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  1. Just curious, why weren’t you able to see it?
  2. He hasn't played in either preseason game. Is Wilkins even practicing?
  3. Pretty sure everyone already knows that. We are just expressing a preference to Kelly over Walker
  4. Earlier round draft picks typically get a longer leash. Not saying he will make the team but that should be obvious.
  5. There's more flags than a ticker-tape parade here
  6. Probably not but other than Foles which backup could?
  7. Penalty number 36 for 412 yards so far for the Colts
  8. I agree. OLine depth is probably our biggest need at this point
  9. Jacoby won't get passed that easily, Kelly would have to ball out for a few more games to do that.
  10. Kelly throws another 20+ yd dart, but it's called back
  11. If Kelly leads us to a comeback win in this game, he needs to instantly be upgraded to our #3 QB
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