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  1. Sounds like there will be a few of us there. @CR91 also attending. I will be in Vancouver but trying to work out a trip to LA for the game. Who knows when I'll be on that side of the world again.
  2. Planning a holiday in Canada (from New Zealand) in September. Was eyeing up the LA game. Was hoping for week 3 or 4 though! This should be interesting...
  3. Massive thanks to @csmopar, @chad72 and @NFLfan for organising this. Heaps of fun! Will be nice not having to wake up at 2am to check if it's time for my pick though!
  4. Yeah i agree with this! Also learnt a lot. Cannot wait for the real thing!
  5. With the 117th pick of the 2019 Gavin Mock Draft v2.0, the Atlanta Falcons select, Gerald Willis III, DT, Miami. With Grady Jarrett not reporting, the Falcons are covering their *'s. @chad72 and the Green Bay Packers are on the clock at 1350
  6. I'd say the Colts have 3 decent pas rushers in Houston, Sheard and Autry. Autry led the team in sacks despite missing a few games. He was pretty effective.
  7. By their criteria, no. And thats fine. But Steelers? Ha! Conner has had one season where he was okay behind a strong O-line. TJ Watt only shows up once every 3 or 4 games!
  8. Really enjoyable interviews. The fact that this team is coming back to the building healthy is going to make a huge difference this year. Continuity is a huge thing in team sports. Don't think I've been this excited for a Colts season since coming off the SB win.
  9. With the 90th pick in the 2019 Gavin Mock Draft 2.0, the Atlanta Falcons select, Tre Lamar, LB, Clemson. @Buck Showalter and the LA Chargers are on the clock as at 12.53pm.
  10. I've really warmed to the idea of taking Simmons at 26. I didn't know much about him before his injury but if he really was that good then grab him. Use that 5th year option on his injury so you're still guaranteed 4 years if you want them.
  11. With the 79th pick in the 2019 Gain Mock Draft 2.0, the Atlanta Falcons select, Kendall Sheffield, CB, Ohio St. @stitches and the Cleveland Browns are on the clock as at 6.31pm.
  12. Thought he had been drafted for some reason :/
  13. @Zoltan has missed his pick... again. Redskins listed need as edge... Oshane Ximines? @csmopar @chad72 @NFLfan
  14. Broncos select Dre'Mont Jones, DT, Ohio St. Bengals and @MPStack Are on the clock at 12.38pm
  15. Trade down... Simmons Savage Deebo or Isabella
  16. With the 58th pick of the 2019 Gavin Mock Draft v2.0, the Atlanta Falcons select, Tytus Howard, OT, Alabam State. @danlhart87 and our Indianapolis Colts are on the clock as at 2.19pm EST
  17. 2 hours has elapsed? Browns listed CB as need. Justin Layne?
  18. I see the pick and the trade but still showing Dallas at 26th pick of round 2.
  19. @NFLfan another trade not included above... Atlanta send #45, Dallas send #58 and #90 Dallas drafted Taylor Rapp at #45.
  20. Imagine Daniel Jones will be the Commissioners Pick?
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