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  1. Strong only scores TDs when he plays the Colts
  2. I voted No. There is a good amount of time before game one but I right now it's not looking good. I am not sure about Campbell either
  3. Did I say I expected anything?
  4. I’m somewhere between calm and Chloe on this situation. I have no doubt in my mind tho that we were under sold and not given the full truth about this injury. Im cautiously optimistic that he will be ready for Game 1 but wouldn’t be surprised if not
  5. He’s def not lighting the world on fire lol
  6. Let’s hope these OL don’t get any game reps lol
  7. They need to let Rock get his hands on the WR some
  8. Now why would we be logical and wait for such a thing
  9. Concerned yes but you are freaking out. Calling for Brissett to start, talking about Luck being soft, people need stay after practice. You are freaking out over every tweet. Never get too high or too low.
  10. Can someone get Chloe a Xanax or some Melatonin
  11. So why not address that one person
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