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  1. aaron11

    Texans predictions

    we should win as long as we dont have a bunch of dumb penalties or fumbles colts 24 texans 17
  2. aaron11

    Colts Favorite for Bell

    they can, but it would not be official or anything. if he gets hurt or something then bets are off a team like the colts would need the steelers permission to talk to bell about a contract but they would probably give it in this situation
  3. aaron11

    Colts Favorite for Bell

    i dont think that 10 million in salary is a big deal to anyone right now. thats actually a pretty good deal for the team that gets him
  4. aaron11

    Colts Favorite for Bell

    he can be traded now but he has to play for the tag salary this year. he cant sign a new contract until next year. that quote is talking about the trade compensation to the steelers
  5. aaron11

    Colts Favorite for Bell

    if he does that then he would have to play under the same franchise tag next year, which would not help him any
  6. aaron11

    Colts Favorite for Bell

    he has to play under the tag this year even if traded. they could talk about a contract, but not sign it until next year there is risk for both sides that he gets hurt this year and everything breaks down
  7. aaron11

    Colts Favorite for Bell

    yeah that makes this messy for everyone involved if he flat out refuses to play under the tag then he will not get the accrued season and hit free agency. he pretty much has to show up this year, even if its still in Pittsburgh. the steelers could in theory tag him again too, but they wont given how this has played out
  8. aaron11

    Colts Favorite for Bell

    i still doubt they would take that, but i guess we will see. they could also hold on to him and try and make a playoff run this year, pay him the 10 mil and then let him walk and get the comp pick. i dont think the 10 million is a big deal, hes worth that on the field if they dont trade him he pretty much has to report to play
  9. aaron11

    Colts Favorite for Bell

    a third or 4th wont do it because of the comp pick, but a second might
  10. aaron11

    Colts Favorite for Bell

    according to nfl.com he can be traded, but bell would have to agree to it
  11. aaron11

    What we know now after eagles game

    the eagles were third in rushing last year, the colts are 28th now
  12. aaron11


    teams will probably always avoid him somewhat, especially after he gets more ints. he needs to get his speed back and make great reads to be a factor
  13. venturi, an x and os nerd is our hype man lol
  14. aaron11

    Philly predictions

    i think they rushed him back too, a kravitz article said CW wont be near full mobility for several weeks if the defense plays like they did last week the colts will win.