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  1. much better passer than robert. i dont agree that hes a guaranteed bust. he wasnt actually that injury prone
  2. i think the premise was goofy but if i go by that it wasnt a horrible list. id rather have an expensive rogers over a cheaper murray though im not sure rivers will be great here, he and brady were just the best options for this season. i would have been fine with brady but i know it would have alienated a lot of fans
  3. biggest need is for the last two draft classes to turn into good starters. the answer to the OP is dependent on who does and doesnt
  4. rivers wasnt great last year but he threw 4600 yards. hes not done yet its not like jb has accomplished much in his career. his best claim is started 5-2 and finished 7-7 on a team that mostly won with rushing
  5. i think they have some interest in love. dobut ballard would go to utah for just a smoke screen rivers could play 2-3 more years too. i wonder if they would use a second on a qb that might ride the bench a while. he seems like more of a ballard qb than a reich qb too
  6. he wasnt even good during that stretch. we won with the running game and the defense
  7. 3 cone is probably more important, but slow qbs never get many rushing yards might as well find a qb thats actually mobile if they want one for that reason. did jb have a good 3 cone?
  8. he should get healthy and go to the ravens. no other team would be a better fit
  9. NFL teams have tanked for QBs if you dont believe that then watch the buccaneers last game of the 2014 season and get back to me. i cant imagine BB doing it now though, hes too old to burn a season like that
  10. there have not been many will linebackers that earned big contracts in the league. hes going to reset the market but might be the only one in that pay grade at the same time
  11. peyton tied mahomes 40 yard dash. hard to believe but its what the numbers say. mahomes was not injured either he had a good combine other wise
  12. they should run some wild cat with jacoby and rivers, who do you stop??
  13. i wish he had always been like that, my only complaint about ballard. after 2017 i got the feeling luck would not play much longer they were pretty conservative going into what would be his final season when they had a lot of money
  14. the games wont count but the nba and nascar are both getting serious about sponsoring these events https://www.engadget.com/2020-03-30-nba-2k-players-only-tournament-espn.html. there will probably be gambling too, i have not looked into it though. the nfl will probably do the same if the season gets cancelled or delayed
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