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  1. our_dbs_rock

    10 Days

    Courtney Cox?
  2. our_dbs_rock

    10 Days

  3. our_dbs_rock

    Marcel Dareus sued for sexual assault

    The rich aren't the only ones who commit these crimes, it's just better for the ratings.
  4. our_dbs_rock

    Turf being replaced at Lucas Oil Stadium

    I would love for them to re-install the carpet that was in the Dome for years that had no padding.
  5. our_dbs_rock

    Lesean Mccoy accused of domestic violence

    This is what I hate about the world. File a police report.....nope. We'll post a picture on instagram and tag TMZ......sigh. Tag CNN? nope. Tag the NY Times? nope. Tag Fox News? nope. Note even ESPN. They went straight to the top of the Millennial news feed and tagged TMZ! That's how you know its serious! Tagging TMZ makes it look more like a cash grab than someone looking for justice. And it looks like it wasn't even the victim of an attack that made the instagram allegations, it was the friend? And apparently drug use, beating kids and kicking dogs wasn't enough for the friend to speak up? The allegation reads like a spiteful crazy person than someone wanting to protect their friend.
  6. Apparently the ref standing right there beside them and called a jump ball didn't have a good enough view. :/
  7. our_dbs_rock

    Cowboys release Dez Bryant

    And we all know the chances of 1 of those times being in the playoffs is pretty slim for the cowboys.
  8. our_dbs_rock

    Cowboys release Dez Bryant

    I can see him wanting to stay in the nfc east, but I would think he signs with a competitive team also and there are a lot of questionmarks with the giants and redskins. But if he signed with the giants it could be hilarious. That team could have more drama on a weekly basis than a daytime soap.
  9. our_dbs_rock

    Cowboys release Dez Bryant

    If he signs that cheap 1 year contract, it will be with the rams, eagles or pats.
  10. our_dbs_rock

    Colts Sign CB Acker

    I'll meet your ack ack ack with more ack ack ack!
  11. Didn't Josh Jackson have an awful combine?
  12. Didn't Vince Young get a 7? Edit. Slight correction. It was a 6. Nice to see the greatest Colts QB of all time is on that list. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/609895-2011-nfl-draft-10-worst-wonderlic-scores-in-combine-history
  13. our_dbs_rock

    Some love for the Colts by Cowherd

    Kinda proving my point about needing the last word, aren't ya? Soon, that will be a 'fact' and not an 'opinion'.
  14. our_dbs_rock

    Some love for the Colts by Cowherd

    That's your opinion.
  15. our_dbs_rock

    Some love for the Colts by Cowherd

    Couldn't figure out what? That you typed the same thing the person you replied to stated? That isn't really a response, but more of an acknowledgment. But gotcha, you must be one of those people that has to have the last word.