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  1. In past years this would be the type of talent Ballard would likely attempt to acquire on the cheap and add depth. https://nfltraderumors.co/cowboys-waive-former-first-round-de-taco-charlton/ With the depth in the defensive end position group I doubt we'd even bat an eye at him as I don't believe he is better than what we have! Thoughts?
  2. Glad to see that the NFL acknowledged the two "procedure" calls against Brissett. Should help alleviate some peoples worries about his mental capacities......lol
  3. Not necessarily. When we play passing teams Geathers comes down and plays that hybrid linebacker role while Willis will be playing in the two-deep alongside Hooker. It will be interesting to watch the snap count numbers though. Sidenote: last year Hunt was the starting DT and Woods the backup. Stewart was 3rd on the depth chart but as the season wore on Stewart took a lions share of Woods reps. TN is known to run but Stewart had more reps than Hunt, also something to watch as the year rolls on.
  4. Khari will likely play the traditional SS role while Geathers plays the "Rover" position as a LB on passing downs. That seems to be part of the rotation now. Tbey seem to be splitting reps on ST's too. Khari was drafted to add depth and develop into a starting caliber player for sure. He's just forcing the coaching staffs hand quicker than many thought. Mike Brown (former pro bowler forcthe bears) was his comp and I see it. He just seems to be a heady ballplayer that instinctively puts himself in the right position.
  5. As far as the running game is concerned, I have no doubt we can finish in the top 10 and perhaps top 5 at this point.
  6. Mack, Hines and Wilkins all complement each other and I hope they drop Williams soon and bring another olineman or a combo KR/PR/RBorWR. There just is simply not enough snaps for all 4 runningbacks....
  7. They are big and they are brass. That's all I got to say about that.....
  8. This looks like the beginning of last season when virtually everyone questioned whether Andrew had anything left in the tank, and then as the season broke into the second quarter (games 4-8) the playbook seemed to expand as did the downfield throws. Brissetts arm is too good to simply be a "game manager" as some have said in this thread.... In regards to today, the Titans defense is loaded and have two lockdown corners (Ryan and Butler) and a ballhawking safety (Byard) that are tough to maneuver around. If you want to say Brissett looked indecisive that's fine, go back and watch how many times receivers beat the man across from them.......I'll wait..... The INT he threw was at the spot it was supposed to be......Logan Ryan dove and made a great play - hats off to him. The fumble, well that's on Brissett with the hard pump fake. Realistically though, he is still greater at protecting the ball at tjis juncture of his career than Andrew ever was.......let that sink in for a second. How about the 3-4 times he shrugged off would be sacks and danced his way to first downs absorbing some big hits. There was a lot to like in this game to build onto week 1's loss. He showed poise, he took what the defense gave him, he's got 5 TD's to 1 INT's and showed that driving the field in the 4th quarter for the tie and/or win is not TOO BIG for him. The chunk plays will come my friends.....they will come!
  9. Exactly. The linebacker was to plug the gap and the db was to maintain outside leverage. Instead they both saught outside leverage..... I know when I played OLB in our my two responsibilities were to cover the TE in the passing game and maintain his outside shoulder on running plays, shed and tackle from there if I could. It was simple....lol
  10. I saw on at least two of the 20+ yard runs off of right tackle where both the DB AND the LB took the outside shoulder of the blocker and the RB simply cut underneath after both defenders were washed out....
  11. I don't care about the Milligan transaction....I like the Bruce Anderson acquisition. In this highlight video it shows good running skills, good receiving skills, kick return ability AND kick coverage ability. Guess what......he was also a Team Captain and he played in the Senior Bowl. These kind of swiss army knife kinda players are what's needed in your 45-53 area of the active roster. Let's see if he sticks.....based on how well he practices and takes to our coaching.
  12. Rookies didn't cost the Colts the game. The three most egregious mistakes were caused by Autry on the FG which led to a TD....Houston on the encroachment which lost Turay's strip sack - next play 55 yard TD.....and Vinny leaving 7 points on the field. Those are three veterans. Having said that this is a team game and the Colts lost, plain and simple.
  13. Coaching 101 If it works don't change it.
  14. Perhaps. But when you are running roughshod all over a defense, why pass it?
  15. Wow. All of you doomsday folks talking about how he should of retired before LAST season??????? I must have missed that thread? Yeah we could have won this game had he made his kicks, but, it is a team game and a kickers mistakes are amplified by nature whereas a missed tackle/assignment isn't as noticeable. Get a grip and step away from the cliff!
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