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  1. our_dbs_rock

    Dear NFL

    Wouldn't it have been strange if this was predicted before the game..... By the way, I can live with bad officiating. What I want is consistent officiating. If a call is going to be made or not be made then do it that way all the time. Don't throw the flag when you feel like changing the outcome of the game.
  2. our_dbs_rock

    What are you expecting?

    The league will not let the defending super bowl champs loose 2 in a row this early in the season, it will affect the ratings and the people making the big bucks won't let that happen.
  3. our_dbs_rock

    Tyrod benched, Baker Mayfield in to play QB

    Seems like the Jets are letting the Browns receivers be wide open on every play.
  4. our_dbs_rock

    New Issue From Former HoF Inductees

    The Waltons have plenty of money, maybe they should start paying former employees also.
  5. our_dbs_rock

    Colts Vs. Bengals Game Day Thread

    Rodgers channeling his inner Josh Cribbs.
  6. our_dbs_rock

    Erik Swoope a trade candidate?

    Hasn't there been some 3 TE sets they've ran during training camp?
  7. our_dbs_rock

    Erik Swoope a trade candidate?

    I think a better example is the Seahawks giving up a 6th for Marcus Burley. A guy who was undrafted, bounced around the league, hadn't done much in the NFL and was a no cost free agent pick up.
  8. our_dbs_rock

    2018 Rule Changes.

    I actually don't mind the rule against landing on players. I get tired of seeing a receiver laying on the ground after making a diving catch a few seconds earlier only to see a DB come running in and diving at the player on the ground when a hand to their back works just as well. I can do without unnecessary hits that do nothing other than potentially harm another person.
  9. our_dbs_rock

    Jim Irsay on Brissett

    Every year QBs are drafted in the first round that have done less, it's all about potential. Heck teams keep giving up high picks and money for Bradford, and that guy has a chance to end up on the IR by just getting out of bed. How much did Oisweiler get paid based on the performance of two games? Give Brissett an average defense, and he could be in a position to win most game and a lot of teams would be happy for just that. I doubt he would every be a qb that would carry the team on his back, but he still was within a few plays of having the team last year at .500 even with an awful defense, a suspect roster, and statistacally the worst playcalling in the league.
  10. our_dbs_rock

    Colts Training Camp 8/2/2018

    I had to do it when I saw the picture. Who has two thumbs and is going to win comeback player of the year........ This Guy!
  11. our_dbs_rock

    10 Days

    Courtney Cox?
  12. our_dbs_rock

    10 Days

  13. our_dbs_rock

    Marcel Dareus sued for sexual assault

    The rich aren't the only ones who commit these crimes, it's just better for the ratings.
  14. our_dbs_rock

    Turf being replaced at Lucas Oil Stadium

    I would love for them to re-install the carpet that was in the Dome for years that had no padding.