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  1. More impressively... 2nd in the AFC. Shows how tough this conference is... 5 teams in NFC would be 2nd seed in AFC right now.
  2. I really hate that they keep calling running plays with Hines.
  3. Flacco done us a solid with all these backwards passes today
  4. D really keeping us in with a shot today.
  5. How many pens is that on Rock now? His PI calls are getting pretty consistent.
  6. Doyle. 15yd catch on a corner.
  7. I'll be there! My first Colts game, all the way from New Zealand. Land at LAX at 11.15 so hope I don’t miss kick off!!!
  8. One of them. Started in the SB with Falcons.
  9. Because predictions are fun! QB; Luck, Brissett RB; Mack, Hines, Wilkins, Williams WR; TY, Funchess, Campbell, Cain, Fountain, Rogers TE; Doyle, Ebron, MAC, OL: Castonzo, Nelson, Kelly, Glowinski, Smith, Haeg, Boehm, Clark, Barton 24 OFFENSE DL; Sheard, Houston, Hunt, Autry, Lewis, Turay, Mohammad, Stewart, Banogu LB; Leonard, Walker, Speed, Okereke, Franklin, Adams, CB; Desir, Wilson, Moore, Rock, Collins S; Hooker, Geathers, Willis, Farley, Odum 25 DEFENSE ST; Vinatieri, Sanchez, Rhodes Last spot is a toss up for me between Hentges (3 TE seems light for this O), Green (if they want to play Banogu at LB), Thomas (if they play leave Banogu at DL)
  10. Really enjoying how well Brissett seems to be performing this camp. Cannot wait for pre-season games.
  11. Anyone complaining about Ballard trading back too much need only look at the Vikings... 4 times now.
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