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  1. i said that in response to the original post in this thread. they said they would take mack over zeke and actually had people agreeing with them
  2. i like him over rogers too, but we need kick returners. i wouldnt cut cain to bring him back and thats basically what it comes down to
  3. like brown, he didnt want to be with the steelers anymore either. there were others too, some are gone some still there im not sure where you got this from. its at least 10-15. maybe more
  4. holding out to change unfair rules and contracts doesnt make one a bad character. getting in random fights in the off season isnt ideal, but nor is it a big deal. top player have random people start crap with them too
  5. they were accused of things and most assumed they were innocent. Zeke has been accused of stuff too, nothing really bad has been proven. yes he got in a fight though
  6. of course there is a disconnect and it goes both ways. i dont need to care if zeke gets in some random altercation. dont do anything heinous, show up and win games and im fine with that. i dont expect or need a team full of perfect saints. the colts have had players get in trouble too, like Mathis and Harrison. Even Peyton was accused of stuff. none of which affected me
  7. personally im not freaking out over what the team says about Luck. the rule says they dont even have to say anything until week 1. if they say he will play 100% weeks in advance and then doesnt, it wont really affect me. people paying to go to that game have a right to be mad though as for Brown, im assuming he will play. its hard to say how i would feel as a raiders fan
  8. but can he keep doing it? i have not seen nearly enough to put him on the top tier yet
  9. yeah and macks potential doesnt make him good yet either. its just that right now, potential
  10. zeke had a minor suspension, so what? we have had suspended players too brown is going to play
  11. hes ok and might be good one day. i have seen flashes but nothing really special yet hell as a team the colts have not been higher than 20th in rushing since peyton was here. none our backs have been that good
  12. yeah the dolphins routinely beat the patriots in miami despite being among the worst teams in the league if you look at the dolphins roster its kind of amazing they managed to win as many games as they did the last few years
  13. Hunt has been better than mack and its not close, he is close to being great. hines hasnt even been good running from the backfield, he was i think third on the team in catches though
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