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  1. JMV and For the Colture for me. Never listen to DD but not apposed to it its just hard to get 4-5 hours of radio heads in everyday lol. To be fair I guess For the Colture is only once or twice a week...
  2. Ok well explain then who wants to watch the Bear or Eagles 4 times, Giants 3 times, Cardinals, Falcons, Bengals, Browns and Jets all twice?? Plus that not to mention the Cowboys 6X!!!! A Pats team with no QB 5X. I personally think the NFL should lower the limit to 4 Primetime games to open up a few more slots so teams dont get screwed to only one primetime appearance all year. Make the minimum 1 primetime on the road and 1 at home. And what's up with TNF its always a snooze fest selection of games it seems like
  3. I dont really view that as a primetime game. It could be a 1pm or 4pm start who knows and depends on records and who is in the hunt etc. Not much hope. More of a spotlight then a primetime. Kind of like what they do for Thanksgiving.
  4. Only 3 home openers since 1995, NO home primetime games since 2015!!!, Only 1 primetime game this year and last year.... Hell maybe the Colts should just play all their games on the road... at neutral sights London, Mexico, the Moon, Mars. Then maybe we might get some attention.
  5. Best part about living on the west coast!! I am the same way up in Washington
  6. Only primetime game this year is a TNF. What a joke the colts get no spotlight
  7. Did he say that in his presser I havent seen if the colts posted one yet which I feel is weird bc its getting kinda late
  8. I would be willing to bet Turay is working with Robert Mathis
  9. The Strip Sack Master King Robert Mathis joins For the COLTure Podcast and talks about his playing days teammates and his pass rushing consulting business. Towards the end he also has a piece on Turay starting at 27:15 mark. Interesting listen as Mathis was one of the guys that scouted and found Turay and brought him to Ballards attention. Also mentioned that Turay will be the sack champion in 1-2 years and has the talent to break the all time NFL sack record for a single season! What do you guys think? Also has thoughts on Houston and the D as a unit. https://www.youtube.com/watch
  10. If we are going this crazy route I'd rather have Josh Rosen
  11. More super bowls wins with Patriots, more records with Colts... * it could be a wash but Manning at that point of his career was only a colt
  12. I agree. Moving on from Manning was way harder bc he was drafted as a Colt. AV shouldn't be a question considering he came over from the Patriots.
  13. @CurBeatElite very nice write up. Question to the masses tho, why doesn't Quincy play on teams? You think he could be a gunner and add extra value for him to be on the active roster on Sundays, right?
  14. I always like Brett Kollmann's videos that he puts out there. Ya he may be a Texans fan but he breaks things down really well and gives his reasons why he likes or doesn't like something. Check out his video on Mims. Who would you rather have for WR in the 2nd round Mims, Higgins, Reagor, Aiyuk someone else...? Tough choices for sure but cant wait for the draft. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8VzzDaz1Hbk
  15. What about Nate Stanley played under center a lot, has a big arm throwing into tight windows and short term memory after negative plays. Hard to bring down and good pocket presence looks to throw first when breaking outside the pocket before running. Gets threw his reads and finds the open man. Protects the ball with two hands on it while not throwing. Understands the X and O but not always the most accurate thrower. I think a lot of that may be due to coaching and could be corrected with better mechanics with his footwork. Would like to know what others think. Thanks
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