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  1. Sorry guys, am in New Zealand and was asleep. Kinlaw available for trade ;-)
  2. Big money. Well deserved after turning them around last year.
  3. hot damn, wish i lived in North America!
  4. NFL season is still months away. If anything they may close off the draft to the public. Personally believe most will be resolved by the time the NFL season rolls around. Todays events definitely haven't helped the situation though.
  5. I actually think there is a bit of a tier drop just after 13 this year tbh. Burrow, Tua, Herbert, Love Young, Simmons, Okudah, Brown, Kinlaw Becton, Wirfs, Thomas, Wills, I understand a lot of people think Jeudy and Lamb will go in there aswell. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see them drop with the depth at that position this year. I don't see us taking one of the OT so leaves a few decent guys to choose from that should make a big impact for us, either this year or next (Love)
  6. I like that this leaves either Raegor or Jefferson for us at 34. Would run that pick to the dais. As much as I like Becton, not sold on a first round tackle with AC coming back though.
  7. Interested in his 3-cone and shuttle. Ballard and Reich love speed on the line.
  8. I was saying this to a mate the other day. Who knows what direction CB and FR are going to go in. Free agency will be a very interesting watch and I think will go some way to determining the outcome of the draft.
  9. Colts sign Rivers Miss out on Jones... Panthers move on from Newton. Draft; 1. Bengals - Burrow, QB 2. Redskins - Young, DE 3. Lions - Okudah, CB 4. Giants - Simmons, LB 5. Dolphins - Tua, QB 6. Chargers - Herbert, QB 7. Panthers - Love, QB 8. Cardinals - Wills, OT 9. Jaguars - Jeudy, WR 10. Browns - Thomas, OT 11. Jets - Wirfs, OT 12. Raiders - Lamb, WR 13. Colts - Brown, DT 34. Colts - Okwara, DE 44. Colts - Fromm, QB
  10. Wouldn't mind if Walker was traded. We'd still have Leonard, Okereke, Speed etc. Geathers too but can't imagine he has much value.
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