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  1. It’s all relative. Let me put it this way: if you were to place a bet on the Colts winning — or even making — the SB this year, and they did, you’d be winning a lot of money....moreso than you would making the same bet for at least 5 or 6 other teams. It’s a long shot. And I say that as somebody who’s generally bullish on our prospects.
  2. Well of course we do. That’s what sports fans are — eternally hopeful supporters of their teams. I’m just saying that we probably weren’t ever going to be as good as you thought we were before Luck’s injury became a thing...and we probably aren’t going to be as bad as you fear we will now that it is. There are about 4 or 5 teams that are highly likely to be in a Super Bowl hunt. Luck’s injury aside, we can probably expect to be just a notch below that. And that’s OK, considering where we were just a couple seasons ago.
  3. You’re what Steve Martin was talking about when he described his father as a “classic overreactor” in the movie Father of the Bride. Injuries aside, there’s cause to expect we’ll be a better team this year than we were last year. But it’s tough — and rare — to be a genuine Super Bowl caliber team. I wouldn’t say we have no shot. But I suspect we’re not at the top off the oddsmakers’ lists. I think it’s possible we’ll be in that echelon within a couple years, though. And I don’t think anybody needs to be going all Chicken Little over Luck’s injury yet, either.
  4. He threw for 3100 yards on a team with an average receiving corps and one of the worst o-lines in the league. I’m not one of these people who thinks we could get a first rounder for him or anything like that. I think a lot of people overrate him. But as far as backups go...there aren’t many I’d rather have.
  5. We have one of the best backup QBs in the league, IMO. And, that said, even if Luck is 100% healthy, I don’t think we’re a Super Bowl caliber team quite yet. Certainly headed in the right direction, though.
  6. I voted no. Hope I’m wrong. Nobody knows. Time will tell. Thing is, for him to play something has to change between now and then. If nothing changes, he’s not playing. And the clock is ticking.
  7. While that’s true, it’s two obviously different situations.
  8. Let’s not fall into the trap of overvaluing Brissett. There’s no question but that we’ve made suggestions that we’d deal him — even Irsay’s own public comments have made that clear. So too did he basically let it slip that the prevailing market value for Jacoby was lower than what the Colts (or at least Irsay) thought it should be. There might be a few teams where Jacoby would be competitive for a starting spot. But no more than a few. He’s roughly a top 6-7 #2.
  9. You know, people keep saying something like “there’s no reason to believe he will miss games.” I’d say the reality is the opposite: there’s no reason to believe he won’t miss games. You have to consider what happens if the status quo persists. He’s not physically able to play football right now. And there is no reliable prognosis.
  10. Regarding his 2017 picks, it seemed like a lot of them were due to him just throwing balls that were nearly impossible for our receivers to catch....dump-offs thrown about 200 mph (yes, I know they weren’t actually that fast...but you get my point). But he also had to endure a whole lot of pressure that year that he likely wouldn’t have to now. I have no idea what our record would be with him under center this year. But hopefully we aren’t going to have to find out.
  11. So far as backups go, we could do a lot worse. There probably aren’t but a small handful of teams who have better #2 QBs than JB. The problem, so far as his marketability, is that he’s probably just below the caliber of being a passable #1.
  12. I’m not terribly concerned about this....yet. But, obviously, we all have memories of Luck’s injuries tending to hang around longer than we’re made to expect. That said, if it does turn out to be a bigger problem than it looks, thank God we still have Jacoby.
  13. I wouldn’t call myself pessimistic about the upcoming season. But 13-3 sounds a bit hopeful. Not out of the question, I guess. But maybe at the top end of the range. Also, in the NFL, the question isn’t whether or not you sustain injuries, but who has them and how bad they are. Nobody “stays healthy.”
  14. Yes, Mahomes has only been a starter for one season. And I don’t think that’s irrelevant. But what he showed in that season was pretty darned impressive. Barring injury, he’s undoubtedly going to be one of the league’s premier stars for the next decade or so. I wouldn’t put Luck above him — which isn’t as much a slam on Luck as it is praise of Mahomes.
  15. This is about where I am. Luck has some work to do to crack the top 5. He has the potential to do that (and it’s perhaps true that the reason he hasn’t has something to do with others around him). But he’s just not in that echelon yet. But, yes, he’s better than Deshaun Watson.
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