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  1. The defensive turn around in the post season was nearly unprecedented. When Dungy talks about it now, he laughingly says they decided to try tackling the ball carrier
  2. Couldn't have said it better. He didn't really become a big problem until they 'almost' beat the Patriots in the AFCCG
  3. Knowing Marcus, everything will be grass fed, non-GMO, and organic
  4. Hey folks! Come on down to DON'S USED CARS this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!!!
  5. That season ended in a championship. Jags can have their 375 title
  6. I just saw it rolling down the sidewalk
  7. You must be watching the game at The Stacked Pickle
  8. That's correct. The instant the retirement papers were filed, he became ineligible to play this season no matter what
  9. I've heard that he had commitments in a galaxy far far away that would keep him away from the game for a spell Rather than telling the adoring fans the truth about something they couldn't possibly even begin to comprehend, the 'retirement' was seen as the best reasoning for the time being
  10. Let tonight be a tribute to the Great Edgerrin James, who tore his ACL at Arrowhead Stadium in 2001 Before that injury he was so good. He was once in a generation good. After the injury, he was HOF worthy Too bad he tore it back when torn ACL's were known to end NFL careers. People come back 100% or better today
  11. Draft sounds like a real freak of nature!
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