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  1. No I would not trade draft capital in the first round to draft a second round receiver.
  2. This interesting. I see him as a strong side Defensive End. I don't think he has the awareness in space to play off and he doesn't have natural bend nor step to compete with Left Tackles. He's got a high ceiling as a strong side guy but I'm not sure I'd spend a first on a guy I'm probably not putting on the weak side. I'm a * poor evaluator of edge rushers though (my hit rate has to be below 40% lol) so who knows.
  3. I've never hated Metcalf and I hope he succeeds but I find myself questioning why spend a first round pick on a proven one trick pony? It would be different if he had amazing hands and a system that showed he could do more than what he showed but the facts are he doesn't and he didn't. Imo if I'm a GM I'm in the business of finding dynamic players based on factual evidence with talent and production. I'm not a fortune teller... But it is true you could gamble on this guy and strike gold. I'd just say if my job depended on it I would take Butler Brown or Neal before I'd take Metcalf. Either way I hope he does big things in this league because he seems like a good kid (just not with an AFC team please).
  4. Who wouldn't want AB?... Hmm let's see 30 of the 32 teams that refused to give up a first for him might have a say. Or maybe the 29 of 32 teams that were unwilling to also give him a contract. Oh and of course the team trying to trade him... AB is a cancer. He may have been fueled by Ben but there's no denying he's a cancer and no one pays top dollar for cancer except the dunces. "Que Raiders signing announcement"
  5. If only McCoy was 4 years younger and Josh Allen could throw more than 30% of NFL throws they'd be super bowl favorites. Let's hope AB is happy there where Allen will over/under throw him by a mile... Lol
  6. Great write up! I like Butler alot. I don't think he's the best receiver in this draft but I have him highly rated. I'm down on Metcalf. I tried liking him. Heck even his combine measurables were eye popping but no matter what I do I just don't see nor feel an NFL quality receiver. I'm a huge fan of Brown and Harry though. Imo they are 1A and 1B in this draft.
  7. Yet again we find ourselves in complete agreement. Harry is my favorite receiver prospect in this draft. He's going to surprise people. He wasn't used properly in AZ State and still succeeded. Imo he and Brown are the 2 best receivers in this draft. And it isn't really close. Those are my only 2 receivers that I have a first round grade with Butler a fringe first/second.
  8. Surge89

    Inman wants to end his career with the colts

    Resign Inman and draft Humphries or Harry. Sit back and enjoy.
  9. I'm super lucky. The kids parents aren't bad (not perfect but no where near the horror stories I hear from other coaches in my area. Many quit after one or 2 years. I think my biggest qualm is if they are going to choose another sport every season because in my area softball is King...
  10. How does it feel to step away from youth coaching? I'm dreading that day I enjoy it way too much. I've been coaching youth soccer for the past 8 years. I have a U11G team that feels like I have 11 daughters lol. I've found that if you gather bunch of good kids with the desire to play that no matter their talent level they can succeed. I think that's one of the biggest joys for me is developing then into what they can be.
  11. Surge89

    Philip Rivers or Eli Manning To The HoF?

    What would that argument be? Honest curiosity.
  12. Whoa.... Someone who pays attention... Thank you for typing a paragraph I didn't have to lol.
  13. I have a feeling that if we ever meet in real life we would get along just fine lol. Of course we could never talk college football lol!