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  1. And it happens over & over with every provider. An outdoor antenna isn't a bad investment either for very reliable service and channels up to 75 miles away
  2. Pretty sure NFL Ticket is on both Roku & Playstation EDIT: just noticed it's via DirecTV on my Roku. Bummer
  3. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001037111/article/cowboys-ezekiel-elliott-not-on-team-plane-to-camp Seems to me that having a top tier running back is a curse to teams. It's understandable from the player's side of overuse under a rookie deal, and the team's side who is nervous about throwing wads of cash at a devalued position.
  4. Everyday when you wake up, remember to be thankful you are not a Jaguars fan
  5. He can't consistently make the 5-10 yard routine passes to keep the offense chugging down the field Not sold at all
  6. So long as Just Snow's number stays retired, I am good with it
  7. The entire eyes of the NFL will be focused sharply on West 56th Street and who makes the roster as long snapper for the Indianapolis Colts
  8. And fail yet again to win a single playoff game. When the Bengals last enjoyed post season success Jeff George still had a mullet and was starting quarterback for the Colts
  9. The Browns will sacrifice a 2020 1st round pick for grossly over inflating their own balls
  10. That's good to know. Thanks. Most people's memories are a bit 'foggy' of that night I waited up all night outside Karma records and tapes to get tickets. We were in row 29 on the floor, good seats!
  11. His solo of Wish You Were Here is Comfortably Numbing. What a great!
  12. Wow what a collector's item! Gilmore is on the shortlist of all time great guitarists I saw Pink Floyd (-roger waters) at the Hoosier Dome in '87 or '88. Someone died jumping off the upper level during learning to fly
  13. Just imagine Kenton Keith behind this line!
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