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  1. i dont expect much from this draft class. scouting will be a bigger crap shot than usual and i bet the players themselves are off their game a little
  2. they cant just go from waiver claim to practice squad on another team, he would have to be on their roster a while before they can do that.
  3. agree, they would have to sign him to the opening day roster not just the practice squad i doubt there is that much demand for him right now
  4. will be hard to beat burrow if hes even decent. tua and Herbert dont appear to be day one starters lot of good skill players like taylor and pittman in this class but the Bengals are all in on Joe
  5. if hes injured then they should sit him down. they swore he was ok but it looked something was off Darius was shafted in Madden ratings ftr lol
  6. i dont think we have many truly over rated players because the media hardly talked about this team last year. good players like Castanzo and Leonard dont get mentioned enough Chad doesn't get talked about that much outside of this forum
  7. no one said that, ever. some of us think he might have a shot at beating jacoby if they would give it to him. i think some people here did forget about that, any QB that plays like he did in the saints game should be benched imo. i kind of hope the coaches were tanking the jags game because they along with JB had another really bad game.
  8. good to know. fwiw i think eason would have a high chance of clearing those waivers, a team would have to sign him to their active roster and not just the practice squad. i like jacob, good measurable traits but he was nothing special in college. i doubt teams are tripping over themselves to put him on their opening day roster
  9. Patrick Chung has a baby on the way, im sure hes not the only one in the league like that but its probably affecting his decision
  10. him and kelly could both go to the practice squad, you can protect them there now
  11. i do think they were not going to play him no matter what last year. i say this because JB was horrible in a couple games, especially against the saints. that performance should be unacceptable for a qb yet they let him do it for two straight games. even ty was calling out the team after the jags game, he worked his butt off to come back and his QB crapped the bed pretty hard
  12. most articles i read said he would fall and some thought he could be a 6-7th round pick. im glad we got him, this was supposed to be an interesting camp battle between him and chad. this is not a dead horse topic at all imo, i could see one or both landing on the practice squad for now though. you can protect PS players this year i do think jacoby will be #2 on the roster this year no matter what happens, though next year is very much up in the air for every single QB on the team
  13. just trying to get a good defense again, while they still have Russel Wilson. the draft wasnt getting it done so they made a trade i would not want the colts to trade this much for a safety but i can see why Seattle did it
  14. its just an offseason topic, you start tons of these yourself i think its important, maybe eason is the future starter, maybe chad is actually better than jacoby.
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