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  1. I was always a fan. He was a huge reception perception guy.
  2. Adam Schefter on Twitter: "Colts are signing free agent kicker Eddy Pineiro to a one-year deal, per his agent @DrewJRosenhaus." / Twitter
  3. Favourite - Quenton Nelson. Posted to a facebook group on 3rd November 2017: 'Please lord baby jesus, let the Colts tank and get Nelson.' Dreams do come true. Least Favourite - Sam Ehlinger I don't hate the player I just don't get the pick.
  4. We won't need CB's anymore. With Paye, Buckner, Turay and Lewis, QB's wont have time to pass the ball
  5. Not sure if Parsons will start day one with Smith and LVE there. As 3rd LB sure but limited snaps for a while. OROY; Trevor Lawrence DROY; Kwity Paye or Jamin Davis
  6. I think people are over-stating the Fangio connection. He was DEFENSIVE co-ordinator in Chicago. Last I checked, LT play on the offensive side.
  7. And we may not have next years 2 (unlikely of course). Do you offer a team a 3rd/conditional 2nd with the same conditions as the Eagles trade? I definitely don't. Leaves you with nothing until the 3rd next year. Gross.
  8. I dont care who they sign, as long as they sign one of them. I'd be okay with Tevi if needed but I'd much prefer Fisher or Leno.
  9. Last year might have been top heavy but those 5 (was it 5? I cant remember) guys are probably all on Sewell/Slaters level
  10. Really makes no sense though. He's gonna be competing for back up at best. Plenty of guys out there that could compete for a decent role.
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