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  1. He too was overrated by this board at one point.
  2. Lol bad interviews? That’s some silly ish. Not buying it
  3. Mr.Debonair

    Colts are signing Justin Houston [Merge]

    How the heck does this guy keep things so quiet
  4. Mr.Debonair

    Colts are signing Justin Houston [Merge]

    You sneaky fox!!!!
  5. Mr.Debonair

    Colts in talks with Inman

    What are their roles? How can you say they have similar roles in the offense when we haven't seen Funchess in the offense yet?
  6. Mr.Debonair

    Free Agent Visits

    I disagree. Ajayi breaks tackles at a larger clip. Ajayi came 2nd in yards after contact and first in forced missed tackles, before his trade to the Eagles. That is something Mack will likely not lead in. They are not similar just because they both catch out the backfield.
  7. Mr.Debonair

    Free Agent Visits

    Sounds like Diggler thinks power backs are only Mike Alstott types
  8. Thats dumb and not true. I'm knocking Geathers. Not Ballard. I don't believe he should have been re-signed. You made the stupid analogy of me knocking the GM. You can question the GM but when I question bringing a player back it is something different? Furthermore, I haven't changed any tune. I said you can believe in Ballard, thats good for you. I never told you not to. I will continue to voice my opinion just like I am sure you will. However, dont try to twist my words or make them what they aren't
  9. Thats good. Not saying don't trust Ballard. Go for it.
  10. It’s useless man. They have an infatuation with Geathers around here. If he was a FA from another team, ppl would feel differently about him.
  11. Being that they have nothing else at the position I could def see them jacking up their asking price. It’s wishful thinking as of now
  12. That’s fine Gerald Willis will be available later
  13. Nobody at this point. Just prepare for the draft and trade Brissett for someone or some picks. Most of what’s out there is old players or scrubs
  14. Him or Howard please!!!
  15. But players should stay faithful to the team no matter what according to some fans
  16. Surprised Bryce Callahan or Dennard havent had more traction
  17. Highly doubt hes being brought here to be a starter. Depth and ST is his ceiling
  18. Mr.Debonair

    Jay Ajayi

    Lmao you haven’t looked then
  19. We will give them Brissett for Jones or Howard
  20. The worst!!!! Lmao
  21. Yeah that looks like it might be the case
  22. No, with PD, INT,FF'S etc......but It's obvious that you're going to continue to ignore the point I am making so we can end the convo