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  1. luv_pony_express

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    There’s some difference between saying somebody shouldn’t be condemned and that they *deserve* a second chance. Maybe some of this is just semantics. But, to me, saying somebody “deserves” something implies that what they’ve done (good or bad) logically follows into some warranted consequence. A man who physically assaults a woman doesn’t *deserve* anything positive for having done so. But that doesn’t mean they should be permanently ostracized socially and professionally.
  2. luv_pony_express

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    I don’t know if I’d say he “deserves” a second chance. But I would say that it’s fine with me that a team’s willing to give him one. I wouldn’t have a problem if we’d have signed him.
  3. luv_pony_express

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt

    I agree. I don’t think Cleveland has much to lose here. It would be one thing if this were a third chance or a Josh Gordon situation. But I don’t think Hunt’s transgressions warrant banishment (whether formal or informal). A lot more potential upside than downside. John Dorsey continues to impress me. He might well be building a powerhouse in Cleveland. And let’s not forget who his protege is.
  4. luv_pony_express

    I think I speak for all colts fans right now

    As a Colts fan, I have to confess resentment (mostly borne of jealousy, if I’m being honest) of the Patriots’ dominance of the NFL these past 18 years. I wish my beloved Colts could be the team hoisting Lombardi after Lombardi. As a football fan, though, I’m in awe. It’s *hard* to win in the NFL. Every franchise, every executive, every coach, every player....they’re all doing everything they can to win championships. But, out of 32 teams, only one can wear the crown. And these guys have done it 1 out of every 3 years for nearly two decades....despite free agency, despite the salary cap, despite low draft positions, despite so many of their assistants being hired away. Love them or hate them, I think everybody should at least have some level of appreciation for what the Belichick/Brady era Patriots have accomplished. The league is designed for parity, and they’ve beaten the house.
  5. luv_pony_express

    Ballard admits they pursued FAs last year

    Count me among those who think that signing Bell would be a mistake and a huge waste of money better spent elsewhere. My kids would be ecstatic, though.
  6. luv_pony_express

    Colts future receiver

    Heh...that would have to be in some alternate universe. Of course, UK had a #1 pick some years back...and Murray State is going to have a lottery pick in the NBA draft. So anything’s possible (well, except perhaps IU producing a #1 draft pick in football).
  7. luv_pony_express

    Peyton Manning had the power

    Would Peyton even want to be a GM? Elway has done it — and done it pretty well (at least, for the years he had Manning under center). Ozzie Newsome is generally regarded as one of the best ever. So it’s not unprecedented for former players. It comes with a heckuva lot of pressure and I’m sure it involves a whole lot of time and effort. I think PM could make a good one. But he has his pick of what to do. And I haven’t heard that he’s interested in being a GM. As I recall, Elway at first said he didn’t want to be GM. So they had another guy officially in that role his first year. But that’s all the longer it lasted. Elway was actually in charge from day 1.
  8. luv_pony_express

    Assistant OL Coach Bobby Johnson leaving for Buffalo

    Maybe it wasn’t his choice?
  9. luv_pony_express

    Colts want Adam Vinatieri back (Update) (Merge)

    How about a compromise where he comes back in a capacity similar to Robert Mathis’ after his playing days were over? I fully realize the value he brings to the locker room. But I simply don’t have the confidence in him that I long did. And that was true prior to the KC debacle. Maybe Ballard feels differently and, well, his opinion matters everything and mine matters none. I trust Ballard to make the best decision for the horseshoe.
  10. luv_pony_express

    The One Play That Set The Tone

    Eric Ebron and his wife recently had a baby. Many congrats to the Ebron family! (And, Mrs. Ebron, don’t let your husband hold that precious child unless he’s standing over a soft bed.)
  11. luv_pony_express


    Are you really saying that Ballard & Co. should base their decision on how Vinatieri is missing kicks? That’s like saying a team shouldn’t move on from a once-great QB because he’s overthrowing, rather than underthrowing, receivers. Missing is missing.
  12. luv_pony_express


    I have complete faith in Chris Ballard to make the moves he needs to make to maximize the Colts’ chances for success. But no GM is perfect. They aren’t oracles and soothsayers. I’m just saying, with the admittedly comfortable aid of hindsight, that he made the wrong decision with our PK position this past fall. And it pains me to say that, because I amba longtime Vinny fan. But there comes a time in every athlete’s career where it’s time to pass the baton.
  13. luv_pony_express


    I disagree. Badgley kicked well for us while he was here in the pre-season. And now the Chargers are talking about him as somebody they’re going to hang onto long term. BTW, notice that I started a thread about this subject *before* the Chiefs game. What happened in the game only reinforced my lingering doubts. I’m not saying Vinny had an awful year. But it wasn’t his best. But that’s not really the point. The point is that NFL front offices have to take age into consideration in their personnel decisions. It’s not just about one year. Badgley offered us a way to transition to a good PK for the foreseeable future and we passed on it. It was a mistake.
  14. luv_pony_express


    We didn’t “miss” on Badgley. We chose Vinny over him. And, all sentimentality aside, it wasn’t a wise choice. And I’m not just saying that because Vinny blew a PAT and a chip shot FG in a playoff game. We had a chance to nab an obviously good young kicker fresh out of the gate and we decided to give him up to hang on to the aging icon for 1 or 2 more years of his decline. It may hurt our hearts to admit it was a bad choice. But it should be obvious that it was.
  15. luv_pony_express


    Part of the problem is that his age increases the chances of an injury, as well as the recovery time. You can’t only look in the rear view mirror. Look at what happened to Seattle and Janikowski. He gets hurt during a playoff game,..leaving them PK-less. Can you imagine if the game would’ve come down to Seattle having to kick a 48-yarder to win? We need a reliable kicker. Vinny didn’t singlehandedly lose us that game yesterday. But he sure contributed in a significant way.