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  1. Not 2 seasons. He missed 8 games in 2019 and that’s all he’s missed since 2011
  2. I absolutely adore Lance! He’s one of my favorite prospects overall this year! He has a bright future! That being said, Stafford. He’s ready now to win, whereas Lance still needs development and may not pan out as I hope anyways. Take the surefire star for 5+ years over the “maybe” that will take a year to settle in and might not even hit.
  3. I would be perfectly happy with Stafford. Pointing out playoff success means nothing to me in his case. If we will sit here all day and say that Brady has won so much because of his system, we should put that same theory on Stafford and say that having legitimately zero help in DET are the reason he hasn’t won as much. The Lions have given him nothing. They are a team with a Talented QB and no team around him. The Colts are a team with no QB and a Talented roster around it. Pull the trigger, don’t get hung up on “winning-ness”
  4. Moves the Offensive Line way up on our draft board now, I’d argue we would more likely take a left tackle at the end of the first than a new QB now.
  5. Just for fun, I went to look on the Bills fan forum, and it seems that many of them seem to expect a blowout victory against us, calling out a “bad defense”. I hope we go out there Saturday and show them just how good our defense really is! Go Colts!!
  6. As others have pointed out, the Cap Room will be something to really keep an eye on if we were to consider Watt. Strictly from a game standpoint, however, Watt would be an amazing addition depending on the price. Imagine a front 4 with Houston, Buckner, Stewart, and Watt. Nobody would be able to run the ball against us, and we’d be even better against the run than we were this season. Watt would also bring an extra rushing specialist to the team, allowing us to put more pressure on QBs. His addition could take the defense to a whole other level. Once again, the Cap will
  7. It is possible, I just don’t think it’s likely. The Browns are coming off a big defeat to a Jet’s team that was winless just 2 weeks prior, and the Bills are fighting for the 2-Seed and one of the best overall teams in the league. I don’t see it happening, and despite some fans seemingly “wanting” the Colts to miss the playoffs by being negative and saying how unlikely it is we make it, I see us getting in. The odds are rather heavily in the Colts favor for getting in
  8. Simply put: Colts, Titans, Ravens Win Brown, Dolphins Lose Colts get 6th Seed (I think) I see any other outcome as pretty unlikely!
  9. I don’t want anything to do with Trask. IMO, he is Jake Fromm from last year. He’s a smart QB, with decent short accuracy, but he can’t push the ball and doesn’t provide much of anything on the ground. I’d much rather have a guy like Mac Jones or Desmond Ridder. Trask has an NFL future as a backup/journeyman. Nothing more. As for the rest of your list, you have some interesting names. I like Kolar and Carman, and though I haven’t studied any of the others yet, I’ve heard some good things about a few of them. Can’t wait to
  10. I stand by my points on him. He is good in the short-intermediate range, but in that entire video, he had 1, maybe 2, good deep balls (20+ yards downfield). He’s like Jake Fromm from last year’s draft. Super smart, accurate short, nothing else.
  11. I want to put my 2-cents in on the QB prospects, so here it is. Star: Trevor Lawrence Starters: Justin Fields Trey Lance Zach Wilson Dev Starters: Desmond Ridder Mac Jones Backups: Brock Purdy Jamie Newman Kyle Trask Kellen Mond I think Kyle Trask is a future NFL journeyman QB, he won't make much of an impact. He misses too many throws and can't hit it deep all that much. For example: Desmond Ridder is my favorite sleeper QB. He is a dynamic runner
  12. Gotta love how I’ve been the highest scorer in the past 2 weeks and am not even in the playoffs
  13. Quenton Nelson is a beast. This we all know. Had he been a Left Tackle prospect in the NFL, with his talent, you could argue that he’d be the best prospect at the position since Joe Thomas in 2007. However, we do not know what he would be as a Left Tackle prospect because he plays Left Guard. From what we saw in his few snaps at the position, he looked good, but there is no way to definitively say that he will be a future star outside. Can he do it? Probably. Will he do it? Probably not. With Aaron Donald and C
  14. Yeah, I definitely considered Brown too. Both are insanely talented backs who called it too early. I think Sanders was more explosive, but Brown was definitely more punishing
  15. Setting certain stipulations for my list: - 2 offense, 2 defense - No duplicate positions With that in mind, I’ll do two lists, one based on career stats and one based on overall dominance (in shorter careers): List 1: Stats QB Tom Brady WR Jerry Rice DE Reggie White LB Dick Butkus List 2: Dominance RB Barry Sanders WR Calvin Johnson LB Patrick Willis FS Sean Taylor
  16. LeRaven Clark actually did something good???? Great run by Taylor, great assist by Clark!!
  17. Carolina is surprised to have Kyler Murray still on the board, and take him!
  18. It is definitely a very good defense. As a younger fan, I'm not sure I can accurately make a case for the best of all time for Indy, but I will say it is likely the quickest and scrappiest defense we've had. I'm thoroughly enjoying it, that's for sure!
  19. All charges against him were dropped, and it seems like this was just an extortion plot from the beginning. He was a first round pick in 2019 and was off to a solid start to his career in NY before being cut when the news of his alleged armed robbery broke. Should the Colts make a push to sign him?
  20. Obviously we want to have a good QB. Every team in the NFL want's that, but there is a reason so few teams can say that they have what they want. Good QBs are extremely hard to come by. Just look at the Cardinals. They drafted a QB high in 2018, then immediately drafted his replacement in 2019. Good young QBs just aren't that common, and a team that has one won't give them away. The biggest issue is that we don't get high picks in most drafts. Aside from 2018, we haven't drafted in the top 10 since Andrew Luck in 2012. We aren't in position to ge
  21. If we were to do this, why wouldn’t Dallas just go get Darnold themselves? Why would they take a lesser QB than they could possibly get in a season where their division is wide open?
  22. Sure, we had a bad 1st half. After their first 3 TDs, though, we outscores them 31 to 6. I’d say after a slow start, the defense played very well!
  23. I have to say no. We need to finish the season with Rivers, and then find our QB for the future. We can’t keep adding stopgaps to the team in the form of regressing veterans. If we want to succeed, we need to invest in a young QB, and we have enough talented youth to give him a bit of time to develop. Our Super Bowl window when it comes to the team surrounding the QB position is wide open, we just need to get a young QB that can get us there consistently, not push all our chips in on a QB that may or may not get us there for one season and then leave us back where we started!
  24. The following is a quote from Gary Davenport in Bleacher Report's Power Rankings heading into Week 6: I have to absolutely agree with Davenport on this topic. Phillip Rivers has really held the team back this season. The defense has done very well this season, the offensive line is still really good, we have a good group of running backs, and our coaching is still fine. It's on Rivers, as he has been just a shell of his former self this season. However, I must say that I hope Rivers is our QB until the end of the season. The Brissett experiment did not work at
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