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  1. It will be JB, if this unlikely circumstance happens. I love Eason, as most of you know, but he needs a year of development before he comes in to potentially start. Throwing him to the wolves would do nothing but hurt his development. That is why we will keep 3 QBs throughout the season
  2. If Trey Lance fell to 17, I would be all over trading up to acquire him. He has future franchise QB written all over him!
  3. This is as in 10 years ago. Back then, teams wanted big-armed pocket passers and grinding RBs.
  4. Really strange draft. The end of the draft yielded most of our success, where the beginning was a failure. Pretty much the opposite of what is expected for most drafts. Strange indeed...
  5. Undersized and slow? He’s 6’4, nearly 300lbs, and ran a 4.9 at that weight. Everything you said about him is wrong
  6. Wow, Kenny Robinson really fell far. I thought he was great in the XFL and could go early day 2
  7. Solid backup with good potential to develop potentially to a starter. Has a lot to work on, but a very smart player. At worst he is good depth!
  8. Who would you have rather had? Just curious
  9. The one thing I really love about Eason: Look at those long balls. With most QBs, they would be more lofted. He's throwing 40-50 yards almost on a line. Elite plus arm strength, very rare!
  10. He’s a good developmental guy. Can make every throw on the field, and I have him ranked much higher than Fromm, so good pick IMO
  11. I really really hope we get Bartch with our 4th. He’s exactly what we need: a guy who can move around to back up multiple positions while also being developed into a future starter (and a good one at that) at LT. I also like TE’s Harrison Bryant and Albert O, but if we get Bartch, I wouldn’t mind missing on those guys!
  12. Don’t get me wrong, I do like Blackmon and think he will succeed in any role. However, this league is turning into a positionless game. Blackmon is that. I think he best fits as a SS that can make box plays, but he also can work as a nickel corner and a free safety. Interceptions mean nothing for positional locks in this day and age. You can have linebackers getting high interception numbers, SS’s can get more than FS’s. It doesn’t matter where you play if you can make plays.
  13. I don’t like him at FS because he doesn’t have the 1 deep ability. He’s a split deep safety at best, he doesn’t have the instincts to cover the entire back end. His best fit is more as a middle of the field safety, where he can make plays in the run game and cover TE’s and WR’s crossing the middle
  14. That doesn’t change the fact that I see a SS. Maybe he does replace Hooker. Maybe not. I see a SS, you see a FS, and neither of us know what the Colts FO sees!
  15. In watching his tape, it looks to me like he’s best suited as a SS. Doesn’t matter where he played before, but where he translates to the league
  16. Could a mod merge this to the other thread about this? Thanks!
  17. He is not, he best fits as a SS, but has good ball skills to stay on in sub packages. He’s a superb tackler, and needs development in coverage as a safety
  18. Could a mod merge my topic into here please?
  19. So, with the selection of JT, it is extremely likely that Mack won't be here after next season. It's sad because I love Mack, but it's what is going to happen more likely than not. My question is this: Would you consider putting Mack on the trade block now and moving him for a late 3rd or early 4th, if we can even get that? If not, what can we get? I love Mack a ton, but there is no point holding him when we have an amazing workhorse now and we could get more help elsewhere in a great draft class. Thoughts??
  20. I love him! Maybe would have gone another direction, but Taylor is amazing, and will be a beast behind our Line!
  21. That was quick, did you already have it saved and ready to go?
  22. Haha I was just saying that to my family! As soon as they announced the Bengals pick, it was already in
  23. Amazing! He’s my WR5 on my board, best available! Such a good route runner for a big target, with a massive catch radius. He’ll be good for a while!
  24. I think the same way, but if we do go QB, I hope it is Hurts. There is a massive drop of at the position after he goes, he’s the last starting-caliber QB in the class
  25. Isaiah Simmons. I recently graded him out as a top 5 defender in the past 10 draft classes. He’s so good at so many different spots. Other than him, KJ Hamler. He’s TY 2.0!
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