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  1. Go get someone who has studied under Kyle Shanahan. That guy has some of the best play designs in the NFL
  2. No more stop gaps. This is your chance to get a guy
  3. Congrats to him. Very successful career. Good for the Colts also, time to look to the future!!
  4. Devin White is soooo good man. He does everything well
  5. Oh look what a QB who can move a little bit can do
  6. Lmao at Favre being immobile lol. Big Ben was very mobile early on in his career. Ppl hear mobile and online think we mean the Vick/Lamar Jackson of the world.
  7. The whole pocket passer/avoiding injury thing is tired. Those who want a more mobile QB aren’t asking for a Vick/Jackson guy. We need a guy with just enough mobility. Rodgers style athleticism. Who can pick up 3 yards on 3rd and 3 when everyone is covered. Or make a play down the goaline to get to the pylon. Big Ben was able to do the same earlier in his career but is older now.
  8. At this point for Booby O, I would simply because I can't tell when he is playing and when he isn't. He doesn't jump off the screen and doesn't make plays. We need to add more speed there to go with the Maniac. I would keep Walker as depth though, but it seems like he wants to be the guy
  9. Booby O isn't the guy either! I am not sure what ppl see in him. I guess ppl feel he needs for time. He's a JAG
  10. You need a more mobile QB period. Not asking to find someone who can take one 50 yards. Get someone who can run a bootleg, play action rollout, and adds more stress on the ends that want to crash hard on Taylor on short distance and goaline. Teams love the goaline play where the QB rolls and the WR runs toward the pylon then the QB has that run or pass option. Rivers was good for us but our offense def limited by his mobility when it came to 3rd down and redzone
  11. Watching QBs extend plays and pick up first down with their feet
  12. Leadership is great but if that’s all it took then Watt would have a championship too. This offense is limited at QB and speed at TE
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