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  1. Scott Pennock

    Potential UDFA's

    You ain't the boss of me!
  2. Potential undrafted free agents that can fight for depth spots: Kurron Ramsey - S - Alabama State - Rangy 6'3" centerfield type FS that also is a solid tackler. Would be a strong compliment to Hooker in nickel/dime. Emmanuel Butler - WR - Northern Arizona - Big bodied receiver at 6'4" and 220ish. Imjuries limited his 2017 and a few games in early 2018. Healed now and has all the traits needed at the NFL level. Albert Huggins - DT - Clemson - he was the primary backup to Lawrence and Wilkins. He more than held his own when required to start and did well to spell them. He would have started for every other FBS team. Justin Hollins - DE - Oregon - Jelks gets more exposure, but Hollins continues to progess slowly. At 6'5" and 250 he has the size, the speed off the edge and has good bend. Ryan Pope - OT - At 6'7" and 315 with 34" arms he has the size to work with. Was a RT and then switched to LT. Needs to build a better anchor for pass blocking but blocked well for the past two leading rushers in the FBS.
  3. Scott Pennock

    LBs in the draft

    A late round sleeper pick would be Ulysees Grant III out of Akron. Per Terry Bowden (his coach) he compares him favorably to Takeo Spikes (whom he also coached). Sideline-to-sideline speed and can cover tightends and running backs.
  4. Scott Pennock

    Some Random Sunday thoughts

    True statement, that is where the continued development of Mo Alie-Cox comes into play. An in-line blocking tight end that can also stretch the seams as a pass catcher 'Technically' does fall into the build from the trenches out concept..... Could Ballard throw a curveball and draft Hockenson!??!
  5. Scott Pennock

    Some Random Sunday thoughts

    In regards to the TE position - the cheaper route is Gentry (from Michigan) as Doyle's eventual replacement in the 6th and Pederson (from Texas A&M) as Ebron's replacement in the 4th.
  6. With his youth and pedigree I'd almost do a 2 year with a 3rd year team option deal with a ton of incentives built into it. That way he'll be 29 when reentering free agency.
  7. Scott Pennock

    LBs in the draft

    Mack Wilson is a great coverage middle linebacker. Outside of that, I'm sure Ballard will pick up a late rounder like Adams or Franklin.
  8. I checked him out, he looks like a young Antoine Bethea flying around the field.
  9. The more I research Ray it looks like it was the injuries that really set him back in the 2017 season. He earned starts in his rookie going into his sophomore season and when Ware retired he had a chance in 2017 to start and he got hurt. Shaq Barrett started that year and then Chubb was drafted and started last year ahead of both Barrett and Ray. This could be a REALLY good pickup IF he can return to 2013-2016 form. Even if he works as just a rotational piece and gets 5-8 sacks, it's worth it. Turay, Lewis, Muhammad, Ray, Phillips, Winbush and whatever draft pick(s) we get this year would make for great competition and a lot of youth to rotate behind Sheard and Houston.
  10. He did say that the safety class was really deep this year. I wouldn't be surprised if he drafted two safety's. 1 in the first 3 rounds and 1 with projectable skills later on.
  11. I've been clamoring for this guy all off-season as a shrewd move. 2 year incentive laden salary and make it front loaded and let him battle it out with the other young guys.
  12. He was the best de in the draft in 2015....quickest first step in the draft they said
  13. Living in Iowa he always seemed like a JAG to me when watching their games.....
  14. Scott Pennock

    The Mathis-Turay connection

    The other spin off to this is that the FO can literally see these guys putting in the work - that bodes favorably for them when it comes to cut-down day. If Muhammad is in a virtual tie with someone, but Muhammad spent the off-season at the facilities working I would think he'd get the nod.
  15. Scott Pennock

    The Mathis-Turay connection

    I love the fact that he's stayed in Indy - as have several defensive linemates..... Should show on Sundays with sound technique, better results and camaraderie! I think Muhammad and Ward have been there as well!