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  1. Jim Parker....77 85? Ken Dilger? Bradford Banta? Pierre Garcon?
  2. 18 is retired internally for Manning 19 is retired - Unitas 82 is retired - Raymond Berry 87 is retired internally for Wayne 88 is retired internally for Harrison 89 is retired - Gino Marchetti You folks are upset he's wearing number 12 but are okay with him wearing legit hall of famer numbers????
  3. Today he had a toe tsp catch called back woulda been about 15 yards. Shoulda... Another 20+ yarder was called back for the pick play against Pascal. Woulda.... He dropped a perfectly executed WR screen that woulda gone for 20 or more depending on the blocking. Coulda..... And then he caught the 11 yard first down catch.....finally. I've said it all year, move him to the slot and let him get clean releases THEN he could at least find soft spots in the zone and/or seam routes.
  4. 1. Burrow is a very good rookie QB that looks the part, plays the part and acts the part of a true #1 draft pick. 2. Add about 10 more handoffs into the mix and this is what our offense should do EVERY week. Spread the field, uptempo offense and use all assets available. 3. I love TY but he needs to to be used out of the slot at this point of his career. 4. That DeMichael Harris cat is quick and appears to be a smaller version of Hines. Made the same transition in college to RB but seems to be converted back to WR. I'd love to line him, TY, JT, Campbell, Tr
  5. Quentin went to ND as a LT and I believe the best long term option for this team is to find another interior Guard that can play and slide Q out to LT once Castonzo retires. Would be easier to find another good/great Guard than it would to draft a Tackle. Just a thought of course
  6. I usually stay away after a loss because of knee jerk reactions versus the overwhelming praise after a win. I saw 4 highly contested balls that stayed in the Browns receivers hands to extend drives. 2 excellent escapes by Mayfield to extend drives. 3 forgettable throws by Rivers. Outside of that the Colts played a solid game all around versus a potent offensive team. Any given Sunday has always been the mantra, correct? The Browns had their Sunday with those 4 catches alone...... The Colts defense was the same all game lo
  7. Clark has steadily improved over the last couple of years, that is why Ballard re-signed him and I think he will do just fine at LT! I am hoping to see E.J. Speed get more reps to show his wares as well in Leonard's absence. Your depth pieces can really surpise you at times, and quite frankly, our LB depth is pretty darn solid with Okereke, Speed, and Franklin. They are not Leonard, but then again they don't have to be either for us to win.
  8. Tell played very well for a rookie making the transition from college to the pro's ALL WHILE learning to play corner versus Safety..... You may want to go back and watch tape. He was considered by many to earn a starting gig this season at some point.
  9. Tell is the only one of the three that would have made this roster. So yes, I agree AND I loved Skai coming out of college. Often wondered why they never tried him at that Geathers position......oh well
  10. Agreed. I mean he was ODU's all time leading receiver for a reason. Not a blazer at all. But, he just gets open.....and does not drop catchable balls!
  11. A few things to echo or expand on, and some of my own thoughts: T.Y. is no longer a stretch the field WR. We need him to run out of the slot and use his savvy to find the soft spots in zone defense. That being said, we need a legit stretch the field WR. Pittman is not that type, he is a big possession receiver that will move the chains. On the current roster Fountain 'could' be that guy or maybe even Patmon (since he was taking the of off of our defense routinely in TC) against the Number 1 defense in the league currently. Otherwise, use some draft capitol on that type
  12. He's got excellent short area quickness for a larger linebacker......almost defensive back numbers in the 3 Cone (4.34) and Short (7.08) Shuttle. Could be converted into an edge rusher with those numbers plus his 32.75 inch arms at 6'4" and 250+ pounds?
  13. https://www.ninersnation.com/2020/6/19/21295832/49ers-90-in-90-udfa-lb-jonas-griffith
  14. He reminds me of a young Antoine Bethea mixed with a little Bob Sanders.....instinctive, always around the ball with fundamental, well timed hits!
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