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  1. I dont think any of those guys where really on the board. They probably got ruled out in the draft process bc they didn't fit CB mold of players he wants in high character team captain types. I for one didn't see the big hype on Tillery like most on here and Simmons was out for the year but D Line might have never been in the plan. That KC playoff game really stung and we needed linebackers and secondary help in this draft to help over come the weakness we had against a true high power fast offense. Now we have that on D. It will be fast, it will be electric, and it will be stunning to watch I hope. They can do a lot of different exotic things now. My only worry is that after the stellar year this D will hopefully have is that we dont lose ME to a head coaching job somewhere. Hopefully he will want to stay a few more years to really make this D something and win superbowls!
  2. Want to know what else will be scary this year... Our D those guys can fly around the field too!!! Plus we got stronger in playing man and not sitting in zone 80%+ of the time!!!!
  3. First off I am also a Wilkins fan. Second I remember Gore talking about when Ajayi got traded to philly from the dolphins and the things he had to say about him. I trust Gore knows what he is about when it comes to running back. Third good for ware but I am with some other posters in that I hope the depth chart is Mack Wilkins Hines and Ware if we carry 4 RBs.
  4. I was curious to how they were gonna do the end without knowing who Ballard is gonna draft but he nailed it lol
  5. I dont see a trade up in the draft happening until draft day with how late our pick is. the draft is just to unpredictable in how the board will fall
  6. neug3246


    I wasn't only referring to AV in this post, Vanderjagt ring a bell in the name of colts kicker that missed playoff kicks...
  7. neug3246


    Not just talking about AV when I said "So called" lets go back to the days when we had Vanderjagt
  8. neug3246


    not popular opinion let AV walk. Also side note I am sick and tired of having a so called great kicker miss kicks in post season play
  9. Lucks first blocked pass was hands in the face to Nelson. That was so badly missed and would of gave us some momentum on the second drive but overall the Colts played terrible today.
  10. It would be really cool to see the Colts come out on the first drive and not pass the ball once. Having every play be a run and still score a TD. Send a physical message that the Colts are gonna punch KC in the mouth the entire game. Doubt that happens tho.
  11. Right I made a post about that last night and everyone laughed at me saying I should be banned from the site. I dont like Skip but I was like WTH did he just say.... I had to post it
  12. Listening to a lot of sport shows today a lot of the media were actually picking the Colts to beat KC. Not all of them but I would say maybe a good 2/3??
  13. I actually think on D this game hinges on Hooker. If he can take away the deep passes and come away with at least one interception that would be a huge advantage for the Colts. Games like this is why we drafted him 15th overall in the draft 2 years ago. This could very well be Hookers coming out game 2 seasons in.
  14. I really enjoyed watching Mahomes and the chiefs play this year. Big part of this was bc Mahomes was my fantasy QB. In all the primetime games they lost Mahomes and Co. had them in the game and took some late 4th quarter leads. However one thing I noticed in those BIG primetime games that the Chiefs lost and something I hope Mahomes hasn't learned a lesson from is scoring to early to give them that late 4th quarter lead, leaving enough time on the clock for the other team to drive down the field and score. This here I could see being the difference in the game if its close come late in the 4th quarter. If he scores to quick or if he takes time off the game clock not allowing Luck and Co. enough time to put together a potential game winning drive.
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