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  1. I also know that Antonio Brown referred to Erik Weddle as a Jabroni for having the audacity to refer to him as AB (you know, as if they were friendly). Good rule of thumb: if it’s a derisive term Antonio Brown uses, best to avoid it.
  2. Assuming the Chargers are still in LA by that time. What a debacle that move has been.
  3. Go follow the Twitter feed of the Iron Sheik (you’re welcome, in advance). It’s hilarious. Jabroni is among his favorite words. Most of the rest of his favorite words are vulgarities. I have no idea what jabroni means, other than it’s an insult.
  4. Maybe. I’m surprised any team would give up two firsts for Ramsey. He’s good, but not that good. But, then, the Rams are already pretty stacked. They’re one of the few teams that could afford that kind of gamble to stiffen up their secondary.
  5. So true. Bortles was the third overall pick in 2014. And not only that, they extended him for 3 years $54M in 2018 before releasing him after the following season. They compounded the mistake they made drafting him so high, even after it became obvious that Bortles was over-drafted. But (a) draft busts can happen to any team, and (b) past performance isn’t always indicative of future results.
  6. Do keep in mind that Bailey went to the Redskins and then held them hostage to trade him once his rookie contract expired. So trade him they did — to the Broncos for Clinton Portis. The Broncos also got a 2nd rounder along with Bailey. Who’s to say he wouldn’t have done us the same way? Of course, the Skins were already under Snyder’s ownership by then, so maybe Bailey’s refusals were understandable.
  7. That’s true. Warner was on the Rams’ roster in ‘98. But 1999 was Warner’s first substantial year. He was 3rd string the prior year and appeared in 1 game. And, of course, he had spent 2 seasons in the Arena League and 1 in NFL Europe before all that. But you’re right that, technically, he wasn’t an NFL rookie in their SB year.
  8. The likelihood of the Redskins stinking and thus having high draft position was discussed quite a bit at the time the trade was made. This isn’t a revelation. And, yes, it was a terrific trade.
  9. I honestly think that one could've gone either way. It was very, very close and I imagine that where somebody comes down on what the right call was probably had a lot to do with who they were cheering for. But there is no way that call was worse than the Hilton OPI. Here is the applicable verbiage from the Rule 8, Section 5, Article 3, Note 2: The play obviously did not happen more than one yard beyond the line of scrimmage, so by rule it could NOT have been PI. And there's no way they could've called holding on TY, he was just standing there. That was an awful call.
  10. I'll never understand two reviewed calls -- both that went against us: -- The OPI on Hilton. Not only did he not initiate the contact, he was clearly within the 1 yard limit. He had 100% right to that space and it baffles me that the crews in New York upheld that call. Is this going to be yet another blown call against us that the NFL is going to admit they blew? -- The Okereke INT. I agree that it's possible the ball hit the ground. But the video was anything but conclusive on that. In such cases, where there isn't incontrovertible video evidence, the ruling on the field is supposed to stand.
  11. I find it exceedingly difficult to complain about anything Marlon Mack is doing. Yes, there's no question that our run game is made possible by what can fairly be described as a phenomenal offensive line. But you have to have the backs to find holes, read blocks, protect the ball, etc. And I think we may be witnessing Marlon Mack playing his way into the elite class of NFL running backs. I generally agree about Brissett holding the ball too long. But (a) he's been getting such good pass protection that it's not been a huge problem, and (b) I think KC's secondary had a lot to do with that.
  12. I'm going to eat some crow on Vinny. He was rock solid last night. I'm not saying that I've changed my mind -- because I haven't. But I will absolutely give credit where it's due. His kicks were big.
  13. Rewatch the play where Turay was injured. He was absolutely tenacious -- shades of Mathis. Big loss.
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