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  1. I did interior DL too. If you're going to "rush 4" , those 4 need to do something.
  2. Khari Willis, Marvel Tell, Ben Banogu, EJ Speed, Bobby Okereke, Parris Campbell, Deon Cain, Hale Hentges. I like them all! Put them in coach!
  3. Defense has allowed 7 TD's passing (t-25th), 2 TD's rushing (t-10th) vs 3 field goals. 9 TD's vs 3 FG's - 75/25 ratio. At 50/50 the points against would be 60 (t-10th) and at 25/75 the points against would be 48 (6th). 3rd down conversion defense and redzone passing defense aren't solid (yet). Team: Points For 70, Points Against 71, Team Net Points -1 (15th).
  4. Douzer

    EJ Speed

    Oops, Matthew Adams, yes!
  5. Douzer

    EJ Speed

    Walker, Okereke & Mathews got most every minute today.
  6. Play the most experienced players early in the game. Lean on that experience to reign in the early emotions and get the game plans established. Play focused, play smart and execute one call at a time, for the full 60 minutes, and the these Colts will come out on top of the those Titans...
  7. Datone Jones - 2013 drafted #26 overall by Packers. 2013,14,15,16 Packers. 2017 Lions, 49'ers, Cowboys. 2018 Cowboys, 2019 (PS) Jaguars. 6'4"-285 lbs, age 29.
  8. These constant "Mediocre", "Average", "Game Manager" (backhanded) insults are increasingly irritating. I've yet to see one valid metric produced by anyone that validates a word of it. Normally you compete, then you're judged. Not the other way around.
  9. A scoring drive with a 2 point conversion would be quite welcome.
  10. I really think they want another FS who can be a gunner on ST's.
  11. No, and he was (by far) the best #2 of the bunch in my eyes. No one is talking about him though...
  12. Munyer played better than all those guys.
  13. The Colts say they want to run the ball. To do that they'll need good blocking from the TE & WR positions. Hentges is already a better blocker than Cox and Pascal is better than Rogers. I wonder how that fits in their calculations. Also, I have to think they'd keep Hentges in a roster jam, as up and coming TE's aren't as plentiful as WR's are in the FA market.
  14. I don't think the Colts are keeping 10 receivers. 4 TEs and 6 WRs. Another name is going to drop (in a trade hopefully).
  15. Agreed and the drop-off at OT from the 1's to the 2's is a cliff right now.
  16. Agreed. I have Haeg as the 2nd best of that group behind Munyer.
  17. I think the Colts were a legit Championship contender with Andrew Luck. I think the Colts are a legit playoff contender with Jacoby Brissett. Woe is me, we're doomed, can't do, can't win, sky is falling, tank the season, it's over before it starts - is really annoying. The Colts are my team, and I'm excited for the season! GO COLTS!
  18. Agreed. The sooner everyone gets past this the better. One era has ended, and a new era begins tomorrow. Let's go Colts!
  19. After 2 preseason games; I've noticed Taylor in a positive way in both games. It looks like I'm in the minority liking Farley more than Odum. I like Tell more than Hairston. Wilson's poor tackling, poor coverage and poor effort is visible. I think Ya Sin starts week 1. EDIT: I really like Khari Willis too. But, what do I know honestly....
  20. One positive is Daniel Munyer (#66) putting together two solid outings at Guard.
  21. I agree with OT... OT, DE, DT, are the top 3 I'm uneasy about. Winning in the trenches is what I see from my own list.
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