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  1. I don’t think they do. Under Reich the goal is 1-0 going in to each game.
  2. The bold is a little misleading. He was injured that season and got that in 6 games. Doyle isn’t elite in any one area but is very good at everything and a stated favorite of team members. He was rewarded for that with the recent contract. I expect him to continue and be back for sure.
  3. The great packers linebacker? Thought he played beyond 30. - just kidding
  4. If Saunders is missed out on Gaines may be an option. Sounds like a similar player who may be a late steal
  5. Everyone gets to make one big mistake. And if you’re waiting on me well I guess you’re gonna have to weight. - Tim Fite
  6. He did. I believe it was 5 rounds. I agree with him on that. If you keep taking riskier players you will eventually get burned. And missing out on early picks can really set a team back. If he takes Simmons I will be surprised but expect he had done all due diligence on the injury and background. I will be cautiously optimistic.
  7. I haven’t seen any stories on the super regional tryouts this year. Anyone heard anything? Normally there’s someone interesting https://operations.nfl.com/the-players/getting-into-the-game/regional-combine-invitational/ Edit: I guess they did away with the regionals? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.dawgsbynature.com/platform/amp/2018/1/19/16911258/the-nfl-regional-combines-are-no-more
  8. Can i borrow him next Saint Patricks day when i'm trying to get a beer from the bar?
  9. If they do take a receiver, just know that it is a long term investment. Don’t expect a high roi in year one.
  10. I like how much respect he has for sanders and Bethea. And I was surprised that Brian Dawkins had 25 x3. What a stat!
  11. At least you didn't say lets hope Cain is Abel....
  12. I feel the same. I know it’s not 1995 where Lawrence would be a top 5 pick but I want him and aj brown in any order of our first two picks. I will trust Ballard with whatever he takes though. He earned that last year.
  13. Isn't the main flaw with Tillery the main attribute Ballard considers most important, that being passion for football? I do not know but keep reading in the weakness section of his profile that he has "interests outside football." I am not sure exactly what that means because i would hope most players have interests outside the game. Luck clearly does and it doesn't affect him so i assume it is something much more with tillery. I have read that he was committed to the game this last year but is that just to get drafted?
  14. this would be excellent. I'd be most excited about the last pick two years from now.
  15. Someone on nfl network thought he will be an all pro in time and probe to be the best of this crop. Baldy I think. Maybe Bucky brooks. I don’t remember who it was
  16. One of my faves! The fifth day, well you were away so that just seemed like a day. so good
  17. I've been looking at the Colts taking Greg Gaines. Sounds similar to what you wrote about Saunders. I'll have to check him out
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