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  1. Colts are a small market team, lacking exciting players, coming off a below average season. No MNF works for me. Staying up past my sleeping time to watch them hasn’t worked out for me
  2. 8-8 Week 1 @ Jax W Week 2 Minnesota L Week 3 Jets W Week 4 Chicago W Week 5 @ Cleveland L Week 6 Bengals W Week 7. Bye Week 8.@ Detroit W Week 9 Ravens L Week 10 @Titans L Week 11 Green Bay W Week 12 Titans W Week 13 @ Texans L Week 14 @ Raiders L Week 15 Texans W Week 16 @ Pittsburgh L Week 17 Jax L
  3. Ughhhhh Pittsburgh on the schedule again? Good grief. They could have a team full of high school players and somehow find a way to beat us. We’ve lost like 6 straight to them
  4. PROVE IT! She far he hasn’t regardless of all the “elite” talk from the fans around here
  5. Remains to be seen. There is plenty to be excited about for sure
  6. Why are surprised? Bodies at a position doesn’t equal talent
  7. Damn I missed that. Jags doing pretty well this draft
  8. Def would have gone higher if not for the off the field stuff. I like DPJ, Collin Johnson, KJ Hill and Quez Watkins are some WRs left that I like. That being said CB will prob draft something out of left field lol
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