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  1. That is an issue for the Texans as well. I think they would be smart to set a more reasonable price and move on, his comments are making it hard for him to ever suit up there again. They could fine and charge him a lot of money, but that will not help them on the field.
  2. I think two draft classes is too much to trade for anybody. I would not have done that to get Peyton or Luck. One draft class for Deshaun is steep, but might be worth it if a team felt they were just a QB away. I don't know who that would be right now
  3. Looks like it may not happen with him if these leaks are real They want two firsts, we offer two seconds? Thats pretty far apart. There are some other leaks saying they wont take less than a first too
  4. True for most teams, but most teams are not gong to be looking for a starter in free agency anyway. The colts could be doing that though.
  5. That was something I said and they made a huge deal about it yesterday. I do think a free agent on the fence might choose elsewhere if we go all in on Wentz and fail. Maybe not, its not a big deal, but that guy thought it was I wouldn't love being the second or third choice if it were me
  6. No one will be happy in Houston, they should trade him and blow that up.
  7. I could see a bidding war for someone like Wilson or Watson, but not for Wentz I could take or leave Wentz, so that means a take it or leave it offer.
  8. Wikipedia says hes 35 now, and about to turn 36. I think we could get a few good years out of him, the big question is what would they want for him? Definitely a safer choice than Carson Wentz
  9. I like Romo, and Aikman. Nance is ok, Buck gets tiresome pretty fast though for me
  10. I would move on to free agents and the draft if they wont take a couple of seconds. They could always call back but I would not call them again. I'd be looking at Ryan Fitzpatrick, he was better than Wentz last year and he said he wants to keep going. I dont see Carson as a big priority, just someone to inquire about and move on if we dont get him.
  11. Starting to hope we dont roll the dice on Wentz now. He was so bad last year, and they want a big trade. I would have been more patient negotiating for Matt Stafford. Carson should be a take it or leave it offer, i doubt they have many suitors anyway.
  12. I think I would be backing out if that's their final offer. By "young players" they probably mean guys that are actually relevant and not jags. Im not even comfortable with a first, not after how he looked last year
  13. Ertz doesn't do much for me either, expensive one year rental on a 30 year old tight end.
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