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  1. Scott Pennock

    Evolution of Frank Reich’s offense

    Excellent read and exactly what I imagined from Reich when he was hired!
  2. Scott Pennock

    Next Man Up

    The title started with "Next man up" and then the body stsrts with "Is Ahmad Thomas....." It's not perfect English Composition I know....
  3. Scott Pennock

    Next Man Up

    Is Ahmad Thomas, former hybrid SS at Oklahoma who has been converted to LB (ala Cato June). Guess Jalen Collins will have to wait another week.....or full off-season!? Cool anecdote on Thomas - he and Carroll Phillips were H.S. teammates in Miami and won 2 state titles together!
  4. Scott Pennock

    Unsung heros on the defense

    I was just going to say the guys in the trenches.....the coaches do a good job of rotating the young guys like Lewis, Muhammed, Turay, Ward & Phillips (before IR), Ridgeway and Stewart in to play to their strengths of setting the edge or pushing the pocket. Those guys are the unsung heroes of our Top 10 rated defense....outside of the obvious Hunt, Sheard, Woods and Autry - all of whom were EXCELLENT free agent signings by CB!!!! I know we gave up on Basham, but CB did a great job of identifying Muhammad and Phillips as good in season pickups!
  5. Scott Pennock

    My Two Favorite Post-Draft Quotes from the "Experts"

    I was more or less giving you the
  6. Scott Pennock

    My Two Favorite Post-Draft Quotes from the "Experts"

    That is very much far back as January there were posters with Turay in their mock drafts to the Colts..... Which puts the second part of your statement in the very same ballpark as the quoted and paraphrased gentleman the OP listed.
  7. Scott Pennock

    Colts have the #1 defense in NFL since week 7

    If I'm not mistaken, the general consensus was that we'd be around a .500 team and most of us wanted to see the young guys play better as the season wore on. It appears that we are right on track for the 2019 breakout year!
  8. Scott Pennock


    Agreed, between him, Farley and XYZ competition - they will be solid. Unless the sights are setbon Landon Collins, then sign him and move on.
  9. Scott Pennock

    Matthew Adams Is Earning His Spot

    I wish he'd change his darn number to something more He looks like one of those Triple A guys that a MLB team brings up and he's wearing number
  10. Scott Pennock


    Geathers, at 26 years old will be re-signed by Ballard as long as he isn't looking to break the bank. With him dropping down to play that hybrid role alongside Leonard, they are tough to get by. Plus that keeps Hooker playing CF, which he's unceremoniously done his job this year.
  11. Scott Pennock

    Braden Smith

    Braden Smith is learning RT on the fly, in the NFL, in one of the best divisions of great edge rushers and more than holding his own...... He is like Ryan Diem - minus the false starts!
  12. Scott Pennock

    Denico Autry

    He's essentially made Hassan Ridgeway a healthy scratch almost all year.... And I like
  13. Scott Pennock

    Eberfluss (sp?) May actually be building the monster

    Between Eberflus making his shopping list and Ballard et al stocking the cupboards....... I like the meal that Eberflus is serving!!!! I'm hungry!
  14. Scott Pennock

    Kenny Moore

    Not too mention the touchdown saving, open field tackle on a tight end where he legit stoned him!
  15. Scott Pennock

    Colts Defense now ranked 11th in NFL.

    We had one..... Until the zebras did some home cooking and gave Hooker the Personal Foul But yes, it is the first.....