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  1. Hope that was just the ball slipping out in the crazy rain. Love Wentz, but if that was a throw attempt then that was just ugly...
  2. And if not, maybe by year 4. Or year 5? The point I'm trying to make, not just to you but to everyone, is we shouldn't avoid looking at the position just because we have someone on the roster that we, the fans, like. I am a major supporter of Blackmon, but we can't ignore a free agent or draft prospect in the offseason just for that reason. Due diligence needs to happen, no position (Aside from left guard and maybe RB) should be completely off the radar for upgrades.
  3. We can't take a quarterback in this draft, period. It's not because I love Wentz, or because of the capital we've already given up. It's because, in grading QBs this season, I don't see a single draft-eligible quarterback in college football that even deserves first round consideration. The class is garbage, and if we take a quarterback just so we can "move on", we'll end up moving backwards. Start filling other holes. Take a DB like Stingley or Hamilton, or a pass rusher like Thibodeaux or Jackson, and give Wentz another season, potentially looking to replace him if needed in 2023
  4. Apologies to everyone for not making the draft. Ran into some issues and didn’t have any time. Luckily my auto wasn’t half bad, but I’m open to deals if anyone wants to send anything!
  5. If we start 0-5, I'm staying off the forum for a while. Don't want to deal with all the negativity that we see after a single loss, much less five in a row!
  6. Still here and still down to go! Let’s have some fun!
  7. Sorry for the delay, I’ll take 3!
  8. Sign me back up!! It’ll be fun!
  9. Looking at the profile, he’s a perfect Ballard-type pick. Massive wingspan, switchability up front, good speed, and high upside. With all of the tackles flying off the board, I’m glad we went with Dayo instead of reaching for Mayfield, Brown, or Forsythe
  10. From my research and knowledge, it seems that Fields has nearly grown out of his epilepsy, and it has never affected his football play. If a team holds something that will more than likely never affect him in the NFL, then they must have sneakily signed Grigson or O'Brien to GM because those are the only GMs stupid enough to do something like that. Don't read into it too much!
  11. Fair enough, but I do think he has all the tools to be a major success, despite the RAS. Besides, if I didn't take an OT here, I wouldn't hear the end of it from the forum!
  12. COLTS MAKING MOVES!! Yep, the Indianapolis Colts just traded up 10 slots with their eyes locked on a prospect they love! This player was projected as a late-first, early-second round prospect, though a poor showing at his pro-day made his stock plummet. Regardless, the team has a desperate need at this position, and this prospect is the last of a tier at his position before a major drop off. Thus, the trade-up, and now with the pick! With the 81st pick in our Flash Mock Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select: Jalen Mayfield, OT, Michigan Mayfield is a prospect with a ton of untapped potential and massive upside. Despite mainly playing RT in college, Mayfield has all the physical tools to make the transition to the left side and take over for the retired Anthony Castonzo. While Mayfield is still raw, having only started 15 total games in college, he made massive strides in each consecutive season, and looks like he's a good coach away from star status. Remember, Mayfield was just about the only tackle to neutralize Chase Young in 2019, and now he comes to the league with a chip on his shoulder and a lot to prove. What do you think, Colts Fans? I know many of you were wanting me to go OT and EDGE in the first two rounds, so how do you like the draft now that we have both slots filled while also getting a new Alpha target in Terrace Marshall Jr.? Colts Draft So Far: Round 1, Pick 26: Terrace Marshall Jr, WR, LSU Round 2, Pick, 54: Gregory Rousseau, EDGE, Miami (FL) Round 3, Pick 81: Jalen Mayfield, OT, Michigan
  13. #GIFPerfection Thanks for the laugh, I needed some stress relief after getting cooked by the fans in round 1!
  14. Here we are, Colts Fans!! After selecting their new Alpha WR in the first round, the team pivots to a player they didn't see lasting this long. Heading into the 2020 CFB season, this player was deemed a future top 10 pick, so grabbing him at 54 is a coup!! With the 54th Pick in this Mock Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select: Gregory Rousseau, EDGE, Miami After sitting out the 2020 season, Rousseau's stock plummeted, which is surprising considering he accounted for a whopping 15.5 sacks in 2019. Though he does have a few concerns with athleticism and lack of tape, he comes into the league with a lot to prove, and he didn't get those sacks by chance. Rousseau brings a spark to the Colts pass rush, and will help alleviate pressure from First Team All-Pro DT DeForest Buckner as the duo dominate opposing backfields. After a shocking first round selection (That, needless to say, caught a lot of hate), what is the forum opinion of this selection?
  15. Give me time to shape the draft! I'm not done yet, still a ways to go and a few good names I have my eye on!
  16. Here we go!!!! With the 26th pick in the draft, the Colts were looking at a few different names. With major needs at LT and DE, the team scoured those positions for prospects. However, the top tackle prospects flew off the board early, and with the EDGE class being super weak, Ballard decides that it would be best to take a secondary need at this pick rather than reaching majorly for a so-so name. Therefore, with the 26th pick in this mock draft, the Colts surprise a lot of people and select: Terrace Marshall Jr, WR, LSU Hate me all you want, but Marshall has future star written all over him. My WR2 in the draft class, Marshall will quickly fill the vacant WR1 role on the team. Some on the forum expect Pittman to fill that, but I feel that he is best qualified as a top tier WR2, where he can bully second cornerbacks. Hilton isn't getting any younger, and Campbell, Pascal and Co. leave much to be desired. Marshall will pair up with Wentz to help revitalize the Colts passing attack for years to come. Bring on the hate!!!!
  17. I'm cool with it, falling perfectly with my plan for the draft!!
  18. !!! COLTS NEWS !!! The Colts are looking to trade out of pick 21. They will take both offers to move up in the draft as well as offers for moving down!! DM me if you are interested!!
  19. Apologies for the delay! I honestly didn’t think I’d win any sort of lottery ever! I will, however, take our Colts, as you presumed! I promise to continue to make this team great, as the new Fantasy GM of our team!! Cheers!
  20. 5 years ago, I would have said Cosmi because of his experience at LT. IMO, in this day and age, RT and LT are equally important positions. LT gets the love because it has long been considered the most important spot on the O-line, but teams today have good pass rushers on both sides of their defense. There is no such thing as “only plays LE” anymore, players switch and shuffle along the line constantly. With that being said, you’re seeing the same thing in college recently. RTs and LTs both have talented rushers to go up against, so the only issue in a switch would be teaching the tackles to flip the opposite direction in their sets. RTs and LTs in today’s league can play either side of the line, it’s just not seen as such because historically this wasn’t the case. That being said, while Cosmi and Jenkins are both fine prospects, I don’t see Jenkins, as smart as he is, having much of an issue translating to LT, and since I think his upside is much higher than Cosmi’s, I’m going with Teven here!
  21. Definitely look for one of the top 3 tackles (Sewell, Darrisaw, Slater) if one manages to fall to 21. After those three, you take BPA at either DE or LT, assuming no other big name falls and will provide more of an impact!
  22. At least it's not Le'Raven... Wentz would be dead before he even got the chance to jump that wall!
  23. Yeah, I see that, but we also have to factor in how much we'll be dishing out the year before that and how much we'll be paying Q. Its likely that we will be paying the trio of Leonard, Smith, and Nelson a combined total upwards of $50M per year. Throwing in Mike, that number would be even higher, meaning that probably close to 35% of our total cap space would be spent in the span of two seasons on just four players. I would love McGlinchey next to Q again, but looking at how Ballard is likely looking at it, it doesn't seem that likely financially.
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