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  1. BIG, BIG effort. Losing sucks, especially when it feels like a game we should have won, and handsomely at that. We just have too many limitations with PR as QB, I appreciate the job he has done, but going forward we need someone able to move us faster up the field (with throws, we can't expect the defenses in the NFL to give up chunk plays of 20+ yds to our run game). Proud of the boys. Reich obviously does a lot of things right, and Eberflus too, but ultimately we come up short in quite a few games that seem winnable. Let's hope for a succesful draft and fr
  2. Should have run Taylor 3+ times up the middle. I'm okay with trying the pass when the 3rd down went sideways. Think the first of the catches/replays was questionable, the other two were correct. Stupid offside. Opportunity wasted in the 1st half, can't expect the defense to bail us out 2nd half. We need a stop on their first drive, and points on ours. Otherwise I think we're done unfortunately.
  3. Best I've seen us play on defense all year! Go Colts!
  4. Think we will surprise a few people in this one. Hoping our OL can hold up enough for Rivers to throw a few passes down the field as well as letting Taylor do his thing. 1st post on here, let's hope it's a good omen!
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