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  1. Four2itus

    No International Games for Colts in 2019

    I love the Colts brethren on here. I hope for their sake they get another Colt game.
  2. Four2itus

    Dallas Clark

    Welcome and look forward to more of your posts!
  3. Four2itus

    No International Games for Colts in 2019

    Like it or not, there is very little chance, imo, that this league does not go global.
  4. Four2itus

    PFF's Top 5 Graded Colts 2018 - Offense

    Tell you what, though.....thank the universe that Ballard signed Sheard.
  5. Well, I have to admit, the post, playoff run finger pointing is not as bad this year as it has been in the past when the season ended. In all, it seems quite chipper!
  6. I would guess the hours worked is less at the College level. Could just be he doesn't want the grind.
  7. Four2itus

    Lessons learned from Chiefs game

    I learned going on the road against a rested team and having likely tired rookies at several important positions, is a recipe for a reality game. Nothing monumental as I see it, just a young team that ran out of gas. We'll be back.
  8. Four2itus

    Per James Jones (SD WR) Reid > BB

    I'm trying to picture myself on a Pats forum, making light of received hatred, or insinuations of self perceived morality....................tryin for ya brother..............tryin................ (squeezing temples with concentration)........................... Nope, just can't do it. But you are right, it is just a game.
  9. Four2itus

    Per James Jones (SD WR) Reid > BB

    I try to not butt in on other conversations, but I can't refrain on this one. I only am saddened by one thing regarding the's most of their fans. This response by you is a perfect example. A Pats fan, here, posting this, is the absolute clear definition of a Brady/BB era Pats fan. You likely won't believe it, but I would not trade the experiences/fortunes of our teams. Not for anything. Stock up on good vibes during the last years of your dominance. It's going to be a long....cold...winter in the future.
  10. Nothing remotely near the NW.
  11. Four2itus

    Rick Venturi on JMV

    So many fans just refuse to believe that. Fantasy football, FA, and Madden have made fans into buy/sell and trade fans. All good, but lost in the NFL movement to the aforementioned aspects of the sport, has been the value of team. Ballard has thankfully brought it back to the proud Colt franchise.
  12. Four2itus

    Rick Venturi on JMV

    Preach it!
  13. Four2itus

    Letter from Frank Reich to Colts fans

    Check the sig....