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  1. Wasn’t pretty but it’s a much needed win
  2. Lmaooo they fell for the same 3 plays on the drive
  3. San Fran looks way more intense and physical than we do
  4. Bobby O is awful. That was a pathetic drive
  5. We def need it. I’m not disagreeing there. I just don’t think he’s the answer. I wholeheartedly agree it’s needed tho
  6. We mostly are a zone based Cover 2 or Cover 3 style scheme. Eberflus tries to be multiple at times with man but the zone cover 2 or 3 is mostly where everything begins
  7. In this defense that we are currently running, Hooker is ineffective. He fit a little better with Pagano style defense. After his rookie season, Hooker damn near went ghost not many plays made. You'd pretty much forget he was out there.
  8. I know ppl are down on the Blackmon injury but bringing up Hooker, like he wasn't : #1 hurt alot or #2 not very good, is silly
  9. What happened to Demichael Harris*spelling??
  10. Very unfortunate for him. Wish him a speedy recovery. It’s time to move from him though
  11. Great games from Wentz, Taylor, Pittman, and TY. Defense was opportunistic and looked better in the second half! Bobby O with 14 tackles, good for him. Gotta give him praise especially after I get on him so much. Cant wait to see how things look with Smith and Nelson back. Things seemed off and out of sync for a long stretch in middle of the game. Good day for special teams
  12. This the team ppl think is about to win 5 straight?
  13. Have to hit on the picks but if they do, it will certainly expedite the rebuild. Good for them
  14. Just don't get what is seen in Bobby O by the staff but whatever. I'm sure they think he's turning the corner. And I know Rock has been out but where is all the vast improvement stuff coming from? Is it that he's just been better than a bad bunch of teammates at DB?
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