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  1. So when you speak 3-4 and 4-3 you are talking about front alignment. Or in other words how the defensive line and linebackers sit. When we talk cover 2/man/zone/cover 3 we are talking defensive back coverages and how they are approaching the receivers. Zone consists of playing areas with "zone" responsibilities for both the corners and safeties/linebackers while man is more of a one vs one scenario and the safety plays a coverage top. It is definitely plausible to mix and match these concepts and is part of what Indy is trying to do in order to become a higher tier defense. When you can disguise coverages it makes it hard for the QB to get a pre-snap read which usually leads to turnovers and sacks.
  2. Dang it my favorite receiver goes to the Pats... Ugh. At least we still have a chance at Taylor, Byron Murphy and AJ Brown. To think there's a universe where we can get two of these guys without having a first round pick is insane. Cody Ford, Campbell, Samuel, Ferguson, Adderly, Thornhill, Butler, Hooker the amount of talent that is left is insane. I love drafts that are loaded in the second and third rounds :-).
  3. Nope. From round 1 pick 20 to about round 3 pick 30 the players will all be of comparable talent.
  4. AJ Brown and N'Keal Harry are a cut above the rest as of now. Both have potential to grow. I'd say they are the highest percentage bets.
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