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  1. Oh please. If those people wanted millions maybe they should become pro athletes? Oh right, it's not as easy as your post would make it seem. And give me a break, them paying doesn't guarantee or entitle them anything BUT a spot in the stadium to watch a game. You aren't guaranteed a win or even a good game. Any of these players can go out at any second in a game. They can get over it and if you are barely getting by you shouldn't be paying thousands to watch live sports. I am sure those people will be fine. They weren't waking up in pain for the past 4 yrs after getting crushed by 250-320lbs pound athletes because your mess of an owner took way too long to fire a terrible coach and a bum GM. I'd be ok with this franchise going back into irrelevance. Some franchises would not have only killed for Luck but probably treat him much better.
  2. Well earned money. This team would've been trash without him. Had he gone to a better franchise I'd imagine things end up differently.
  3. Eh, I don't think Josh is a great coach. He's best as Brady's ward.
  4. Keep making up your rules that no one cares about.
  5. The best part of all this is seeing some people's true colors. Proof Luck made the right choice.
  6. Uh, the rehab process doesn't exactly get easier or better in your 30s...
  7. Or. OR. You can get over yourself. He put his body on the line on numerous occasions for some really bad football team. Don't blame him for a second and no one comes in here defending players when organizations cut them abruptly. Your take is 100% selfish as is any other similar stances.
  8. I've seen it all. People sitting behind screens calling Andrew Luck of all people a coward.
  9. Doing right by you is never a wrong choice. Luck did not hurt anybody. He is doing what is best for him.
  10. I love the Colts, but I rather Andrew retire and find happiness than live that nightmare of trying to bounce back from another injury or mental setbacks. I don't think this came completely out of nowhere (well... it did). Based off his interviews when he was recovering from that shoulder procedure he did a ton of introspection. The type not a lot of players do in that situation because some of them refuse to see an outcome where they aren't back out there. I think he poured so much into getting back out there that it took a toll on him. He came back looking like his usual self but I do not think he ever got back there mentally. The fire died out and if his body is having him question himself then perhaps this is the best move for him. It's absolutely heartbreaking and I can understand fans being hurt by this. I just think its insane to make him seem like the bad guy in this. Luck is a good guy.
  11. Some of you should be embarrassed by your responses. There is more to life than Football and Luck owes you nothing. He gave this franchise his best every chance he could and put this organization in positions it had no right to be in. I wish him the best, a happy life, and good health. Thanks, Andrew.
  12. It's the 4th Quarter, isn't Lebron supposed to be missing?

  13. Dear sporting events, and National TV in general. There are other artist out there besides Nicki Minaj, that is all.#thisisgettingold

  14. It is 6:30pm, and my girlfriend is still sleeping. Got home from work at 8am.#workinghard

  15. The people in Ocala drive like blind goats.

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