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  1. Maybe. But it’s also a potential deal-sealer to keep the Chiefs as the dominant franchise for the next decade. But, sure, they’re going to have to make sacrifices at other positions. And football is the ultimate team sport. It takes more than a phenomenal quarterback to be successful - a lot more. I bet Chiefs fans are happy about this. But you’re right that the real cost here will show up in the future as they try to retain top players.
  2. Well, considering the kind of player he is now, it’s a no-brainer for the Chiefs. But, gosh, there’s so much more catastrophic injury risk in football than most other sports. And they’ve apparently accounted for that. Toss in the salary cap, and that just complicates major deals like this that much more. But I’d bet there isn’t a team in football that wouldn’t bet the farm on Mahomes like the Chiefs are. If he stays healthy, I’m guessing he’ll add at least a few more rings before it’s all over. Kudos to his agent, obviously. And I think Chiefs fans have reason to be thrilled that they’ve locked him down for a decade. He’s already on the cusp of the conversation for GOAT - and he’s just 3 years in.
  3. So prior to the Rooney Rule, NFL teams weren’t allowed to consider or even talk to prospective coaches of certain races?
  4. Have Asians gotten a fair shake in America? There aren’t many racial demographics who do better than they do here. If you really want to dig down into the problem and face it for what it is, it’s a discussion that would probably have to go to places a lot of people don’t want to go.
  5. I’m open to being convinced of that. But I’ve yet to be convinced of it.
  6. A few years ago, a (white) gay couple inquired about sending their (black) son to our parochial grade school. The principal — an old-school nun who had been in the job for 40 years — told them “Our motto is ‘All are welcome’...and that includes you and your son. All that I ask is that you don’t seek to make it a spectacle. If you or your son have any problems with other families, let me know and I’ll take care of it.” As far as I know, there were no problems and the family was welcomed with open arms just like any other. This, I think, is the norm. And it’s not like we’re some uber-progressive church community, throwing social justice stuff in everybody’s faces. We’re a very typical small-city Catholic Church.
  7. My church, which I’m about to head out to, is not only not empty...it’s quite full. And in attendance today will be white people, black people, Asian people, Hispanic people, gay people, straight people, old people, young people, Democrats, Republicans, wealthy people, not-wealthy people. It’s a Catholic Church, but there are always many non-Catholics who attend (you can tell by those who remain seated during Eucharist). The only commonality will be a desire to worship God. Maybe it’s different in your town.
  8. I really enjoyed that movie, although it was clear at times that it was shot on a low budget. But no matter. Brandon’s tragic but inspirational story was told and told well. When it was out at theaters on a very limited release, I drove my two sons about an hour each way to see it. And we’ve watched it again since then.
  9. No. Just no. Ebron had some definite strengths, but he had some definite weaknesses too. And at the end of the day, Ebron was all about Ebron. He didn’t like how the season had gone for him or the team, and he friggin quit. Even if he didn’t have 7 thumbs, that’s not the kind of guy you want in your locker room. He’s the kind of guy you want in the other team’s locker room. Between Doyle, Burton, Grimble, Cox and now Green (who likely ends up on PS), we’ve got some good options at TE.
  10. Going for it all? Look, if we can assume that Rivers has a couple good years left in the tank, then CB & Co. have to start working now on who comes after him. I think they realize it isn’t Brissett. So who then? Is it Eason? Well, I don’t know. Time will tell. But I’ll say this much: we got him in the 4th, it’s not like we burned up a 1st round pick on him...and I’d rather take that chance than try to salvage the career of a QB that hasn’t worked out somewhere else. Maybe it’ll work, maybe it won’t. Maybe he’s a great prospect to have watching and learning from a future HoF quarterback in his twilight. It’s also better than getting to the end of PR’s career without at least some answers about who is and isn’t going to pick up the reins.
  11. Maybe he’s worth a shot. It’s not as if we’re brimming with options after Rivers hangs it up. But, yeah, it says quite a bit that both of the teams that have made big bets on him chose to move on after just one season.
  12. If you ever wonder why many other teams have cycled through one starting QB after another.... I saw last night where the Dolphins have had 21 different starters under center since Marino retired. They’re not alone in that. The Colts were very fortunate to have Manning and Luck (almost) back-to-back. Top tier QBs are rare and very hard to come by and, as such, the competition to get them is obviously fierce. And very few teams become contenders without one. Moreover, so many of the prospects don’t pan out. I sure hope we haven’t joined that group of franchises. I have faith in Chris Ballard. But even the best front offices have to rely on some measure of good fortune.
  13. One thing we know is that the Steelers’ locker room will be one of the safest places in the country. They now enjoy full herd immunity after signing Eric Ebron...who has proven time and again that he can’t catch anything.
  14. It’s time, Vinny. In fact, it’s past time. You’ve had one of the best careers of anybody who ever used their leg and foot to play football. But that time comes for everybody eventually — and it came for you a couple years ago. Moving on to something may or may not be best for you, but it’s clearly best for your team.
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