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  1. He’s not looking good today. I have a bet with a pats fan on who wins more games. I think I’m free rolling right now. I don’t see the pats winning more than 4
  2. I just got back from watching it with my friend who is a lions fan. Started off lame but was an exciting ending. Turned into a great game
  3. If it’s the bengals though I stick with burrow and trade for a treasure trove.
  4. I hope he wears the ring as if he was on the team. He deserves it one of my favorites
  5. I found the video of it:
  6. Good call. That makes me happy to know
  7. Wow. I forgot about him. He was surprisingly good last year
  8. It looks like he’s saying will you sign a prenup with me
  9. like erickson, majikowski (sp?), Harbs, et al.! Those were fun times! (not sarcastic)
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