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  1. he was traded to the titans
  2. good receivers would go to waste with him. he likes guys like rogers and doyle who the defense leaves wide open
  3. i saw that, its one writers opinion heres another from BR https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2863797-jacoby-brissett-holding-back-colts-is-present-future-problem-for-indianapolis this one is not as high on him
  4. hes not injured to the point that he cant play anymore, doctors expected him to recover to 100%. im leaning towards quit on team, he also wanted them to take him #1 in the draft a few years back. it would different to me if he wasnt a #1 pick, expectations are going to be high when you ask to be taken there
  5. they will just have to try again next year. teams swing and miss in the draft it happens
  6. they could easily be better than him long term, may not take long either he isnt that special himself be ready for the texans to win the division every year if we keep Jacoby
  7. this is a plea to stop bashing jacoby NFL qbs get criticized on forums like this
  8. they have their opinion, you have yours and i have mine they list how they grade things there are more than 32 because thats how many have played this year.
  9. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-quarterback-rankings-entering-week-14-2019 they dont think much of him either, good weapons would go to waste
  10. i agree with this. we dont have the greatest weapons atm but they wouldnt do much if we did
  11. they have not missed the whole year, he didnt do that much early on either
  12. its a risk but some of them still play a long time and pocket passers get hurt too. Mike vick never really lost his speed for example. Tua wasnt hurt on a running play either as for Jordan love, he can move but he runs less than Luck did hes not a running QB
  13. 4-5 QBs in this class could have IT. its actually a good year for this. they wont look like year one andrew luck but there is a lot of potential here
  14. i think most people would say the titans got lucky with RT. he looked average at best in miami, most would probably say he was below average there i think they will explore what you are saying but i dont see a lot of above average trade able QBs on the market
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