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  1. I agree, re: Dorsey. There’s a reason he’s been fired twice in the last several years. And it’s not just the moves he did or didn’t make. I don’t think his temperament fits the Colts’ culture. I know that Ballard loves and admires him. But he’s not right for us.
  2. Ballard is just fine. I think his postseason PC demonstrated that both his head and heart are in the right places. He knows where things stand, he knows the buck stops with him, and he knows he has his work cut out for him. What would concern me is a GM who, in the wake of a disappointing season like this was, could only offer excuses, deflections, complaints, defensiveness, etc. We’ve got the right guy.
  3. ....which started with Ryan Grigson forgetting he had to invest in protecting his prize franchise QB, and scoffing at people who mentioned it to him. Hey, our QB is getting muredered out there...let’s draft another WR!
  4. Well, Brees is terrific. No doubt about that. But he was still way above his typical completion percentage. I’m not going to hang that all on RYS. It was a (bad) team effort.
  5. Well, if Brissett is the one throwing it, at least we know he’ll miss.
  6. I hope you’ll be proven right. I fear you won’t. I will say that teams like JAX and TEN had more invested in their high first-round picks Bortles and Mariota than the Colts do in JB, who we traded for in a moment of immediate need. That said, it just seems more common in the league to wait too long based on a belief that a player’s full potential is high and just around the corner.
  7. It’s a great question. Most such decisions entail risk. And, personally, I think it’s more common in the NFL to underestimating the risk of playing it safe by sticking with the slightly above average guys....and/or overestimating the risk of going in a different direction. Of course, all of this has to be evaluated in the context of what’s possible rather than what would be ideal. My kids think the Colts just need to go get Joe Burro — no matter how many times I explain to them that it’s not quite that simple. So, I don’t have a good feel for what our alternatives are at this point. It’s entirely possible that Ballard & Co. feel like we don’t have any better near-term options. I have a high degree of trust in CB to make the best decision. But I do fear (just because it’s so common) that we’ll just be waiting and waiting for Jacoby to reach his potential that they’re so certain is there.
  8. If you read my posts carefully, you will see that I have not said we should replace Jacoby. What I said is that Ballard shouldn’t wait years to cut bait, if in fact that’s what he decides to do. Am I sold on him? No. But I think he probably deserves some more time. We’ve had a ton of key injuries this year, etc. I just hope this doesn’t drag out for an extended period of time. That said, genuine franchise QBs don’t exactly grow on trees.
  9. What’s your point...that teams should suffer years of mediocrity waiting for development that may never come? That’s exactly what the Titans did with Mariota. It was a mistake.
  10. I just hope the decision process doesn’t drag out longer than it should. Look how much the Titans have improved since finally cutting bait with Mariota. And it’s not like Tannehill is a superstar — but he’s clearly faring better than MM did. My fear is that we’re going to endure a long period of mediocrity just waiting for Jacoby to fulfill the potential some see in him....and that it’ll never materialize. Jacoby isn’t awful. But I have a hard time envisioning him leading any team to the SB.
  11. I generally agree with all this. We were dealt a big blow to begin the season and the injury bug has bitten us worse than what might be considered normal. We’ve been thumped not only by the “who”, but also then “when”, the “what”, and the “how long”. But I also think we should (but won’t) consider other options at QB in the off-season and should’ve (but didn’t) wish Vinatieri a happy retirement some time ago.
  12. I hate it when people can’t admit they made a mistake.
  13. Yes, they’re part of the Colts family...who all ended their careers elsewhere. That’s kinda my point — they don’t stop being part of the horseshoe just because they go elsewhere, whether by their choice or the team’s. I’m not saying I’d have preferred Vinny go elsewhere. I just think the PTBs always need to do what’s in the best interest of the Colts. And hanging on to Vinny as his decline set in wasn’t in the best interest of the Colts.
  14. There’s no reason for mixed emotions. I mean, I get being sad about it being (past) Vinny’s time to go. But don’t let that convince you that it isn’t (past) his time to go. Sometimes doing the right thing feels wrong. It’s still the right thing.
  15. I don’t know who they looked at this year. But last year we had Money Badger on our preseason roster and cut him to keep AV. He had kicked well for us and he’s gone on to be a solid (though injured) kicker for the Chargers. We didn’t need to put ourselves in a situation to have to find somebody else mid-season, and shouldn’t have. Water under the bridge now, I know.
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