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  1. He should’ve replaced Vinny. Vinny was done by that point. We kept him because of who he was, not because of how he was performing. Huge, costly mistake by Ballard.
  2. Monday, November 28, 2005 against the Steelers. First offensive play of the game: Manning to Harrison, 80 yards.
  3. Hopefully. Only time will tell. Ballard and Reich are confident. So are Baker, Dodds, and Raich. Why shouldn’t the rest of us be? Is it a sure thing? No. No such thing in this league. But, good grief, developing NFL players isn’t done in a microwave or on fiber based Internet access. It almost always takes some time.
  4. No kidding. One thing that has definitely not gotten better in our culture over my lifetime is our patience. Everything has to be now, now, now. The kid has played like 3 games. And because he’s not an instant All-Pro we’re hearing comments that sorta, kinda suggest he’s approaching draft bust land. Give it some time. Making that step from college to pro is a big one. The game is faster. The opponents are better.
  5. It’s not unusual to find decent, experienced, and affordable backup QBs on the FA market.
  6. He’s lucky — very lucky — that turned out the way it did. It was a critical game situation and should’ve and could’ve been 15 yards the other way.
  7. I understood why they did it - but, man did I disagree with it. They stuck with Vinatieri because of who he was and apparently just paid little attention to how he was actually kicking. It was painfully obvious he had lost it. Even most of the kicks he made the last 1.5 years or so looked.....iffy. And I guess Badgley hasn't exactly panned out. He had a rough year for LAC last year: 8-13 from 40-49 yards 2-6 from 50+ 24-33 FG overall (72.7%) 36-39 PATs (92.3%)
  8. Speaking of Tucker, I was looking at his career stats. He's attempted 363 PATs in his career and missed only 4 of them. All 4 misses came after 2015, when the PAT was moved back. He's 249-253 since then -- for a make percentage of 98.4%. Pretty darn good.
  9. That would be a bit ironic -- as I felt we should've hung on to Badgley and gave Vinatieri a nice retirement celebration. He made an appearance for Tennessee in Week 1. Was 1-2 on PATs and missed his only FGA. There just aren't that many Justin Tuckers, Harrison Butkers, and Jason Sanders out there.
  10. A missed PAT is less inexcusable than it was pre-2015. What used to be a ~19 yard kick became a ~32 yard kick. And, predictably, percentages went down. For whatever reason, Week 5 was a particularly bad week for PATs -- including ours, I think 16 were missed.
  11. We're not terrible. We're obviously not all that good. But we're not terrible. The offense looked good most of the night -- sometimes very good. Wentz and Taylor both played at a high level. And this with 40% of our offensive line in street clothes. Campbell finally had a pretty productive game. I thought the defense played very well for about 3 quarters. Yeah, they got gassed -- and the Ravens took full advantage of our shortage of secondary players. But I really think this game comes down mostly -- not entirely, just mostly -- to our 3 major special teams blunders: missed PAT, blocked FG, and missed FG. Any fully detailed analysis of the game would note the obvious fact that our defense was poor in the 4th quarter. We had no pressure on Jackson, couldn't cover Andrews to save our life, and missed a slew of tackles. We've got some things to fix. And, yeah, it's not looking promising to make the playoffs this year -- even once we finally get healthy. But there is a VERY nice silver lining to the clouds of our first 5 games: we've got ourselves a quarterback. Wentz was the #1 question mark coming into the season. The surprise pre-season surgery and early ankle sprains disrupted things for him. But he's played well enough the first few games -- and was terrific last night. Finding that QB isn't the only ingredient for NFL success. But it's about like flour in a cake: good luck making one without it. We've got it -- and that's very encouraging for the future.
  12. Not liking a rule doesn’t make it not a rule. If he wasn’t down by contact, he was down by choice. It wasn’t a fumble.
  13. We held on to Vinatieri for too long. Passed on some good kickers to hang onto him…and he lost us some games. He should’ve been gone at least a season before he was. One of the biggest black eyes of Ballard’s tenure, IMO.
  14. Given our injury situation, that cannot be left unsaid. We’re all down about the team right now. But I think we’ve found a QB. And that’s one of the hardest things to do in the NFL.
  15. Maybe for Mack? He certainly looked better than any Ravens RB tonight.
  16. Yeah, I’ve never been sold on Blankenship. He’s an average NFL kicker at best.
  17. Sanchez can hit FGs. Has to be better than an injured Blankenship.
  18. I’m just saying they played well most of the night. They did. Yeah, awful 4th quarter. But we were playing with PS guys. We need to be able to kick FGs.
  19. If he was hurt, he shouldn’t have been kicking.
  20. The defense played well most of the game, really. Hit our kicks, we win. Maybe should’ve tried Sanchez from 47 yards?
  21. Rousseau looked really good last night. That long reach is going to provide years of headaches for opposing quarterbacks…just as it did for Mahomes. But Kwity is our guy. Way, way too soon to be making any sort of conclusions. We’re 4 games in, and he’s been hurt. Everybody who knows anything was saying from the get go to be patient. Not everything desirable happens right away…in fact, most don’t.
  22. I don’t know who’s missing from the Ring of Honor - but I could go for Sanders. When he was healthy, he was as great a defensive player as we’ve had. But I will say this much: is there any reason the Colts shouldn’t retire #88?
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