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  1. I’m going to go to one game this year. Any recommendations. I’m thinking San Fran or Titans away. I may go to Indy but if so what game would you pick. I don’t want to go on Xmas or 1/2/22.
  2. I think i have to watch that again. I remember seeing it at the theater and them giving out novelty erasers or something.
  3. how can the favorite be anyone other than the maniac. A second round pick performing like a top 10 pick. edt: just saw the (at the time of the draft). forget my nonsense above.
  4. first team to go 17-0 and win the super bowl. 72 dolphins are thereafter forgotten.
  5. Who has a better game Kwity or Zaven? looking forward to that!
  6. Isn't the schedule usually leaked on twitter or the dark web or in dark alleys the day of the announcement? Can someone post what they here? I wont be on twitter but will be hanging out in a dark alley all day so i'll let you know what the word on the street is.
  7. Watch rock turn it on this season and become a fan favorite. I think it only takes not being so handsy but we’ll see
  8. I was thinking that earlier too but i bet he is one of those guys that drops weight immediately upon retirement. I think i read him saying he ate something ridiculous like 6000 calories a day and it was work to eat like that.
  9. I think 30 is where they generally drop off. I hope he plays longer but here is an article on it. https://www.milehighreport.com/2017/2/27/14724674/age-wall-for-offensive-tackles-nfl
  10. Hey, us bootlickers have to stick together! lol.
  11. I get too optimistic at times so take my comments with a grain of salt but don't you think it is more likely that they've reviewed his specific injury, see that he is ahead of schedule, and going to be able to play this year and that is why they signed him than he fits the general studies/reports that you are relying on. I know you are defending your position and it is logically sound but you don't have the information on this specific injury or his recovery while they do. I just dont see ballard signing someone to 9.84 when he doesn't think there is a strong chance they play for
  12. Thank god it’s not just me. I couldn’t get it out of my head. I almost wrote it on Friday. Lol.
  13. Will they play this song by rage against the machine at LOS? The first words are “Kwitty now!”
  14. If we can win some early games and/or get into the playoffs and have rested Dayo and Fisher until they fully heal then we can really turn it on when it matters most. Should be a fun season!
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