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  1. I see him and Campbell going around the same time... end of 2nd, top of 3rd. I would not be averse to either with 59. I'm still rooting for a trade down and getting a 2nd and 3rd (plus some) for our 1st.
  2. Samuel and Isabella are my #s 1&2 for value in this class. If we get either i will be very happy.
  3. Texans sign Matt Kalil for 1 year. Perfect signing for them.
  4. Ray started 8 games in 2016 for 8 sacks. Started 7 games in 2017 for 1 sack but was also suffering a wrist injury. Two surgeries later...
  5. He really doesnt beat around the bush does he? Even mentions there getting a dominant right end, just a couple of hours before Houston signed. Can it be September already!?!
  6. RNGDShobby

    Chiefs trading Tyreek hill?

    This one is a little clearer. Was at the start of Free Agency. Imagine all players are on the block before they are due the size of contract he will be getting if he's cleared from his latest run-in. Can't imagine there is a lot to it. They'll go from Superbowl contenders to has-beens in the space of a year if they trade him on top of losing half their defence.
  7. RNGDShobby

    First draft pick?

    Hooker at 89 pls
  8. RNGDShobby

    Colts are signing Justin Houston [Merge]

    1. And run all the way to the bank.
  9. RNGDShobby

    Colts are signing Justin Houston [Merge]

    I didn't see any whispers from any notable reporters or anything. Did he visit us or did we visit him? Either way, absolutely great piece of business. Not a perfect scheme fit but he played a season in 4-3 last year and still had a great year.
  10. Bet its heavily front loaded.
  11. Love that signing. Imagine it will be short term. Not a typical DE, but he'll bring plenty of pressure. Also love that there were no whispers. Shows that CB is going about his business quietly.