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  1. WarGhost21

    4th Down Agression/loss on Reich (merge)

    I love how after a loss the entire forum melts down and plays the blame game. Every single time we do this. It’s embarrasing as a fan to see what you all are saying. This was a bad game for us, but reading the comments I would assume it was the end of the world. We are still sitting at .500, and still have Andrew freaking Luck. There’s still games left to be played, so let’s not admit defeat yet. Good riddance
  2. WarGhost21

    Jacksonville Round 2

    Kessler doesn’t have NFL arm talent with mediocre accuracy. He won’t be stretching the field at all, so we just need to be able to contain passes on short and intermediate routes. If we can drop a safety into the box because of that, that could free up Leonard to make more plays without having to worry about consequences. It will also allow us to bottle up their run game which, mind you, just lost their best offensive lineman and their RB. We should blow them out, but we need to go into this game with the mentality that we are playing the Saints or someone similar. If we underprepared, we lose. If we come out guns blazing though, I say we win by at least two scores
  3. WarGhost21

    Sackless Streak Over

    Anybody know the longest streak during which there was just a single sack given up?
  4. WarGhost21

    Luck's deep ball, what say you

    I was just about to say something about that when I saw you already did. It gave me literal chills to see him do that, and as a rookie too. He might just already be the best interior lineman in the NFL!
  5. I think as I saw frequently thoughout the game that Cornerback is a bigger need than anything, even in our current scheme. Our corners were constantly getting beat. The only thing holding Tannehill back from tearing them to shreds was that we applied pressure often
  6. WarGhost21

    Horseshoe Blue PPR 2018

    Thanks, I'll make sure I set for next week!
  7. WarGhost21

    Horseshoe Blue PPR 2018

    Yeah, I totally blanked on fantasy this week, my aunt was in the hospital so I haven't been on sports stuff as much. It's unfortunate.
  8. WarGhost21


    Well I apparently got there too without noticing But congratulations! It's always fun to read your posts, wether I agree or disagree!
  9. WarGhost21

    Last Years Draft

    In 2017, Ballard was using Grigson's scouts, Grigson's board, and many other things that relate to Grigson, so he wasn't at fault for a large chunk of the issue. Sure, it could have been better, but he was coming to the team after the entire draft process of scouting had been complete, and was forced to use many of those reports.
  10. WarGhost21

    Darius Leonard OLB or ILB?

    He is, as the others have said, a WILL backer. However, if you are asking why he isn’t blitzing, the current defensive scheme is set so the linebackers don’t blitz as much, and instead the designated EDGE rushers are mainly defensive ends, not linebackers. Of course, linebackers will still blitz, but their task in a 4-3 is more run stopping and pass coverage than pass rushing normally.
  11. I like Bell, he would be an upgrade, and he would definitely give us a big name to push us further up the boards. However, for that price tag, with the recent play of our backs, and with the bigger needs elsewhere where we can pool our money, I say pass, and I'm hoping Ballard is thinking the same.
  12. WarGhost21

    Taking our playmakers off the fields..

    A rebuttal to your points: - A mistake, sure, but Doyle still doesn’t look like his normal self yet so I’ll reserve judgement for now. - In contention for 1 or 2 job on Jets, Jags, and Lions to name a few. - Fact is that it’s Grants first game back, that isn’t opinion, and most would agree that Inman is a 3 at best. - When your TE4/5 comes in and gives you points, even if it “doesn’t look like it”, it’s something to admire and I’d consider to be a very good game for the kid.
  13. WarGhost21

    Refs blew the call

    Hahah I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t sure, but the biased part of me was jumping up and down screaming “IT WAS OUT!!! IT WAS OUT!!!” for a good bit so I’m not complaining!
  14. WarGhost21

    Taking our playmakers off the fields..

    I’m going to put this in the kindest way possible with facts to back it up: - 3 TEs suited up, and it was Doyle’s first game back from injury, so Alie-Cox was our TE 2 basically - Bluntly enough, Mo would be either the first or second TE on many of the other teams in the NFL, and he’s our TE4/5, so I’m happy with him. - With regards to Rogers, it’s a similar scenario to Alie-Cox/Doyle, as it was Grant’s first game back from injury, and even more so he had just been practicing for a few days leading up to this game. - Inman, while I do like him and saw what amazing work he did with the Chargers a few years back, was signed mid season for a reason. He isn’t a starting caliber WR, at most a decent #3. - Putting those two points together, I place Inman, Grant, and Rogers all in the same tier, as WR3s. We need another good WR, but we don’t have one, so Reich and the offense is working with what we are given. Alie-Cox really balled out most of the day, and we can’t expect much from any receiver outside of TY, so I feel like the points you make, while debatable and possibly (possibly) true, aren’t really pressing issues at the moment and time.
  15. WarGhost21

    2019 biggest need for the Colts

    With our 4 early picks, I want us to take a CB, a WR, and a 3-tech DT in no particular order, with the other pick either being another CB or a EDGE. I feel like this would solidify our defense a ton and round out the offense. I think this draft needs to be Defense-centric, with just a couple offensive picks spent on a WR and another offensive lineman to keep the young depth. I could also see Ballard going after a stud SS though if one becomes available either via draft or FA. Linebacker is a need, but it isn't huge seeing as how this defense is normally in a 4-1-6 or a 4-2-5 look, so Leonard is the man there, but if we could get a linebacker who is a stud in pass defense late in the draft, the group would be good to go.