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  1. Will probably front load Q's contract with that money.
  2. I can only assume his head was in other places. He probably has read the early reviews for the Titanic Lego set and worried about finding the time to put it together. I mean, over 9000 pieces and the biggest set ever! https://www.lego.com/en-us/product/lego-titanic-10294
  3. I can only assume that Mark Andrews will test positive, hence the reason the DB's were social distancing themselves. So obviously Wentz will be at risk. Might even be why he called heads, didn't want to risk being on the field anymore
  4. I figured the other games would be missed due to close contact rules.
  5. If only they would have used that pick on a cornerback.
  6. I would bench him for 2-3 games to teach him a lesson.
  7. The greatest sports movie ever coming this Christmas!
  8. Pump the brakes there, big shooter. To be fair........there's talk of one of these fellas being 10-ply coming out of college and I suggest you let that one marinate.
  9. I was only half paying attention to the commentators, but I'm pretty sure they were worse. Didn't at one time they talk about how the Colts haven't beaten the 'good' teams and then a little bit later brag about the Titans beating the Bears?
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