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  1. I think they meant it is their first home playoff game in over two decades? But you're right they were just in the playoffs in 17 and 19.
  2. Whoever has the #1 pick five years from now will have the next Manning era for their fans to cheer for.
  3. Sadly we are paying 38 y/o Rivers $25M to be our QB for this year. Patriots got Cam for under $1M, Rivers is a smart, lucky man.
  4. Tannehill is actually a very good QB. He just had a slow start due to being on the Dolphins and had a long string of season ending injuries. Tannehill threw 3 TDs and ran for another TD against a Bills top 5 defense. Also Tannehill can move and does not force the ball to WRs that aren't open. Colts would easily be undefeated this season with Tannehill as our QB.
  5. Agreed! If Luck hadn't quit on this team we'd easily be 5-0 right now and talking about who we would and wouldn't want to play in the playoffs.
  6. Call me crazy, but I wouldn't mind seeing what an offensive minded coach like Frank could do with Cam Newton.
  7. This years offense gave very little chances for the defense to succeed, every defense in the NFL would have buckled from how poorly this offense moved the football and put up points.
  8. Hopefully the best QB available if we do not make a move for one in FA. Jacoby is a very solid backup, but the team can no longer expect him to be our franchise QB. Who would you like to see the Colts draft at # 13?
  9. I disagree... This would have been the strongest team Luck ever played with had he not retired.
  10. We play the Panthers and then the Jags the last two weeks... Not too much to spoil for those two teams.
  11. I doubt Jacoby and Inman have close to the same chemisty that Luck and Inman had. He may get close to 4 receptions total for the rest of the season.
  12. Would be nice if someone with Twitter would re-tweet this @ Eric Ebron just to see if he would respond.
  13. Just curious, why weren’t you able to see it?
  14. He hasn't played in either preseason game. Is Wilkins even practicing?
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