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  1. First time offender.....a poor college student.....left without paying for some crab legs though as I recall he paid for the rest. I mean if you're that much of a Saint then I suppose you can throw stones at the man for his mistake. I distinctly remember gassing and going when I was a teen by accident..... Has zero to do with football just like mine had nothing to do with having a top secret security clearance.
  2. Still day Nelson to Tackle makes the best sense. He was a Tackle going into ND but the 5 olinemen put McGlinchey at LT. Heck, there was an interview with the two of them where he admitted Nelson was both the best option at LT but also at LG..... Pinter played well in his spot duties and can move well enough to pull and trap. He won't pancake a bunch of folks like Q.....but who does? The answer to LT and to young, mobile QB with big arm are both in house. Having said that, I would take Winston and his corrected vision or Dak and his repaired ankl
  3. Marvin and Lovie have a proven track record as does the Godfather Rod. But yes, those would be the type of folks Ballard and Reich would likely bring in. Thank you for adding the names!
  4. If Flus leaves.....think about any assistant from the Cover 3 teams not in a DC position currently or any of the Cover 2 disciples not in a DC position currently - or coaching college ball.
  5. Personally, and this won't be a popular position amongst my fellow fans - I would re-sign NONE of them! I would give them the opportunity to explore their very best deal and ask them to consult with me (if I were Ballard) before signing. What this does is the following: 1. Set their market value so we don't overpay. 2. Let's us know they truly want to be a Colt IF THEY give us a chance to match. 3. If they sign elsewhere for a decent contract then we stand to earn comp picks in 2022. Rivers - He'll likely Retire Brissett - He wants to be
  6. Did this on a mock draft simulator today. I'd be happy to come away with two potential LT's, two edge rushers and some complimentary depth pieces....... 21 Round: 1 Rashawn Slater OT | Northwestern 54 Round: 2 Quincy Roche EDGE | Miami (FL) 85 Round: 3 Teven Jenkins OT | Oklahoma State 118 Round: 4 Victor Dimukeje EDGE | Duke 149 Round: 5 Amari Rodgers WR | Clemson 182 Round: 6 Haskell Garrett DL | Ohio State 213 Roun
  7. Danny Pinter to Left Guard, Big Q to left tackle for now......on paper. Then Draft he best developmental OT and OG we can to take over at either spot in 2022. Or sign a proven stud OG in free agency to put at LG while Big Q slides out to LT. Joe Thuney comes to mind......
  8. Class move by Ballard as I bet GB reached out to him about wanting Veldheer.....
  9. Personally, I hope Ballard allows all of our UFA's to test the market first and set the price. If it's too steep then let them sign elsewhere and start collecting those comp picks in the draft!
  10. The OP said this was fantasy.......so that's what I did. A long-term QB, and X and a Z receiver to add to Pittman, Pascal, Patmon and Campbell.... And Houstons long-term replacement who sets a strong edge versus the rin and can get after the passer!
  11. I believe Quartney Davis has a chance to grow into a Pascal type contributor as well. Fountain, God bless him, not being listed likely means he's been replaced or he's checking other options......especially with the Dulin extension and the Davis signing.
  12. Yes but Teamer was an absolute stud in those games.....he sat out this year for a drug suspension. 40 tackles, 1 INT and 1 Sack and 2 pass breskups. He is roughly the same size as Blackmon and also played 4 years of corner in college. This is a sneaky good signing as he play SS in the Chargers games. Good backup to Willis and special teamer more than likely! No pun intended!
  13. Since Big Q will be converted back to LT then there is no value in holding onto 21 (since there will be no franchise QB available) and Ballard trades back for 2 additional picks this year and a 2022 pick.
  14. My offseason plan: Rivers retires TY signs elsewhere, we get comp pick Mack signs elsewhere, we get comp pick Brissett signs elsewhere, we get comp pick Castonzo retires Burton signs elsewhere Re-sign Pascal Autry signs elsewhere, we get comp pick Houston signs elsewhere, we get comp pick4 Walker signs elsewhere, we get comp pick Hooker signs elsewhere, we get comp pick Rhodes signs elsewhere, we get comp pick Re-sign Muhammad Re-sign Odum Re-sign Stallworth Free Agency: Sig
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