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  1. Fluke_33

    The final 6 games

    It was for what you were wearing not what you said.
  2. Fluke_33

    The final 6 games

    Marked and noted for the record
  3. Fluke_33

    The final 6 games

    I like it!
  4. Fluke_33

    Last Years Draft

    That’s really just sad. I hope he stopped drinking.
  5. Fluke_33

    How do we beat the titans

    I actually think the d will look fine in this game. Mariota is dangerous outside the pocket. We don’t have a great pass rush but they can contain and force him to throw.
  6. Fluke_33

    I Wonder??

    Agreed. A pass rusher or two will cure many ills.
  7. Fluke_33

    Last Years Draft

    I agree with all that. It’s just way too soon. I have my doubts about Wilson too and I actually think he had his best chance to prove himself with pagano but maybe he sees the light this or next year and turns it on. I hope so anyway.
  8. Fluke_33

    Last Years Draft

    It does look exceptional right now but we need to be a little patient. They could all take steps back next year. I doubt it but there have been so many one year wonders in the league that you sneed to wait a little before giving a draft an honest grade. 5 years used to be the standard but that was when rookies usually sat the first year. The league is very different now.
  9. Fluke_33

    Last Years Draft

    Are you saying we shouldn’t wait any longer than a year to decide if a draft is good or not? Bashem and banner are clear mistakes but I think in a couple of years you will like the rest of my picks.
  10. Fluke_33

    Last Years Draft

    I think it’s too soon on both. 3-5 years then look back to see
  11. Fluke_33

    Blake Bortles

    Cool site, thanks. He played well against the pats last year too but usually looks so bad. Hope we get that guy tomorrow
  12. Fluke_33

    You're welcome Colts fam!!

    Thank you! How long are you willing to go??
  13. Fluke_33

    Lewis Activated

    I was reading the predraft writeups on him and they said the same thing. Do you think the getoff is something coachable?