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  1. Whoa.... Someone who pays attention... Thank you for typing a paragraph I didn't have to lol.
  2. I have a feeling that if we ever meet in real life we would get along just fine lol. Of course we could never talk college football lol!
  3. Surge89

    Some Day After Thoughts to Share.....

    We stopped them the entire 3rd quarter... The defense played great relative to the opponent and did their job the entire second half. That was mostly because Leonard decided to start playing the game instead of running himself out of it. Literally 3 straight plays were made off Leonard within the first 5 minutes of the game. The theme continued until the second half where he started playing much more disciplined which in turn made the defense actually work again.
  4. Surge89

    Some Day After Thoughts to Share.....

    1. Agreed. 2. Agree somewhat. I'll touch on this later. 3. Disagree. We needed to empower the line and you don't do that by playing into the fact that they are teeing off. Once luck had a batted pass they should have ran about 4 straight and let luck try and draw them offside. 4. Agreed. Anyone who thinks Reich needs to go is rediculous and full of emotion (of course I was that way too so I understand lol). 5. Yes he was. My goodness was that embarrassing. I'm not sure I hold the optimism you do as this may be what we deal with from here on out. But the degradation of the arm was apparent. 6. No. Ballard will stay the course. But don't be shocked if we take a receiver in the first. It will be great value with how the draft is starting to line up. 7. Agreed. I just wish the team looked even remotely like the team I watched this year. Then the game wouldn't have stung so bad. My biggest issue with the game was that our best players on both sides of the ball looked terrible and the team felt it. The defense started actually playing lights out when Leonard finally settled down which is understandable for him as a rookie but to have luck be the same and at no point did he really recover was severely dissappointing. Either way I'm excited for the future but cautious on the quality of luck going forward for an entire season.
  5. Surge89

    The Day After Analysis........ 2 Cents from Deano

    Eh... I'm a huge Leonard fan have been since the draft but he played like utter crap in Houston and the first half of the KC game. Notice when he settled down and played his position instead of trying to be a hero the defense started shutting down KC in the second half. Leonard is great but he is not above reproach. His regular season success is nice and all but you have to bring it in the post season and Leonard did not until the very end.
  6. Surge89

    Andrew’s poor short throws

    Lmao how jaded your memory is. Marvin disappeared in the playoffs moreso than Peyton. And while Peyton was effected by weather he never looked scared and threw lame armed 5 yard passes. Manning's wobblers were the ones he chunked 20 yards and at least forced it near the player.
  7. Delusional. That defense was bad luck just played terribly. Played scared honestly. Regular season QB.
  8. For all those who kept calling Manning a regular season QB should watch Andrew Luck in the post season. I finally for once praise him and comes out throwing like a pansy. Definition of scared.
  9. Yes. He isn't playing like he did the entire regular season. This is his second game in a row that he's the worst player on our defense. If you want to give him a pass because he has past glory go ahead. But imo he needs to be benched for someone who doesn't overrun plays and take himself out of plays.
  10. Bench freaking Leonard. He's terrible again.
  11. At least Anthony Walker is trying. To bad his counterpart looks terrible and lost.
  12. He was great during the season. But he's been absolute trash the playoff games. Just do your freaking job. Quit running yourself out of plays. Every single big play the chiefs make it's on Leonard. He's again the worst player on the defense for a 2nd game in a row.
  13. He was the worst player on the defense last week. Don't kid yourself. If Walker didn't step up his game massively it would have been more noticeable. And in this game it's the same. He's literally taking himself out of plays.
  14. My goodness Leonard has looked terrible these playoff games.
  15. Yeah when I used to play the best and most entertaining games were in the elements. Anything can happen.