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  1. Fluke_33

    1-0 Shirts

    if they won it all i would love that one!
  2. Fluke_33

    1-0 Shirts

    I got an email yesterday that it is being sent out. I'm still excited for it. I expect it to be the mantra this year as well.
  3. Fluke_33

    Thanks Everyone!

    Yeah. I live near Foxboro so that may have been worse personally. This team went far beyond what I expected this year. The future is bright. It all depends on Cain returning (just kidding)
  4. Fluke_33

    We'll be back

    Agreed. Upsetting now but a lot of pieces in place.
  5. Fluke_33

    It all came down to this...

    This was really disappointing. I didn’t expect a win but the flaws were tough. Vinatieri missing was the biggest shocker
  6. Fluke_33

    Excited for Deon Cain's Return

    Ok. Let’s talk about the 2020 draft. Excited? How about 2021? Think any rookies will pan out. Christ. The guy was a rookie who didn’t play and has a serious injury. We just lost in the divisional playoff game. Maybe take a little time for some perspective.
  7. Fluke_33

    Excited for Deon Cain's Return

    Tomorrow maybe. Not tonight.
  8. Fluke_33

    Excited for Deon Cain's Return

    I was joking. I think it’s absurd. Absurd to talk about Cain at this time.
  9. Fluke_33

    Excited for Deon Cain's Return

    Ugh. That fountain td catxh. wth?!?!
  10. Fluke_33

    What players should the Colts resign?

    I don’t know. Let me get sober first. The n ask again.
  11. Guys like you just hope for the negative. Must be a fun life. What a loser.
  12. How wrong was I on that. I’m so sad.
  13. Fluke_33

    1-0 Shirts

    I will. They definitely billed me for it so I assume they’ll send it next week. I’ll let you know
  14. Fluke_33

    1-0 Shirts

    I ordered one but didn’t get an email confirmation. So we’ll see if it comes I guess