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  1. The signing tells me Ballard, Eberflus, Ventrone, Williams, Gannon, etc. have researched him, studied his college and pro film, and decided his traits generally match a role they have in their systems. Other players will be added with traits that align with the teams overall concepts, and the competition for a spot on the 53 man roster will ensue. Team building in progress... Carry on!
  2. When the season ended, I felt like these were the biggest needs: Offense - RT, FB, WR/KR/PR Defense - DE, DT, CB, CB, Hybrid Safety, SS & LB Now with the FA signings & some additional thought, I've added TE to the mix. Also, with Houston signed for 2 years, CB, Hybrid Safety & Offensive skill position can draft earlier. Offense - WR/KR/PR, FB, TE, OT Defense - DT, Hybrid Safety, CB, DE, LB, CB, SS
  3. Frank is right IMHO. If you can't run it at a high level, the odds of winning in the playoffs plummet. Defensive Coordinators still stop the run first, because if you don't, you're in for a long day on defense, and your odds of winning anything plummet. Some things will never change, no matter how many passes are thrown. They'll need better blocking at the TE & WR positions, and the addition of a" Beat Down" RB to meet those goals. Rathman 2.0 type...
  4. For best result apply pressure vigorously!
  5. Minority or not, I really like him too. He nailed it in that piece also.
  6. Ballard is building from the inside out and has stated he wants "Dominant" players on the inside of the D-line. It's a key to his build strategy and he'll snatch one with his #1 in a heartbeat if there's one on the board. I can also see him making a move to get one if he can get the right trade. So, DT #1
  7. Two immediate thoughts... 1.) Hines is playing WR on that play 2.) Brissett sent that pass over 50 yards in the air Those qualify as fun facts too, right?
  8. Hassan Ridgeway? Nate Hairston? Hairston & Ridgeway both had really limited minutes in 2018, yet both look like they can play in the league. Scheme fit issues?
  9. I believe being teamed with Andrew Luck & Frank Reich will do wonders for his career stats.
  10. Fountain looked miles away from being a #5 WR on my TV. Pascal, Cain, Johnson, Inman, KJ Brent and others looked more skilled and polished in 2018. I'm struggling to see how others see him leaping over these players, and a potential 2019 draft pick, to earn a roster spot. I'd be fine eating some crow on this, but I'm feeling pretty safe as of today.
  11. Antonio Brown traded to Oakland Raiders http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001021716/article/steelers-to-trade-antonio-brown-to-raiders-who-won-who-lost Antonio Brown's plan to escape Pittsburgh and get a new contract came to fruition just after midnight early Sunday when the Steelers and the Oakland Raiders agreed to terms on a trade, according to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport. The Steelers will receive a third-round and fifth-round pick in next month's draft in exchange for one of the defining receivers of his generation. Brown will also get a reworked contract with significant new money and brand new guarantees. Brown's new contract is for three years and $50.125M with a maximum value of $54.125M, according to Rapoport. (That's roughly $12 million more than his old contract called for.) He will receive $30.125M guaranteed, which is $30.125M more than he was due to receive from the Steelers. Brown even managed to first break the news of the deal with a fancy photoshop on Instagram.
  12. Good. I'd like to see more of him this spring and maybe beyond.
  13. I'm expecting the D-Line to get 2 additions in the earlier rounds of this draft and another via Free Agency. At least one of those three will be a strong edge rusher IMHO.
  14. He's not overlooked by me... The kid can play! Video of Hines & Wilkins rookie season
  15. Boynton Beach, Florida I use other means to watch all Colts games live. I use NFL replay to re-watch all Colts games.
  16. He's 26 years old and just signed a contract that will pay him15 million for 3 years of work, doing what he loves! That's $416,650 a month / $96,150 a week / $13,700 a day. He's a part of something really good. He did well.
  17. Agreed. What more must Desir do!
  18. I posted an old link that guessed 11 picks. The IndyStar has 9 in their most current estimation. https://www.colts.com/news/how-many-draft-picks-will-the-colts-have-in-2019-20671256
  19. I know Cain is a ? mark, so the organization will tell us what's up when they make a FA move, draft a player, or stand pat with the current group. I also know the Colts are at the back of the draft rounds now, so it will be tough to fill all these needs from just the draft. Some of these holes I listed will be filled by FA's. I know the D-line needs pass rushers, inside and out badly, and the right side of the O-line is not good enough yet. KC killed the Colts over there. Those are absolute musts for the team to succeed, and IMHO, higher priorities than any other position groups. Hands Down!
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