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  1. i'll say it was the interceptions. the colts dominated most stats besides completion %
  2. i dont know if someone answered in the last 15 hours but AB is signing for a minimal contract. i dont have the exact number but the report said its going to be low
  3. had a nice game today, not going to lie i was a little disappointed up until now
  4. man what a game, going to be funny watching all the takes on here this week
  5. i was talking espn and nfl network when i mentioned analysts, the guys covering the game today are going to be a little different
  6. what a ridiculous game, analysts wont talk about the colts because they have no idea what to say about them
  7. hes somewhat of a fan favorite and a lot of people will give you crap for that pff has never liked him, they have ranked him below average his whole career
  8. that is the kind of play you run when backed up in your endzone
  9. luck has been done since the moment he retired, too many people keeping the hope alive when it should just be dead
  10. its really hard to rank this team or form any sort of expectations
  11. we need more arguing amongst each other in this thread
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