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  1. Thanks so much for inviting me, but my daughter has a track meet Monday evening, I have to mow my yard and my Mom's two acres, sometime next week plus golf league on Wednesday evening, Also with my lack of watching college football, and limited knowledge of other NFL teams needs all I could provide would be comic relief. Have fun guys, I will enjoy seeing how you do,
  2. I remember talking to those guys at a tailgate. They were from Mariah Hill and had a banner with Kenny's name and number on it, on display. Dilger was tough to bring down. Also forgot that Painter's dad worked out at the Y back in the day, and Curtis would be with him every so often. He was a nice polite kid as was his dad.
  3. Ok I can win this thread. In 98 I was at training camp talking to Jersey Johnny about our rookie Qb. and wondering if he'd live up to all the hype. I remember saying something like "well we can always put Holcomb in if he struggles" Practice ended shortly after, and who should come over to the nice looking lady standing on the other side of me? ........Kelly Holcomb! Exchanged a few words and a handshake.
  4. Kenny Moore. I was a 5'9 Cb in high school, (far less talented than Kenny) so I'll say him. Agree it is hard to pick a favorite.
  5. I appreciate the invite, but I didn't see enough college football, and usually guess wrong on who even the Colts will pick in the draft. Good luck guys, I will stand on the sidelines and watch this time,
  6. Eric Bieniemy is shunned again.
  7. Late 80's through most of the 90's, the network station I could pick up off antenna was in the blackout zone, Didn't get to see many home games. Cable finally found it's way out to my home in the boondocks, with the CBS station being far enough south to be out of the zone. Watched what ever game they were showing with the sound off, while listening to Lamey before then,
  8. Thanks for posting the Vid. Always like hearing Jim's interviews.
  9. If O linemen are eligible I would put Tarik Glenn up there. I didn;t realize how good he was until he retired and we tried to replace him
  10. Nice turn of events there with the pick six.
  11. Dunk


    Agree, The only bad seat I ever set in over the years in the dome was one I won in a charity drawing. It was a partially obstructed view seat, in the top row of one of the corners. I felt closer to the action, and remember it being a lot louder than LOS.
  12. Yep, Harbaugh had been sacked about 72 times that year and was out for the game. Possibly he was out because he punched Jim Kelly in a pre game interview before the Bills game and broke his hand on his face, not sure. Paul Justin was his back up and started that game, played out of his mind, perfect, and made himself some cash in free agency. I remember Jason Belser returning a fumble or getting a pick six, but other than that, not a lot of defense seemed to be played in the game. Remember Justin kneeling inside the five a couple times so Blanchard? could kick the game winning fie
  13. Nice Vids Dogg, Cool stuff that as you said is tough to notice as you watch the game live, Thanks for posting.
  14. I would have to see the play again. I don't think he called for a fair catch, he didn't think the ball entered the end zone, picked it up and tried to advance it. No one else questioned the overturn, so I'm probably wrong, but thought I'd ask.
  15. Not to hijack your thread Statesman, but another call I wondered about was the kick off that landed on the goal line. Yeah it hit the goal line but he picked it up out of the end zone and tried to advance it. How was that ruled a touchback? Seems it would be the same thing as returning a kick that you caught in the end zone?
  16. Yeah I guess I forgot because he didn't play as well after that year. Can't remember was he injured, the following season? In his defense on the dropped pick Vs Pittsburg, the receiver did get a hand on the ball, so it wasn't like the ball hit him in the chest and he dropped it.
  17. Yep. The Goose, Herrod, Tony Bennet, Big play Ray, Eugene Daniel and Jason Belser. That was the last D I thought was very good as well. We've had some in between that were decent, with some very talented guys, as others have mentioned in this thread.
  18. Harris looked good when he got a chance, Maybe we will see if Fountain is to, or if he's another Bryan Fletcher.
  19. 1997 Got free tickets to Colts/ Bengals. Kelly Holcomb is the only healthy Qb, breaks his hand during the game, still plays, and throws 3 picks. That loss helped us to hold on to the number one pick in the 98 draft 1998 Was at the home game Vs Ryan Leaf, and the Chargers. Peyton's first victory as a colt? 99 The Refs love Dan Marino game. Painful no fumble, incomplete pass ruling in our own house. Resulted in a 3 point loss. 2000 Sat behind some guys from Detroit who were drunk, and cocky trash talkers. They were drunker but humbled when
  20. This makes sense. Last year Mack was very patient and often waited for a hole to open. He could see a crease, and hop step laterally, or bounce outside and get positive yards Here's a highlight Vid
  21. I played 6th grade flag football, my team was the Raiders, so I followed them in the mid 70's. For some reason I didn't like the Bears, Cowboys, Dolphins, or Steelers. Whoever was playing them was my team too. Followed the Oilers in late 70's early 80's'. Bum Phillips, Dan Pastorini, and a local guy Dave Carter, were the reason. When the Colts landed it didn't take me long to latch on to em. Pagel, Hogeboom, Herman, George, Trudeau, Harbaugh, Justin, Holcomb are the Qbs I can remember before Peyton. Went to a lot of games in the Dome, and tailgated on the Hurst Bean company l
  22. Good news Thanks for posting. Hopefully Pittman can be the guy Paris Campbell was for a half, IMHO. the only major thing missing on our D has been a outside speed rusher. In my eyes Turray looked to be the guy to fill that slot, till he was injured last year. Maybe he gets the D off the the field with a sack, or hurry a couple times more per game.
  23. Sounds good to me, but doubt they are available, although Houston let Hopkins go, so I guess anything can happen.
  24. My question would be. Is Sam better than any Qb currently on our roster?
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