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  1. This thread has run its course and morphed into something entirely different.
  2. It would be my guess that the Steeler front office is high fiving right now. "Dodged a huge bullet....gentlemen"
  3. No, but he is a shoe-in for the Hall of Shame.
  4. Exactly, I did mean "top of the market" deal.
  5. Every year this happens, but it is not said enough. He likely knows he doesn't have the leverage to get a new deal. But he has enough leverage to save wear and tear till the real games start.
  6. Well, if I dated a woman for a while and she said she wanted to date other people because I didn't quite cut it, I wouldn't feel the same if she called back later down the road. Are we so sure that if we called Inman, he would want to come back to possibly get cut again? I feel like we have more talent now than when he was not signed.
  7. If Brissett is never traded, which is what is going to happen, I wonder what the total number of posts and hours dedicated to this subject will have occurred since he was signed by the Colts?
  8. Time for my same first of the year gif.....
  9. I see him comment on positive stuff all the time. Isn't a lot of that being posted currently.
  10. Sadly, there will be no end. But, the season will soon start. At least there is that.....
  11. You are welcomed to continue to share this rhetoric, but it doesn't make it so. I am so thankful at how transparent this franchise has been. They have shared more than they should....and this is a perfect example. Like I have used as an example many times, you can feel really betrayed by McDonald's. Heck, you can even picket out front of their businesses. Unfortunately, folks will likely tell you to get out of the way so they can get to their food. If the Colts were truly trying to hide something, in most cases, you would not even know about it. Furthermore, I checked the front and back of a ticket stub for a Colts game. It basically says you can get in to watch the game. That's it. Never been a season ticket holder but I doubt that the paperwork that comes with that promises any kind of disclosure either. It appears that you and a great many others feel wronged, but from where I stand, it looks like your only recourse is to stop supporting? No, I am not being flippant.
  12. You are a good poster, and pretty knowledgeable about the game. But the above comment is way off base, IMO. Saying that they don't know when Luck will be able to play again when they are pretty certain he will be able to play game one....could be described as instilling panic. The panic that is prevalent at this time is the result of guessing, finger pointing, accusing, and gossiping. The team is not instilling panic...folks are doing it to themselves.
  13. Of course you can view it that way. But your only way of actually affecting the franchise, is speaking with your wallet. Any complaining done here....valid or invalid...has zero affect, only affects other posters. Any fan has a right to their opinion, in the appropriate forum. Some may complain about the franchise. I mostly complain about how many fans view the franchise. In all, I would hope we are all Colt fans. But not all of us view the information given out by the franchise as a "right".
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