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  1. Yeah, that was a poor word choice on my part. I didn't mean to suggest that he was projected high and fell. I just meant to say that he went lower than he would on a redraft. My point is that the projections of him being behind Trubisky and Watson were obviously a blessing of chance for the Chiefs. Of course. There's a reason they call it Fantasy Football. Being a GM is a heckuva lot easier in a fantasy world than it is in the real one -- where you have to deal with all kinds of limitations, tradeoffs, contingencies, pressures, etc. And I have complete faith in Chri
  2. In today’s NFL, it’s almost impossible to be a championship caliber team without a top 10 QB. Of course it’s not the only position that matters. They all matter. But, better or worse, the game has become so much about the ability to move the ball in large chunks. And not all QBs can make that happen as well as the game requires. And getting a QB of that caliber is hard. And I would argue that it even involves some measure of good luck - like a 6th round pick out of Michigan ending up with 6 rings...or a guy like Mahomes falling to where he did in the draft. Even ge
  3. There were 60 votes to stick with Rivers until the end and a total of 59 votes for the other options. So it was only a landslide when you compare it to other options on their own.
  4. I respectfully disagree. While Rivers clearly had his best outing of the year yesterday, it didn’t do much to allay my concerns about him: namely his mobility (which has never been very good and is now dreadfully bad) and his arm strength (which has been one of his strong points throughout his career...but his current arm has to be among the weakest for starting QBs). This is a very bad combination to have. A pocket QB can overcome poor mobility with a strong arm and a weaker thrower can overcome that weakness with mobility. But combining the two is obviously a proble
  5. I know I don’t have a vote. But I would not favor Rosen. He’s had his chances. Darnold and Eason, sure.
  6. I’ve never been super-high on Darnold. When that pre-draft trade happened, my general position was that we absolutely reamed the Jets. I still think that. But I do think he’d be an upgrade over what we have. And that’s the problem with struggling to find a QB. There are realistically about 3 or 4 great QBs, another 5-6 really good ones, about 10-12 good or average ones, and then everybody else. And teams who have great or really good ones do everything in their power to hang onto them. So it’s not as if a GM can just dial up a franchise QB on demand. They usually
  7. If their forums and subreddits are any indication, NYets fans are done with both Gase and Darnold. What were they thinking hiring Gase after that debacle in Miami? Who watches that and says “Yeah, that’s the guy we want!”?
  8. I’m not opposed to going after Darnold. I think there’s a there there. And it’s likely that his career with the NYets is over. But, if this were to happen, I have to imagine it would be after the season. Imagine how much money we’d have tied up in the QB position paying him, Rivers, and Brissett. Unless his play starts improving dramatically, I doubt we’ll be re-signing Rivers. I also doubt we’re going to re-sign Jacoby to anything approaching his current contract. Maybe as a QB2, but I’m sure he’s going to want to see what’s out there and I wouldn’t blame him a bi
  9. Maybe. You just never know until they hit the field. I have to say that I’ve never been quite as impressed with Lawrence as most people are. He’s obviously very, very good. But it wouldn’t surprise me if he ends up being fairly average in the NFL...which would make him a perfect fit for the NYets. As for Darnold, I think a change of venue might unlock some unfulfilled potential. Get him a solid supporting cast and a coach not named Adam Gase, and he might just thrive.
  10. 1) As regards his poor mobility, I have to be honest in saying that it's worse than I expected. I can't say I watched him a lot during his later years with SD/LAC. But I did catch him here and there on primetime or when they played the Colts. It's significantly worse than I remember. 2) Poor mobility isn't a dealbreaker for an NFL QB, so long as the QB can compensate for it -- things like quick release, arm strength, good decision-making under pressure. I think it's fair to ask the question of whether or not he's able to compensate for his bad mobility. 3) I agree
  11. That’s true, they don’t owe us any explanations, concessions, etc. But they are paid to put together winning teams. And, after all, we’re the customer...the people paying to watch those teams. That said, sometimes the peanut gallery is right — and faster so than the staff. A great example of this is Adam Vinatieri. Can anybody say with a straight face that the Colts shouldn’t have cut bait with Vinny way sooner than they did? Now, we don’t know what kinds of things were being discussed behind closed doors. They did work out a couple kickers while AV was still suiti
  12. My point is that the people who make these decisions see him even if we fans — the ones who don’t make the decision — don’t. Yes, there’s a big difference between a game and practices/workouts. But lots of players get evaluated without ever stepping on the field in a regular season game. So long as Eason is considered to be a realistic candidate for QB1 or QB2, he’ll be kept on the roster. And that level of confidence will be indicated, in part, by other personnel moves at the position.
  13. Well, I was pretty happy when we signed him. Because I was (and still am) pretty convinced that Brissett isn’t the answer we’re looking for. He was acquired to fill in for Luck temporarily, which he did pretty well. And the fact is: we’ve got a pretty solid team most other places. I wasn’t worried about Rivers never getting the Chargers to the SB. And it’s not as if I expected that adding him would necessarily get us there. But I was encouraged by Reich and Ballard having positive impressions from his workouts. Five games into his first season here, I’m l
  14. Why do we (ie, fans) need to see him before the draft? Aren’t these the sorts of things NFL teams have coaches, GMs, and other personnel related FO staff for? Football teams aren’t democracies.
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