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  1. Four2itus

    Turay working his butt off's a monsta...
  2. I am pretty excited about Turay's development with a full off season that may include influence from Robert Mathis. Between DL, WR, and S...I feel the least comfortable with our S depth.
  3. Four2itus

    Jihad Ward Video

    It takes power to do that.
  4. Sounds about right what I was thinking Ditto Although that would make it pretty boring around here, it certainly would make more sense to me from a legit approach stance than say....criticizing a GM of the year before anything is actually proven.
  5. 2 years, 7.6...3 guaranteed. He seems to be the exact kind of locker room presence the Colts desire. His play is worth re-signing, and I believe this year he stays healthy after a very unfortunate injury. It appears that if he is re-signed, Ballard thinks so too.
  6. Four2itus

    Future Salary Cap Use

    So how many of those other GM's had a year like Ballard last year? It wasn't just a good draft, it was historically good.
  7. Four2itus

    Would (Could) the Colts consider a trade in round 1?

    I wanted Nelson at 3, why would I entertain the idea we would use draft picks to miss him? I think Burns would be a great addition to an established defense, but not enough junk in the trunk imo for this D at this time. So to quote The Simpsons....Booourns. Oh yes, I almost forgot.....Elway sucks.
  8. Four2itus

    It's Big Q's Birthday!

    Suddenly, I smell maple syrup....
  9. Four2itus

    Luke Rhodes Signs Exclusive Rights Tender

    Nice job, Luke. Dude is cut, physically.
  10. Four2itus

    Talks with Geathers this week

    I would be too....I said 5 guaranteed...
  11. Four2itus

    BPA Advocates

    Hell, I'd be excited.
  12. Four2itus

    Talks with Geathers this week

    3 years, 17.5, 5 guaranteed.
  13. Four2itus

    Colts Corner trade rumours

    Naa...big cities stink.
  14. Four2itus

    Improved or status Q ?

    I seriously doubt the bolded...unequivocally.
  15. Four2itus

    Improved or status Q ?

    And..... Ballard said, "It's never about one guy".