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  1. Everytime I see one of this list of former player all I can think of is the line from Major League, "Wish we had him two years ago"..."We did"...."Four years ago, then."
  2. The sounds like last year, when everyone wanted another Hooker for the team.
  3. Everyone knew a pass was coming and the defense still bites on the play action. Sigh.
  4. Have you check in the Jordan Love thread?
  5. 7-10. Saints. Colts attempt a 55 yard kick with 23 seconds remaining to send it to overtime but it goes off the upright. Bridgewater kneels down to end the game because Brees was injured earlier in the game folling a sack by Leonard.
  6. Anyone know how his route running is? Will he be playing more outside or in the slot?
  7. Did these announcers just use some innuendo talking about Nick's "arm"?
  8. That's Rock's specialty........grabbing things!
  9. I'm guessing. 1 game for Rudolph, 2 each for Decastro and Pouncy, and 4 for Garrett. But who knows how the league will spin it to control PR. Maybe Garrett gets more and they go easy on the Steelers. Hard to say, Walden got, what, one game for his headbutt and Haynesworth got 4 or 5 for his stomp.
  10. First. How was it human error when a flag was thrown incredibly late after fans and the team was calling for it? Second. Your saying the colts put themselves into the situation by playing bad and even though officiating was bad it's their fault for not do doing better in that situation. Which is the same as saying the person who was assaulted put themselves in that situation for not better preparing for that situation. Third. Where did I ever say sexual? Your trying to flame the situation even more for being wrong. Maybe you should ban yourself.
  11. Tell me how my analogy is wrong? If you cant accept being wrong. Move along. A bad call gave the the opportunity for 3 points. What did the colts loose vt?
  12. That's an okay argument but in a billion dollar business you shouldn't have to be expecting to overcome poor officiating. That is similar to blaming a assualt victim saying they should have taking some self defense classes.
  13. Can they call the facemask on the review? Lol
  14. I guess the PI was for breathing to hard on the receiver....
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