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  1. If by some chance we split with Houston but beat the Titians and Jags and Houston ends up with the better overall record would we still win the division with a better division record? Has that ever happened before in any division? Just curious, hopefully the Colts just win it out right.
  2. ya like I said garbage with 1400 post ranging back 2 months. There is a reason why people keep making new threads and that's bc it needs to be talked about until something changes. Either the kicking problems stop or AV gets replaced or retires
  3. 20 Points... This is how many points the colts have left on the field this year due to miss kicks by AV. Everyone knows this has cost the colts a couple of games, todays included. I think AV missing kicks was part of the decisions why we went for it on 4 and short on our first failed attempt today in the first quarter while in field goal range (disclaimer I know Frank is aggressive on 4th down). I know people are gonna argue that the laces were facing AV... He also kicked the ground behind the ball that kick was a miss either way, he also had a miss/blocked PAT. AV was the AFC special team player of the week last... ok well in my opinion he didn't deserve it but it was kind of gifted it to him bc of milestones he reached with 200 games with the colts and 29 game winning kicks, not for his 3-5 subpar performance. I get AV is a GOAT but even the greats need to move on or be replaced, week after week he is a liability. 14-19 on PATs 12-17 on FGs that's 10 missed kicks in 8 games 10!!! I know that multiple threads about this issue have been made today and ultimately locked due to an Adam Vinatieri thread made all the way back on Sept 8 with over 1400 post... well mods that's out of date and no one is gonna shift through all of that garbage to find the most current post so I think its valid to keeping a new thread open about this issue. Its a major liability and issue that needs its own thread if this problem keeps accruing week in and week out.
  4. No he finished the game, and ya that hit by Banogu was huge but still all issues aside does he still play next week after he called out the team to the press after the game??? The neck issue is just a really convent factor in the entire situation.
  5. I'm curious if his comments after yesterdays game factored in the decision to bench Flacco next week. Granted yes I did see him working on his neck on the sidelines.
  6. mid season preferably sooner if it keeps up
  7. That list was a joke Arron Rodgers was #2. Dont get me wrong he is a good QB but hasn't played like a top 10 since he won the Super Bowl. His game tonight also proved thst he isn't a number 2 QB
  8. I think Campbell will have more yards and catches but Cain will have more big time catches and TD's
  9. How does luck keeping the money that the colts gave him affect the cap?
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