they can get out of it. So Houston comes cheaper and with a better track record and even a better season last year despite his age. Definitely all for that.
  15. Houston for 2 years at $12M vs Smith for 4 years at $12.5M is a win for me. I wouldn't want to have to pay out all 4 years to Smith and if we didn't and we got out of the deal after a couple years, then I would bank on Houston over the next two years to out-perform Smith in those 2 years. Solid move.
  16. https://www.profootballfocus.com/news/pro-the-best-low-budget-options-available-in-free-agency PFF summary: "After the dust settled from the franchise tags, the edge rusher market turned into Trey Flowers and question marks. Houston’s release changes that though. In fact, Houston had a higher pass-rushing grade than even Flowers last season. The veteran edge defender has had injuries over the past few seasons, but he can still dominate when he’s healthy. He had 48 pressures on only 374 rushes last season." His PFF grades are shown in the image. PFF sucks many times, but at least it shows him relative to himself. He still has some good football left as evidenced by last year when he was on the field.
  17. Im also one who subscribes to the theory that sacks don’t tell everything. He also had 8 QB hits on top of his sacks. He generates pressure at a solid rate for a backup guy. Im pretty sure before Autry came here he “only” had 5 sacks the previous year and 10.5 in a four year career as a spot player. Lynch has 18 or so in 5 years. He has the potential to shine w more time like Autry did. Also, he generally gets solid or above average run defense grades. Sets the edge fairly well. Im not saying he’s a world beater. But if he comes in at $5M or less on a short deal then he is well worth being part of the rotation and would be an above average depth signing. Just my opinion.
  18. I am fine w a pass rusher or one of the top safeties with our first or early second rounder. So I put that caveat in. I also lean heavily toward the trench building logic that taking a lineman on either side of the ball early if preferrable if there is one there that justifies the pick. Allllll of that being said, am I the only one that does not understand the logic being made in some cases where folks say something like "There will not be a great pass rusher there at 26" or "There will not be a great pass rusher there at 34" and yet they then talk about the potential and the benefits/accolades of Turay? Everyone does remember that he was the 52nd pick right? Point is that there could be a good pass rusher there at 26 or 34 easily. Just like there could be a good one there down in the 50s where we got Turay last year. And none of this is to take anything away from Turay. He himself might end up being great as he develops and progresses. Just identifying the flawed circular logic on the argument side for or against. It is difficult to argue for Turay and his development while at the same time saying there is not a suitable rusher that will be available at a pick spot that was before we took Turay last year. As long as we come out of this draft with some D-line help we should be good no matter when CB and staff identify the ROI being best.
  19. Bahahaha this is awesome :-) Though I will say this: If I were buying cheap tires and then you said "why the heck are you buying those cheap tires. they suck. buy these instead" I would feel like i had to defend myself and justify it. And then if you kept attacking the tires and my decision it wouldn't feel like the tires being the issue anymore :-) Good thing I don't buy cheap tires :-P
  20. Btw, if it wasn't posted already, it looks like it will be just a one year deal
  21. I do agree with ya here for sure. That said, some of it is warranted. The most important ability is availability. And CG has missed what? 23 of 64 career games? Including missing 22 of 48 in the past 3 years? If he is only on the field 55-65% of the time then he deserves some of the venom. Can't help us if you aren't even playing. I am actually very happy we are bringing him back. I would just like to add another versatile guy that can play both spots as a back-up. Have CG, Hooker, Farley and a 4th guy. Odum might be that guy but I am not sure that he is. I would still love to hedge our bets by seeing if Berry would take a one year deal since he can man either spot and would give us an elite set of 3 S when healthy. And heck, between Geathers and Berry we might get one year out a full-time player w the two of their availabilities combined :-P Doesn't hurt to dream :-)
  22. Agreed. I just thought it was funny and odd that two guys who probably have worked shoulder to shoulder often would go at it like that. Of course it was Wells starting it. Guy is a clown. lol
  23. To this tune, am I the only one laughing at the tiff going on back and forth on twitter right now between Holder and Brad Wells? I don't like Wells at all and he is the most pessimistic beat writer I have ever seen, but it is funny him coming at Holder right now lol
  24. Concur. I will say his strategy is very sound and works well for us. It also is something that I think should make players happy. He is basically making an offer and if they think they can do better he is saying "hey we want you back but if you want to see what's out there, please do what's best for you and your family. go shop around and then come back to us. if it works and we can match then great. if not, at least you did what is best for you and no hard feelings." I would love that of an employer. It doesn't work for everyone (think R.Melvin who seemed angry and then allegedly took less to leave us), but for most people this would be a culture you would embrace and want to be a part of.
  25. I think he has been a pretty reputable source so far So take it for what it is worth.
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