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  1. Jason Peters was undrafted out of Arkansas - he turned out pretty good. Exception to the policy of course. I'm a bit bummed by the Teamer release, though the drafting of Shawn Davis more or less took his best position. He was uber productive as a rookie though for the Chargers.....
  2. 4th round picks always have weird language to work thru in their rookie contracts. Pretty sure they are usually last to sign!??!
  3. He may have tested at 4.69 or even 4.62 but his game speed is MUCH faster. He has great hands and runs pretty crisp routes - did see a few he rounded off at the too but otherwise I like him. He makes Dulins route running look atrocious, that's for sure!
  4. And just like clockwork.......OL Sam Jones was cut to get the roster to 90!
  5. Only two options being Deon Jackson at RB or Tyler Vaughns at WR and probably ONLY if there is an injury or a trade!
  6. I agree that at the end Polian was just trying to outhink the field and led to some crappy draft choices, however, in 1998 he took Peyton instead of Leaf and then in 1999 he took James instead of Williams - two of the best choices ever considering what everyone was saying at the time. As far as Ballard is concerned, his building through the draft with shrewd free agent signings has proven to be successful. Imagine if Luck had not unexpectantly retired you would be singing a VERY different tune my friend. His roster building coupled with Lucks talent would mean we'd be playing in, o
  7. With Butler being waived and the signing of Antwaun Woods, Eric Fisher, and the two draft picks we have 91. So before those are all done one more fella will be cut.......
  8. Granted, I wanted Tommy Tremble from ND - but Kylen Granson and his Dallas Clarkesque abilities after the catch appeal to me!
  9. I left that part out, but yes that is 100% accurate. I don't wish him ill will but they will regret their decision to push Wentz out and give Hurts they keys......
  10. Ertz would be nice as would Julio.....just don't think they are likely to happen anymore and Julio was never going to happen as that is just the press stirring the pot. We already brought and aging TY back on a 1-Year deal that will likely stunt the growth of the young guys they drafted for Veteran leadership in the WR Room. We shall see, stranger things have happened.....like Paye dropping to us at 21!!!!!!
  11. I think the National Media is scared, scared to admit that Philly just ran a Franchise QB out of town all while firing the head coach that "supposedly" didn't even speak with his QB for the majority of the season! Seems like the disconnect starts at the top to me.....but this article is straight hot garbage! Funny thing is Donovan McNabb was a fairly successful QB in Philly and they booed him starting on draft day thru the end of his career! LOL "Though head coach Frank Reich is confident he and staff can get Wentz back to form, USA TODAY’s Mike Jones is less bullish on the situat
  12. Not gonna happen unless they take Wilkins back in a trade (instead of draft picks) and pay half of Julio's salary the next 3 years......
  13. We still have Noah Togiai, who we stole from the Eagles last year and gave him the Patmon treatment so as not to lose him....he is a move TE. We still have the physical freak in Jordan Thomas. And we have the Chargers hard knocks star TE Andrew Vollert all on the roster. Granted, Ertz is a pro bowler but the cupboards aren't bare here in Indy.
  14. I didn't see the other two posters correct you either, sorry for the triple tap! Lol
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