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  1. Scott Pennock

    It’s Happening!!!

    At least 10-6 this year with a healthy Luck.
  2. Scott Pennock

    Big Grover doin Work

    This is Al Woods main competition. If Grover comes in with the pads on and performs, that could make keeping a Roches-Nunez or Hassan Ridgeway more palatable as backups....
  3. Scott Pennock

    Colts WR Deon Cain working out with NFL Legend

    Basically I don't care about his percieved attitude.....i care that Cain is getting instructions from a 2nd HOF type WR in his downtime. Whatever hand fighting, head, shoulder or hip fakes he can learn will only make US (the Colts) better!
  4. Scott Pennock

    Sam Beal Pro Day - each team represented

    I say #@$& it and go all out this year with the draft.....put a 3rd on Beal (we already have 2 2nd rounders next year) and a 4th on Adonis (we're in line for a comp pick in the 4th next year) and voila Ballard drafted young talent on every level of the defense this year to continue building the foundation with homegrown talent. Why wait when you can start checking off boxes now as Andrew works back into Pro Bowl/All Pro form....
  5. Scott Pennock

    Nelson at RT?

    It's not an impossible stretch as he went to ND as a left tackle.....but two other 1st Round draft picks played there as well so he got slotted at left guard. I do believe Braden Smith could kick out to RT though with his skill set. As strong as he is he would be able to control the strong side pass rushers fairly well. Only time will tell, but I like that combo up the middle with Kelly!
  6. Scott Pennock

    Colts WR Deon Cain working out with NFL Legend

    If I'm not mistaken....Chris Carter has come out publicly and stated that since Randy ran so many deep posts and fly patterns the team allowed him "to take plays off" as a decoy since the coverage was usually set up to double him.... That decoy allowed other options to get open and also opened up running lanes for Robert Smith. Just my two cents though...
  7. Scott Pennock

    Few Colts heading to Stanford University

    I hope Cain, Fountain and Ishmael all go too....
  8. Scott Pennock

    Interesting draft analysis from Rob Rang

    In Ballards mind I'm betting that he would like for Basham and Turay to be this generation of Colts bookend pass rushers (aka Freeney & Mathis) and Lewis to be the new Brock (capable on the edge and as the UT in pass rushing situations). Not saying that these 2 will be future HOFers and/or have a solid career like Brock - if we got 80% of thier production that would be amazing.
  9. He touches on the obvious, Nelson is a beast, Hines is lightening in a bottle and Cain was a steal.....but, sheds some light on Ballards strategy.
  10. Scott Pennock

    Kung Fu Kemoko

    Keep working those hands and learn the chop and spin move that Freeney perfected and Mathis picked up on as well young man!
  11. Scott Pennock

    Kenny Moore

    His measurables indicate the perfect slot corner. Plus as a former FS/CB at Valdosta State he is used to playing in space. His speed, and his 3-Cone drill indicates he has the hips and flexibility to change direction quickly. I believe Hairston will be on the outside as a boundary corner and Moore ends up in the slot. Desir ends up as the depth on the outside and someone like D.J. White, one of the UDFA's or a waiver wire pickup adds more depth....
  12. Scott Pennock

    Colts met with Brandon Bryant S

    @Superman I know, I was trying to point out to the other poster that we can't just throw league minimum at these guys because they want more. Eventually, the game of chicken will end and someone will cave and they'll take less instead of be out of the league.
  13. Scott Pennock

    Colts met with Brandon Bryant S

    Boston thought he would be able to cash in after the best season of his NFL career; he posted career highs in tackles (79), pass break-ups (eight) and interceptions (five) last season with the Chargers. And with Boston not turning 26 until July, the best should still be yet to come.  "Just like a few of the other guys, we’re just not hearing anything near what we want to hear or even close," Boston told co-host Ed McCaffrey and me Thursday on SiriusXM NFL Radio. "We're closer to veteran minimum than we are to the $7-, $8-, $9-million players we wanted to be two months ago or even eight months ago."
  14. Scott Pennock

    The "Slauson Effect"

    That dude is not 315 pounds.....he is easily 330 just like Nelson. That's a lot of beef coming at you with Howard at 330 as well. They are placeholders for sure, but at least they are solid veterans who have played at high levels before.
  15. Scott Pennock

    Colts met with Brandon Bryant S

    Actually he's gone on record saying he wants paid after coming off his best season. It's more than likely why he is still a free agent...