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  1. Not worried about it, but considering we won 4 games last year without our starting QB, what the heck? Btw....I have watched his rankings ever since, and every week, we had the lowest rankings of teams that we shared the same record with....until this week. I would have placed them around 23 to 24. New coaching staff that starts with a head coach that was part of the last years SB winning staff, gets a 2 win bump regardless of who plays QB, and a 6 win team does not deserve 32nd.
  2. I find Elliot Harrison's preseason ranking of the Colts @ 32nd to be my fave....
  3. Four2itus

    Deon Cain

    The real question, is...would he name his kids, Lido, Nova, and Co?
  4. Four2itus

    Do you think this was a good year?

    Interesting that this is a question. In my world, can't see a way that its not a good year. If we lost the rest of the games, it would be disappointing, but still a good year.
  5. Four2itus

    NFL Playoff Machine

    Ya'll scaring me with this prediction * .
  6. If one is considering today's treating of the home town team, it is unfortunately becoming standard. But is has become more desensitized and cruel than in years past. Of course the home town paper should not coddle the team, but throwing them under the bus serves only one sell more papers and clicks to those seeking entertainment in the form of "look at the *". I don't respect the paper for doing it, and I respect the constituency who appreciates it even less.
  7. Four2itus

    Heard on Monday Night Football

    Just reading his name made my blood pressure rise....
  8. Four2itus

    Colts Defense now ranked 11th in NFL.

    If I was to rate defenses as: bad poor average good great elite....... Then I would say the Colts are average, trending to good. I guess it's all how one rates the word "good".
  9. Four2itus

    Any idea when Jalen Collins will see some game action?

    Honestly, I don't think he'll hit the field as a Colt. Just my gut feeling.
  10. Four2itus

    Dang Texans have a shot at a bye week .

    Let's win the next game.
  11. Nothing confusin about it, padre. Just fans wantin a pound of flesh each time they have to suffer a loss. You know how awful that is for a fan? Lol...
  12. I think the fact we are missing a starting TE, and a legit #2 WR, allows these d-line rich teams in our division to spy a bit more into the backfield.
  13. Four2itus

    Running Back

    Probably not a traditional #1. But I would add that Shaun Alexander was a #1 RB......until Walter Jones retired and Steve Hutchinson went to the Vikings.
  14. Hadn't thought of this until I read the title. Now I'm like....
  15. He coaches. Ballard builds it.