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  1. I think JB should be and will be the starter next season. This draft has some great talent at all of our positions of need, from DT to WR to even CB. If we fill up on those positions, I could see the team skipping out on going after a rookie QB and waiting until next years class, which is as good, if not better than, this class. With highly touted names like Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields, there is some top tier talent available. Even if we can't get one of them, you still have Kellen Mond and Jamie Newman who should be pretty good QB prospects. I think there is a decent chance that we could go that route, no matter what the fans think.
  2. I love the Kinlaw, Love stack. Walter Football’s two main mock drafters also have that stack. If Love makes it to 34, he should be the choice barring a major drop from another blue-chip talent
  3. I know what you all are thinking: WalterFootball isn't the best draft source. However, this was a survey they gave to team sources on who they felt was the most overrated prospect in the draft. Number 1 on that list was Jordan Love, and while I do like him, I personally agree that he is currently being overvalued and he fits more as a late-1st, early-2nd caliber of QB. Here is the article for you to see who else made the list! https://walterfootball.com/nflhotpress/article/Jordan-Love-Voted-Most-Overrated-Prospect
  4. This is great! Lol Honestly though, he has a lot of talent, just needs a bit of refinement. If Love isn’t at 34, he wouldn’t be a bad consolation prize at all
  5. I don't think that Love falling out of the first round is all that unreasonable. People on this board have an insanely inflated value of all QBs just because we don't want to be stuck with Brissett again and want a shiny new toy to watch on the field. Love is a fringe first round caliber player, but forum members projecting him at 13 all of the time has really made everyone assume that he is an early round 1 player.
  6. I absolutely agree with you. I don't think Turay is a bust or even a disappointment. He's done well in limited action and should he stay on the field I think he'll be great! I guess he wasn't set to be a great run stopper, but from all the reports i've seen, he was said to be a sound tackler with range to run down rushers trying to get outside. I think he still has potential in that area, and that getting better inside talent on the line will really help him not having to stay inside so often and be able to do what he does best against the run and stop the outside game.
  7. The first part, I agree. I want him to stay healthy and on the field. However, saying that if he doesn't get 10 or more sacks then he is a "bust" is too much. In the past 5 seasons, there have only been an average of 17.6 players per year that go over the 10 sack mark. Taking into account only edge rushers, that number drops to about 13.5 per year. In that regard, there are less than half as many edge rushers that top 10 sacks than there are teams in the league. While it would be nice of Turay to get there, and it is definitely possible for him to do so, saying that he must do so or risk being labeled a bust is a bit much. As long as he gets after the QB consistently, I'm happy.
  8. That's what's weird for me about Turay. Look at any scouting report about him coming out of college, and sure, it says he has all the tools to be a good pass rusher but he was still raw. Where they all say he was solid is in run defense, and that he makes good sound tackles. That has flipped entirely in the league, and I wonder if injuries were the reason why. If so, and he comes back fully healthy, I have no doubt that he could easily become an every down player this season, as he has a ton of untapped potential still.
  9. I agree, but this draft is loaded with big receivers. If we get Reagor early we can also grab someone like Chase Claypool later on
  10. This is what’s misconstrued about Reagor. Sure, he’s smaller and fast, but he highpoints the ball as well as most of the 6’4 guys in the class, if not better. He’s more than just a speed guy
  11. As Zoltan said, stats can be very misleading sometimes. However, in this case, I think Herbert is really that talented and if he falls to 13 he should be the selection easily!
  12. Personally I’m not. If he was any faster he would be a clear cut 1st rounder. He’s a really great receiver and I would absolutely love to have him on the squad!
  13. I would never, under any circumstance, trade up for Love. I’m barely coming around on the idea that he might be an option at 13, and would much rather take him trading up from 34 or even at 34 if possible. He’s not even close to being worth trading up for that early
  14. Franchise tag would be too much, give him another 1 year prove it contract and see what happens
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