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  1. I have enjoyed his aggressive nature on 4th downs, however, as a coach I would take the points every time unless it was going to be the last play of the game of course!
  2. Gay won the Lou Groza award in college as well..... Sidenote: Why are we working out long snappers? Is this s covid precaution or is Rhodes hurt?
  3. ALWAYS TAKE THE POINTS! That is a chip shot for 3 more points......
  4. Or they liked Campbell's interviews, background and measurables better?
  5. I'm assuming that was supposed to be sarcasm, but, those requirements would be a little unrealistic!
  6. Yes, he was the exception he/they made. Big slot who can run, heck yeah!
  7. Yessir! I love the depth built into this team and any given week a new star can get a gameball!
  8. I agree we have a great mix, to include the other intangibles of Pascal being a dynamite blocker and Pittman's post-up abilities! I still like Dulin in he reminds me of Garcon who used to bully DB's.....
  9. I understand.....I was a 5'10" wide receiver and route running, hands and toughness were the requirements to play successfully at that height. My OP was more about what Ballard has stated (in the past) about searching for the prototypical height / weight / speed requirements first, then digs into the intangibles next, in fact, he said he likely would not have drafted Hilton because of his stature. Is he right? Is he wrong? More times than not the scientific data that they are using has worked for him at Chicago, Kansas City and now here. I have nothing against those sub
  10. I am excited to see Hines fulfill his returner abilities at the NFL level. The two TD's and the 60 yarder were no flukes last year, he is capable of that every time a kicker out kicks his coverage with his 4.38 speed! Isaiah Rodgers is seemingly capable of doing the same thing, just a little faster with his 4.28 speed! Plus if you want a bigger body you throw Dulin in there at 6'1" & 215 with his 4.39 speed!
  11. 20 guys and several of them are 6'0" tall......over the entire history of the NFL........so I still disagree with them, and you........just sayin.
  12. Historically small receivers don't last and we were blessed with Harrison and with T.Y.
  13. Funny that Ballard got both Franklin and Adams as 7th rounders and Odum as a UDFA that year - they have earned their horseshoes thats for damn sure. Odum has played more base defense every year too, he could be a starter in this league for us or if he left - IMO!
  14. Is finally starting to take shape. The outlier in the group is T.Y. Hilton, which he obviously inherited, however, all of his draft picks and typical FA/UDFA signings have all been 6'+ and around 200+. Pittman 6'4" and 223 Patmon 6'4" and 224 Pascal. 6'2" and 219 Dulin. 6'1" and 215 Campbell 6'0" and 208 Fountain 6'2" and 210 Hiltons replacement will likely be a size/speed freak as well. I like where this is headed, including grooming the big armed 6'6" QB that can hit these big guys all over the yard.
  15. Banogu - Will make major strides. He hit a wall last year but will be better equipped this year! I feel like he is a combo of Muhammad (strong at point & hustle) and Turay (good bend & pursuit off the edge) and will be our starting DE going into 2021. Campbell - Too obvious of a choice, but if they leave him in the slot with Rivers quick decision-making skills he will have a huge year. Dulin - He has an excellent chance to grow as a receiver this year and I see another Garcon in him - raw, but strong and athletic af. Willis - He'll jump a notch again, bu he already ascen
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