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  1. Yes.....but he is last. WR or no, the discourse by some around here is that he was a better option than Rivers. Do you think Rivers would be last if he were on the Patriots?
  2. Back to the intent of the thread...........no one answered this question....so I'll answer myself to the most honest of my abilities. Of this list, the only QB's that I would consider franchise possibles, were..... Bledsoe - 48 starts Fitzpatrick - 53 starts So, that means 101 starts by a franchise caliber QB in 20 years out of a total 304 starts. that is just shy of 33% of the time.
  3. I like to see how young QB's perform near the end of year two. They usually face a film adjusted approach on defense every week, and we get to see how they in turn.... up their game.
  4. First of all, the flaw with this logic is the casually used phrase of, "a few seasons". The idea of giving up several picks to win now, means giving up high picks to replace Castonzo and Hilton, not to mention Houston and Doyle. Reality says that it would be far more than a few years. Further more, this view fails to acknowledge the expectations of the front office. Every week.....every week, they are expected to trot out a viable product for fans to watch, root for, and spend their hard earned dollars on. Reality also says that a significant portion of fans would sour on going to gam
  5. So your saying, Earl didn't have an Morralls?
  6. For a stretch for time, Cam had a better arm than Rivers has ever possessed when it comes to arm strength. Cam has for most of his career been a far better athlete than Rivers has ever been. But when it comes to quarterbacking a team, Rivers has been better for most of his career, and I do not believe that Cam will close the gap.
  7. Sorry, I thought you were posting as it relates to who we are getting or passing on the FA market. BTW, how cold is it on Mars.
  8. I don't often agree with your takes, but this is spot on. (except the bold...it was done the instant it happened. It is not and has not been an option since he walked)
  9. and there is also the leadership piece. I think that flies big with Frank. Rivers is a leader from what I have seen and read.
  10. How is J Taylor feeling about how he is progressing through his first season?
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