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  1. Even if the Top 2 dts And 4 qbs are gone? OT May happen. Prepare for that and the corona virus! Hahaha
  2. The one reason I think they may have a real chance to last is they are not restricted to the 2 years out of high school restriction the nfl has. If they get one year college stars or even high school stars that don’t want to continue in college they may have something there. I’m not sure it will work or if those players will want to play for that amount but better than playing for free in college if an education isn’t there goal and/or if booster money isn’t as much (a little sarcasm in the later) im interested to see how this plays out.
  3. Man I hope there is a chance he returns.
  4. Thank you so much for this! I don’t have the time for that. p.s. I take care of my girlfriend by watching sports all the time. It must be a universal cure all!
  5. He held on kicks too.... just kidding. That doesn’t help his case this year. i couldn’t think who the gunners were or other names to come up with.
  6. Who was the best special teamer this year? It isn’t AV. Rigo? Hines?
  7. On the third question I answered to kick smith inside but I wanted the option of plying the rookie at rg like they did with Glenn His first year. Iirc he played left guard his rookie season and meadows started as a rookie at right tackle. Obviously I’m not moving Nelson (who can? Hahaha)
  8. They are calling him pj on here but he was off and on the practice squad forever.
  9. Trade up for tua. He only needs to last 6 years. Then draft Arch until Marshall enters the draft.
  10. I agree with you but had to post this.
  11. I picked rivers thinking a rookie will sit for a year or two
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