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  1. It really has been a struggle. T. Evans has given us good minutes in this series.
  2. Not the start we wanted at home It’s better they can’t miss in the 1st if it’s going to happen
  3. It’s not over just yet We win both home games and it’s best 2 of 3. It would have been nice to get a W in Boston We have to play a full 4 quarters which we haven’t done in this series
  4. We missed Vic on the road in big moments. We just don’t have anyone that’s used to being the guy. I think it’s more not being comfortable initiating then not wanting the shot. Tyreek is the only guy who has any experience being the shot maker but not with this group. Back to Indy defend our home court
  5. We have to make it harder for Kyrie then that can’t give him wide open 3’s. These run stopping situations are when we really miss Vic
  6. We let them back in with Kyrie on the bench by giving up offensive rebounds letting them get to the front of the rim and missing free throws beating ourselves We look really bad to start this quarter
  7. Good 3rd for us. Kyrie is feeling it and he may get 40. He can score against good D and that’s ok. We have to keep the other guys in check.
  8. We are playing small tonight keeping the lane clean. Boston has played good D on Sabonis but I feel like Donas has done other things well tonight. Turner has stepped up the D here in the 3rd
  9. It isn't that rare in the NFL . It happens frequently when FA's think they are worth more then their current market. They take a one year deal hoping to increase their value before signing a longer deal. They call it betting on yourself.
  10. He’s a guy I have an eye on too and after his Sr Bowl my guess is he’s on Ballard’s radar
  11. There are a lot of folks who don’t seem to get how valuable a PR is and that it’s a skill. We aren’t talking about returning KO’s. You can’t just stick someone back there on punt returns. Rogers has value as a PR and is really unchallenged at the moment. That gives him an inside track for a roster spot. We might recall he was the guy catching balls for Luck during his rehab that might say something about his bond with the QB just something to think about. I think there too much being made about drops. We had a bad stretch with young guys last year. It’s part of growing and let’s not forget there were a lot of other things happening. Luck was shaking off rust regaining confidence, rookie coaches new system and our best guy was out. Our current WR room reminds me of our CB room going into the draft last year. There was a lot of talk how we need to draft CB’s. My thought was we just added young talent and that we like our guys. We didn’t draft a CB and by years end everyone liked our guys Moore Q and Desir. I am not saying no way do we draft a WR. I am saying we added a lot of young talent and I think we like our guys. Fountain, Johnson, Pascal, Ishmael and Cain will be in just their second year with the team and we added Fuchness. There is a reason we brought those guys to town. It takes longer then a year to develop WR’s.
  12. I’d like Oliver too I wouldn’t expect many to be oh no not him. I believe you are correct I there is no way that trade happens. Brissett would equal roughly 300 points on the value chart maybe if we throw in pick 89 but likely it takes more than that
  13. There is another player returning from injury that too could fit that description. Marcus Johnson is 6'1 and 200+ lbs and runs a 4.39 40. The kid has been plagued by injuries recently but was starting to make a name for himself in Philly before the Hawks asked for his inclusion in the Bennett trade. Then of course Frank wanted him back here. The battle at WR this summer should be a good one. https://www.google.com/amp/s/theeagleswire.usatoday.com/2018/09/22/former-eagles-wr-marcus-johnson-earning-his-role-with-colts/amp/
  14. That's why I said maybe the retiring numbers business is a bad business to be in
  15. Yes and maybe Baltimore should have retired it for Mackey. I think Indy should've retired it for Marvin since we are in the business of retiring numbers. Maybe that's just a bad business.
  16. I can only speak for myself. I think 88 should off limits until it's put in the rafters but I wouldn't lose my mind if someone got it. If I was a young WR I'd want my own number but again that's me.
  17. I agree we struggled without Mack last year. It didn't realize Ware was only 26
  18. I hope Holiday gets the start and Evans goes back to the bench and then Holiday gets Tyreek's minutes in the playoffs I'd be fine if I never see Evans take the floor in a Pacers uniform again. That signing has been a total disappointment. We need to look at our PG position this off season. DC is aging and hurts us on the on defensive end and can struggle to get his shot bc of his size on the offensive end. CoJo is good on the defensive end but it rarely makes up for his offensive woes and it's just not his streaky shooting
  19. I was disappointed in the game tonight. It's lame handing Boston home court advantage after all we have overcome this season. We need DC back for the series. Our PG problem really showed tonight It'll be interesting to see the rotation Nate goes with in the playoffs. We know the bench will be shortened but how short does he go? I'd like to see Holiday in there. No one speeds us up like he can. This is is going to be a tough series. Boston maybe rounding into to shape. Hayward getting his game back is big for them. I'm happy for him but let's hope he misses some shots next go around.
  20. I think it's a mistake not to add a guy who can get after the QB from the interior of the DL like I believe Tillery can. He haa rare traits for an interior lineman. I don't think Ballard would let a guy like that get by us. If Tillery is there and CB sees the same things we do gotta believe that's the pick. I agree the first half of the roster looks pretty good. We just need to keep adding depth. I'm not sure there are too many WR's in this draft who make an impact as rookies. I'm fine adding one. The pieces I'd like to see added are a S to pair with Hooker. Regardless of what's being said I think we should find Mack some help. I'd love to add Montgomery. We are thin at LB behind Leonard. I'd really like a real threat in the return game
  21. That's a fastest 5 mins I had to reload it to check the timer I thought I missed part of it.
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