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  1. I actually find the idea fascinating to be honest. I remember when Luck retired and articles came out saying that Luck and the Colts front office came to a "compromise" or "settlement" (two words I often saw used and found weird. I found it weird since the "compromise" or "settlement" was basically the Colts letting him keep everything and not demanding money back. The real compromise/settlement as far as I read was that the Colts reserved his rights if he came back and that was the agreement. So it sets it up that if he ever did decide to return, the Colts either take him back or sell to the highest bidder. My opinion (as many others) is that he is never coming back. But playing along with your hypothetical scenario, he would fetch way more than a 2nd rounder in my opinion. The longer he is away from the game, the less he will fetch coming back. But if he came back next year and had only missed one game and was still only 31 years old next year with all of his talent, there is zero doubt in my mind that he commands at least a 1st rounder and maybe even multiple picks. I'll be honest, it is a good problem to have but one I hope we don't ever have to decide on or deal with. I hope for his sake that he made what is a good decision for him and his family and he stays retired. And if he does not, it would put some interesting pressure on our front office to see what they would do. Still a fun topic to think of and hypothetically run through scenarios with.
  2. Looking pretty good man. Ekeler and Johnson are going to surpise folks and being able to trot out Thomas and JuJu for your two WRs is beastly.
  3. That can be rough. I also don’t particularly enjoy a league where TE is optional simply because when there isn’t a mandatory starting TE required, then the TE position loses a ton of value. So in the end this will will be a horse race to hoard RBs and WRs with RBs taking the main focus if you can start 4. If your opposition falls on deaf ears just plan accordingly and load up.
  4. While I highly doubt Luck comes back, and I hope for his own health and well being that he does not, I am super curious to see how it gets handled if he does. If he decides in 2021 that he wants to come back and the Colts then still hold his rights (as I know they would), does his contract simply pick up in 2021 w what he would have made in 2019? Does it pick up in the 2021 year of his contract? Or do they just hold his rights and have to negotiate a completely new deal? Not sure that I know much of a precedent for that scenario to know how it would go. I doubt we ever find that out, but crazier stuff has happened.
  5. Look, I will miss Luck. So will our team and our fans. But at the end of the day I feel for him as a person. In a league where teams cut guys for multiple reasons and guys get hurt and cut, I would never begrudge this man for walking away when he said "enough is enough" with the injuries. Truth be told, if I were newly married and about to be a new dad and had millions of dollars and I kept getting hurt and was miserable going to work every day and I could afford to walk away, I would. And that is all this guy is doing here. It sucks for fans. But he is also walking away from potentially a lot of money. And he thanked almost everyone under the sun and broke down a lot. This isn't some quick decision. I can only imagine the mental torment he's been going through along w the physical. And quite frankly if he is not in it mentally, he is smart to get out now before he gets even more hurt physically. We have been spoiled with Manning and Luck. Now we get to see what it is like to build around lesser talent at the position. It can be done and done well. Teams ramp up and win around QBs on their rookie contracts. So we will have to see how this shakes out going forward.
  6. On paper the Browns have the look of a team that could win 10-12 games. They have not played together and it is only a paper exercise until they prove it. That being said, Baker Mayfield looks like the real deal. Their OL is solid. If the right side of the line holds up they will be above average there. They have crazy offensive skill position firepower. Beckham, Landry, Callaway, Njoku, Chubb, Hunt, Duke Johnson. Their offense could be scary if the gel. Defensively they look pretty well stacked too. A D-Line featuring Myles Garrett, Sheldon Richardson and Olivier Vernon could be great if they all perform up to their capabilities. Kirksey and Schobert are solid LBs. And their secondary is talented as heck. Ward, Greedy, Burnett and Randall make for a nice group. Again, they have yet to play together so it is all projection. But there is talent all across the board on this team. Combine that with the Ravens rebuilding on the fly and the Steelers playing without Bell and Brown for an entire season and the Bengals being the Bengals and all of the sudden you have a team that could go something like 4-2 or 5-1 in their division. If they can split with the Steelers and the Ravens, they could easily reach 10 wins Potential wins: Ravens, Steelers, Bengals (2), Jets, 49ers, Broncos, Bills, Dolphins, Cardinals Potential losses: Ravens, Steelers, Patriots, Seahawks, Titans, Rams I feel like 8 wins is their floor and 12 wins is their ceiling. They will be fun to watch this year.
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