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  1. Are these thoughts anywhere close to the mark?: Sometimes I have heard the term "long" used. They'll say is guy is long. meaning perhaps... if a DL for instance is attacking a particular gap, can shed and leap, perhaps deflecting a pass not directly over his head. There is height, arm length, and the two can combine for freakish catching/deflecting ability.
  2. An XFL candidate in his future. Could be wrong, but muscled up WR's don't exactly light the world on fire...
  3. Fitzpatrick is not a garbage quarterback. No QB who has started that many games in the NFL is garbage. Poor choice of adjectives. JMO....
  4. Trade up : Clelin Ferrill Stay put : Cody Ford Trade down : Dalton Risner
  5. Castonzo and Doyle are prime needs to replace in the future. For now, they ballin....
  6. You play who is on the schedule.
  7. 4 of 5 at home after the bye.......yesssss
  8. So I have the Rams pick and it looks like it will be tomorrow. I am west coast and I open my business at 11 am. That's 2pm to most of you. If I am not back to my computer at work by the time the Rams pick is up, feel free to select for me.
  9. With the 124th pick, The Seattle Seahawks select: Jalen Jelks, Edge, Oregon. Need, and a regional pick.
  10. I am back online and will be happy to take back over the Rams and Seahawks.
  11. Announcement....my best friend is moving and just rolled his ankle this morning. He's pretty much on a crutch. I will be taking over for him with another friend the next two days so could someone make my selections for the Rams and Seahawks? Very sorry, but I will be in and out of bad coverage and likely working my * off. I can take back over if you need after about 7pm Pacific on Tues night.
  12. I find it interesting when fans use terms that describe the extreme. For clarification, some definition.. Negativistic: The practice or habit of being skeptical, critical, or pessimistic, especially toward the views or suggestions of others. Blind Optimism: To be optimistic without any reason. So if a player is drafted/picked up via FA/traded for....etc, the only true REALIST, is one who posts with neither of the above definitions. A realist would state, "It might be good, or it might be bad". Using the stance that one is not a blind optimist...therefore a realist, is simply not true. The opposite is also true.
  13. With the 31st selection in the 2019 Gavin Mock Draft 2, the Los Angeles Rams select........ Jerry Tillery, DT, Notre Dame
  14. With the 21st pick in the 2019 Gavin Mock Draft v2.0, the Seattle Seahawks select................ Johnathan Abram, S, Mississippi St.
  15. Let's hope he can get a year that is injury free to reset his game.
  16. I think you are confusing running game, with RB position. I was responding to someone else's post regarding upgrading the RB position. Carolina has a great "running game" because their QB is a massive part of that. Had the post I quoted referred to "running game", I would have responded differently. Also like to point out that the greatest RB in the league last year scored zero points against us. So much for having that vaunted running RB....
  17. We had the 6th ranked rusher. In a perfect world, all positions need an upgrade. I would consider the RB position to be one that is solid, while other positions get upgraded first.
  18. I love it when fans state that a player has to reach (blank), team has to get (blank) many wins, or I'll be unhappy. It seems pretty obvious that unhappy already exists by the mere existence of the post.
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