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  1. lot of over reactions here, im not even mad we have a real starter now, chad is irrelevant its true. i hope jacoby doesnt start here anymore as well
  2. read that article i posted, he proceeded to play two more games like that chad would have been more entertaining. im not some ultra conservative that cant get over his petty charges
  3. for those that forgot https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/nfl/colts/2019/12/16/colts-vs-saints-jacoby-brissett-hits-rock-bottom-blowout-loss/2633799001/
  4. no why would it be? i guess you didnt watch the games in question. the saints game was an embarrassing bench worthy performance, i guess you didnt see it
  5. they will probably look for a coach before a trade, then see what they could get for him later during the draft or something wouldnt be shocked if he does come back and then ends up sitting a while next year
  6. this isnt a church group though, his charges were mostly dropped and petty. guys have done MUCH worse and kept playing jacoby lost me with how he played in new Orleans, should have been benched for that. instead we saw two more games of it.
  7. i think you would have to go with where they played the longest to have this discussion, or at least where they won the most i dont think we could have peyton in denver or brady on the bucs. deion sanders would be a though one, he played for 5 different teams, and three of them 4 years a piece
  8. watch the last three games from last year
  9. eh, no on will really miss him just got tired of watching jacoby struggle so bad late last year. 3-4 of those games were awful, chad could have done no worse. re watch the saints and jaguars games if you dont believe me rivers is the present and near future
  10. bunch of reports that Victor is requesting a trade now. i have a hard time seeing him recover and play like he did before anyway. i say move him, take the best we can get Lakers in 6 sounds about right
  11. this looks like drews last year imo, which means tom will get the records in the long run
  12. they have had a hard schedule while colts have played 3 of the worst teams not a lot to gather from that tbh
  13. i disagree too wilkins always comes in against tired defenses or garbage time.
  14. talented player but has been hurt a lot and has not brought a lot of value to our cover two defense. he could go either way in free agency, there may not be a big market for him but he could also be one of the better safetys to hit the market
  15. he did get hurt in college, put off surgery until after the season
  16. the name was racist but i still believe it was mostly feigned outrage and few people actually cared
  17. they beat the colts week 17 last year, this team isnt good enough to over look anyone. i know we switched qbs but PR went 5-11 last year himself
  18. was rooting for the texans, the chiefs are a bigger road block than them this year for the colts
  19. i'll say under to that one Marlon mack 950 rushing yards
  20. well im not a cap expert, so i dont understand what rolling over cap space to the future could mean if you are correct so what does it mean?
  21. thats not the way i understand it. if what you say is true then what does rolling over cap space even mean? what i do know is that cap money can be rolled over to some degree. it seems to me that 20 million could have been spent on someone else next year.
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