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  1. Tepper is the worst owner in professional sports. He’s now fired 3 successive coaches mid-season. And it was apparently his decision to draft Young over Stroud - but he held his coach and GM responsible for the team’s lackluster performance. He will probably have to make a reach to somebody that wouldn’t get an offer anywhere else.
  2. I think this is a terrible mistake by the Titans. Their problems are so clearly on the roster. Vrabel is a fierce competitor and, IMO, his teams usually punched above their weight. Vrabel will likely be offered another HC job by every team with an opening.
  3. You’re painting with an awfully broad brush. Everybody is different and unique, and deserves to be measured on their own merits — not merely on things like the size of their bank accounts.
  4. Yeah, I have never had anything but respect for Frank Reich as a person. And one can't ignore the success he had as an Offensive Coordinator. But he's just not a great NFL Head Coach. I don't even think he's a good one. Maybe he's just....too nice. Anyway, it would be fascinating to know what discussions were like between Reich, Scott Fitterer, and David Tepper as regards the 2023 draft. There have been some rumors -- but I don't know how reliable they are. Bryce Young just has not looked very good in his rookie season. And it can't help matters that CJ Stroud looks likely to be a future star at the position. The Panthers bet the farm on getting the #1 pick. If you do that, you had damn well better strike gold.
  5. I wonder if Mac Jones hasn’t just played his final game as the Pats’ QB1.
  6. I got to know Sam a little bit. He’s from Henderson, KY and his son Shane was around my age. Good guy.
  7. It’s worth remembering that the refs blew a couple calls towards the end of the Ravens game which likely also have affected the outcome. Not excusing either one. I’d like to see the NFL just become the best they can at getting it right. But it’s not like we’ve only been hurt by bad calls. It’s just that fans tend to remember the times refs screwed them more than the times refs screwed their opponents.
  8. I used to care what announcers said about the teams I support. But, after thinking about it, I just no longer do. They can say whatever they want to say. It has no bearing on the games, their outcomes, or anything else. What the refs do matters, a lot. What the announcers, commentators, radio talk show hosts, etal say does not. That said, it would be nice if the NFL would follow in MLB’s footsteps - at least for Sunday Ticket and/or NFL+ - and offer each team’s radio feed as alternative audio. It’s one of the best features of MLB.tv.
  9. From what I've read, a Grade 3 AC Separation involves tearing of both the acromioclavicular (AC) and coracoclavicular (CC) ligaments (a Grade 2 involves tearing of one of these). But, obviously, take that with a grain of salt. I have no idea about the severity of AR's injury and I'm assuredly not a doctor.
  10. There was no problem with that comment - thus the “depending on the severity of the injury” disclaimer. There are 6 grades of AC sprain. Had it been a Grade 1 sprain, playing next week wouldn’t be impossible. But it’s apparently a Grade 3 sprain - which thankfully doesn’t require surgery, but does have a longer recovery period.
  11. There are 6 grades of AC joint separations. Let’s hope (a) that’s what it is, and (b) it’s one of the milder ones. It’s good it wasn’t a broken collarbone. But the more severe AC joint separations require surgery. 🤞
  12. Let this be a message for the entire NFL: Nobody beats the Colts 6 times in a row!
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