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  1. C means average to me. If you don't get into the playoffs your an average team. You shouldn't have to count on another team to get you into the playoffs. Losing to the Jags week one and blown out by Tennessee left a bad taste in my mouth this year. We should of won the AFC south and we didn't
  2. Think he's just about out of chances in the NFL. Not sure if college is a good fit either. Every young QB he has had under his HC career he's ran into the ground. I still think Darnold has the chance of being very special but needs to be coached up not beat down.
  3. Would give them a B. Things could of gone totally off the rail after the week 1 loss to the Jags. They were able to pull off some quality wins this year but only the Green Bay game really sticks out as a memorable one. If this was a regular year and only 2 wildcards get in i think a lot of us would be saying they're in the C category.
  4. Agree with with. He seems like he will be a good pickup at some point for a team that wants to build a good team culture. That being said i think he will be very picky about what GM gig he wants to take. A lot of these guys have one chance to make a good name for themselves at GM and if the don't they rarely get a second chance (think Grigson is taking coffee orders in Cleveland right now).
  5. If the Browns could get a 2nd for $16M then we should be able to get a 1st at some point (or multiple 2nds) for the 30M for Wentz will cost per year. Based on numbers from Sportrac the Eagles are already 73M over the cap for 2021. Would think that they would be the ones in the position of needing to make a move.
  6. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/04/24/saints-may-trade-a-2021-pick-for-a-high-pick-tonight/ I know its straight speculation but would any of you jump on this if we get the call to move #34?
  7. Ya it's really bad. Turay at Sam and Leonard at Mike make no sense. Also keeping Simon at LB and not in Hunt's spot is a huge miss as well
  8. http://draftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=130995&draftyear=2018&genpos=OLB Again put up decent numbers at his pro day.
  9. Shouldn't have to worry about being out bidded. Seems like we have quite a few dollars left over from free agency. Lol
  10. http://www.uhcougars.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/032718aab.html Decent pro day numbers. 30 on the bench!
  11. Better to get at least something now then cut him later. Disn't see he as a good scheme fit now we're doing a 4-3.
  12. I all for competition but it seems to me we now have competition at OL, DL and RB and every other position is getting a pass. This LB and CB cores we have right now is feeling pretty safe and in all honesty they shouldn't. I know philly did stuff like this but they had established players already in the fold before they started and our cupboard is damm near bare.
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