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  1. Why do you have to single out the Irish? I’m in Boston and it’s pretty well documented the struggles they’ve had here in getting denied work based on their ethnicity. I know you will say I missed your point but sometimes we are being racist and don’t even realize it. Just saying.
  2. I think they should be the Washington Impeached and have profiles of Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and Trump on the helmets like a Mount Rushmore of disgrace. Lol.
  3. I wonder how fast this will make it onto that patriots fan run site “your team cheats” or whatever it’s called. this, among the other incidents, really Saints their legacy. As a football fan it’s a shame but the shame is well deserved.
  4. I hope he is healthy and they put him on sometime soon. Really a great team of him and Matt Taylor.
  5. He hasn’t been on the last word this year. I assume he retired from working with the colts but does anyone know? I loved him and maytay together.
  6. That’s the most frustrating part. I really think his best was yet to come and I think it was going to be last year. (Maybe it will be next year. )
  7. I thought by now there would be a ton of stories or info on it and I’m not seeing anything. Weird.
  8. Per that article, Walker Little might be worth some risk. I don’t know what round but if he gets healthy could be a steal at a future need.
  9. This violates the forum rules against posting nonsense! just kidding of course. You’re entitled to your opinion and I agree that grigson is chided more than he deserves but polian is the lead dog. Ballard May take over some day but that day is far off. Grigson was gm of the year but he won’t be in the hall.
  10. Flash did. it was number 3 on his list
  11. Isn’t it usually around this time? I haven’t heard anything and I know there was talk about them allowing more players in because of the virus and a lost season but I haven’t seen any follow up. anyone know if there are any top prospects?
  12. ok that's a fair point!
  13. Hes great but no way should you take him over freeney.
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