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  1. Looking at the profile, he’s a perfect Ballard-type pick. Massive wingspan, switchability up front, good speed, and high upside. With all of the tackles flying off the board, I’m glad we went with Dayo instead of reaching for Mayfield, Brown, or Forsythe
  2. From my research and knowledge, it seems that Fields has nearly grown out of his epilepsy, and it has never affected his football play. If a team holds something that will more than likely never affect him in the NFL, then they must have sneakily signed Grigson or O'Brien to GM because those are the only GMs stupid enough to do something like that. Don't read into it too much!
  3. Fair enough, but I do think he has all the tools to be a major success, despite the RAS. Besides, if I didn't take an OT here, I wouldn't hear the end of it from the forum!
  4. COLTS MAKING MOVES!! Yep, the Indianapolis Colts just traded up 10 slots with their eyes locked on a prospect they love! This player was projected as a late-first, early-second round prospect, though a poor showing at his pro-day made his stock plummet. Regardless, the team has a desperate need at this position, and this prospect is the last of a tier at his position before a major drop off. Thus, the trade-up, and now with the pick! With the 81st pick in our Flash Mock Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select: Jalen Mayfield, OT, Michigan Mayfield i
  5. #GIFPerfection Thanks for the laugh, I needed some stress relief after getting cooked by the fans in round 1!
  6. Here we are, Colts Fans!! After selecting their new Alpha WR in the first round, the team pivots to a player they didn't see lasting this long. Heading into the 2020 CFB season, this player was deemed a future top 10 pick, so grabbing him at 54 is a coup!! With the 54th Pick in this Mock Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select: Gregory Rousseau, EDGE, Miami After sitting out the 2020 season, Rousseau's stock plummeted, which is surprising considering he accounted for a whopping 15.5 sacks in 2019. Though he does have a few concerns with athleticism
  7. Give me time to shape the draft! I'm not done yet, still a ways to go and a few good names I have my eye on!
  8. Here we go!!!! With the 26th pick in the draft, the Colts were looking at a few different names. With major needs at LT and DE, the team scoured those positions for prospects. However, the top tackle prospects flew off the board early, and with the EDGE class being super weak, Ballard decides that it would be best to take a secondary need at this pick rather than reaching majorly for a so-so name. Therefore, with the 26th pick in this mock draft, the Colts surprise a lot of people and select: Terrace Marshall Jr, WR, LSU Hate me all y
  9. I'm cool with it, falling perfectly with my plan for the draft!!
  10. !!! COLTS NEWS !!! The Colts are looking to trade out of pick 21. They will take both offers to move up in the draft as well as offers for moving down!! DM me if you are interested!!
  11. Apologies for the delay! I honestly didn’t think I’d win any sort of lottery ever! I will, however, take our Colts, as you presumed! I promise to continue to make this team great, as the new Fantasy GM of our team!! Cheers!
  12. 5 years ago, I would have said Cosmi because of his experience at LT. IMO, in this day and age, RT and LT are equally important positions. LT gets the love because it has long been considered the most important spot on the O-line, but teams today have good pass rushers on both sides of their defense. There is no such thing as “only plays LE” anymore, players switch and shuffle along the line constantly. With that being said, you’re seeing the same thing in college recently. RTs and LTs both have talented rushers to go up against, so the only issue in a switch would be t
  13. Definitely look for one of the top 3 tackles (Sewell, Darrisaw, Slater) if one manages to fall to 21. After those three, you take BPA at either DE or LT, assuming no other big name falls and will provide more of an impact!
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