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  1. Not a fan of AB and personally I wouldn’t sign him but not cuz the attitude but moreso cuz I agree this team needs to find younger talent
  2. Not worth what? This place overblows the locker room cancer talk. This team swears it’s had nothing but team gentlemen and hasn’t been to the SB since 09
  3. How much time did I waste typing that? I don't know if he did or didn’t reach out but he 100% should have given the deficiency of his defense. Did I say “I know for a fact he didn’t reach out?” All I said was he should have reached out. I stand on that. You are making more assumptions than I ever did.
  4. A proven player like Yannick is someone you def pick up the phone about. Ballard believes in his drafting ability and rightfully so but he has failed to hit on a pass rusher up this point. He def should have reached out
  5. I love what the Ravens do. They are always looking for ways to get better
  6. They’ll never acknowledge it!
  7. Overreacting happens both ways. For example, there were ppl who rightfully criticized the defense but ppl kept pounding “but they’re #1.” The eye tested will tell you that the defense is flawed. Now Rivers has a really good game and he’s Top 10. Overreactions are apart of fandom. Acting like those who don’t agree with the masses are ludicrous and some how bad fans is nonsense
  8. Yeah we passed on chances at DK, Brown, Samuel, Hardman. Opting to take Banogu over Brown, Hardman, and Metcalf
  9. He’s not a rookie though. I don't expect all-pro. He played okay. Saying he played well is false IMO
  10. No but thats part of the problem. Waiting too long to find the #1 receiver whether it’s via the draft or free agency
  11. The possession before the Rivers pick, the run game was picking up steam. Moving it well. We scored the go ahead TD. Got a stop on defense and then Reich calls two straight passes. Reich is confusing
  12. He needs to be option 2 or 3. Having him at the 1 isn’t the move anymore. Maybe move him to the slot for most of his plays
  13. Suplexing will always draw a penalty. You can stop a players progress but you can’t do that. It will always be called unnecessary roughness. I said he played okay but I am not going to say he played well
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