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  1. Me too, D stepped up as well.
  2. When the Colts were still in the AFC East I saw the Bills, Pats and Dolphins, at least 3 times each, Bengals twice Chargers Leaf/Manning rookie year Saints Raiders AFC South years Titans, Texans, Jags, Pats, again at least 3 games each Broncos Lions Giants Arizona The ultra exciting Jim Sorgi game after the perfect season was ruined, There may be more I'm forgetting, but I count 14 different teams in that mess I typed.
  3. We can all probably agree he was not a wise old Sage.
  4. Lived in Indiana all my life. Before the Colts moved I followed the Raiders, Oilers, and the Montana led Niners . Just thought they were fun to watch and wanted to be different from all the Pittsburg and Dallas fans I had as teammates and friends. I became a Colts fan soon after some friends and I scored tickets to the Bills game at the dome in 85. They killed Buffalo. Don't remember the final score, but Pagel was the QB, and Randy McMillian, and Albert Bently ran wild. Decided after that I could follow the Colts and have been a fan ever since.
  5. May have posted this before, but feel it belongs in this thread. It was easy to tell how the game was going by listening to the emotion in Bob's voice.
  6. I would not bet on us to win this game in the shape we are in right now, but to your point I will post this example of a team stepping up when nothing has gone their way for a lot longer than 2 games. Sorry, didn't realize the vid wouldn't imbed. It's from the 97 Colts game 12
  7. Can vouch for this. I had a 200 pound female number 13 screaming in ear in 2000 when the officials screwed us at home while looking down on several hundred of the same jerseys in front of me. Lot of Fins fans carrying over from Bob Grise, and no local team until the Colts showed up. Grise is from Evansville, was a Boilermaker, so built a Miami fanbase in Indiana.
  8. 10 maybe 11 Other teams will be dealing with covid and injuries as well. Could work in our favor a few times.
  9. This I remember watching Peyton his rookie year and wondering if the Colt's made the right choice. The SF and Jets games that year were when I finally thought maybe he'd be a good Qb some day. Not comparing Eason to Manning, just saying even the best need some time to adjust to NFL speed and talent on defense.
  10. WTWO Terre Haute is broadcasting it as well. I don't know if their content is available online.
  11. This, Phillip gets rid of the ball in a hurry, but was he in the 1.8 second range release time that Manning had one of his last seasons with us?
  12. Appreciate the invite, but I really have not followed MLB for several years, so probably can't offer too much. Tom Seaver and Jesse Orozco are the only two Mets I can remember, and I'm not even sue Oroszco was a Met?
  13. Here's several in audio form thanks to Q95 including fumbled the frickin football.
  14. Hey NFLFan, Dad started following the Pirates in the 50's because he liked Ralph KIner. As a young kid, I remember him always asking all his Cardinal fan friends if they were going to name their baby they were expecting, Roberto, after after Clemente. He did like Stargell quite a bit, and went to see him speak at IU once after he had retired, and was doing engagements. He and my Mom were at the game that Clemente hit the line drive that broke Bob Gibson's leg.
  15. Thanks, CR91, Wonder where the folks making the negative comments below the article hail from?
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