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  1. I reserve all my online battles for twitter! DOWN WITH THE TWITTIOTS!
  2. It's a shame the Colt s don't have the Atlanta falcons on their schedule this year. We are just the sort of team equipped to beat them. All we have to do is let them get a lead hold it going into the fourth quarter and bam game over!
  3. Baker Mayfield's initials are BM. It's also short for bowel movement
  4. With the spread like that you definitely would want to bet the Jets. Any point spread over 10 points it's scientifically correct you should always take the underdog
  5. Chiefs favored by 19.5 against the visiting Jets next Sunday. Dear god...
  6. It won't be a problem since the Jets control their own destiny
  7. Monte Teo's girlfriend expected to attend tonight's game in LA
  8. It was one of the dawkest in Patriots history
  9. Stay tuned for live updates from the Toilet Bowl
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