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  1. No. NFL won't play on Friday or Saturday so they are not competing with high school & college ball
  2. Each team in each conference gets an additional home game every other year against a team in the opposite conference with a similar finishing position Hypothetical at this point but I've read it and I think it makes a lot of sense
  3. XFL back on FOX right now. Everytime they say 'that was an NFL caliber play' you have to drink
  4. Having done a fair amount of delivery work, I have seen more than my share of police chases over the years Craziest one was seeing some guying flying the wrong way day a highway ramp, then 30 seconds later about 80 police cars followed him the wrong way down the same ramp
  5. I implore everyone to support my charity for all the post Superbowl wingless chickens
  6. He needs to watch out for Iguanas falling from the sky!
  7. Niners cakewalk to a championship
  8. Chiefs early one point favorites. I like the Niners
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