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  1. I have been beating this drum for a hot minute!!!! Blackmon and Harrison at FS and SS, respectfully. Carlies and the UDFA Young as the coverage backers. Franklin and Speed on running downs and other short yardage situations
  2. Funny…..losing Scott to the IR they sign a safety but convert him to WR……either they’re happy with who they have in house or they’re planning on signing a Vet at some point?
  3. His replacement is already on the roster so he's playing for his next contract for someone else. I would suspect we'll get a good year out of him.
  4. A couple things that took place last year and throughout the off-season that I think will pay dividends this year on the defensive side of the ball. Brents and Jones showed, in spurts, that they have the chops to play CB in this league and with a full season under their belt plus this off-season I think they will be a very solid tandem on the outside. Add in Flowers and his growth potential and a versatile rookie in Simpson I think the CB room is just fine and ready for the next step. Will they end up with more INT's and PBU's - I certainly think so. Another coverage area that I think has improved is a full season and off-season of learning the LB spot for Ronnie Harrison and then the drafting of Jaylon Carlies and the singing of the UDFA Craig Young. All are former Safety's that have or had made the transition to LB and bring coverage skills with them and LONG arms - all three have 33" arms or longer which means wingspan and shutting down passing lanes. If the coaching staff isn't married to playing Zaire (Contract) and Speed (Veteran) on passing downs, then 2-3 of those fella's could play in sub packages and clog up passing lanes. They did cut bait with Shaq last year so I would hope that they play the kids that can actually cover versus the highest paid fella. The addition of Latu, though he is just one man should also help speed up the QB's eyes and lead to more errant throws that could be picked off!??! All three of those things tied together create a perfect storm of improvement in the weakest areas of our D last year. As for Safety - I have mixed feelings about the FS spot and there are several 'what if' scenarios: Cross could have something click and then the mental game meets up with his physical ability - which I feel like he played decent down the stretch last year (last 2-3 games)? Thomas could return to his rookie form. Daniel Scott could be a pretty good option but is also technically a rookie after sitting out all last year - though mental reps and walk throughs do help from time to time. A really off the wall thought - perhaps they move Harrison back to SS and slide Blackmon to FS if the kids (Carlies & Young) prove capable as nickel and dime coverage backers? Denbow is not the answer....... Dabo will be on year three of using the International Roster Exception..... Maybe they try Ameer Speed at FS with his size and speed combination? Maybe his college teammate Kendall Brooks earns a spot? Maybe Abraham or Simpson take FS and run with it? Both played that spot in college. Maybe Abraham proves he can play the NB and they slide Moore back to FS like he played in college? Lots and lots of ifs and buts.........
  5. Thats what predictions are supposed to be! LOL
  6. Slovis will earn the 3rd QB spot - here are my reasons: Coached in HS by Kurt Warner Compares favorably to Minshew with Pocket Prescence, fearless nature and his accuracy in the short and intermediate levels - which SS has proven he can adapt the offense to and still win At USC ran a version of the Air Raid offense throwing balls to Pittman, Amon Ra St. Brown, Tyler Vaughns (former Colt - UDFA) and Drake London - good batch of receivers to throw to I would say At Pitt he operated a run-heavy pro-style system At BYU he operated a motion style system Well versed in many different styles of play and SS uses a bit of all of those concepts in his RPO Style offense Bean will earn the 4th all while transitioning to WR on the PS I think he sticks around purely based on his athleticism If he makes a successful conversion to WR then imaging him being on the gameday roster as your 4rd QB and/or a trick play machine and/or decoy
  7. We will lose one we absolutely should not lose = 0-1 We will win one we absolutely should not win = 1-1 The rest of the games we will go 9-6 Season Record: 10-7
  8. A 27-year-old Marshon Lattimore could be a good addition talent wise, however, he has played the equivalent of 1 full season over the last two years so health would be an issue in trading for him and then there is the matter of his contract with an AAV of $19,520,600 thru 2027. I doubt that CB would pay the capitol it takes to trade for him with the recent injury history and high salary. Just my opinion of course since he has repeatedly stated he likes his young DB's.
  9. If, and I mean IF Anthony Richardson can read the defense and unleash more down the field passes than Minshew did then the offense will open more than last year, and you will see players used properly (See pierce, Alex - one each) and a much more prolific offense. Woods and Mallory will add a different dimension to the TE's route running. AD will be a solid addition and Downs will find himself wider open than ever. They will all work in unison to create opportunities for each other based on a multitude/layered skill sets. This is all predicated on a healthy AR. HOWEVA.......... Joe Flacco still has the arm talent to win games with our line, JT and the offensive weapons available to him. Flacco instead of Minshew last year and we win 2-3 more games because he would have been able to hit AP on those Go Routes! Just sayin.....
  10. I don't think there will be any surprises at all. Barring injury, all 25 starters returning from last year will start game 1 this year. With one exception - if Woods is healthy, I believe Big Mo becomes a cap casualty this year to accommodate the young fella's As the year progresses there will be more change: AD over Pierce Mallory over Granson Goncalves over Fries Bortolini over Kelly (due to injury) Harrison over Cross at SS with Blackmon sliding back to FS and the combo of Carlies & Young take over as our third down and long coverage backers Latu over Ebukam and he becomes the default 3rd rush end behind Paye and Latu Other predictions for non-starters Tomi over Lewis in the DLine rotation as the year progresses Davis over Bryan and Johnson in the IDLine rotation and Dayo becomes Buck's primary backup Young over Stuard Carlies over McGrone Simpson over Baker Abraham over Lammons Speed converted to back up Safety and remains Dulin's replacement as a gunner on special teams Slovis over Ehlinger with Slovis and Bean both on the PS
  11. Did you all take notice to all the different Swiss-army knife type of guys they drafted and/or signed this year? I was writing in the RB's thread and thought this could use its own thread to discuss. Is this a radical change in philosophy by Ballard and Dodds? Is this Shane Steichen's imprinting himself on the roster? Starting with Downs last year and Gould this year as they are not a prototypical CB type of WR Is this simply a one-off because all 25 starters are under contract from last year? Is this pure dumb luck to pick up these types of players? Drafted Bortolini - Started and played at all but LT in his college career Gonclaves - Started at both LT and RT in his career Simpson - Started at both CB and FS at Auburn and played well at both Abraham - Started at FS in college and then CB while at Marshall and played well at both - reverse of Simpson (and definitely not a prototypical CB defensive back in terms of measurables but is essentially the same build as Moore without the super long arms) Carlies - Started at CB, then hybrid SS/LB and now LB for us - offers 3rd down coverage abilities UDFA Tucker - Started and played both RT/RG at Marshall Slovis - Started in three different offensive systems in college at USC/Pitt/BYU - that does help his cause IMHO - Plus at USC played with NFL caliber talent around him and was amazing Pennix - Started at RB, played HB/FB and TE lining up all over the field (for my fellow ND fans just think how they utilized Tommy Tremble - who is woefully underused in Carolina) Bean - Started at QB and did well at KU last year but now listed as a combo QB/WR because of his running abilities - interesting though as a third QB while rostered as a WR - doubt it happens but does expand the trick play ability as well as having a rostered QB without taking up the 3rd spot on the 53???? Again, one can dream but he'd have to show out to even crack the top 6 WR slots. White - Started his career in college as a RB and converted to WR - his RAC is superb Young - Started at S with OSU and then converted to LB at KU - offers 3rd down coverage abilities like Carlies Thoughts? Any other outliers I may have missed?
  12. This is an interesting topic to discuss and there are and likely will still be many opinions, so what the &%$# I'll offer my opinion as well! LOL Locks Jonathan Taylor: Clear number one and paid like a franchise back Evan Hull: Drafted by CB/SS to operate as a third down/pass catching back The case for the rest Trey Sermon: Has the build and play strength to be a durable lead back which makes him the default backup to JT as the lead back. Earned another long look as he performed well when called upon last year AND has a bit of a leg up because he was also with SS in Philly for a year. Familiarity counts sometimes. Tyler Goodson: As a change-of-pace scat back I guess he could add a different dimension to the backfield and as a return man. I wonder if he adds more value than Pennix (mentioned later). Zavier Scott: Converted WR from Maine. I am sure they see something in him to sign him and then convert him, perhaps another year on the PS will complete that transition but I don't see him supplanting Sermon or Hull UNLESS they are strictly looking for a special team's guy as a backup? Trent Pennix: This year's UDFA that was a versatile RB, HB and TE in college and for my fellow Notre Dame fans think how they used Tommy Tremble as a Swiss army knife guy offensively and that was Pennix role. Pennix is technically a better athlete than Tremble (who is absolutely being wasted on the Panthers roster) so I really like his chances over Goodson and Scott because of his versatility and previous HB/TE duties as a blocker. I big, bruiser that can run AND catch the ball out of the backfield, in the flats as an HB or down the seam as an in-line blocker offers a lot of options to a creative play-caller like SS. I like Granson but I wonder if this is potentially his replacement this year or next? They are extremely similar in size/speed measurables, and this is Granson's contract year so it makes sense if they are looking ahead even if they are listing Pennix as a RB? Ultimately, I think this decision for the third back and fourth back is dependent on what they decide at WR (Goodson at RB and Gould over Dulin for example) and TE (Cut Alie-Cox and perhaps Pennix as a FB/HB/TE combo over Granson).
  13. Any news on signings from the “invited” rookies at the mini camp?
  14. The best thing the staff did was cut Leonard. That set a clear tone that you either perform or you don't. We did have the luxury of still having two quality starting linebackers so that eased the pain of his loss. I firmly believe had we not lost Flowers to the IR and Rodgers to Suspension that Baker would have absolutely been cut. As it is Baker is likely on the outside looking in with the additions of Abraham and Simpson, Moore being the stud he is and plus the healthy return of Flowers and the uptick in in-game ability of Brents and Jones. Woods being on the IR all of last year hurt, but it allowed Mallory and Ogletree to grow. TE's have a hard transition from College to the Pro level and usually year 2-3 is when they start to really take off. We have talent there in that room and SS will creatively use it! WR's...........Downs will continue to excel and grow in the slot and will become electric. MPJ is a Reggie Wayne technician type that will move the sticks and occasionally add in a big play - a much-needed type on the outside. AP ran the most go routes of any WR last year, but Minshew could not throw him open or hit him downfield when he was, that is not on AP as he was doing as was scripted by SS. He is our vertical threat that opens up the underneath routes for the TE's, Downs and MPJ. Add in AD now as the all-around WR that can take the top off, run with it after the catch and run a full route tree at full speed and they all complement each other very well! Add in a (hopefully) healthy AR5 and that can become a dynamic group of receivers! Safety - an outside free agent isn't always the answer. And it's going to be a player on the downside of his career as a stop gap. Simmons is not coming to our rescue. He will likely go to a sure-fire contender. However, there are still a few 30+ guys that could be a good stopgap on a one-year deal. If I had my choice though, I'd go with a younger guy that may still have a few years of juice left in him like a Terrell Edmunds!
  15. I wonder if they will sign any of the rookie invites over what we currently have rostered? Combing thru the list the following intrigue me: Justin Strong - RB - strong production and a high RAS = Ballard's type. Perhaps over Goodson or Scott Will Perez - LB - Similar/Equivelent Measurables of Ballards Build-A-Backer concept (6'3"/224/32.125" Arms/4.61 40 - 8.82 RAS from Princeton so probably really smart too) over an Anderson or Ajiake
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