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  1. TY Hilton- 1 year, I wonder if he would accept an incentive deal Marlon Mack- I think he leaves to the highest bidder and it wont be us Justin Houston- Back for one more year at the same $ Denico Autry- Let walk for now Xavier Rhodes- 2 year deal, would be longer but hes 31 Anthony Walker Jr.- Leaves in free agency Malik Hooker-Let him test the market, maybe bring back if hes cheap Zach Pascal- 2 year deal Mo-Alie Cox- 2 year deal
  2. Not for sure, he said before the Bills game that he thinks he will want to come back. Sounds like he wants some time away to think it over
  3. I think Fields would be a no brainer for them if he lasts that long. they would trade wentz for whatever they can get and roll with Justin and Hurts
  4. This will be an interesting one, Rivers is an elephant in the room. Personally i think they will invite him back. Im sure they will ask him about Luck again too lots of free agents to talk about and a glaring hole at left tackle now.
  5. Draft the best player, if its an OT then that means they are probably ready to start. If we dont find a worthy tackle in the draft, move Nelson there for now and Pinter to LG. I think Q gives us some flexibility, they should certainly look for tackles but dont absolutely have to bring in a starter
  6. Low risk trade with decent upside. Personally, i dont believe Victor was going to sign here anyway.
  7. Not the worst loss but it was annoying. i hated going for it on 4th and 4 in a close game
  8. Its too hard to say without knowing if Rivers, AC and maybe Houston are coming back. I dont like saying we will just pick the biggest need, but we cant have a glaring hole at any of those spots
  9. i'd be on board with it, but dont see why they would take that. they dont need to trade him i would hate that, we watched two seasons of him already
  10. the team said almost nothing about him this year and we never saw him in any game so who knows. hopefully there is a pre season next year
  11. I would go with the Colts! Seriously i would pick the jaguars too, they will have TL and some money. Plus there wont be a ton of pressure to be great right away there. Decent situation especially for a QB oriented coach
  12. Fields could go #2 and we are picking in the 20s, too far to move up
  13. We dont have very many options, good chance he comes back but not a lock
  14. i agree with that part. did anyone hear the refs explanation or did they just say the ruling on the field stands?
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