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  1. Probably. It’s not very often — in team sports, anyway — you get a chance to see pros versus amateurs. But one example that comes to mind are some scrimmages that Bob Knight arranged for the 1984 Olympic team against teams of NBA players. In at least one of the games, because of a small roster, players couldn’t foul out. I believe Bird, McHale, and Parish all played in that one and it reportedly got very, very physical.
  2. Well, all other things equal, Aaron Rodgers is definitely one of the QBs I’d prefer over Stafford - even if he is older. He’s still a fantastic player (obviously, he’s deservedly about to win the MVP). But I just wonder about how feasible it is that we could get him.
  3. The late, great Charley Pride had a good song about paying it forward. Listen all the way through - little plot twist at the end!
  4. The good news, if we give up 21, is that there should still be a couple good OTs available in the 2nd round. And I can’t imagine we could get Stafford with just the 21st pick - the Niners pick 12th. Of course, no guarantee they’d give that pick up for Stafford. That said, those aren’t the only two positions we need. But I really have a lot of trust in Ballard to make the best roster moves available. No GM lives in a fantasy football world. It’s all about what’s possible and what, of that, is best.
  5. Missing an open receiver under duress in the hustle bustle of live action really isn’t on a par with making a considered coaching decision. That said, I understand why LaFleur made it. Tough call.
  6. We have most of the pieces in place to compete at a high level. Granted, we don’t have a starting LT. We could use some upgrades in the secondary and pass rush. And there are question marks at WR. So there’s work to do other than QB. But, on the whole, we’re at too good a place to rely on a developing QB - particularly when we have everything we need to get our hands on a bona fide starter who has a pretty good chance of being a good enough quarterback to get us further in contention.
  7. I couldn’t agree more. I totally sympathize with Watson’s frustrations. And it’s clear he’s not the only one upset by how the franchise has been managed. But the way he’s gone about it is pretty childish. And it almost certainly isn’t going to help. It’s pouring fuel on the fire.
  8. If it’s true that Watson is going to ask for a trade regardless who they hire, what’s he waiting for? Why just the anonymous leaks to the press about what he’s going to do? It seems pretty apparent to me that he’s machinating to impact the hiring process, if not the hire itself. At one point, wasn’t Houston not even going to interview Bieniemy? Now he’s reportedly a finalist? I could be wrong. But I think they’re going to hire Bieniemy and Watson will return there next year.
  9. Yeah, the radio silence has been deafening. If they wanted to hire Eberflus, they already would’ve. Eric Bieniemy is going to get this job.
  10. Probably not. But given that they’re going after a QB and Watson is already proven (and still young), I’d say the Jags are about the only AFC South team that could get him if they wanted to go that route. But I’m sure you’re right that they don’t.
  11. I’d say we’re about 10 times as likely to go after Stafford. It’s realistic and I think Ballard has the capital it would need to get him here. On top of that, Stafford would be going to a team that’s nearly ready to compete — with the offensive exceptions of QB and LT.
  12. I’m still doubtful that Watson will be playing somewhere other than Houston next season. It may even be more likely that he sits - although that seems pretty unlikely too. That said, the CW (which I subscribe to) is that the Texans would do about anything to prevent a trade inside the AFC South. But, heck, maybe they’d trade him with JAX for the #1 pick? Still doubtful. But he does have the leverage of the no trade clause. And if he really wanted to stick it to the Texans, I guess he could refuse all trades except one inside the division.
  13. If they wanted to hire Eberflus, why wouldn’t they go ahead and pull the trigger? That they haven’t yet suggests to me that they really want Bieniemy or Frazier.
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