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  1. I think you are missing Chucklez point it IS unprecedented for a RB to come back even close to his former self after an achilles injury. I made the same point when Vick Ballard blew his achilles. Here is an article that explains further. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.nfl.com/_amp/achilles-tendon-tear-a-death-knell-for-running-backs-0ap1000000224126&ved=2ahUKEwjDrNXv_IHuAhXEo54KHeZsDiAQFjAAegQIARAB&usg=AOvVaw2guxzHikpv01xk2wTD84n7&ampcf=1
  2. Oregon has given us Akili Smith and Joey Harrington too. It doesn't mean Herbert is going to be a bust.... Dan Fouts was a Duck so there is that
  3. Big W vs Jazz Bogy had a good game I miss that dude. I am glad to see him continue to play well in Utah. This team is really coming together When will Vic be back
  4. I think you might be on to something. I’m a big Turay fan and injuries are a concern with him. For that reason I’d like to see him play but containing the run certainly hasn’t been his game.
  5. I agree with all the other guys There are others you could argue like Stewart or Muhammad but IMO Turay is as much of a lock as anyone on the DL.
  6. You don’t think Turay is a lock to make the roster? I don’t see a scenario that results in him being cut. The same goes for Rock. We aren’t cutting either of those guys.
  7. Have we seen Fountain back there yet? He returned punts in the East-West game. He was the Offensive MVP of that game.
  8. An Achilles injury has been the kiss of death for RB’s. I’m sure a lot of folks remember Vick Ballard.
  9. I would love to get a link to this mystery article. I follow the Colts and football pretty closely and I sure don’t remember any article ever talking about going with just 4 WR’s on a 53 man roster.
  10. It’s not complete bull there is more to playing D then going after blocks. Myles isn’t strong enough on the glass. He will have games where he gets 3 or 4 boards for the whole game. I’m sorry but an All NBA C has to be able to rebound the ball. That’s the part of his game that frustrates me the most and the big reason I’d be fine moving him if the right deal came along
  11. Milton ran a 4.35 at an NFL Regional Combine then surprisingly didn’t stand on it and ran sub 4.4 at his pro day too. He’s pretty fast.
  12. If NO were to move Jrue because they want to go with the young guys. My guess is when they look at our roster they’ll be looking to fill the hole Davis left at the 5. I think they’d be looking at Turner or Sabonis. The Spurs would need a trade to make room for Bogy. He’s a free agent so they could move DeRozan somewhere else and move in on Bogy.. It’s taken Bogy the better part of two seasons to get comfortable enough here to really play his game. I think he’s going to want to stay in Indy as long as we don’t try to low ball him. He should be our top priority IMO. Thi
  13. I’m not a big fan of trading for Conley. His injury history worries me. I do think PG is the position we must up grade this off season. One would think New Orleans will want to move Jrue. He’s 29 yrs old and doesn’t fit with the youth movement going on down there. I’d love to bring him to Indy to play next to Vic. Theres a rumor that the Spurs want to trade DeRozan for Bogy McDermott and the 18th pick. I am a big Bogy fan but that’s a deal we’d have to take a long look at.
  14. Who said he’s making the roster this year? That’s not what the discussion has been about. The consensus has the PS being the best case scenario
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