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  1. I may be wrong here, but as I remember the situation you are talking about unfolding, he really didn't have much choice in that situation. Andrew is done. we are screwed cause Jacoby isn't a NFL starter quality QB? Nope. Keep it positive, and hope J.B figures it out.
  2. Thanks for posting the Vid. Austinn In several of those clips, like the last one with the Packers. the pocket was non existent, I don't think Mahomes could have escaped that rush.
  3. Talent and impact wise, Indy Colts, Edge and Harrison on offense. Defense Bob Sanders, he missed a lot of time, but when he played, we looked like a entirely different team. Didn't follow the Colts in Baltimore so I'll trust everyone who did to list those guys
  4. I think it was a Onion interview with Archie Manning where he said a man wearing a hoodie drove up to him in a strange stainless steel car shortly after Cooper was born, The man insisted he that Archie get a vasectomy at once, and he would gladly pay for it. Couldn't find it to post a link.
  5. Lotta good ones on here already. How about Walt Coleman never becomes a official in the NFL? Maybe somebody else would've considered Ty Law throwing Marvin OB pass interference, as well as 15 other instances in that 2004 AFC championship game.
  6. Thanks so much for inviting me, but my daughter has a track meet Monday evening, I have to mow my yard and my Mom's two acres, sometime next week plus golf league on Wednesday evening, Also with my lack of watching college football, and limited knowledge of other NFL teams needs all I could provide would be comic relief. Have fun guys, I will enjoy seeing how you do,
  7. Thanks for posting. Sounds good to me.
  8. I remember talking to those guys at a tailgate. They were from Mariah Hill and had a banner with Kenny's name and number on it, on display. Dilger was tough to bring down. Also forgot that Painter's dad worked out at the Y back in the day, and Curtis would be with him every so often. He was a nice polite kid as was his dad.
  9. Ok I can win this thread. In 98 I was at training camp talking to Jersey Johnny about our rookie Qb. and wondering if he'd live up to all the hype. I remember saying something like "well we can always put Holcomb in if he struggles" Practice ended shortly after, and who should come over to the nice looking lady standing on the other side of me? ........Kelly Holcomb! Exchanged a few words and a handshake.
  10. Kenny Moore. I was a 5'9 Cb in high school, (far less talented than Kenny) so I'll say him. Agree it is hard to pick a favorite.
  11. I appreciate the invite, but I didn't see enough college football, and usually guess wrong on who even the Colts will pick in the draft. Good luck guys, I will stand on the sidelines and watch this time,
  12. Eric Bieniemy is shunned again.
  13. Late 80's through most of the 90's, the network station I could pick up off antenna was in the blackout zone, Didn't get to see many home games. Cable finally found it's way out to my home in the boondocks, with the CBS station being far enough south to be out of the zone. Watched what ever game they were showing with the sound off, while listening to Lamey before then,
  14. Thanks for posting the Vid. Always like hearing Jim's interviews.
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