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  1. He went to the team with a former Notre Dame coach that he built a great relationship with and is sliding right into a starting role. That plays a huge factor. Do you honestly think they would just drop him in at WLB or MIKE day 1? He likely would be the SAM for us that doesn't play as many snaps. Is he better than Okereke, absolutely in my mind he is. Would I prefer Leonard and Smith as starters with Okereke subbing for both as needed, heck yeah. But alas, it did not happen!
  2. This whole I'm showing faith in my team to get the 1st down or TD on 4th down is ridic......when they fail as much as they have been failing that breeds failure. TAKE THE DARN POINTS WHEN THEY ARE THERE! Been saying that since day 1 with Frank.....
  3. Please pull your head out of your * and START TAKING THE POINTS that are presented to you..........there I said it. Fight me if you want too!
  4. Are we sure about that? Pretty sure it discussed the draft and how successful he's been compared to his peers? https://www.stampedeblue.com/2021/8/25/22640593/colts-chris-ballard-voted-both-the-leagues-best-gm-and-talent-evaluator-in-survey-of-nfl-agents
  5. Wasn't he just acknowledged as the best GM in the game by other NFL Personnel and Staff.....?
  6. True statement. I did like his route running in the preseason though.......showed tremendous improvement!
  7. He spent a crap ton of time with the receivers before camp ever started. The OLine threw off any chemistry if anything. Though to your point, if he had played in the preseason behind that crappy line then he may have made quicker decisions in the game when real bullets were flying - I concede your point!
  8. Agreed....Strachan and Patmon/Campbell/Pascal on the outside and Pittman out of the slot could be scary good. Pittman would be a bully slot for sure....Strachan CAN stretch the field but he can also post you up......Campbell can simply run by everyone.......Patmon/Pascal are the precise route runners that move the sticks. I think those 5 could be a great mix of attacking all the levels of the defense (once Patmon recovers of course)!
  9. If he has a Marques Colston type of career from the 7th Round, Ballard is a genius and our passing game is in good hands. Pun intended!
  10. I know there is a lot of angst when it comes to him.....7th rounder......Division II School......enter this article written by Zach Hicks, who clearly reads the message boards as he referred to Strachan as "MegaStrachan" in the article.....lol Link to Article: https://www.si.com/nfl/colts/news/temper-expectations-for-michael-strachan-year-one Of note from the article itself if you choose not to read the entire thing: "Historical Data is Not on His Side Doing some recent historical research into wide receivers taken in the seventh round led me to this interesting article by Corey Spala of TheFantasyAuthority.com. Spala dove into the recent history of rookie wide receivers and divided up players based on their targets in their rookie season. Going back to 2011, Spala looked at the 238 receivers taken in the NFL Draft. In his chart (that is in the article linked here) he has 28 receivers taken in the seventh round over that time. Of those 28 receivers, each and every one of them had less than 49 targets in their rookie season. I dove a little deeper into those numbers to find some players who were drafted in the seventh round in that span, and I looked into their stats as rookies. Here were the most notable players that I found: Rishard Matthews (2012): 11 catches for 151 yards. Brice Butler (2013): Nine catches for 103 yards. Michael Campanaro (2014): Seven catches for 102 yards and one touchdown. Charone Peake (2016): 19 catches for 186 yards. Marcell Ateman (2018): 15 catches for 154 yards and one touchdown. Richie James (2018): Nine catches for 130 yards and one touchdown." In just one game he already has 2 catches for 26 yards and did not look lost, overmatched or overwhelmed while out there. Current pace puts him at 34 catches for 442 yards. If he hits +/- that mark in his Rookie year I would say he is a budding star in this league!
  11. How did him missing camp set us back? The oline gave up a lot of pressure and the D couldn't stop the Seahawks. I see no parallels to him missing camp that played into that loss?
  12. True, but that was fans hyping him up.............these are former players and pundits hyping him up now too! Big difference!
  13. Agreed 100%. Vaughns will likely see his way back on the roster. Measurables and projection rule the day currently
  14. Black staying over Vaughns has everything to do with measurables at this point (IMHO) - though Black did play well in the preseason too. Black is the better athlete with higher upside. Though the way Ballard churns his PS every week he better keep up the same performance levels as camp and preseason or he will get replaced as well! Tell is the same, freak athlete that was behind the curve this year after sitting out last year. There is still room for development for him at CB! Tyler Davis is another one of those rare athletes at the TE position - QB to WR to TE as he bulked up. So he gets a look to see if he can stick. He could be a good move TE, or he could be gone in two weeks as Ballard churns! LOL I guess Bolton was expendable due to Malik Jefferson's presence on the PS (another freak athlete).
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