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  1. QB OT C 5 tech in a 3/4 Or....... 3 tech in a 4/3 WR FS MLB in a 4/3 Or.......Solb in a 3/4
  2. I am genuinely without a clear idea of how this will go. I usually have at least some sense of what will happen, but this matchup at this time, is really exciting.
  3. Just to clarify, that crowd includes every front office in the NFL at this point.
  4. I made a mistake in my first thread, so I am posting it again. I was too late to edit. Here goes.... This matchup is likely going to help define either team for the first half of the season. The Colts get a week off for the bye, and boy do they need the healing time. The Texans go into Arrowhead this week, and they are either going to take advantage of the hurting we gave the Chiefs and get a win, or they are going to run into a * off buzzsaw. If the Texans get the win and then manage to beat the Colts, they will be in the drivers seat and get the recognition. If they lose the the Chiefs, and then lose at Lucas Oil the next week, The Colts will (likely) be in the drivers seat and get the recognition. I say likely, because the Texans bye week (10) is the same week we play the Dolphins at home. I don't know for sure because "Any Given Sunday", but it is very possible that we gain a win on them that week. At the time of this post, the Texans have the 10th ranked offense, and have faced the defenses ranked: Saints (Away) - 21st (in the week they played per Fox stats) Current ranking - 14th Jaguars (Home) - 7th (in the week they played per Fox stats) Current ranking - 24th Chargers (Away) - 18th (in the week they played per Fox stats) Current ranking - 11th Panthers (Home) - 20th (in the week they played per Fox stats) Current ranking - 8th Falcons - (Home) - 18th (in the week they played per Fox stats) Current ranking - 23rd The Colts are currently 15th in defense. The Texans had an even point differential through week four (points scored vs points allowed) and exploded in week 5.
  5. Pats will lose one.....to the Colts, in the playoffs.
  6. I am fairly confident that if the coaches and front office felt that Hale would be the level of player Jack Doyle is after this season, there would be no way in hell he would have been exposed to the practice squad. He's got the gumption, but he ain't no Jack Freakin Doyle. However, I hope the kid reaches his full potential.
  7. I would love to see Andrew being part of the team in the future. No, not as QB. The man said, and looks, like he is done. However, I love our former players being part of the team, be it a coach, a scout, or a liaison. I thing this year would be too soon, just from the distraction aspect. Love what you brought to this franchise, Andrew. You will always be appreciated by a great deal of Colts fans.
  8. Well said, friend. I think organ rupture fits outside of the category of "boo-boo".
  9. Chiefs planet is a cesspool of immature, directionless, anger filled, juveniles. I cuss some of the * time. The filter takes care of it for me! Just don't try to circumvent it to make sure people know what word you used. ya, I shall keep my responses un-repeated. The ignore feature can be your friend. Not sure, but sometimes folks are just..... ENTP — Extraversion (E), Intuition (N), Thinking (T), Perception (P) "The Debater” A personality type who loves to bicker. They have fun seeing how far they can go in an argument before the other person breaks.
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