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  1. I’d love to have Stafford personally, but his cost starts at a first rounder and is likely higher. Some people want to compare the situation to Alex Smith a few years back. Smith got KC a 3rd and a starting slot corner. stafford is slightly younger and more talented and Detroit doesn’t have an heir waiting like KC did w Mahomes. realistically we will have to give up more than we did for Buckner for a franchise qb with the limited supply of decent starters available and quite a few teams looking for a starter (In
  2. I've enjoyed reading through the back and forth in this thread and feel there's merits on many topics on both sides. A few of my thoughts that are purely my opinion but are rooted in experience in some cases: 1) I never understand the logic of "fixing" one position by moving guys who are studs at their position around in hopes that they can be good elsewhere. For a game or two I get it (like when AC goes out and Nelson slides over). But right now we have a Center , LG and RT who are all top-5 at their position. Keep them there and fix the other areas. 2) I p
  3. I don't have a graphic of it but i believe the finally net result was that the Jets got 1.03 (Darnold) and the Colts turned their resulting picks from the trade into: OG Quenton Nelson OT Braden Smith DE Kemoko Turay RB Jordan Wilkins CB Rock Ya-Sin This includes their trade down w the Eagles from 49 to 52 that netted them Turay and Wilkins in that instance.
  4. This times 100! Could not agree more. I understand based on film they thought they would have a walk in with that pitch on third and goal. But Taylor was playing well and has been feeling it. If you are going to go for it on fourth down anyhow you run the ball up the gut or off tackle behind a very good run blocking RT in Braden Smith and you do that two times. If you don't get it you are likely at the 1 instead of the 5 and who knows what happens on that drive where Buffalo takes over. I really have gotten sick of the JB short yardage package si
  5. Hindsight is obviously 20:20, but the other thing about going for it on 4th down there at the end of the first half is that the logic is likely "Hey if we don't succeed they would need to march 95 yards in 2 minutes instead of giving them the ball back only up 13-7 with 2 mins and likely 75 yards or less to go". From that logic it can be argued that it makes sense. However, when you factor in that the Bills were still able to go down and get a TD there, that is basically a 10-14 point swing in a 2 minute period in a game that ended up being a one score game.
  6. Congrats to Dan on winning the 'Ship in the Joe's league. My squad picked the wrong week to fail to show up in the big game. That's what happens when you rely on a bunch of hated Titans and they die against GB lol At least next year will likely mean a move up to the Elite league and another chance to interact w more of the community members. Kudos to all the Joes league participants for a fun year.
  7. I did see there was a poll on last year's linked site but it seems only 4 people had voted so far so not sure anything is solidified yet
  8. I'll play along and address a few for arguments sake. Though I do not explicitly disagree with some of the points made: 1) Hooker 100% has not created the most turnovers. That would be ignoring the fact that Leonard has equalled his number of INTs in 2 seasons and that Leonard has also caused 6 fumbles all in one year less of time. Kenny Moore has also generated one less int and two more forced fumbles in the same time frame. Pierre Desir had the same stats as Moore. All I am getting at is that I think they envisioned Hooker doing a lot more than he has. And to your point, if I sa
  9. I think your focus here is on long term extension which is 100% NOT what my focus was. My focus as i stated was on "tagging" him. I would rather not have the potential to be on the hook for $7M in 2021 if he gets hurt (which has has at some point every year) and would rather he have to prove it and if he does in fact prove it then we lose out on roughly $4M. Period. We would have to tag him to keep him that extra year (or trade him or whatever the heck we do w that 5th year) instead of the $7M fifth year option. To me this becomes "tag him and po
  10. I see this decision as being a lot simpler than most of our fans are reading into: 1) Hooker was drafted for his ability to create turnovers. He has not done that well enough or consistently. Not worth rewarding him in any way when he hasn't. 2) Hooker has missed a good amount of games. Rewarding a guy that misses over 1/4 of your games is not a practice you want to make a habit of. Especially when as another poster mentioned, the locker room is taking note of who gets paid and what they've done. 3) It has been mentioned, but that $6.7M is guaranteed for inj
  11. I'll say this, I would not have minded Love down at 34. I did not want to have to give up any extra assets to move up with how deep this draft is. Heck Ballard has shot pretty straight from day one here and he keeps harping on wanting more picks. So moving a 4th rounder or so to move up did not seem likely. That all being said, almost everyone in the world knew the sweet spot for Jordan Love if he fell past NE/NO was going to be pick 27. Seattle had traded their first rounder every damn year since 2012. People knew Sea was a prime spot at 27 for anyone (Colts or any tea
  12. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/indianapolis-colts/deforest-buckner-18955/ The contract breakdown shown above. Actually like the move more now. As others may have mentioned before, this was basically a 4 yr $84M deal tacked on to the $12.4M franchise tag. So it became a 5 year $96.4M deal. When you look at the front-loading, Buckner gets $23.4M from us this year and then basically another $17M next year. After that, there is no dead cap hit if he did not make the roster. This guy is so talented, I doubt that ever happens. But basically after next yea
  13. Love the player. Not too keen on the contract, but we have money so I get it. Hate losing a first without getting any other pick compensation back. Not sure I like this much, but admittedly does make us better
  14. I actually find the idea fascinating to be honest. I remember when Luck retired and articles came out saying that Luck and the Colts front office came to a "compromise" or "settlement" (two words I often saw used and found weird. I found it weird since the "compromise" or "settlement" was basically the Colts letting him keep everything and not demanding money back. The real compromise/settlement as far as I read was that the Colts reserved his rights if he came back and that was the agreement. So it sets it up that if he ever did decide to return, the Colts either take
  15. Looking pretty good man. Ekeler and Johnson are going to surpise folks and being able to trot out Thomas and JuJu for your two WRs is beastly.
  16. That can be rough. I also don’t particularly enjoy a league where TE is optional simply because when there isn’t a mandatory starting TE required, then the TE position loses a ton of value. So in the end this will will be a horse race to hoard RBs and WRs with RBs taking the main focus if you can start 4. If your opposition falls on deaf ears just plan accordingly and load up.
  17. While I highly doubt Luck comes back, and I hope for his own health and well being that he does not, I am super curious to see how it gets handled if he does. If he decides in 2021 that he wants to come back and the Colts then still hold his rights (as I know they would), does his contract simply pick up in 2021 w what he would have made in 2019? Does it pick up in the 2021 year of his contract? Or do they just hold his rights and have to negotiate a completely new deal? Not sure that I know much of a precedent for that scenario to know how it wo
  18. Look, I will miss Luck. So will our team and our fans. But at the end of the day I feel for him as a person. In a league where teams cut guys for multiple reasons and guys get hurt and cut, I would never begrudge this man for walking away when he said "enough is enough" with the injuries. Truth be told, if I were newly married and about to be a new dad and had millions of dollars and I kept getting hurt and was miserable going to work every day and I could afford to walk away, I would. And that is all this guy is doing here. It sucks for fans. Bu
  19. This has always, always been the likely case. McCoy refused a pay cut off of his $13M figure. That always meant his starting point was going to be around that number because that is where he valued himself in refusing the cut. I also think most teams (and maybe us as well) were always going to want to come in around $8-$10M. So it also does not surprise me to hear the $11M figure cited since it is probably to hopefully help bring that number up from contenders that are probably offering in the 8-10 range. We basically paid Hankins $10
  20. The only reason I doubt this logic is that there was a good report out of Cleveland from a reliable reporter that he has one offer of $11M for one year but it’s from a team that isn’t as much of a contender and as such he’s considering other teams and seeing what they’re willing to give. Same source says the offer in Cleveland would be under $10M so he isn’t just seeing his number and signing. If that were true he’d have signed for that $11M on the dotted line as soon as he got it (unless he’s looking for more than $11M which would be rough). He’s smartly shopping around. Trying to
  21. I never ever worry about cap space for teams at this point. They can restructure or make any moves they want to fit a guy under the cap. Especially in a multi year deal. So so really just about anyone can truly “afford” McCoy. The Ravens have issues but are a historically well coached and great defensive team. Makes sense for defenders to want to go there. I still want McCoy. But unless there’s rumors of a visit to Indy then I’m not getting any hopes up for all we know we reached out to his agent and kicked the tires. We though we’d offer $7-$
  22. Could totally be agent-speak, but if McCoy is legit getting offers in the $11M range and has interest from up to 10 teams then the Colts are even less likely to get into a bidding war and land him. I think we we wanted him if he came at a decent value. At this point he’s gonna get market value or above.
  23. Agreed! That said Cleveland has like $30M or soo too I believe. so I can easily see them making an offer that we need to beat. And I just don’t think it’s in Ballard’s dna yet to do that. And definitely not for a 31 yr old 3-tech where he seems to have a lot of faith in Autry/Lewis/Ward. I would do it but that’s why I’m not leading this team lol.
  24. With Suh getting a contract that maxes out at $10M, the market is set the Browns, Ravens, Pats, heck anyone can really afford to give him a one year $10M deal. My guess is he ends up w the Browns, Ravens or Pats. All contenders in the AFC who if rather not see him with. If im Cleveland, I don’t let him out of town.
  25. I would love to get McCoy. I just think that our fans need to prepare as if it is not gonna happen. Not because we do not want him or he is not a fit or anything like that. Mainly because he is going to have a lot of suitors. At the end of the day, the Colts will have to win a bidding war for him if they want him. There will likely be even more. Typically we do not go that bidding war route. We will make an offer and if it's good enough and he takes it then cool. But my guess is he will shop offers around. He d
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