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  1. Heavy winds and rain predicted for this game. Fishers run blocking is fine and with q returning I’m expecting a slobber knocker of RTDB. How is Bosa against the run? I think he’s going to be on his backside most of the night.
  2. pretty sure fishers wife calls him honeypot
  3. Can’t they just remove the bone? That seems to be the colts surgery special this season!
  4. Why aren’t the local reporters bringing this up? I haven’t seen anyone mention it
  5. I don't see this as such a huge loss or a draft mistake either. The guy had a lot of potential, worthy of a 4th round flier, and probably still needs a ton of development for that to materialize. He was beaten out by Jake Fromm (state farm) and had to transfer to start again in college. He definitely has his limitations. I will root for him to succeed as I do all colts but I think this team will be fine at the qb position. He was never going to be the starter here.
  6. Welcome to practice Dayo, now go line up against Q. lol
  7. I'll take the colts run O against almost anyone except Tenn.
  8. Was pinter's % from filling in at center mostly? (he didn't get blue ink but looks like he deserved it) I wonder if they plan on including him more. Seems like this team has really good depth at guard.
  9. Orlovsky will always have a special place in my heart for keeping us from going 0-fer for a season. We do not share that dishonor with the lions or bucs thanks to him. (Coincidently, he was part of the reason for the lions having that dishonor)
  10. I know the wife got escorted out of the stands in Gillette for jarring with pats fans a while ago but having heard anything else. Does this happen to them everywhere?
  11. This may be in jest but actually gives some reason
  12. And is any rb better than zack Crockett in San Diego circa 1995? Lol
  13. It’s strange because the 80s were 40 years ago. No one here is going to question or care about your sexuality. This forum is a safe place buddy!
  14. That’s such a strange thing to say. Do you also not care that Hendrix is black? You still like him?
  15. Like Jvan said edge led the LEAGUE in rushing his first two seasons. It’s not even close at this time
  16. I can’t lie, especially since I posted it but I was clamoring for Fitzpatrick over Nelson at 6.
  17. I was thinking that too but hard to stop yourself in the moment
  18. What happened to the high ankle sprain? It’s surprising he’s playing so well with it so soon. Those suckers can last 6 months
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