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  1. Goes to show how much of a crap shoot the draft really is......AND.......character means A LOT more than many GM's think!
  2. Well you're certainly entitled to your opinion, however, Dungy himself has stated he brought that defense from the 1975 or 1976 playbook.....
  3. Frank Reich will gameplan against a defense, that much I'm sure of. Eberflus certainly has some "tools" now to generate game specific plans now.
  4. Chuck Noll and Bud Carson created the Tampa 2 - otherwise known as the "Steel Curtain" in the 70's. Not taking anything away from Dungy though....
  5. Considering the coaching staff have already been using cut-ups of him and his playmaking ability I think he's got as good a chance as anyone. Special teams is what will make the difference on who makes the squad or not. Pretty much the same as the corners....
  6. I believe Wilkins will beat out Ware and force to FO's hand to choose between Ware and a 4th TE or 6th WR.
  7. I would say WR and CB would my two areas of interest. I too, will be there on the 3rd and 4th of August and will be watching those two position groups closely!
  8. He shows on tape good game speed He tested fast at 4.39 He returns punts and kicks He has Ballards measurements Pascal returns kicks Good size Mediocre speed Rogers returns punts Plays small at times Doesn't play to timed speed Dulin has every opportunity in the world IF he plays ball and shows continued growth. Let's not forget that most of his competition will be other former college free agents as well - the lone exception being Fountain.
  9. During the Polian era we never had a decent backup due to 1. Too much money invested elsewhere, and II. Peyton didn't miss any games - until well, he did. Lol Also during the Polian era our PS was straight up a JV Team at best. Grigson had Hasselbeck, so he at least got one thing right. Ballard and company seem to believe that having a backup that could actually operate an NFL offense is a worthwhile investment. Brissett and Kelly (provided he sticks) are good examples. Ballard's practice squads have actually had players play AND contribute to both the Colts and other teams as well. HUGE upgrade there between the different era's.
  10. Who writes these articles? As usual they are only partially accurate! Polian Era - Castonzo, Vinatieri Grigson Era - Clark, Haeg, Kelly, Farley, Geathers, Rhodes, Doyle, Milton and Hilton Ballard - 29 draft picks the past 3 drafts, 27 still with the team. Banner is with Pittsburgh and Basham is with the Jets. Still impressive how he's churned this roster over from a * poor oline and terrible 3-4 defense into an elite oline and an up and coming 4-3 defense.
  11. Versatility is great to have on defense when used properly. Far too often coaches get too cute with it though and gameplan around that versatility. Much easier to play matchups in baseball than football, in my opinion of course. But I digress. Having a Quincy Wilson and Marvell Tell at corner that can coverdown at safety - while still having Desir, Moore, Rock, Hairston and/or Collins to play corner is an awesome luxury to have. Having a Banogu, Green, Turay and Nicholas with experience standing up and playing in space is a luxury. Having Lewis, Hunt and Autry capable of sliding in and out on the defensive line is a luxury. In our defense I honestly don't see many opportunities to gameplan too many wrinkles other than switching in and out of zone and man. If we line up with a rusher at SAM then the offense will be on alert to that switch.... Instead we use that versatility to create mismatches on passing downs by sliding Sheard and Houston inside with Turay and Banogu coming off the edge.... Or we slide Hunt and Autry outside with Grover Stewart and perhaps Reid inside on 3rd and short.... Versatility is also good for in game adjustments or injuries.
  12. Last year is over and though they can confidently go into this year with that knowledge, we also play a different breed of QB this year that WILL challenge our entire defense.
  13. Darn it.....now I'm hungry...
  14. Walker slimmed back down to his Junior year weight and both Quincy and Grover put in some work reshaping their bodies it looks like. I like it!
  15. Love this pick and his drive! Would love to get about 6-8 sacks out of him as a rookie!
  16. I think the missing element about this FO and bringing in a potential locker room cancer is much simpler than Collins or Kelly. The bad apples that they are worried about are high dollar, prima donna free agents who won't work as hard as the young guys and won't buy into the team concept. Collins and Kelly are easy - if they slip up in the least they cut them and move on. Not so easily done with a well paid free agent.
  17. The thing is, you're watching Okereke play at Stanford and our FO was busy looking as his skillset and how it fits playing for the Colts. Huge difference. Draft position doesn't matter once you're in the complex, however, Okereke was a 3rd Round pick and Walker was a 5th - so at least on draft day there was more urgency to get Okereke. Walker assimilated himself well last year, however, he was drafted to be the run stopping ILB in a 3-4. Can Okereke leapfrog himself into the starting lineup at the MIKE - absolutely he can. Anthony Walker is gonna make him earn it though so if he does, just tip your cap and be happy that we're now 2 deep at that spot.
  18. Collins was the first "problem child" that the Front Office brought in. He kept his nose to the grindstone and earned a call up at the end of the season. Kept his nose clean all off-season and pre-season so far. I, for one, would love to see the former 2nd rounder make the squad and return to his former skill level. We'll see how the second iteration goes with Chad Kelly this season.
  19. Good to know. Thanks for doing the research on that front!
  20. The only injury I recall of Kindreds was his broken collarbone that he played his entire senior year at TCU with.....? In the pro's not so much. Not to be argumentative, however, Geathers was signed the day before Houston as the next to last free agent we signed. For the record though, Kindred was signed off of waivers about 13 days after Geathers and Houston were signed. Still getting to the point where availability starts to count when other talented options are available. I like Geathers, don't get me wrong, jist think he's on a short leash.
  21. It would not surprise me at all if both Geathers and Farley were traded/released. If they feel Odum and Kindred/Willis can provide the same production without the injuries or salary (and be a part of the long term core), they may try to trade them to a good home ala Simon and Hankins.
  22. I assumed it would be and just randomly clicked on sections! So I've got two days locked up now to come see with my own eyes!
  23. I'm trying to get tickets but I don't know G2, G3, G4 or G5 from Adam - as far as seating is concerned. Anyone been there and have advice for me?
  24. I'm sure by the end of the season Mack will have him eating those words.
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