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  1. Deshaun of the dead or Watson? Rock Ya Sin!
  2. I suspect those picks acquired will be towardS the end of the first and they have to pick the right players but yes it does increase their chances of improving. so many bad teams seem to mess up such opportunities
  3. Hard not to think that way. This team would be favorites to win it all if AL was here.
  4. I'll name that tune in 3 notes. QB DE and OT. The rest you can compensate for.
  5. I was in Paris, which I was told Indy is designed after- circle city and all. i planned on sleeping through it and watching replays the next day but got too excited. Unfortunately my SundayTicket and gamepass both said they won’t work outside the us so I had to listen to the radio broadcast. That was annoying.
  6. I hope Katie perry is there just to make drinks and sandwiches during breaks bc the others are top notch!
  7. I don’t know how you do it. I was on vacation last week and listening to the game at 220am. Kept falling asleep and waking up to it.
  8. Was it last week he blew up the outside bubble screen to the rb. That got me fired up. I think he will be a seriously good player for us.
  9. I really think we will win this game. i think we will run it and the chiefs wont be able to stop the run. The D will stop them a couple of times and that will be the difference.
  10. That's who i was thinking of when i saw this thread. If you want some insight on that type of player you should check out his book, They Call me Assassin. Its a good read but sad in that he shows no remorse for Stingley.
  11. Most receivers take time to develop. This is essentially his rookie year because of the injury last year. It it may be 2021 before we know what we have with Cain, fountain, and Campbell
  12. I thought brissett played well. Receivers dropped too many
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