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  1. Sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to overreact. The team will be fine, we were watching backups play the majority of the game. The only thing this game proved is that we need more depth on the team. The playcalling means nothing if you don’t have talented players who understand what it all means.
  2. 1) That wasn’t the first team offense, only 4 starters will be starting come week 1. 2) It’s preseason, if we ran non vanilla plays, we would be giving opposing defenses extra film to watch on what we would do come regular season. 3) I wasn’t expecting to win that game, I was just fine seeing some rookies and new guys see action.
  3. I get out of classes both days at around 12, so any time in the afternoon works for me
  4. Same here, I’m fine with whenever
  5. Amazing read, somehow I’ve come to love our coach even more now. He is an amazing humans being!
  6. That does it! Time to call it a year! #TankForTua #InjuryProneLuck #FireBallard #BringBackGrigson #FireReich #PaganoWasAGoodCoach #Hashtag #TradeEveryone #Armageddon
  7. Cain should make the roster. Supposedly he’s been balling out again in camp. Also, as of right now, I only see Hilton, Funchess, Campbell, and maybe Rogers ahead of him, so I don’t know who would bump him down to WR6
  8. Right, I agree with you, I’m saying it’s not up to us to pass judgement and none of us should blame anyone for any decision. I guess I could have phrased it better, but what I mean is that we can’t be sure about anything that has been said or has surfaced, so why are we even arguing over it and getting upset about decisions when we have minimal insight into it. I just want everyone to let it go and leave decision making to the people who get it, yet that will never happen and people will always want justice. I agree though, Goodell catches way too much flak, and we all prance around acting like we know better.
  9. But a ton of fans are. That’s what I’m really pumped for, smack talking my buddies who are fans of other teams after they’d done the same the entire week prior
  10. No no, I agree with that statement entirely, but it’s just outrageous that Goodell seemingly changes his stance all the time. As I said earlier in this thread, we don’t have all the information, so I’m not one to judge, but from what we do have it just seems like it should be similar to Zeke’s incident. It’s just maddening how Goodell is always so “on-again, off-again”, ya know?
  11. I prefer this more than anything. Without us getting hyped up so much it’ll help us go more under the radar and sneak up on teams before we pounce. We know we are heading for the deep playoffs, if outside sources don’t, they’ll be even more excited by our team when we do.
  12. Tyreek didn’t break his kids arm, it’s been proven many times. Also, the allegations that he punches his kid in the chest were brought up once again by Espinal, who is every bit, if not more, crazy as Hill is. Who knows who to trust there. Regardless, I just really want continuity with Goodell’s decisions, and I’m sure you can agree with that. Either don’t suspend them at all, or suspend all of them
  13. Has the world really become this soft? That spanking or punishing a child is a criminal offense?? 50 years ago, if a child misbehaved, other parents would be clamoring for the child’s parent to punish them. Now it’s seen as something that should never be done, the parent should be the child’s best friend and never teach them lessons. I’ll admit, it’s maddening how inconsistent Goodell is with suspensions, but at the same time it shouldn’t be a punishable offense
  14. Personally, I don’t think he did much of anything that warrants suspension. All he might have done was punish his kid, and if that’s illegal, the world is getting too soft. However, it’s just things that have happened in the past that make me second guess everything, so personally I would have handed out a suspension just so I wouldn’t get complaints and everything from people about how this case is “no better than Zeke’s”. It’s more about keeping the public happy, though I think the entirety of this thing is a joke and parents spanking their child isn’t something that should mean suspension.
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