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  1. Ahhh. That’s fair. Yeah I preached that Brady was going to get killed by no risk it no biscuit but I was way wrong.
  2. Aren’t they both aggressive? Or do you mean you want more aggression from reich but less than the Uber aggro Arians ?
  3. I have a friend who is a lions fan. I offered a 1st round pick and a pint of beer for stafford and he accepted so we’re set. My only question is do I send the bill for the beer to irsay or Ballard? Pete ward?
  4. Much appreciated. I couldnt listen today
  5. I can't give a like, a thanks, and a laughing emoji at the same time so i chose the laughing one but thanks, and i like it a lot.
  6. That's my point. This game doesn't change anyone's position. James, you said that if he gets his 7th sb victory it cements his position. It shouldn't change that position for anyone. Either way it is argued the 7th one does nothing. 6 are enough or don't matter.
  7. How so? If super bowl victories are the primary criteria for being a goat he already has that and if they are not then another team win does nothing to improve that status. it all depends on what criteria is necessary and what each person thinks the greatest is. Until that is settled or known it is pointless to argue who fits those criteria.
  8. That was a tough loss. your team was so close to a super bowl that I would think they’d keep him for at least one more year until they know what they have in Love. Rodgers would be great here of course but he’d continue to be great for gb if he stays. keep your head up. I know losses like these are hard to get over for a few days if not longer
  9. That’s terrible to not make a call all game and then throw it at that time
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