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  1. Big W vs Jazz Bogy had a good game I miss that dude. I am glad to see him continue to play well in Utah. This team is really coming together When will Vic be back
  2. Only if you want to do stupid stuff like protect Luck or run the ball
  3. 1. Collins Alabama, Goldman FSU, Flowers Miami 2. Thompson UW, Rollins Miami. OH 3. Wright Auburn, Derron Smith FSU 4. Amos PSU, Poutasi Utah 5. Mike Davis S.C. Roberts Marshall 6. Bobby McCain Memphis Leterius Walton CM 6. Cam Thomas WKU Krigstan Sokoli Buffalo 7. Darrius Allen CS Pueblo J Robinson MSU 7. Nick Perry Alabama Markus Rush MSU
  4. Demps has been in the league 3 years and can't find the field. He is constantly injured. NE IR for knee Tampa IR for groin surgery. Tampa was the only place he made the active roster. That was short lived. Grant is stronger 225 22x has better hands and is more dedicated to the sport. Demp's first choice has always been track. I don't think they are quite the same player. Grant would be someone I would love to see us take a look at late. I think he will find a role in the league.
  5. totally agree Davis or Johnson and Grant is what I'd like to see.
  6. I am for keeping both as well. I am interested to see if Swoope can do anything this year. I certainly would not be looking at TE or QB in the middle rounds of the draft. Any other position I'd say is a go but we are pretty solid at TE. I am with you on Grant late for sure. We have 2 6th's why wouldn't we take a chance on that guy. I would check out Mike Davis he is Gore's mini me. He didn't have a great season this year. He got nicked up in the Auburn game didn't look the same the rest of the year. I'd look back at 2013 also. He is 5-foot-9, 223 pounds, is one of those running backs wh
  7. Yeah and Trent was the next AP according to almost every "expert".
  8. I could see the logic in grabbing a TE with both Fleener and Allen coming off rookie contracts next year but man we have so many other areas that could use the boost. I think we could get a RB that could play in the 4th or 5th. I just don't see all those backs going in the first 2 days I hope Davis falls right in our laps. I really like that kid. I guess it is just a matter of what the plan is for Allen and Fleener and how Swoope is progressing but I think we could and hope we do better in the 4/5 than a TE. There will be guys that can come in a help with more than just special teams there i
  9. Why would we use 3 picks on the D Line? How many D Lineman do you think we will carry on the 53 man roster?
  10. I wish there we some Defensive players on the list although I don't really think the list means a whole lot.
  11. Signing a C for that kind of money not smart glad Grigs is running the show. Costa played in 3 games last year but has 20 starts took Guorde's job before being injured and replaced. If Holmes isn't a starter I think Costa is going to surprise some. There are only 7 C's that make over 3M a yr only 2 came from playoff teams half the C's in the league are undrafted free agents. Why would you pay a C Tackle money? You wouldn't if you wanted to keep your job or build a good O Line. Let the Browns be the Browns we will stick to being the Colts.
  12. I loved Major Wright too to bring some experience behind Howell who I think will be just fine back there. He is back with Lovie in TB on a small prove it deal. He showed signs of being an up and coming player until last yr but the entire bears D sucked.
  13. My thoughts exactly a top 5 C as a back up. Come on man think about it. la Puente is overrated no one wanted him now he is a back up for the bears. I think Costa is a little better than he gets credit for on this forum.
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