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  1. Nice Strat! I'm an LP man myself but can always appreciate a good guitar. His collection is legendary.
  2. I highly doubt that's who Ballard was after. I also am willing to bet Jacobs was never an option in the first. The guy he wanted was Savage. And with Savage gone he had to go his next tier which had plenty so that means trade down.
  3. This is why these types of drafts are what build dynasties. When you have an entire team of above average talent you have depth. Now you don't need a star player to carry your team your team as a whole is just better than everyone else because they don't depend on a single player. Loving this draft. The only question I have is on Ben simply because I just don't know the player (wish I could have seen more players this draft season ..) but if you think Ballard didn't do well this draft I'm not sure what to tell you. We got better everywhere we needed to be better at.
  4. Anyone know anything on Ben?
  5. Wish list? 34) AJ Brown. He's there best receiver in the class and the only one with a first aside from N'Keal Harry 37) Byron Murpy. Give the Giants a 4th to move up and take Byron Murphy 59) Charles Omenihu. Value is value. I'd love to take one of the safeties but we can get Hooker in the 3rd so that'll be fine.
  6. Dang it my favorite receiver goes to the Pats... Ugh. At least we still have a chance at Taylor, Byron Murphy and AJ Brown. To think there's a universe where we can get two of these guys without having a first round pick is insane. Cody Ford, Campbell, Samuel, Ferguson, Adderly, Thornhill, Butler, Hooker the amount of talent that is left is insane. I love drafts that are loaded in the second and third rounds :-).
  7. Nope. From round 1 pick 20 to about round 3 pick 30 the players will all be of comparable talent.
  8. Injuries are just part of it. At Texas he'd flash (for a play or sometimes even a quarter) and then be terrible for weeks. He just has a huge problem being consistent and it doesn't help that he's oft injured which resets it every time.
  9. You are mistakingly treating all drafts the same. This draft has a lot of really good talent in the second and third rounds why not take advantage of the strength of the draft? Last year the talent was much more normal and spread out which is the reason we came away with good finds. Every draft is different. Either way it's unrealistic to say he's going to trade all 3 latter picks to get back into the 2nd and 3rd round. But it wouldn't surprise me if our first became an additional second and third or our fourth became an additional third in some capacity. No matter what we should have a good haul.
  10. Don't put any faith on Johnson. He's been promising and then dissappointing since college and hasn't done anything to change that.
  11. To me this is not the draft that the colts need to pick up an immediate starter. This is the draft to fill out the team with great talent in the 2nd 3rd and 4th string players. You stay put where you are at with your first three picks and use your 5th 6th and 7th rounder to get back into the second and third rounds. Grab some Dlinemen receivers and some safeties and let them compete. If we are cutting 4th round picks that means the entire team's talent level is rising and that's excellent. This is the type of draft you can start a dynasty with if you play your cards right.
  12. AJ Brown and N'Keal Harry are a cut above the rest as of now. Both have potential to grow. I'd say they are the highest percentage bets.
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