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  1. Sure, we had a bad 1st half. After their first 3 TDs, though, we outscores them 31 to 6. I’d say after a slow start, the defense played very well!
  2. I have to say no. We need to finish the season with Rivers, and then find our QB for the future. We can’t keep adding stopgaps to the team in the form of regressing veterans. If we want to succeed, we need to invest in a young QB, and we have enough talented youth to give him a bit of time to develop. Our Super Bowl window when it comes to the team surrounding the QB position is wide open, we just need to get a young QB that can get us there consistently, not push all our chips in on a QB that may or may not get us there for one season and then leave us back where we started!
  3. The following is a quote from Gary Davenport in Bleacher Report's Power Rankings heading into Week 6: I have to absolutely agree with Davenport on this topic. Phillip Rivers has really held the team back this season. The defense has done very well this season, the offensive line is still really good, we have a good group of running backs, and our coaching is still fine. It's on Rivers, as he has been just a shell of his former self this season. However, I must say that I hope Rivers is our QB until the end of the season. The Brissett experiment did not work at
  4. Also, @onebad150 I sent you an offer too!
  5. @Bluefire4 Sent a Trade Offer, feel free to counter!
  6. Early this year, I will admit I was complaining about how many on this forum wanted Hooker out. I thought he was a decent player and that moving him would just be a major downgrade. Blackmon has proven me wrong. I’d be happy to go into next season with him starting back there!
  7. I would be fine getting Gallup on the team. He is a very good WR and would definitely be an upgrade. However, I would not give a second for him. I would offer a 4th and a player, but that's it. Remember, Deandre Hopkins was traded for a second, WR values aren't that high!
  8. You were saying?? Come on man, at least be positive occasionally!
  9. Should have posted this earlier, thought someone else would. If this is correct then he’s fine!
  10. You can’t get mad at Rivers for that. Sure, the ball was a bit high, but that was just an insane play by the defender
  11. Do you all remember that old music video, “The Sex Offender Shuffle”? That part where they sing “We were bad, but now we’re good!” Yeah, that sounds about right!
  12. From what I understand, Eason will won the job because he’s the rookie. From what I’ve learned, Reich and Ballard apparently aren’t as thrilled with Kelly as many of you seem to be. If they liked him, don’t you think they would have given him a chance to start last season rather than give the reigns to Brian Hoyer. Maybe he really just isn’t as great as people want to believe, whereas the team will be more interested in seeing what they have in Eason, who before the draft was pegged as a late 1st, early 2nd prospect that fell to the 4th.
  13. Bummer we couldn’t get him, but after seeing the haul that the Jets got back, I can’t be mad!
  14. I’ll go with 7, thanks! @Narcosys
  15. I’m assuming this means they won’t have space to retain Chris Jones after the season... imagine we paired him with Defo! Unlikely, but we would immediately have the best D-line in the NFL!
  16. I should be able to go again! Excited to run it another year!!
  17. I’d argue, from what I’ve seen so far, that the 2021 class might end up better than this years group! Both are amazing, and could be 2 of the best all time!
  18. Lance is an amazingly talented and extremely underrated QB prospect. If he fell into our laps, I think you have to consider taking him, no matter how well Eason progresses. As for WR options, I think Rondale Moore, Batemon, or Devontae Smith would all be fantastic options for the future alongside Pittman Jr
  19. It will be JB, if this unlikely circumstance happens. I love Eason, as most of you know, but he needs a year of development before he comes in to potentially start. Throwing him to the wolves would do nothing but hurt his development. That is why we will keep 3 QBs throughout the season
  20. If Trey Lance fell to 17, I would be all over trading up to acquire him. He has future franchise QB written all over him!
  21. This is as in 10 years ago. Back then, teams wanted big-armed pocket passers and grinding RBs.
  22. Really strange draft. The end of the draft yielded most of our success, where the beginning was a failure. Pretty much the opposite of what is expected for most drafts. Strange indeed...
  23. Undersized and slow? He’s 6’4, nearly 300lbs, and ran a 4.9 at that weight. Everything you said about him is wrong
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