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  1. Um, no. Just as there are fans who will do the same as you if the Colts dump a bunch of cash on the wrong FA QB or reach in the first round for a QB. oh...there's a lot of answers around here....but they're mostly emotionally motivated, and severely lacking in scope. ...and Fran Tarkington....and Randall Cunningham....and Michael Vick..... Spot on. This has to be, to me, a most astounding statement. Being a playoff team is THE goal. What the bloody hell....
  2. I'll up that comment. "I'd rather Peyton retire as a Bronco, than to have Brady become a Colt". Take that you Brady lickers.
  3. Just wow. I mean, I cannot understand hoping the team you follow is the worst team in the league next year. Like the next year after that will be some magical elixer?
  4. Don't you get it! I want to be mad about 7-9! Don't throw any positive shade on me! Get oughta here with this average is ok crap! Lol....I actually cracked myself up typing that.
  5. Your choice in #3 should have "Develop from within", which is an avenue. But, it's your poll.
  6. You have an odd definition of average. There are currently 77 QB's employed in the NFL. By your definition, all but six are average or below. Yes, I know you said this team. There is absolutely no way to know for at least a couple of years Spot on. I agree totally.
  7. Both teams were injured. We played a great game. The point isn't to anoint, but to observe that living in gloom is certainly a choice, albeit a choice from many options of how you see this team as a fan. Some tend to choose real and disappointed/depressed/angry....and I choose hopeful and excited. Make your choice and wallow in it. I make snow angels in my hopeful path.
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