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  1. Great! Let's see how long their team stays together....
  2. Nothing specific in this thread, but just the premise. I am far from being an insensitive person, but it really feels like we are full lilt in the opposite direction, becoming wayyyyy to sensitive. Water finds it's own level. I was never offended at the policies at Augusta (I feel it is their choice), but I also chose to not watch events at their grounds on TV because of their policies.
  3. We as people are losing our freaking minds.
  4. You know who assumes that everyone cheats? That's right........
  5. A new Olympic sport. Friar bumpin!
  6. Preach it! Wish we could have a beer sometime. I like the way you roll.
  7. Alright....I'll be the unpopular opinion. What if this is the new norm...virus wise. What if by slowing the spread of the virus, it helps the virus to mutate again.....and again....and again. At what point would the cost of the future, outweigh the cost of the present? Tell me, how successfully has mankind controlled viruses? I know this is a thread about 19's effect on the NFL. But it is impossible to discuss it without it becoming more.
  8. I have never been upset that Luck retired. I have zero negative feelings about it. I feel fortunate that I got to see him QB my Colts. Incredibly impressed with Chris. He is forthcoming, not grumpy, determined, and he does what he speaks. Since he has been mentioned, I'll just say that I find Bill B to be a cheater. Period. And I dont give a flying flack how many games or championships he has coached. Character matters. Honor matters. Honesty matters.
  9. There is a forum for gaming.
  10. I am a Polian fan, but this would never happen under his watch.
  11. For me, if next season was a huge disappointment, that disappointment would not be increased because I got excited before the season started. In fact, just the opposite....I would at least have truly enjoyed the offseason. To each their own.....
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