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  1. for money, attention, fame... we live in a tmz world where people do this to celebs and athletes all the time you cant be this naive
  2. you can post pretty much anything on instagram that does not mean this is legit at all he wont be cut short of doing something heinous, the cap hit is too high
  3. i dont trust sources like that, that website looked like click bait to me
  4. leaving miami was the best thing that has happened to him. he left one of the worst teams in the league and got sent to the best at the time and won a super bowl. the gase era in miami was a strange time. the team was terrible by most accounts, its kind of amazing they won as many games as they did
  5. wilkins is probably going to be on the bubble, and we might have to cut a good player somewhere the CB, WR and TE groups are crowded too. fwiw i think ajayi would be a good addition, and better than any RB on the team now besides mack
  6. the past would be relevant if they were fielding the same team year after year. they have a lot of new faces and good young players that wont be rookies this year. they are probably the most well rounded team, talent wise in that division right now
  7. do they think hes a max player or something and 18 million a year is a steal?
  8. so turner is too young to have peaked, but sabonis who is basically the same age has peaked? interesting take. turner just isnt good at rebounding and sabonis is, its not complicated i would still trade doma since i dont see them fitting together and turners contract is too big to trade now
  9. this team would be no better with wilson than it is with luck. would probably be worse. the opposite might be true for the seahawks though
  10. i would have been open to trading either one of them if it were up to me. they are both good players with different skill sets that we could build around. i dont see how they fit together though turner would be tough to trade now after getting that contract, thats why there is so much trade sabonis talk
  11. i think most new GMs are looking to turn over a roster and make it fit their vision. colts were one of the youngest teams in the league though, maybe the youngest if you dont count kickers. the browns were also really young and have been through some front office changes themselves
  12. Chuck said he begged for TJ green
  13. i think thats exaggerated, but he does deserve some blame for the Oline. remember though, he drafted kelly, mewhort and thornton. mewhort and thornton were good guards that couldnt stay healthy he drafted a decent running back too that also got hurt and it ended his career. we still have not hit top 20 in rushing with ballard either. Grigson was also hamstrung with a questionable coaching staff that he didnt pick
  14. gurley was hurt. not sure he would have won the game for them but it probably would have changed the score board
  15. sean mcvay went 11-5 with the rams a few years ago. youngest rookie head coach in quite some time too
  16. pacers have never signed a free agent that went on to make an all star game here maybe thats true for other teams i dont know, but i know we have not had a top 5 pick since the 80s too. i think they are the only team in the league that hasnt had a high pick in that long its getting frustrating watching this team follow the formula and it never works
  17. his best move was Reich and worst was McDainels to me. kind of ironic how tied together they were Nelson was a great pick, i would have taken him there too. Darius Leonard was going to be a genius or * move for Ballard, he deserves praise for going against the grain and being right on that one
  18. yes you can separate the two, and no those contracts did not kill them at all those problems you listed are not because of cap space. their best WR, running back and Oline players were hurt. that would make most teams look bad. its funny that you are trying to blame that on cap management. the Oline has the talent to be top 10 at least if they are healthy. they had 3 starters miss a combined 26 games.
  19. I'd be shocked if the Pacers traded for Lonzo Ball. they have said way too much crap about small markets for that would he even fit very well with victor? hes not a shooter, and they both like to have the ball a lot
  20. Wison has had some pretty conservative offensive coaches too, while Luck has had a couple of coordinators that were all about throwing it deep and taking chances. i guess both have had pretty poor Olines if you look at just last year, Wison again had a very high rating but Luck had 1000 more yards in the same number of games played, plus a few more TDs, and a higher %.
  21. player decisions and cap management are two different things. you are mixing them together and using that to say that im wrong. none of the contracts have killed them cap wise. my original comment was they are good at managing their cap space which is true. they have made some questionable player decisions though, and i believe hurns just wanted out of there
  22. about the jaguars... yes they have made bad moves, thats not what i was getting at i was referring to how it hasnt really hurt them or stopped them from making more moves pretty much every year. cap space can be over rated sometimes, its very much a year to year league and when they needed to make a big move for a QB this year they still got it done. they will be tight on space during the season, and then clear more space to make another move when they want to
  23. we are in a division that likes to run too. the titans and texans ranked 7th and 8th in rushing yards, while the colts and jaguars were 19th and 20th. that was down year for the jaguars, the previous year they were top 5
  24. because they made it clear they want to keep turner. they are not trading him
  25. they dont plan on picking high in the draft anyway. this was probably a good move
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