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  1. akcolt

    Post Pre-Season Week 1 Roster Projection

    I think we keep 2 QB's Walker to the PS then add Daniels at TE. George over Morrison There is still a long way to go.
  2. akcolt

    Collts @ Seahawks Preseason Game Night Thread

    Sanchez was a good place kicker at Hawaii
  3. Fountain is a small school kid with all the tools to succeed in the NFL but there will likely be an adjustment period. Cain put up numbers at Clemson and many thought had day 2 skills but some off the field concerns. He has a chip on his shoulder and comes in turning heads has the coaches buzzing. Then he goes off to work with Moss. That's more or less the reason Cain is getting the hype. I like the kid and think he could make a difference this year. I think people might be sleeping on Grant and I want to see the kid from BC Ishmael too. I agree Leonard should still be able to come in and start at LB. That position group isn't loaded. It would be a surprise if he doesn't
  4. akcolt

    Jordan Wilkins

    I'm not a fan either. You can always count on a few RB's popping free at cuts. Hopefully the young guys show enough that we are comfortable moving forward if not a vet shouldn't be hard to find. A quick look guys like Morris and Darkwa are still unsigned.
  5. TY was a 3rd rounder. There is opportunity for our rookies to see the field early. I think Grant will be solid but it's hard to say about Rogers. He's struggled to stay on the field. That leaves the door open for the rookies Fountain 5th, Cain 6th and our UDFA Ishmael. Hines could see slot action and Hogan has a nice blend of size and speed. It should make for an exciting summer.
  6. My money is on Holliday being somewhere in the middle. He may find minutes tough to come by as a rookie. I am looking forward to seeing both rookies and the guys from last year play summer ball. Johnson has a interesting skill set with his history at G and Sumner is supposed to be healthy. There are a few things to monitor but Leaf is the guy I have my eye on. TJ is saying all the right things concentrating on D and rebounding. He's put on weight reports have him currently at 243lbs. He says he wants to be at 250 to start the season. I think they listed him at 225 last year I am looking for TJ to make a big jump this year. We know he can score and most importantly he can hit the long ball. He made 43% from 3 last year on just 42 attempts. If he can hold his own at the other end he could get up 3x as many. The minutes behind Thad are there for him to take.
  7. Don't sleep on Uruguay
  8. If Thad opts and we bring in Tyreke. Could Bogy slide over to the 4? He's the same size as Thad and Thad wasn't Rodman on the glass. Bogy's D improved and Tyreke at the 3 would help off set what we lose. He'd be the stretch 4 we know he can hit the 3. I'm not sure who I'd prefer Evans or Barton. Tyreke reminds me a lot of Lance. He likes to dominant the ball although he's a more consistent scorer. He's had trouble staying healthy and his bounce back year was on a bad team. Were the numbers legit? I think Barton might be a better fit next to Dipo. The scoring we'd get from either would be welcome. It should be another fun off season.
  9. I'm hoping for Thomas but fine with Diop
  10. Me neither that is very disappointing That kid can play
  11. Hutchinson and Thomas could both be there at 23
  12. One of those Mountain West guys anyway I think he's the perfect fit for what we do and what we need