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  1. How is it disrespecting him to point out that he was quantifiably bad his last couple years? Probably cost us some games. It’s not even debatable. That’s not disloyal and it doesn’t diminish what he means to the franchise. It’s just an unfortunate truth.
  2. Maybe. I’m not yet sold on RB. But I’m not done with him either. At least he’s better than Vinny was his last couple seasons.
  3. Who cares what anybody says or writes? All that matters is what actually happens on the field 17 (and hopefully more) times this fall and winter. Opinions have always been like * - in that everybody has one. But one thing that’s different nowadays is that most people can publish them, and many do. And, for some reason, a lot of people get worked up about opinions they don’t like. Hopefully Carson will shut all his critics up. But it’s up to him, his coaches, and his teammates to do that.
  4. And his production fell sharply this past year. Only played 38% of defensive snaps for WFT. He had been seeing double that many. Still had about the same sack percentage, though. But as a depth guy, I can see some sense in it. Local product, outside chance for HoF, mentor for Kwity and Dayo, won’t be expensive, won’t demand high snap count.
  5. Never understood why any Colts fan would dislike Jim Irsay. I can’t think of one thing he’s said or done in the Colts’ 36 years in Indy that irked me as a fan. The closest was musing about having to move the team if LOS didn’t get built. But that’s (a) understandable, and (b) likely to be put on the table in any such deliberation. He’s brimming with enthusiasm, he loves the city and the state, he is unanimously respected by his team’s players, coaches, and staff (current and former) — and, maybe most important of all, he has instilled a consistent team culture that ev
  6. “Sometimes a cigar is...just a cigar.” — Sigmund Freud
  7. I realize all that. And I’m being intentionally restrained with my criticism because of it. There is still time left to address the position and there are some options open to us. On top of that, nobody knows how the picks we passed on (and the picks we took) will pan out.
  8. Why would you do that? We gave up two picks for Wentz: a 2021 3rd and a 2022 2nd/1st (with the odds favoring a 1st). Given the circumstances, I think it should turn out to be a good trade for us. But that’s a different discussion, and awaiting the results of his play. However he plays, he wasn’t “basically...a 3rd round pick.” Not unless the Eagles give us our 2022 pick back, anyway.
  9. Too big a risk, IMO. I’m no medical expert. But Achilles recovery seems unpredictable.
  10. Well, I have my own share of concerns about the draft. And, had I been in the draft room, I probably would’ve been very vocal about addressing LT (or at least TE) before doubling up on DE - with an injured guy, no less. But here’s the thing about opinions — mine, yours, Mel Kiper’s, Colin Cowherd’s, Doyel’s, PFF’s....heck, even Chris Ballard’s and Bill Polian’s: most of them are closer to garbage than gospel. Don’t get me wrong: not all opinions are created equal. In terms of football, I learned that lesson the hard way in the 1999 draft. I thought Polian had lost
  11. I realize that. But he wasn’t usually the problem. LT isn’t the only guardian of the QB. Just the most important one.
  12. Yeah, but (a) CB’s got work left to do, (b) his apparent range of options has narrowed significantly, and (c) they each look something less than ideal.
  13. It might be. But it’s a black eye for Ballard that we’re in that predicament. It seems obvious he hates the idea of trading up - and hates even more the idea of drafting a position just to draft a position. And he apparently wasn’t in love with any of the OTs that were in our reach. I get all that. But you can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. When ardent anti-communist Winston Churchill was charged with hypocrisy for partnering up with Stalin in WW2, he famously quipped that, when it came to the safety of Britain his “conscience became a good girl.”
  14. Especially with the first name of Will. Hopefully his middle name isn’t Brian or Bruce or Beauregard.
  15. I hope you’re right. My fear isn’t so much that they don’t have a plan, but that it doesn’t play out as expected. There are many moving parts, but few that are in any team’s control. And our apparent fallback plan to have Tevi and Davenport compete for the spot gives me the willies — we’ve seen that movie before.
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