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  1. akcolt

    We might be out Malik Hooker

    I agree I think we get to Mahomes too. Autry has been quiet time for him to make some noise. You gotta think Eberflus we have a thing or two up his sleeve. As far a Hooker the only thing I've heard from is him is that he will play. How many guys listed as questionable really don't go? This thread feels like someone needed the drama
  2. akcolt

    Colts 2019 WR's

    The kid has the size speed and athletic traits you look for. He showed well in the East-West game winning the MVP. He was raw coming from a small school so the red shirt year isn't a huge surprise. That's why I liked him oh the fact that Ballard and Reich have remained high on him doesn't hurt. Those two seem to have pretty good eyes for talent That's why I wouldn't forget Johnson will be back and have a full camp
  3. akcolt

    Colts ran for 200 yards

    Glow will be back because we give him a fair deal. Do you listen to Ballard when he talks about building the team? I wouldn't be shocked if we added to the OL anyway. It was Mack all day Wilkins had 2 carries and Pascal got one. I was a little surprised but I'm fine with it. Mack is our best RB so let him eat. When we go committee I'd rather see Wilkins touches and use Hines in passing situations. Again I think Macks the most dangerous so no issue feeding him
  4. akcolt

    Would you rather...

    I think we are pretty good at TE. Ollie-Cox is going to be a monster when he puts it all together.
  5. akcolt


    I have never been convinced we'd spend one of the picks in the first 2 rounds on a WR. As far as Inman he'll be 30 in January it will be interesting to see how we play it. We have a lot of young guys at WR that should be getting better. We don't get to see practice but there's no question Inman has shown well for a mid season addition
  6. akcolt

    We have a shot at the division!

    We lost the game vs the Texans week 4. It's done regardless of how the board thinks it should've been played. You can't change that to a tie and say everything else stays the same. It doesn't work like that. The Texans L is part of what made us the team we are now. I'm fine with those results. Our season comes down to the game Sunday night If the Texans lose it will not just be for a spot in the playoffs but to win the division. I will take it and I doubt you'll find any complaints in the locker room.. I said before the season started that all the so called experts had poor memories. When healthy #12 is a difference maker. Guess what he's healthy and there isn't a QB in the league I'd rather have under C Sunday night.
  7. I don’t think there is any chance CB pays Bell. I wouldn’t He may look to add another RB. I think he will look at the draft if that’s the case. I wouldn’t expect an early selection In fact my guess is we stick with the 3 RB’s that have been drafted in the last two drafts.
  8. akcolt

    Please tell me TY might still play against Dallas

    I think he plays no inside info just my gut
  9. akcolt

    Swoop might be a Colt again

    I’m guessing frequently injured is near the top of my the list I don’t expect to see him back on the field as a Colt
  10. akcolt

    "Indianapolis' Tough Defense"

    The D has been solid and Dallas has injury issues on their OL. Z Martin has been ruled out too. It would not be shocking but I’d be a little surprised and more disappointed. The plan has to be to make to make Dak beat us with his arm
  11. I'd rather win the Division regardless of any match up. That's the first goal every year win the division preferring to be a wild card makes no sense to me.
  12. That's makes sense if Bogy buys in but I remember starting just the opportunity to be part of the first 5 was important to him. I think it was one of the big reasons he signed here. We could get him minutes as the primary scorer with the second unit while keeping him with the first unit. Hopefully he and Vic will continue to mesh if and when Vic gets back. The time he's been out with a sore knee is concerning. Evans has really been a disappointment for me. I was excited about what he could bring but haven't seen it. Have you seen what Alize Johnson has been doing up in Ft Wayne? Looks like that kid down in Bloomington can play a little ball. He may have a future https://8points9seconds.com/2018/11/30/indiana-pacers-alize-johnson-dominating/
  13. This is the Bogy we need when Vic gets back. The guy can score the ball Ive been saying it since we signed him. He was the top scorer in the Olympics. He's found a comfort level in Indy I think we are going to see his best ball more consistently this year. Vic being out and Bogy stepping up could really benefit this team in the long run. He has the skill it's all about comfort and confidence for Bogy IMO.
  14. I like the kid. He has size and is a plus athlete. Ballard said what most knew after the draft being a small school kid there would be an adjustment period. I'm not surprised he wasn't rushed into action due to injuries. The gave the kid time to adjust now they are going to let him show his stuff. He was the MVP of the East-West game returned punts too. It'll be interesting to see what we do with him the last quarter of the year.
  15. akcolt

    Kareem Hunt pushes and kicks a woman on video

    The Chiefs released him wow that happened quickly