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  1. Scott Pennock

    Outlook of our 2019 Offseason

    I have one nerve and one feeling......neither are sensative! Lol
  2. Scott Pennock

    Outlook of our 2019 Offseason

    This thread will cost us a loss? Really? Not the one bashing on the Chiefs or the one giving 101 reasons why we should win? Grow up folks. Yes this is the prime time for this type of thread BECAUSE free agents are just as interested as we are of the proceedings!
  3. Scott Pennock

    Grover Stewart

    Prior to Woods going down, Grover was already seeing more snaps than he was... I'd say he's at least a rotational piece next year.
  4. Scott Pennock

    Outlook of our 2019 Offseason

    I know we're knee deep in the playoffs right now, but, this probably the prime opportunity for this convo! Just as we fans are watching this team grow up all season, soon to be free agents (both in 19 and 20) are watching too! Don't think for one second if they get a call from West 56th Street they won't be intrigued with the opportunity to join this squad either as the missing piece or a sustaining piece. Regardless of the outcome this weekend, this season has been a blast and this coming draft and free agency will be fun to see what Ballard/Dodds/Hogan have up thier sleeve(s)! I think the "core" is in place, the locker room has it's leaders and they can afford (financially as well) to be picky who they choose to add. I will make a few predictions of course.....of our own unrestricted free agents I think they re-sign: Inman Glowinski Rogers Geathers Desir Hunt As far as the draft and Free Agency, I look forward to sitting back and seeing what happens!
  5. Scott Pennock

    If we were to lose Eberflus....

    If we lose him this off-season, our defense will take a step backwards next year regardless of natural talent progression, free agents or draft picks. We need 3 years of stability to cement this style and commitment to excellence....
  6. Scott Pennock

    Texans TD

    The league office will issue a letter apologizing for the blown call this week....
  7. Scott Pennock


    Yet another rookie gem of Ballard and company. Highest FG Made % in rookie history and all 12 points in this boring JV game between the Chargers and Ravens.
  8. Scott Pennock

    Wild locker room

    Autry was in tears....but it looked like he said something to a teammate and that teammate said something like ohhhh %..... I wonder if something awful happened in his personal life?
  9. Scott Pennock

    Just Can't Get Enough Of Watching This O-Line

    Because he had back to back bad snaps as a center..... I assure you I was not one of them!
  10. Scott Pennock

    Just Can't Get Enough Of Watching This O-Line

    He lives up to his draft reports with us. Perfect fit on the opposite side of our other mauler....bookended by two athletic tackles and captained by Kelly! It's a great line!
  11. Scott Pennock

    Collins Releasd

    I'm not, however, with them in the fold we have talent (which he has proven in the past and by his work in practice this year) already, so if/when they add a FA or a draft pick to the mix they'll be that much better!
  12. Scott Pennock

    Collins Releasd

    I still say between him at 6'1 and 203, Wilson at 6'1 and 213 and a (hopefully re-signed) Desir at 6'1 and 198 manning the boundary corners and Moore II and Hairston manning the slot we are in a good spot with the opportunity to sign another young, quality corner (Darby perhaps) and/or draft one for the 2019 season. All of them are improving within the system and are willing tacklers already...
  13. Scott Pennock

    Difference between Dungy's and Eberflus's Cover 2

    The biggest differences are the following: Ballard believes in bigger DT's and UT's than the Polian led teams. See the Bears Cover 2 rosters for proof of that! Freeney and Mathis were not impactful against the run UNLESS they were keyed on it. Otherwise they flew up the field leaving a gap between the guards and tackles for opposing teams to run through with ease. Eberflus calls stunts and teaches different gap penetration techniques to create mismatches, confusion and a free runner to break up the play in the backfield. Lastly, he throws in timely blitzes to go along with switching in and out of zone/man defenses. Foster as I recall was 268 and Dawson was 254 pounds, respectfully. Can you imagine those lightweights lining up across from Nelson? Autry (and Lewis) reminds me of Brock in the sense that at 270+ he moves quickly enough and hand fights well enough to get penetration before being blown off the ball in the run game.
  14. Scott Pennock

    Let's Make Some Predictions!

    I hate to toot my own horn, but, outside of Simon being the lineman traded/released and Mewhort to Retired/Reserve instead of the PUP this is spot on INCLUDING the 10-6 record!
  15. Scott Pennock

    Jalen Collins promoted to active roster,

    This is where we see if Wilson and Collins can put a clamp on the boundary corner spots and allow Mighty Mouse (Moore II) to play the slot..... Though I still hope they re-sign Desir and draft a CB for depth!