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  1. Stacked boxes are coming and will be more frequent. Jacoby is going to need to push the ball and complete the passes. It will help Mack and the O-Line
  2. They are crazy. Two first round picks for a CB?
  3. He is killing it. When he is on the field, Campbell should be able to do similar things. I admittedly didn't know much about him but man he tearing it up. While our guy struggles to stay healthy
  4. Consistent second option needs to emerge
  5. Think most questions came from the defensive side of the ball. Thus far Leonard, Moore and Hooker, though of oft injured, have done well
  6. Good point, not everyone is instant domination like Big Q
  7. Hopefully he reacts well to live game action
  8. Never should have been drafted that high.
  9. I could understand if that was the first game without Hill but he's been out since week one. All we've heard about is the plethora of weapons in Hardman, Kelce, Robinson etc and now ppl are making it seem like half their team was missing. Had they won nobody would mention Hill or Watkins.
  10. Waiting for Brad Wells to admit he was wrong about us taking Chubb instead
  11. Think some of you are only looking at this game. Prior to tonight no other WR had more than 10 receptions or 70 yards. That’s bad. I hope we can make due with what’s there until DF comes back but it’s crazy to worry about the ability of every WR besides TY Correction Pascal had 125 yards
  12. Why makes you count Cain? I didn’t call for anything Flashy. This team needs a reliable second option not possibly good options. Teams take away TY and this offense gets very very limited
  13. I’ll see if my boss will honor that here in Jersey
  14. If you were the GM, would you try and continue to make due with that we have or do you got out and get a WR, say with that extra 2nd pick? After TY man it is really tough push the ball downfield. Ebron has the yips or something also
  15. We desperately need a dynamic WR
  16. Understandable! Enjoy the win !!!
  17. The ones that stick by the team and watches and roots for them regardless. That’s obviously what majority of people here do, despite predicted outcomes
  18. Coming off the loss against the Raiders and the 2nd half against the Falcons, there were plenty reasons to doubt this team
  19. That’s your opinion. Not everyone has to be the sunshine and lollipops fan
  20. People make threads like this to make themselves feel like they are better fan. Let people enjoy it. It’s okay to be a pessimistic fan and optimistic fan. Aslong as we support the team and root for them.
  21. 1. I owe Marlon Mack an apology. Didn’t have much faith in him to be the lead back. He has been crushing it. I know the OL deserves a lot of credit but he is on a tear. Very happy with what he brings to the table 2. The GOAT..... I was hard on AV and ready to show him the door. He seems to have got his groove back and is locked in. I wanted to see how he would do outdoors and he killed it! Excellent job
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