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  1. Post Opting Out Depth Chart FS - Hooker and Odum SS - Willis and Rutledge and Wilson CB - Ya Sin and Carrie CB - Rhodes and Porter Nickel - Moore and Rodgers
  2. Not unexpected in light of Tell and Milligan opting out with Tavon.......he could fill Geathers role, but maybe with better ball skills. Stallworth is your typical NT type run stopping tackle. It seems we have a lot of undersized tackles behind Buckner. Autry and Lewis whom I hope they move back to end. Windsor and Day are both a little light in the britches too at 290 lbs, but they did sign two bigger bodies in the UDFA after the draft - though they will likely be practice squad bound..... Wouldn't be surprised to see Stallworth end up behind Grover to help with the run.
  3. Dodds has stated (I can't remember where) that he prefers his position as the number 2 man and has already turned down interview opportunities in the past.
  4. I didn't read it as snarky, I read it as a comparison in draft position. Nothing more.
  5. Bobby Wagner pick number 47 LaVante David pick number 58 Eric Kendricks pick number 45 Maniac pick number 36 I know what you were thinking, but the Maniac was drafted before all of them - and our GM was roasted for it by the media.
  6. He had a broken hand/wrist so he couldn't perform physically at the combine AND the off the field stuff sealed the deal for him not going if I recall correctly?
  7. Ummmm.....that was Curtis Painter
  8. I still like the prospect of Ya Sin and Tell on the outside (2021 with more seasoning) with Rhodes converted to Safety (ala Ronnie Lott, Rod Woodson or Charles Woodson did back in the day) and Kenny Moore in the slot! I could get behind that kind of secondary......
  9. In previous years I liked his chances, however, with the abilities that those above him have: T.Y. (returner) Campbell (returner) Pascal (returner & gunner) Pittman (gunner) ----------------------------------------- Dulin (returner & gunner) Patmon (gunner) Johnson (returner) Fountain Fountain has his work cut out. Personally I think Dulin offers the same size/speed/athleticism as Fountain and has actually played real NFL snaps.
  10. He's a rehabbing free agent. He's likely to sign a one day contract and retire. We have two very capable replacements on the roster currently.
  11. GA was a run first, pro style offense and WA was air raid style.....with a 2 year absence in between. I think he'd perform well in Reich's offense.
  12. Go watch his Freshman year highlights at Georgia....you see him processing faster and more mobility.
  13. Hot Rod Carter O'Donnell Donald Rutledge Kameron Cline Kendall Coleman In that order....
  14. I feel like we just drafted our next iteration of "Triplets".... Honestly, Eason was drafted appropriately.....1st Round arm talent....4th Round pick because its based on 'projection' and 'potential'. If we are honest with ourselves and understand that he was the number 1 Pro Style QB coming out of HS in 2016, had a solid Freshman year at Georgia (in a Pro Style offense), got Wally Pipp'd and essentially didn't play for 2 full seasons while injured and in the transfer protocol - one could see why his mechanics and progressions weren't as consistent as they were his Freshman year. He should have stayed one more year, however, if he did I don't think we could have drafted a better QB next year either - let alone have a shot at him. He will Redshirt here for at least one year, maybe 2 at tops and then put up a very solid career for us. Rivers is a good role model to learn from AND he sat for 2 years behind Drew Brees......so he can teach and relate to him! Michael Pittman is a polished receiver with a positive attitude, works hard on his craft and will put in the work to get better. He is a hands catcher, high points the ball and has good RAC abilities - those talents are God given. He needs refinement on his breaks and route running, but that is something that can be taught. Jonathan Taylor, what needs to be said? Bellcow RB who runs thru or around would be tacklers, blocks well, catches well, durable. Would likely be the exception to the one and done contract for Ballard's RB's. Add in Patmon (who I think we stole in the 6th Round), TY, Pascal and Campbell and I think we've got our top 5 set for the next several years. Blackmon is kind of a wild card to me......he used to play corner but now plays safety. Hooker, if allowed to play true CF I think would be a game changer - PFF thinks he is already even though the Colts and a lot of fans don't. So do they keep the younger version (Malik is still only 24 I believe) and don't re-sign Hooker. That leaves us with Blackmon and Willis as starters with Odum as the only known commodity as a back-up.....retaining Hooker WITH Blackmon (and Willis and Odum) would allow the coaching staff to use him as the chess piece they think he is. Just my $0.02....
  15. Interesting takeaway from listening..... Turay likens himself to be more like Mathis (in athleticism and bend) whereas Mathis sees Chandler Jones. I don't really care about those comps as I see Turay as a rising star whomever he is compared to. However, the Turay comparison of Banogu to Houston has me intrigued quite a bit!!!!! Now that it has been mentioned, I kinda see it in some of his play from last year - before he hit the rookie wall.
  16. Well it will be Eason and Kelly in 2021 so yeah he's going to continue to build him up.
  17. 1. Kicker between two young studs - one with 1 year of pro experience in McGlaughlan versus Blankenship. 2. Wide Receiver between Fountain, Patmon, Johnson, and Dulin for the 5th (and 6th spot if they keep a 6th). 3. Strong Safety between Donald Rutledge, Rolan Milligan and Julian Blackmon (mid season). 4. Left Defensive End between Autry and Lewis. 5. Backup Linebacker/Special Teams between Glasgow, Adams, Franklin and Speed. 6. With Nix aboard I believe they have a decision to make between a 4th TE or a 4th RB - if we go TE I like the UDFA Farrod Green and of course Wilkins at RB. 7. Backup oline - Clark, Donnal and that Canadian UDFA Carter O'Donnell at Tackle and Patterson, Pinter and Eldrenkamp (SP?).
  18. Grapefruits don't leave bruises externally, soap does. That's why it's effective......lol
  19. We do have a unique advantage..... Our stud FA QB already knows the system... Our new move TE already knows the system... RB's have the shortest learning curve of any position so our stud RB won't have any issues integrating... Our stud WR can already run a full route tree and his jump ball/deep ball skills are already on point... Campbell is bound to be healthy and he knows the playbook.... So offensively with or without TC/Preseason our offense should come out firing. That is a slight advantage we may have
  20. Why even jynx us like this....? If this happens I will track you down and beat you with socks stuffed with grapefruits...... *mild use of sarcasm in the above statement.
  21. Taylor. Forgot about him.
  22. Blue card means height/weight/speed/character/grit/football IQ........In my humble opinion. Which means there are not a lot of blue cards on the draft board on a yearly basis. Nelson? Ya Sin? Pittman? Leonard?
  23. I'm a fan of these new team and player friendly rules! Can keep a younger vet around to help lead the taxi squad....including an extra QB. Or a couple more rookies or first year players to develop.
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