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  1. Fluke_33

    Robert Kraft Charged in Prostitution Probe

    That is what I get for not reading the article. I was thinking no contest.
  2. Fluke_33

    MY GUYS March Madness Mock

    I think that would be the perfect draft.
  3. I just read that he is his son in athlon. Are you sure he isn’t? and I just did my own research and see you are right! Stupid athlon!
  4. Fluke_33

    It's Big Q's Birthday!

    That much closer to retirement. How will we replace him?!?!?
  5. What i read on him is he takes too many plays off and doesn't have the passion his brother has. If he did, it said, he would be a first rounder.
  6. Fluke_33

    Dolphins sign Ryan Fitzpatrick

    Funny thing about "Fitzmagic" is Minkah fitzpatrick filed to trademark that term when Ryan Fitzpatrick started being called it. Should make for an interesting locker room convo.
  7. Fluke_33

    Robert Kraft Charged in Prostitution Probe

    I haven't read the article but it is admitting they have enough evidence to find you guilty but you are not saying you did it. You aren't exactly saying you didn't do it though either. That isn't required.
  8. Fluke_33

    Colts Corner trade rumours

    I feel like it would have happened by now but maybe if someone misses out on a qb in the draft. As much as I like Brissett on this team I do want to see him start somewhere. Can’t wait to root for him.
  9. This is a very thorough article on Simmons if you want incite to the truth of his situation. Sounds like he has been incident free since. That video is pretty bad though. https://247sports.com/Article/Jeffery-Simmons-and-the-murky-question-of-second-chances-120993034/
  10. If he’s cleared by our docs he’s probably cleared by others and won’t fall to 26
  11. Fluke_33

    Annual MY GUYS List 2019

    Good list. Add Bryce love? Not a need but if we get him late I will be stoked.
  12. It just crossed my mind that Ballard May have been on that bears staff that selected Floyd. There may be some insight there. I’m too lazy too look it up! Sorry.
  13. I agree that pass rush is the most important need but I don’t think burns is optimal or that he would trade up for him. I don’t think he will trade up at all but If he trades up I think it will be for one of the monster dts. I think it’s more likely to see who falls. Someone ranked high will. They always do.
  14. The weight bothers me. I keep thinking leonard Floyd for the bears. If he can add 15 to 20 and keep his speed it could work. He played at what 220 and has already gained 19. Gaining 40 (from the 220) is a lot to ask and to maintain the same speed doesn’t seem likely. Still if we take him I’ll be behind it. He just looked so thin at the combine.
  15. So you’re saying it’s a shame about ray?