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  1. I dont know if I'd go so far as to say "faking it", but I believe there's more to this mysterious calf injury then we're led to believe.
  2. It's just booing. Nobody died.
  3. I was 100% being sarcastic btw
  4. Same havent Titans fans suffered enough?
  5. https://www.patspulpit.com/2017/4/23/15398184/2017-nfl-draft-creating-a-brand-new-nfl-draft-value-trade-chart "In other words, a team could trade a fourth round pick in 2017 and reasonably expect to receive a 2018 third round pick on the market. A current fifth is worth a future fourth. No one really wants future seventh round picks because they hold almost no value. This valuation of future picks is a representation of time value of money, which means that a draft pick now is worth more than the same draft pick in a future year." What do I win
  6. Any trade chart when you devalue the future pick by half
  7. Yeah it could be 20 spots lower. The fact that you have no idea what pick it is is why its devalued vs current picks. And no if the Redskins won the Super Bowl it wouldn't be good value lol. You'd move back 20 spots and lose out on a 5th year option for what is essentially a 3rd rounder.
  8. I guess? I dont know what your getting at. My point is that future picks are volatile because of how fast things change in the NFL. I mean it's not like the Redskins were some dumpster fire last year they picked in the middle of the first and just got the best QB in the draft. They can just as easily go 11-5 as they could 5-11.
  9. Except for the fact that a future pick could be like 20 spots higher than the ones they have this year? Lol
  10. Or they can make the playoffs and all of a sudden the picks in high 50s or 60s. This is the NFL man things change fast. Probably should have gotten a 4th back with this
  11. I didnt make it up. Future picks are devalued a full round according to the draft chart or the value is cut in half. But w/e it's not end of the world there's still gonna be good players at 34
  12. Trade chart is outdated by about 10 years now. Also a future 2nd is valued as a 3rd rounder not a 2nd
  13. 12m is a bargain for what edge rushers go for these days tnh. I think this is probably right in line with his value if he can manage 8-12 sacks
  14. Idk how people are factoring in his drafts into his evaluation. We gotta wait 3 years before we can judge a draft class right guys?
  15. I've enjoyed it too. Anybody expecting playoffs this year set themselves up for dissapointment from the start. We have some quality building blocks. This team could be a super bowl contender in a few seasons
  16. A few more playmakers on offense and this team could be a force next season.
  17. I doubt they've written it off too. Just like I doubt they wanted to settle for a tie. Theres no more Pagano-ball and I'm living for it.
  18. The Colts gave up 34 points at home to team on a 10 game losing streak. They aren't gonna make the playoffs sorry to break it to ya bud. The difference between a tie and a loss isn't going to matter to the 2018 Colts
  19. Ballsy call. Playing for a tie is a loser mentality. You play to win the game. Like someone else said earlier, Reich is going to take some heat but its a move thats going to pay off for a you g team. Everybody wants agression but not the risks associated with it.
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