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  1. This game is no different than any other game. they are all extremely important. When and if the Colts are mathematically eliminated...the playoffs will be out of the picture. Even then, the team will be trying to win every down, every quarter, every game.
  2. I think the team would get more value in a pick than they would a player at this time of the season.
  3. Shhhhh.....some folks here actually think that suggestions here......get read by the team. Better yet......that they might act on those suggestions......
  4. It was a joke about Ballard seemingly responsible for everything. It was in response to the title of the thread, not where fans seem to need to take everything.
  5. Were you supportive of Hooker while he was here?
  6. I was commenting about Blackmon being injured. If the thread was called, "Why don't the Colts have enough S depth", I wouldn't have posted that.
  7. I suppose this is Ballard's fault too? Na.....it must be Frank's.....
  8. So you've made the assessment that the Colts did not invest proper patience in Eason from............your couch? You could be right, but how would we as fans know?
  9. No offense, but that does not stop teams in the least. My guess is they refer to their own scouting on the guy...not the other teams ability to develop.
  10. Kiss 76 Portland Coliseum ACDC 79 Powerage Tour Portland Coliseum I was there.
  11. This must be Ballard's fault too.
  12. He's getting his phsyc back after having media sessions where there were nearly no questions about football, but all about Covid.
  13. Hey, winning by 4 TD's doesn't matter. It's HOW you win...............
  14. Texas Flood - SRV Moving Pictures - Rush Back in Black - ACDC Shout out to U2 War, Brothers in Arms Dire Straits, and Synchronicity Police. That's most of the good that came out of 80's music. The 70's had so many great albums released, it's too big to list. Of course, each person loves their era.
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