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  1. WarGhost21

    Question About Mack

    Touché. However, don’t you find it odd in the slightest that a guy who was supposed to come in and catch the ball as a change of pace back doesn’t even catch the ball that much?
  2. WarGhost21

    Question About Mack

    When Marlon Mack was drafted, he was seen as being a complementary back for Gore, mainly a change of pace back who can come in on third downs and catch the ball and has speed to break the defense down. I bet you missed where my question was from that, didn’t you? Marlon Mack, when drafted, was pinned to be a recieving back for us, a change of pace speed back with some good recieving chops. Yet after his second year, while he has done tremendous on the ground, he has just 38 catches over both regular seasons. 21 running backs had that many catches or more in this season alone. Now, I understand that Mack was used a lot in pass pro, which is a big reason why Andrew was so clean all season, but until he proves to me that he can catch the ball consistently and in a larger quantity than he currently is, I’m not sold on him as a 3 down back. Otherwise, I’m happy as to how he’s developed all other facets, but I want to know why his recieving, which was a positive of his coming into the draft, has been such a low point?
  3. Agreed. He’s a decent rotational piece but that’s about it IMO
  4. WarGhost21

    Andrew is PFWA comeback player of the year

    I want to say this is a cold take, yet that would somehow contradict what I would say... you do see my dilemma, right?
  5. WarGhost21

    The One Play That Set The Tone

    While watching, and then when rewatching, the Colts-Chiefs game, there was one play that stood out early on. And I mean very early. The first play of the game, in fact. Luck takes the snap, hands it off to Mack, and almost immediately the play is over. The result? A 3 yard loss, in which Dee Ford comes screaming in from the right side of the line completely untouched. Watching the rest of the team on that play: Luck didn’t adjust, the Line looked sluggish, Mack seemed a step off, and nobody even once looked Ford’s way. It was sad to watch, to say the least. In my opinion, it set the tone. After the play, I even told my siblings that we were in for a long day, just based off of that. The Chiefs were coming out swinging, and we completely curled up at that. It took away our game plan, and didn’t allow us anything on that inaugural drive, which history shows is huge in playoff games. Any thoughts?
  6. WarGhost21

    Looking Ahead

    I never once said to go out and spend a ton of money. Everything a spoke about related to the draft or getting mid-tier free agents
  7. WarGhost21

    WR day 2 or even day 1

    Looking at the WR class in FA, no names really stick out to me, so I’d probably address it in the draft. However, I think we can definitely address some pass rush and safety help in FA, so that will be a big help
  8. The Colts had a hell of a season. Coming back from 1-5 early on to being in the playoffs and even getting past the wildcard round is tremendous. Sure, tonight’s game was a downer, and we certainly didn’t play anything near mistake free ball, but what it did show us is where we need changes this offseason. 1) We need a WR badly. We had a ton of dropped passes, and even though it’s cold, KC didn’t have this problem, so why should we. TY Hilton can’t do everything, especially when he’s hurt. This position needs an overhaul aside from Hilton. 2) We need an Interior defensive lineman. We were constantly bullied between the tackles in the run game, so we need someone inside who can stuff that run and also create pressure from the 3-tech. Good news, though! This draft class is chock full of these types of players, so we can definitely fill that need there. 3) We need a LB that can cover athletic TEs. As much as I love Leonard, at times he is a coverage liability. We need a speedy LB who can come in for passing downs and take away the middle of the field. 4) Our pass defense in general. Our corners were torched on in routes repeatedly. I’m proud of how well the group performed this season, but let’s be honest, none of them could even develop into lockdown players on the outside. We need to bring someone in to help there. Overall, this season made me proud to be a Colts fan. We found an amazing coach, brought in some key players for seasons to come, and every player on this team played with a passion. I can’t wait until the offseason officially starts, and then once we make the Super Bowl next season of course! Go Colts!
  9. WarGhost21

    I Can’t Wait...

    For this Forum Meltdown. Any guesses as to how many times someone brings up Luck being a bad QB in this league, that Reich is a horrible coach, or that this team as a whole shouldn’t even have made the playoffs? It’s insane how many people on here absolutely lose their ability to think straight after a loss. I just pray that we have at least some forum members that will stand strong by this Colts team. I’m proud of how far we’ve made it, and I hope many of you will say the same! Go Colts!!
  10. WarGhost21

    Hooker OUT

    God I love how supportive this fan base is...
  11. 27-24 Colts, write it down!
  12. WarGhost21

    you 18-19 playoff bracket prediction

    A matchup against the Chiefs is interesting. Looking at Mahomes stats, he is the rare QB to play better on the road. I feel if we can catch them at home, and also with their low tier defense, it would be a shootout but the Colts stand a good chance of winning. I’m more worried about facing one of the Chargers or Pats in the Championship than I am against the Chiefs
  13. WarGhost21


    Concessions always has openings, maybe there
  14. WarGhost21

    DJ Swearinger

    Glad to hear, I caught way to much flack over this post that was meant to just be a question and wasn’t in any way controversial
  15. WarGhost21

    DJ Swearinger

    True in most cases, but this is a different scenario. This is a pro bowl safety this season. I think he just wanted out of Washington and honestly I don’t blame him. That ship is sinking fast. On a different team, say a playoff contender, he might be better. Also, his main points against the Skins were the lack of hard practices and film. That May have been an issue with Indy last year, but I don’t see any issue with coaching this season, seeing Reich as already being one of the best coaches in the NFL. It’d be something to consider at the very least