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  1. WarGhost21

    Le'Veon Bell Lurking

    Does Bell really want to be a Colt? Who knows. Why would he want to be a Colt? You tell me. Is it possible he becomes a Colt? Maybe. Is it way to soon to be talking about free agency next season? Absolutely...
  2. Should Ballard look to bring him in? I know he's older (31) and may end up regressing, but I think his veteran leadership will be exactly what this cornerback room needs, and he will be an upgrade over almost every, if not every, corner we have.
  3. WarGhost21

    Injury update: Marlon Mack

    A name I’d look at is Samaje Perine. With Guice lost for the season now, they may keep him around, but he’s a prime trade candidate who’s young with starting experience
  4. WarGhost21

    Slot WR?

    This question is more of a depth chart question than a slot question. TY is undoubtably the #1, yet he will be utilized in the slot a ton, so the 2 and 3 receivers will be lined up outside a lot, that meaning Cain, Grant, and Rogers all will have to be able to move around. Grant will likely be holding onto an outside spot, so that leaves the question between Cain and Rogers as to who can play both positions overall at a higher level.
  5. WarGhost21

    Rate My Fantasy Team

    How many teams?
  6. WarGhost21

    Quincy Wilson = Bust

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.stampedeblue.com/platform/amp/2018/8/3/17647432/quincy-wilson-quickly-making-an-impression-on-colts-coaching-staff https://www.google.com/amp/s/coltswire.usatoday.com/2018/08/02/indianapolis-cots-quincy-wilson-displaying-toughness/amp/ These articles, among others, seem to think otherwise. I would withhold your judgment for at least another couple years.
  7. WarGhost21

    Jim Irsay on Brissett

    Any team willing to trade a 1st for Brissett is in dire need of a QB. That being said, that team likely will net us a top 10 pick if we get a 1, so we should jump on that!
  8. WarGhost21

    Colts Training Camp 8/1/2018

    Hopefully this signifies the offense is going to be unstoppable in general, but its unlikely... I trust Eberflus to turn it around though, as long as we focus on D the entirety of the 2019 offseason and draft.
  9. WarGhost21

    Horseshoe Blue PPR 2018

    Sorry, totally skimmed over that part somehow. I'll go with pick 3!
  10. WarGhost21

    Horseshoe Blue PPR 2018

    I’ll take pick 5, please!
  11. WarGhost21

    Horseshoe Blue PPR 2018

    He picked #2, it’s up above
  12. WarGhost21

    Horseshoe Blue PPR 2018

    Is it my turn to choose a draft slot?
  13. WarGhost21

    Horseshoe Blue PPR 2018

    Alright, good, cuz I had the best regular season and a trash playoffs run, so higher pick for me!
  14. WarGhost21

    Horseshoe Blue PPR 2018

    Is the order going to be based off of regular season finish or playoff finish?
  15. WarGhost21

    Predict OROY and DROY

    Hahaha sounds like a plan! I hope he does really well, as I am a big fan of his game, but he could certainly fail much like anyone else if put in a bad situation. We’ll see! Either way, it’s always fun to debate with another football mind! Thanks for the chat!