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  1. So when you speak 3-4 and 4-3 you are talking about front alignment. Or in other words how the defensive line and linebackers sit. When we talk cover 2/man/zone/cover 3 we are talking defensive back coverages and how they are approaching the receivers. Zone consists of playing areas with "zone" responsibilities for both the corners and safeties/linebackers while man is more of a one vs one scenario and the safety plays a coverage top. It is definitely plausible to mix and match these concepts and is part of what Indy is trying to do in order to become a higher tier d
  2. I'm a hypocrite because I graduated? Dang man now I feel super confused
  3. Lmao. You are quite funny. Because I call him a quitter I feel strongly? I guess? I mean life is gonna continue and it effects me very little. What does effect me and (I actually agree with you it probably shouldn't) is how much everyone is idolizing this quitter and saying it's ok. For some reason that irks me. Oh well have fun assuming all you want about me. It shows how out of depth you really are.
  4. Lmao how would you know? Just because you wanna play the game and assume everything about me, I'll bring you into the light. I worked for 4 years at an oilfield company where my life was at risk every day. Whether it was pressure or joints or explosions. I did this because in my area the only way in which you can afford college is to go to the oilfield. I did this while having the highest marks of my entire computer engineer class and also being a college level soccer player who was invited to play at the ODP (Olympic development program). Which I had multiple opportunities to g
  5. Sorry just had to add. I find it hilarious as you berate me for "calling luck a name" while you assume my "stupidity" and name calling. Lol funny stuff.
  6. He can definitely change his profession. Just like you and I can the proper way. By putting our 2 weeks in or in my case giving enough notice to finish big projects. If you walk out of a job with no notice you are a quitter. If you quit the job properly because there is a risk to your health then you are a smart individual. This is t rocket science lol.
  7. Oh lmao. So a man who quits isn't a quitter? Interesting. Good to know I guess? I stand corrected you are right I called him a name in which he fully qualified for. I have my own life with my own responsibilities and trials. And I haven't quit. I'd like to put good money that I've endured a much tougher life than a Stanford grad who got fat contracts to play a game. I do love my juice boxes though thanks!
  8. Acted like a child how? Because I laughed at a response with little logic? Condescending yes I'll take that lol. I called someone a name?
  9. He's doing plenty of wrong to 52 other teammates that have aspirations and put in the work. He's also doing wrong to the owner who invested big money into him. Can we stop idolizing this guy? He's no saint lol. He's doing plenty of wrong so he can ride into the sunset on his previous high dollar contracts that most likely now some of his teammates will never see because he quit on them.
  10. This is hilarious. Just an FYI no matter how right you are about crap fans doesn't change the fact these athletes are compensated and know what they are getting into with fans. Let's not act like they are these innocent people who should be sheltered. They know the price of Fame and the backlash when you do something shady in the public eye. Like quitting on your team after all the training camp is done.
  11. Lmao the irony. Quit idolizing these athletes. They aren't any better than any of us. A quitter is a quitter.
  12. You'll be downvoted to hell because people idolize athletes. But this is the truth. If you don't have the passion the time to quit was 4-5 months ago. The fact he came into camp and wasted everyone's time by regurgitating his passion for the game and other nonsense is low. As I tell my kids in sports. If you commit it's done. It's a "commitment". After the season you can always reassess and stop or keep going. But once you are in then you give it everything you got. Same with your job, your school, your marriage everything. Quitters are what they are.
  13. Lol kinda harsh? Reality really stings I guess. Someone who goes half way into the prep for the season and says na I'm good, I'd say is a quitter lol. Literally the definition is someone who quits. But hey it's whatever I guess you can spin it however you'd like.
  14. I bet this post will be proven wrong. He walked away before the going got tough. That's it lol I don't understand why people idolize these athletes like saints.
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