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  1. After off-season lasik surgery to repair his near sightedness does that change your perspective? The man can throw the rock and throw it downfield effectively. Perhaps the surgery will help with the INT's......? I'd sign him over any of the rookies in this draft that will fall to us.....
  2. Jordan Phillips - DT - Late of the Dolphins 2nd Round Pick) and the Bills. 6'6" and 324 pounds that will clog up the middle and push the pocket. Same capabilities as a lot of the "bigger" names but likely at a cheaper cost. Breshad Perriman - WR - Former 1st Round pick that will be on team number 4 with this next contract. Finally started balling out with the Bucs last year. Has all the measurables but the label as a bust will keep the price tag down. 6'2" and 209 - Dad is Brett Perriman so the pedigree is there too. Eli Apple - CB - Just started showing signs of his 1st Round pedigree with the Saints. Ballards typical measurables at 6'1" and 200 with 32 inch arms. Corners never come cheap but with bigger 'names' out there he would be an under the radar target. Sidenote......with Wilson not dressing as a CB last year due to not playing ST's, I believe he will become the 4th safety behind Willis as Geathers replacement. A good coaching staff will find a way for talent to get on the field and help the team. Besides, with Desir, Rock, Tell and Moore and either a FA or Rookie the defensive backs room is pretty solid.
  3. Leonard Okereke Speed Those guys will be monsters this coming season out there.....that is a lot of instinct, speed and length out there.
  4. "They didn’t close in any sort of hurry, either. With 34 seconds left and the Colts playing for pride – winning was out of the question – rookie receiver Daurice Fountain found himself alone in the end zone for a pass from Luck. Fountain dropped it. That kind of game."
  5. They are wrong. He played in the Chiefs playoff game in 2018
  6. The 2019 draft was another solid one for Ballard, Dodds, et all..... 1st......the best player as a Rookie would likely be Willis - the SS nobody knew about that they traded UP for in the 4th Round. He was a stabilizing force in the back end of the defense with a few rookie gaffs. 2nd - Rock......as the season went on he grew from his rookie gaffs and posted solid numbers the second half of the year. 3rd - Okereke......played well in Leonards absence and played well enough down the stretch to force the team into playing 3 linebackers and played the nickel backer in place of Walker. 4th - Banogu......hit his stride a bit when Turay went down for about a 7-8 game stretch but it felt like he hit the rookie wall the last few weeks. 5th - Tell......played well when given the opportunity (especially learning corner on the fly) and I believe he showed enough to potentially be a starter on the outside this year or next. 6th - Campbell.....wow is he explosive with the ball in his hands......fluke injuries limited both his growth AND production but he will likely break out in 2020. 7th - Speed.....he looks like Tarzan and when he was on the field he kinda looked like Leonard and Okereke out there. My guess is eventually he will supplant Walker - meaning Leonard-Okereke-Speed as your 3 backers. 8th - Green.....likely will only ever be a special teamer....if he sticks at all Patterson was injured all year and on the IR Barton found a 53-Man spit and won a SB with the Chiefs.... In the future I think Speed will turn into a Marcus Washington type edge setter/pass rusher. Rock, Tell and Moore will form quite the trio at corner with Hooker and Willis forming a no fly zone type of secondary. Plus the speed, instincts and long arms of Leonard and Okereke will make it difficult on the passing lanes. The Banogu and Turay will grow into 10 sack a year ends..... Campbell will show out this year, making the 2nd year jump - also because he will be properly utilized out of the slot with either JB or a rookie checking down to him a lot. All we need for the passing lanes to be closed down is consistent push from the middle and collapsing at least one side of the line......enter the 2020 draft and hopefully a Kinlaw or Gallimore type of DT.....and one could wish upon a Clowney/Yannick/Armstead type of signing in free agency to accompany said stud DT draft pick..... Just my two cents.....
  7. I remember the drop for sure, but it seems to me he put a great out and up move on their CB to get that wide open, I could be wrong though!? So at least he stuck the route - just got wide eyed at scoring a TD on his first reception and in a playoff game. Lol
  8. As transparent as Ballard is about building through the draft I'm still unsure about all of you clamoring for a FA starting QB? Brissett is still here for one more year.... Hoyer for two.... And Chad Kelly. He, Dodds, Reich, Sirianni, Groh and Brady will concoct their QB that can run their system and Ballard will draft him and likely sign an UDFA version of the draftee as well. That gives us 4-5 QB's in offseason workouts and camp to run through the ringer. Both Brissett and Hoyer can be cut with no penalties as well, so keep that in mind.
  9. I posted this right after Lucks retirement before anyone else made him the "flavor the month"..... I also never compared him to Mahomes either. Just gets back to your "yawn" comment.....you don't like him, that's fine. Move on from the thread then.
  10. I was beating the drum a long time ago, yes! I still like Love and think he could become a quality starter in this league. Surprised anyone remembered my post from last year!
  11. It was my understanding that if they draft higher than us then we switch picks.....we switch from the 13th to the 5th pick in the 7th Round because Evan Boehm started and played well for them.
  12. I thougt I remembered him stating he prefers to be the right hand man versus the man because he prefers to focus on the scouting and talent evaluation.....versus the business side with contracts, salary cap, etc., etc.
  13. Look at the measurables first. Prototypical height and weight, arm length, speed, agility, first step quickness,etc, etc, etc. Then look to see if they were captains. Then look at their production. Then how well they practice throughout the week. Lastly, in game performance. Rest assured, half of our picks will come from those two rosters, including our next QB.
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