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  1. Fluke_33

    Nelson at RT?

    Nelson at tackle? I’d pass. Nelson at guard? I’d run with that.
  2. Fluke_33

    Andrew got his wallet returned

    I found his boot. Think I can get anything for that?
  3. Fluke_33

    Offensive Line

    I’m really hoping mewhort’s knees are better and he starts. I loved the way he plays when able to. Rookies can wait.
  4. Fluke_33

    Sometimes We Forget

    oh my
  5. Fluke_33

    Rodney Harrison on nbc sports radio

    He also comes on Boston radio for 15 min every Monday during the season. He had decent insights about the previous games.
  6. Fluke_33

    Rodney Harrison on nbc sports radio

    I think he’s been pretty even keeled about the colts but this * me off. I agree he can suck it! Hahaha
  7. He was going over the afc south and talked glowingly of Jax and Houston then said he doesn’t trust lucks health and expects the colts to struggle and win 3 to 4 games. I really hope they probe prove him wrong. I think 9-7 is attainable.
  8. Fluke_33

    Ed Dodds named Assistant General Manager

    now i have to watch the natural again.
  9. Fluke_33

    Colts Minicamp 6/13/2018

    You have a great name!
  10. Fluke_33

    Alliance American Football League or the XFL

    Just wait for the two to merge in 5 years and you will have the xfc v the aafc for the spring championship. (no, I don't really think this will happen)
  11. You may be thinking of Wild Thing, oddly also by Ton Loc.
  12. Funky Colts Nadine-a? sorry.
  13. Fluke_33

    Nunez-Roches a Sleeper?

    I wonder if any of that is going against Kelly and Nelly
  14. Fluke_33

    #2 receiver

    I remember him catching the ball and running free only to trip over the 20 yard line. Have not been a fan since. Agree that he’s reminiscent of basket
  15. Fluke_33

    True or False: Week 2 Edition

    I voted true. Great question. He was 18th last year. It's a new offense this year and Philly's top receiver was zach ertz who was no 30th last year. Still, if Luck is good to go at the beginning of the season i think this is a lock.