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  1. @WarGhost21 and the Philadelphia Suckers are on the clock.
  2. Correct. With the 112th pick in the 2021 Gavin Mock Draft, the Las Vegas Raiders select: Amari Rodgers, WR, Clemson Sorry lads I had sent picks through to Chad.
  3. Love this guy. Gone from seemingly undrafted to a late day 2, early day 3 pick.
  4. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nfl.com/_amp/dolphins-acquire-rookie-lynn-bowden-jr-in-trade-with-raiders
  5. @chad72 pick 112 was traded back to LV from Miami for Lynn Bowden Jr.
  6. With the 81st pick in the 2021 Gavin Mock Draft, the Los Vegland Raiders select: Hamsah Nasirildeen, S, FSU @chad72and Miami Dolphins are on the clock. *pick # edit
  7. From what I can see, the only team picking after us in the 1st and before us in the 3rd is the Jets... 21 (800) for 23 (760) and 66 (260)? Probably not. 34 (560) and 66? Possibly. Personally rather we got 2 2nd's for 21.
  8. And Aaron Donald last year attributed 75% of his sacks to Suh aswell. It's a team game.
  9. With the 48th pick in the 2021 Gavin Mock Draft, The Los Vegland Raiders select; Nick Bolton, LB, Missouri A good fit for both need and BPA. @Smoke317 and the Arizona Cardinals are on the clock until 7.16pm ET *sp
  10. 1. Sign Yannick Ngakoue 2. Sign Chris Godwin 3. Re-sign Xavier Rhodes 4. Draft LT at 21
  11. With the 37th pick in the 2021 Gavin Mock Draft, the Las Vegas Raiders select Asante Samuel Jr, CB, Florida State @coltsfanejand the Cincinnati Bengals are on the clock until 3.05pm ET
  12. 15m of his 2022 contract becomes guaranteed this year. so we'll be on the hook for that regardless.
  13. As far as trading back goes, I think back to 2019 when the Colts traded 26 for 46 and the WFT 2020 2nd. So does 21 get something similar? 41ish and a 2022 2nd? There will still be great players available around the 40 mark including tackles
  14. Does anyone have an idea of the strength of the 2022 draft class? From most I've read/seen, it's weak. Especially at QB. So could be a reason he was okay to add those conditions.
  15. Excited for him, rather than excited to get rid of him. Awesome.
  16. Yeah good call. They need a gadgety guy. Already got a burner, good TE and a couple of big bodies aswell.
  17. 75% of snaps OR 70% AND make the playoffs.
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