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  1. luv_pony_express

    Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread

    Well, precisely. Make the other guys beat you. Because they won’t.
  2. luv_pony_express

    Colts @ Texans Game Day Thread

    Defending us right now isn’t hard: Stuff the box and cover TY.
  3. luv_pony_express

    Where are you at with the Colts?

    Well, I doubt we’ll make the playoffs this year. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to “get beat bad.” We’re moving in the right direction. I feel confident for the first time in a long time that we have the right leadership in place. But we’re still probably a year or two away from the playoffs and several years away from being a top tier team.
  4. luv_pony_express

    Here is why we lost...

    This. On the first interception — where we blew a golden opportunity to score off a turnover — Nelson got smoked by Ngakoue, who quickly flushed Luck out of the pocket, leading to a rushed, bad throw. Yes, that’s just one play. But it was a big one — and, really, our O-line got outplayed pretty much all game. That a defensive struggle, you have to put points on the board when you have the opportunity to. The Jags did and we didn’t.
  5. luv_pony_express

    How long until we have a legit defense?

    Well, obviously. But how do teams get top 10 picks? By losing. I’d much rather we excel and continue to build our team with smart moves that don’t require having the top picks in the draft. That’s what winning programs do.
  6. luv_pony_express

    How long until we have a legit defense?

    Right — that’s kinda my point. It’s more important who you have (in the front office, on the bench) than what pick you have.
  7. luv_pony_express

    How long until we have a legit defense?

    Draft position is overrated. Compare the average draft position of the Browns and Lions for the last 20 years with the average draft position of the Pats. Now compare their records over that same period. So far as roster development goes, the best piece of news for the Colts is the cap space.
  8. luv_pony_express

    How long until we have a legit defense?

    I think we're moving in the right direction, largely because of Luck's successful return and a vastly improved O-line. But it's probably a stretch to say that we're a year away from being SB contenders. As has been mentioned here, our pass rush is presently lower tier. And it's hard to get to the upper echelon of NFL competition these days without being able to consistently pressure quarterbacks. I'd give our secondary higher marks than that -- and I think they'll get better with experience. And I'm not sold that we've found our Mike and Sam. The good news is that we've got a lot of cap room and a GM who, thus far, seems to know what he's doing. And, beyond that, it seems clear that Reich and Ballard are singing from the same sheet of music....which is a welcome relief after the Grigano years. I'm guessing that this year's FA period will be a bountiful one.
  9. luv_pony_express

    Robert Mathis: Still paying dividends

    That could be. You could tell during Tannehill's PC that he wasn't exactly thrilled with the playcall himself. He wouldn't go so far as to question it. But it wasn't hard to read between the lines. He was saying things like "I'm a competitor, of course I want the ball. My job is to execute the plays that are called." So I'm guessing that Tannehill feels like it was a slight at him. My point isn't that Adam Gase wasn't over there contemplating the playcall and, upon remembering Mathis' sack, decided to run it. My point is that the sack is still in his mind. And I love that.
  10. luv_pony_express

    Robert Mathis: Still paying dividends

    Maybe. I don't think anybody (including Gase) would say that this haunting memory was the only thing that factored into his play call. I'm sure he was thinking that his defense had held Luck & Co. in check pretty well, etc. etc. But the fact that it was forefront in his mind enough to be thrown out there at a press conference says something.
  11. luv_pony_express

    Robert Mathis: Still paying dividends

    And I don't just mean in terms of being a coach. He's still paying dividends for what he did as a player...two seasons after retiring. A lot of people are scratching their heads today after several questionable late play-calling decisions by Adam Gase and the Dolphins' coaching staff -- first and foremost his decision to run Kenyan Drake on 3rd and 10 from their own 6 yard line with 3:34 remaining and the score tied rather than putting the ball in Tannehill's hands. The play went for 4 yards resulting in a punt on 4th down, giving the Colts the chance they needed to mount a game-winning drive. Gase was asked about this play call, and what it says about his trust in Tannehill, and here's what he had to say: "I have a high trust wouldn't have mattered who was back there. That's a s***ty situation to be in. It's 3rd and long. You're backed up - it's a bad situation. I've been in that end zone before and I watched a Hall of Fame quarterback get sacked for a safety. In this building." The date: October 20, 2013 The visiting team: the Denver Broncos The visitors' Offensive Coordinator: Adam Gase The HOF Quarterback: Peyton Manning, returning to Indy for the first time as an opposing player The man who made the strip sack resulting in a safety: Robert Mathis We don't have Robert Mathis on our roster anymore. We don't have anybody like Robert Mathis on our roster. But things he did on the field 5 years ago created such a strong impression on Adam Gase that the mere association are still enough to impact his play-calling.
  12. luv_pony_express

    Brissett Value to the NFL

    There’s no way we’re getting a first round draft pick for Brissett. Not by himself, anyway. He’s something of a tweener in terms of trade value. A 2nd round pick might be possible in certain situations. But I just don’t think anybody’s going to see him as a long-term solution to QB. Better to get less than what you want than hold out for what you want and end up getting nothing, IMO. And I’d much rather have somebody in a position we need and who’s going to play on a regular basis.
  13. luv_pony_express

    Brissett Value to the NFL

    Well, of course he has value. He’s clearly one of the better backup QBs in the league. You think the Redskins wish they had him right about now...rather than McCoy and Sanchez? The question is just how much value he has. And, unfortunately, I don’t think it’s as much as Irsay seems to think it is.
  14. luv_pony_express

    Mike Francesa WFAN NY praising Reich + Ballard

    Yeah, but we’re not in the same situation as the Giants. Eli’s clearly close to being done. The Giants had a golden opportunity to get a franchise QB and passed on it. Barkley’s a phenomenal RB and it’s not hard to see why a team would want him badly. But, in today’s NFL, if you don’t have a top flight QB, you probably aren’t going to win. Of course, maybe the Giants just didn’t like any of the QBs in the 2018 draft and were looking ahead to next year knowing they were probably going to have a high pick.
  15. luv_pony_express

    Colts "Mount Rushmore" - NFL Network

    I’m not sure I agree with you on that. I think they had more affinity for Baltimore than the Colts — at least the most prominent ones. But, you’re right, it doesn’t really matter. The team has been making a new history in Indy for the last 35 years.