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  1. This is where Ballard shines. He is great with the numbers outside of Brissett deal. Still hate the offense weapons
  2. Interesting. Hopefully he is able to regain his old self in INDY.
  3. “Three Chargers players had at least 993 yards receiving. Pascal led the Colts in receiving with 607 yards.”
  4. Got it. What was wrong with what I said besides the missing apostrophe in “we’re?” That’s what I meant to put
  5. Fountain? Seriously
  6. So you don’t care about having talent? Aslong as we have quantity not quality were good huh?
  7. How are we including Fountain or Campbell? Neither has done diddly
  8. Smh another season of who is who at WR, especially if TY goes down again. If we get 6 straight games from Campbell will be lucky. I don't see how Ballard doesn’t pick two WRs fairly early in the draft
  9. Who is Rivers going to be throwing to?
  10. Two games. Two seasons ago? This site def exaggerated that
  11. Says more about the lack of talent than his ability
  12. Terrific signing. Smart to continue to giving an aging Brees weapons. Ballard better do the same
  13. You watched him do that years ago. Rivers isn’t that guy anymore. Unless the WR group is upgraded here with the aging Rivers, I will just keep my expectations really low. Not trusting Campbell. TY is TY but outside of him and Doyle. Pass catchers are weak
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