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  1. akcolt

    A defining year for Luck?

    I am looking at the beginning of a stretch of years that will define Luck’s career and I believe earn his place in the HOF. I think with Ballard and Reich he has the opportunity for rings. We need to add a little more fire power on both sides of the ball. It was our O that could not get going vs KC. I’m confident that will get taken care of. If multiple rings is going to happen Andrew has to control his inner Brett Farvre. I love Luck wouldn’t want anyone else under C but for a guy as smart as he is man does he have a tendency to make some bad decisions. Those may come from always feeling like he has to make the play. That feeling should slowly turn into trust of his teammates especially the D as the team develops. I look for big things from Luck the next 5-8 years
  2. Hey man I like what you did here as far as the positions you addressed. I’m not a huge Jones fan would much rather take Tillery. I think the only way we get Burns is flipping the first 2 picks as you said. It would still require luck but I’d love for it to happen. The 5th round I’d rather have Mecole Hardman from UGA. I really hope we draft this kid. He’s true home run threat in 2 phases of the game Tyreek Hill 2.0. He would be the most dangerous KR/PR we’ve seen starting day 1. I think the kids going to be special. Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t be that upset with Renfro. Like I said like what you did here.
  3. akcolt

    Some Random Sunday thoughts

    I’m a big Irish fan too and I’ll second that. Boykin didn’t play much 3 yrs ago with Kizer under C. Then 2 seasons ago and into this year he played with Wimbush as his QB. Wimbush was a dual threat guy with a strong arm but his running was ahead of his passing. Ian Book who took over after a few games last season was by far the best QB Myles played with. I didn’t think he was as bad as you nor did I think his arm was that bad. I do agree Myles was limited by the QB’s at ND. I’m interested to see him at the next level. He’s going to be one of those guys who’s a better pro. I don’t think Book was the main problem vs Clemson. They had better players then we did was the biggest problem. Then Julian Love who shuts down his half of your field left the game. Clemson throws TD’s where he would have been on back to back drives. They jumped out to the lead we never recovered. It illustrates how valuable Love was to that D easily the MVP to me We needed the breaks to go our way for the Irisb to pull that upset.
  4. akcolt

    Is mike Mitchell still a colt?

    I agree Farley will be back. I also think he’s underrated ideally he’s a back up or comes on as a third S. He has done well starting. The guy always seems to make his presence felt. We have Hooker Geathers Farley and Odum as we sit a S. I feel like that’s a spot we look to add competition to early in the draft. Gardner-Johnson is the kid I’d like to draft even if it takes our first rounder. The versatility he’d bring would impact the back end day one. He can play any S role at the line, single high you name it. He has experience at CB mainly playing the slot. He can do it all back there
  5. How about a kid who’s been drawing comparisons to Tyler Lockett and Tyreek Hill? I think he compares to Hill. He’s doesn’t have the resume of Lockett who was coming off back to back 1000 yard seasons coming out of MSU. Mecole Hardman has the wiggle to get past the first guy then that special burst to top speed. He is an explosive playmaker a true home run threat who impacts 2 phases of the game. It’s his ability to change the game on special teams that sets him apart. The kid is a dangerous return man. He can take it to the house in a blink of the eye. He is a speed guy no question but he plays with a toughnesss. He has only scratched the surface of his talent. When the balls in his hands he reminds me of Ty Hill. If he is even he is leavin I think the kid is going to be special.
  6. akcolt

    The 3 Tech position

    There isn’t a team that doesn’t have a problem if they lose 2 or 3 guys at a key position. That being said I agree with you on most points. We are thin behind Leonard and needs to be addressed in the draft. I also believe we add a T. as well as help at S. I don’t see a WR in the first 2 rounds. We have a group of young guys we are developing and it’s premature to decide none of those guys will reach their ceiling. For me the strength of this WR class in the middle rounds. If we grab a guy I think it’ll be there. I would love to get Mecole Hardman. I think we see the trenches addressed early.
  7. akcolt

    The 3 Tech position

    I am not sure how short on talent we are at those positions. OT Haeg Clark and Garcia CB Hairston Collins and Milton WR Cain Fountain Johnson Pascal Ishmael LB Adams Franklin Moore S Farley Odum I would agree S needs immediate help but we have young guys for the coaches to work with at the other spots. I’m not saying we shouldn’t add to those groups or upgrades aren’t possible We are always looking to get better. This is the plan growing our own. We are going to have to develop the young players. The players at WR CB and LB for the most part are Ballard’s guys. He has said we are always looking to add competition but there isn’t a player on the roster that we do not feel has the talent to be molded into a quality player for this team. Those are his words. I think we still draft DL heavy. Houston doesn’t change things big picture. We have to find game changing pass rushers. It’s early to tell with Turay Lewis and Ward. The rest of the roster I think it’s safe to say are not the future of our pass rush.
  8. I know don’t feed the troll but AC isn’t a top 20 T? Then insinuating that there is reason to think Castonzo won’t be healthy. The guy had missed 3 starts since his rookie season prior to last season. He had started 97% of the regular season games(93 of 96). As far as OL free agents at the end of this season it’s not just AC but Haeg and Clark are both going to be up for new deals. Obviously neither will be looking at starting LT money but that’s LT’s 1-3 I think it’s absolutely possible we look at taking a LT with any pick including 34. It’s probable that we take a T somewhere in the draft. Ballard’s goal is 10 starting caliber offensive lineman. I don’t think there will be a problem getting AC signed to a new deal. He doesn’t strike me as a guy who wants anything more than a fair deal. I think he wants to be here and we want him here. Ballard talks about growing your own and rewarding your guys. I can’t think of a player that fits that any better then AC. I trust CB will get it handled. Haeg is the guy I could see getting an absurd offer if allowed to test the market.
  9. akcolt

    Scott's Mock Draft

    I really like where you added to the roster. We seem to be seeing the same things. I agree no WR early but the LB and RB rooms need competition at some point. I also think we look at OT and a TE with the FA’s we have coming up. in those groups. The DL will get a lot of attention. I love Gardner-Johnson selection. He is one of my favorite guys in this draft. I think if he gets out of R1. We gotta take him with the Jets pick. I can’t see him lasting to the later part of the round. I don’t think we take a corner that early. Ballard has talked about not needing to use early picks there. We resigned Desir. Moore had a breakout year Q stepped it up then add Collins in the mix. I feel like that’s a day 3 move unless a CB is clearly BPA. I’m big on adding DL but I like Tillery’s ability to get after the QB lot. Joe Jackson is the guy I like on the Edge. If he goes as late as many forecast I think he could be the steal of the draft. The wild card on the DL is Simmons. Do we take a guy many considered a top 10 pick knowing he won’t be ready week 1 and realistically could miss most of his rookie season? Ballard talks big picture and the long haul. When would he be comfortable making that move? We could go in many directions when it comes to WR. I struggled with the idea of taking two or going early for a top dog. I think you got it right we add a guy in the middle rounds Again we all have our guys and at WR mine is Mecole Hardman UGA. I love this kids toughness and the explosiveness he’d bring to the field. The biggest thing for me is his ability as a return man. I’ve been calling for a legit threat returning kicks for what seems like forever. Hardman is that threat. He draws comparisons to Lockett and T Hill. I get the feeling that Ballard has an eye on McLuire. The only position group I thought we would add to that you missed was TE. Doyle and Ebron are both going to be free agents and this class is loaded at TE. That makes me think we look that way I think you hit the roster where it needs to be hit and where I expect Ballard to hit it as well. I don’t dislike any of the guys you picked but there are a few guys I’d rather have.
  10. akcolt

    Turay working his butt off

    This guy is going to be a beast as long as he can stay healthy. I expect big things from him this year.
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/draftwire.usatoday.com/2019/01/23/2019-senior-bowl-the-best-lb-prospect-rising-from-under-the-radar/amp/
  12. I know the importance of speed at LB. That’s why I mocked Hanks. If you watch his film or even read the Sr Bowl reports. His sideline to sideline speed is a strength as is his coverage ability vs TE RB’s and even slot WR’s. He can run. He would help us in sub packages utilizing his coverage skills immediately. He would also give us help behind Leonard .We are a little thin at LB imo. Hanks could go the end of day 2. That’s the buzz either way I expect we add competition to our LB group. I remember Morrison his tape showed he was a 2 down thumper with limited range who couldn’t hold up in coverage. I was never a fan. I recall Grigs drafted him 2 rounds before he was projected then he and Pagano acted like they pulled one over on everyone. He’s a football player barks at dogs..,
  13. Looking at it I thought the Steelers may take him in the 1st if they don’t go WR. The kid played single high in the box covered the slot even kicked out to the boundary when necessary. There’s talk of moving him to corner obviously we’d keep him at S. I thought about flipping him with Tillery in the mock but that wouldn’t help if the Hawks or Pitt had 1st round eyes for him.
  14. He pulled his hammy running the 40 was still tight at his pro day He couldn’t run there either It slowed down his momentum even though he’s clearly faster then 4.9 on tape and by all Sr Bowl reports. If he has a good combine chances are he’s still moving up boards
  15. Things have been slow thought I’d do a mock. Here it is: 1st round Jerry Tillery DT ND pass rushing 3 Tech that has the upside to be the playmaker we need the 3tech to get this D to the next level 2nd round(Jets) Gardner-Johnson S Florida this kid is the definition of versatile can do it all on the back end. Paired with Hooker look out 2nd round Joe Jackson DE Miami has a nose for the QB 24 sacks in 3 years at the U comes off the edge with speed and length with a knack for strip sack solid vs run Could be a little early but not sure why I like what I see 3rd round Khalen Saunders DL Western Illinois A small school kid who dominated the big school lineman in Mobile 4th round Mecole Hardman WR/KR UGA I love the juice this kid can bring to the offense and finally getting that explosive PR draws comparisons to Tyreek Hill that’s explosive 4th round(comp) Terrill Hanks LB New Mexico St More speed at LB a fast rangy converted S and he can cover TE’s and RB’s in sub packages out of the gate 5th Dennis Daley OT South Carolina he has a future at LT solid Sr Bowl not only is Castonzo’s deal up at seasons end so are Haeg and Clark’s. 6th round Dexter Williams RB ND he can be the thunder to Mack’s lightening or help keep us going if the injuries come again 7th round Leon Sandcastle CB out of no where CB looks to have the goods but needs coaching could be a real steal MLB also interested I wanted more picks. I could see CB trading back. I really would’ve liked to get a TE with Ebron and Doyle both FA’s I just noticed that didn’t happen this is a deep class.