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  1. Didn't the outcome of that Super Bowl end up being the catalyst for the NFL that we have today? Instead of AFL and NFL
  2. I love watching this team celebrate. Be young, have fun.
  3. I agree. His videos are great. It's really a blessing to follow this football team. I can't get enough of this team.
  4. Well, I didn't see your name on it. But seriously, if you need it I can sell it back to you at a good price
  5. This has been an incredibly inspiring season. What the Colts have done this season is truly remarkable, and I just wanted to thank everyone for supporting this amazing franchise. I'd like to share this tribute video created by Collin Teresz. If it has already been posted, I apologize. Go Colts!!!!
  6. Did Kenny Viccaro already sign with somebody?
  7. Speed may be able to get you drafted, but in order to sustain you need to make plays on the field. Unfortunately for Green he just didn't make enough of them. I will be curious to see if any other teams sign him. I believe he still can improve his game, but I don't know if teams have that much patience.
  8. I've been rooting for this guy to make it ever since we drafted him. Could be a secret weapon for the DL this year with his size and quick get off.
  9. These guys just came to mind Gilbert Gardner - came out of Purdue but was awful in the NFL Kavell Conner - showed glimpses but was under valued by management Kendyll Pope - lot of potential just never got on the field Keyon Whiteside - never made it on the field much David Thornton - went on to Tennessee and had a decent career The GM had a hell of a time trying to put together a formidable defense. So many whiffs at the LB position.
  10. Aahh don't remind me... I had a mild heart attack watching that. Seeing Manning laying on the field, grimacing in pain, and struggling to call timeout was one of the worst plays I watched of his career. It's right up there with the play against Miami when Lorenzo Bromell fractured Manning's Jaw after hitting him under the chin strap. Manning left the game for one play, replaced by Mark Rypien, then returned despite his bloodied and swollen jaw. Absolutely terrible
  11. What an amazing time to be a Colts fan. We finished with one of the worst run defenses in history that regular season. Then Bob Sanders comes back for the playoffs and we managed to shutdown both Larry Johnson and Jamal Lewis, and finally we beat New England in one of the best games ever.
  12. Im a fan of Grover's. He's a big guy coming from a small school and a late rd pick. Ballard mentioned something last year about how if Stewart develops he could be quick enough to continually get in the other teams back field. Apparently he has a quick first step for his size. “Grover Stewart, one of the reasons I was so attracted to him coming out was he had great get off,” Ballard said. “For a big man, Grover can really run. This scheme is predicated on being able to get up field and penetrate into the gap. We got work to do."
  13. I'd hate to see us back in that same situation where one draw play allows the opponents RB to get 8 yds and a full head of steam before even being touched by a player on our defense. It puts Too much pressure on the secondary to make tackles that normally your linebackers should be making, and with the size of the RBs in the AFC South... well I'd rather not think about that again lol. Hopefully Reich and Eberflus know that teams will wear us down and control the game too easily if we field a defensive line that is undersized to the point of getting blown off the line of scrimmage like we did in the Dungy era. I can still picture some Jags fans posting MJD 375 baby!!!11!1! That was the worst. Yuck.
  14. I remember when we signed Corey Simon as a free agent after having a great start to his career with the Eagles. He had 32 sacks and 8 forced fumbles on his rookie deal. It was really good production for being a huge man beast of a person that clogged the middle and chewed up blockers. Our Defensive Line that year had Freeney, Mathis, Montae Reagor, and Simon. It appeared we had finally found someone to be our "Warren Sapp" in the Tampa-2. But it didn't work out that way, Simon ends up having only one lackluster season with us. 25 tackles and 1 forced fumble. Turns out he was poly-arthritic and had arthritis practically in all of the joints in his lower body. Luckily, we landed Booger the following season and the rest was history, but that defensive line could have been formidable back in 2005 had it worked out.
  15. Mychal Kendricks was an above average coverage linebacker for the Eagles, and he wasn't even brought in for an interview to my knowledge. Hopefully that means the coaches feel good about the potential they already have at LB. Once training camp is over we should be able to have identified the three best linebackers on the team and still have quality depth behind them for start the season.
  16. I wonder if Quinn Pitcock is still into video games as much as he was his rookie year. Or, if he regrets giving up on football at such a young age. There has got to be more to the story than just a video game addiction I would think. He could have thrived in the Colts defense back then.
  17. I think his name was Justin Tryon. We ended up trading him to the Giants in 2011 I believe
  18. Wow that is some Colts nostalgia right there. Thanks for sharing that gem of a video.
  19. Good point. That would definitely explain the lack of success drafted that year
  20. I enjoyed watching Gonzalez too. I remember his very first NFL touchdown against the Ravens. He put a double move on David Pittman, it was an out and up type pattern and Pittman was faked out so hard he fell to the ground leaving Gonzo wide open for a 57 yard dart from Manning. Now Gonzalez is the GOP Primary in Ohio, if he wins the November election against Democrat Susan Moran, he will have a seat in the House of Representatives at just 33 years old. Its good to see he is still successful outside of football after injuries derailed his career.
  21. OK my mistake... a 7th rounder seems a lot more reasonable. Thanks for the clarification
  22. Didn't we fleece a 4th rd pick from Dallas for that guy bc he had like 4 sacks in a preseason game against some fourth stingers? One of the few highlights on Grigson's resume.
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