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  1. With the age difference between Manning and the current players it would feel more like a "Where are they now" update of the SNL sketch.
  2. It helps that movies are not filmed in order they are seen. But what helped the most was the lighting budget for the movie consisted of a couple light bulbs and the character wore the same costume that consisted of a long jacket, long hair, and face paint, which would have allowed a similar looking person to stand in as well as use close up shots from other unused scenes that would have wound up on the cutting room floor otherwise (I believe fast and furious used a cut Paul Walker scene from an earlier movie after his death). I'm was more surprised to find out Lee's stunt double was the director of John Wick.
  3. Looks like just a camp body, I don't see him making the final 53.
  4. Hairston seems like a player that has a chance to be traded for a late round pick to a CB needy team.
  5. A lot of the highlights in this video are of him making the tackle after they've got the first down. Seems to always want to go for the big hit, which can lead to mistakes. Looks to have good range and take good angles, to stop the play which should fit well with the 'not giving of the big play' defense. I'm not really a fan from the video, but I'm happy to wait and hope I'm wrong. Funny enough I thought this was one of the better plays in the video.
  6. Eh. Im pretty sure their are plenty of teams in similar situations with just as many pending free agents and a lot less cap space and they will all be fine. This also doesn't even factor in what the new CBA will look like after negotiations. From the list it looks like a lot will be replaced with rookies, some will be let go with the intention of possibly netting a comp pick, some will age out of Ballards preferred age range, some will retire, and some can be signed with the money from cap inflation alone. I see a lot of possible 1 and 2 year contracts in that group. The only name that jumps out that will see a big long term contract is Castanzo. Teams are always willing to throw money at left tackles with starting experience who are at least average and I would say Castanzo is above average.
  7. Replacements is entertaining, but Necessary Roughness is awesome! Show us the arm son....
  8. So, are were talking this type of situation? or this type?
  9. I'd be more concerned with them spending the rollover before its lost.
  10. The big thing that has bothered me about the past few days is the fact that most of these contracts have come without the players and staff sitting down and having a formal "interview". Yes, it is a relatively small community but they dont really have a chance to sit down and have a talk to discuss if each other have similar philosophies, goals, good chemistry with teammates, etc and will ultimately gel together. I think this has been the big reason why Ballard has made so few moves. He has put the team culture as one of the main focuses of his regime and you cant judge another player based on a phone conversation with their agent.
  11. Ahhhhhh, off the field issues. I dont expect the Colts to sign him because he doesn't fit team culture. Or McDaniels'd.
  12. Well, that's a whole other can of worms that has nothing to do with being used to the physicality of the sport. That's more of a discussion on how NFL contracts are done. It's best to just view it as a business and expect players to want new contracts every year and teams to release players 2 years after signing them. But back to Bell, I agree with the trend of the past few decades that has devalued the position. And with his history (although I understand his motives of getting his money while he can), he could very well go through the same cycle of behavior in a year or two after getting a new contract. And with the average career length of a NFL rb, it is hard to invest a ton of capital longterm into a player at the position.
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