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  1. Eric Ebron, now that's a character. oh, sorry. not what you meant.
  2. Me too because then I get to go
  3. Yup. I was being nit picky. I think the team as a whole is set pretty well but if we have to pick where a hole is I thought those were it.
  4. I agree with this. The ol has excellent starters need better backups at tackle at least for now. The rbs are solid as backups and I like Mack a lot but a true game changing starter would be perfect.
  5. We won’t need AL the whole season. I think Paul and wings said it best when they prophesied the 2019 colts season in their epic song:
  6. i didn't see where to vote on the over/under for fights breaking out. I voted for pascal b/c i expect him to have more playing time than others
  7. I wonder when a mod redacts all the personal attacks and nonsensical posts from this thread if it will go from the current 9 pages to less than 3.
  8. He’s the one I voted as a surprise cut. I’ll be glad to be wrong!
  9. If you get the tunein app I found the games on worx 97.5. Not sure what town that station is out of but I had trouble getting it through Indy stations
  10. Worx 96.7 through tunein. I forget which town around Indy it is though.
  11. by stationary, do mean paper planes? ;)
  12. I don’t have Directv anymore but when I did I bought an indoor had antenna. It got all the local major networks and was very clear. Definitely worth the cost.
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