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  1. His sacks last year came from the defensive end position. It appears to me that he holds up better versus the run as an end versus an undertackle by either blowing past the RB in the backfield or getting pushed out of the play. Last year they put him there in place of Turay when he was injured/ineffective. Perhaps they will come to that collective thought process again?
  2. Much like they've done with Ben Banogu (given up on the SAM Spot) I wish the coaching staff would simply put Lewis in Sheards spot at defensive end and let him play there on 1st and 2nd downs and slide him inside on passing downs (as needed). Our best starting lineup would be IMHO: Houston - Turay - Phillips Autry - Ward Hunt - Stewart Lewis - Muhammad - Banogu When Sheard returns then slide him back in and alter the rotation a bit. @krunk You with me on this? Thoughts?
  3. I remember a lot of draft buzz about him and the Colts. We ran out of draft picks or he likely could have been drafted with a 6th or 7th in 2017. His RAS is the highest amongst all our safety's (though Hooker would likely had been higher) and his 4.49 40 and 39" vertical proves the tape was correct as far as explosive play.
  4. I love Marquis Young. Uber productive, also returns kicks. This guy will end up on the practice squad for sure!
  5. Brissett stays the entire year as the number 2. Walker goes to the PS after cut down day. Kelly serves his 2 game suspension. Kelly takes Walker's spot on the PS. Kelly finishes the year and goes into the offseason as the number 2. Ballard and company draft a mid to late round QB to be the number 3. Kelly starts next season as our number 2. This is all predicated on Kelly staying out of trouble off the field, of course.
  6. I feel better about keeping him now since Fountain is gone for the year. I love Doyle but if Hentges sticks and provides the same capabilities then Doyle will likely be playing somewhere else next season. Basic economics and roster management.
  7. I'm curious if someone can explain to me why they called the PI on Rock when the ball had already been tipped away by Hooker? Also, I thought Tell had great coverage, used his body to shield, had his head turned and swatted the ball away cleanly? If I were the staff I wouldn't even be upset about those two penalties. Thoughts?
  8. How is that pass interference when the safety undercut the route and knocked the ball away? Total nonsense....
  9. How about this CRAZY roster configuration thought...... TY Funchess Campbell Cain Fountain And.... Dulin as the KR/PR
  10. What a great "problem" to have right now, trading from a position of strength to hopefully fill a position of need!??! 2017 at the end of camp Ballard traded Dorsett for Brissett - we had decent depth in TY, Moncrief, Aiken and Rogers and got the better of the deal IMHO 2018 at the end of camp Ballard traded Daniels for Johnson - we had great depth at TE and got a decent WR in return IMHO Brings us to 2019..... Positions of "need" perhaps? Another NT type big body? Another OLineman? Another RB? Conditional draft picks? Who "could" be traded? Kindred? Farley? Hairston? Collins? Ward? Phillips? Fountain? Pascal? Rogers? Johnson? Hogan? Clark? Haeg?
  11. Leonard, Walker, Okereke and Speed are likely the long term future of the Linebacking corps. I the meantime Adams and Franklin will be special teams aces with Okereke and Speed this year.
  12. Had high hopes, but, if the rest of the guys are out playing him then so be it. He could be a trade candidate, thoughwith his history I'm not sure any team would pony up a draft pick or even a player?
  13. Receiving trade calls for our depth, at any position is a welcome change! If we have to cut a Fountain or a Collins, for example, it would be nice to fill a different position of need, or a conditional draft pick!
  14. http://twitter.com/IndySportsOne/status/1161038340180889601
  15. Tell had another good day today in practice (per reports) and I like the value he brings to the team: Converting to Corner Could still play either FS/SS Can play the Dime Backer spot ala Geathers ST Gunner Same can be said about Hairston: Can play Nickel Can play outside Is a ST gunner Milton is a one trick pony and by all indications Collins has had a mixed bag of success and failure in camp At this rate I think Milton and Collins are the two on the outside looking in.
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